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But For The Fall (Cassian x Reader) [Part Two]

Part One

By the time Y/N had wrapped up her dealings on Vostriq, Jyn and Cassian were long gone. She punched in the coordinates for Yavin and set the ship on autopilot once she left realspace. Checking her supplies as a way to keep busy, she tried not to think about why she had let herself be so easily convinced to join in the Alliance’s problems once again. This time, she wasn’t even getting paid.

As the ship alerted her that she was nearing the Yavin system, she found that it was too late to change her mind. Once she left hyperspace, she was almost immediately greeted by one of the stern voices of the rebel’s communications team.

“This is the Alpha Dawn requesting permission to land. Transmitting clearance codes now.” Y/N replied to the harsh request for passcodes. A few tense moments passed - her codes were older, and she wasn’t sure if they would give her time to contact Jyn or Cassian before trying to blow her out of the sky.

“You’re cleared to land on landing pad eight. Welcome home, Alpha Dawn.”

Y/N raised her brow at their standard greeting, but guided her ship into Yavin IV’s orbit and finally to the assigned landing pad. She was surprised to find Cassian waiting alone for her, watching her as she hopped down off of the exit hatch.

“Where’s your better half, Andor?” Y/N asked, swinging her bag over her shoulder as she stepped up to him. She watched as Cassian rolled his eyes before cocking his head back toward the entrance to the base.

“She’s in a conference with the rest of the Council, assigning scouting missions to the remaining pilots.”

“You’re not a member of the Council?” Y/N asked curiously, and Cassian shook his head.

“I committed treason by going on the mission to retrieve the Death Star plans. They couldn’t exactly honor that action by promoting me.”

“Jyn went on the mission too, though.”

“Jyn wasn’t a member of the rebellion until after the Battle of Scarif.”

“Seems like Imperial-level bureaucratic bullshit to me.” Y/N replied, and was surprised that Cassian actually chuckled at that as they moved down the busy halls of the base.

“I am happy not to be a member of the Council.” Cassian replied, opening the door to one of the many small rec rooms that dotted the base. “I am more useful where I am.”

“Y/N!” Another familiar voice greeted, and Y/N saw Han sitting at a small table with Chewie and Luke Skywalker.

“So, you’re still here, huh?” Y/N asked as she took the empty seat next to Han. Chewie growled a greeting and Y/N sent the Wookie a wide smile.

“They haven’t kicked me out yet.” Han replied smugly. “You’ve met Luke, right?” He added, gesturing to the blonde man sitting next to Cassian.

“Not officially, he was too occupied with welcoming Jyn home at the time.” Y/N replied, smiling as she saw Jyn’s boyfriend’s cheeks grow red. “Y/N Y/L/N” She said, extending her hand to Luke.

“Luke Skywalker.”

“Of course, everyone knows you. The Savior of the Rebellion and all that.” Y/N watched as Luke shook his head and shrugged off the title, and she decided immediately that she liked the kid.

“Hey, I was there too, ya know?” Han responded.

“Yes, and you have the shiny medal to prove it.” Jyn interjected, forcing herself into the small space between Luke and Cassian.

“How was your meeting?” Luke asked, and Jyn nodded enthusiastically.

“It went well, we should be ready to leave the base in about a week or two.” Jyn replied. “We’ll be ready to send the scout ships out first thing in the morning.”

Y/N perked up at that, ready to finish her favor to the rebels and get back on her way.

“Any idea where I’m going?”

“Sorry, need to know.” Jyn replied, shaking her head. “You and Cassian will be getting the coordinates once you’re in the air.”

“Wait, me and Cassian?” Y/N asked, giving Jyn and Cassian a confused stare. “Isn’t Cassian a pilot? Why isn’t he going on a scouting mission? One that isn’t mine?”

“I…may have had an incident during our last mission.” Jyn replied.

“She crashed Cass’ U-Wing into the swamps of Anthea after he was injured and couldn’t fly it himself.” A new voice interjected, and Y/N looked up to see a tall, skinny young man with long, scraggly dark hair and large, expressive eyes. He took the empty seat on the other side of Han and extended his hand. “Bodhi Rook.” He introduced, and Y/N shook his hand.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” She responded. “You’re one of the Rogues, right?”

“I’m the pilot.” Bodhi responded with a smile that Y/N returned.

“Where are the others?” Y/N asked.

“Baze and Chirrut are on a mission, they should be back in time to help with the evacuation.” Jyn responded.

“So that only leaves…” Y/N trailed off, just in time for the rebels to stand at attention. Y/N looked over shoulder and found herself looking at a young woman who could only be.

“Your Royalness.” Han greeted, and Y/N watched as Leia playfully rolled her eyes.

“Hi Leia.” Luke greeted, pulling the woman into a quick hug before giving her a seat next to him.

“You must be the smuggler we’ve heard so much about.” Leia greeted.

“That’s me.” Y/N responded. She didn’t miss the completely unsubtle shift as Han draped an arm along the back of her seat, nor the sudden fire in the princess’ eyes at the move.

“My condolences on the loss of your planet, Your Highness.” Y/N said, hoping to distract the royal from whatever game Han had decided to start playing. “I traveled to Alderaan once, it was one of the loveliest planets I’ve ever visited.”

“Thank you, Y/N.” Leia replied, giving her a small smile. “And thank you for agreeing to this mission.”

Y/N nodded her head at the princess, and from there the conversation descended into something decidedly more jovial, the rebels clearly basking in the rare chance to simply relax and enjoy their time together. Y/N sat back in silence for the most part, struck by the clear bond they all shared - particularly, Han, Leia, and Luke, which was something she was going to have to ask her old friend about at some point. They were clearly a good influence on Han, a steadying one in fact. Even Chewie seemed at ease with them, having apparently adopted the two as belonging to him in the same way that Han was the Wookie’s responsibility.

By the time the evening meal rolled around, Y/N found herself growing weary of being surrounded by so many people. She typically worked alone, and spent much of her time in solitude. To suddenly be surrounded by so many people - even people she admitted to liking - was proving exhausting. Gathering up her things, she said her goodbyes, Cassian hot on her heels as the one who volunteered to show her to her temporary quarters.

“I can just sleep on my ship, Andor.” Y/N argued as he led her down the halls toward the barracks. “I do it every night.”

“The princess ordered that rooms be set aside for you and the other scouts, even on a temporary basis.” Cassian replied before his face grew grim. “And…we have the room.”

“Okay.” Y/N replied softly, realizing that this was something important to Cassian and Leia, and probably the others.She followed him in silence, until they reached a nondescript door in the middle of a nondescript hallway.

“I’ll never find my way back.” Y/N joked, and Cassian turned and pointed to the door directly across the hall.

“That’s mine.” He replied. “When you’re ready in the morning, just knock and we can go down to the mess hall together.”

Y/N nodded and turned back to her own door, entering the access code Cassian had given her. The door opened with a quick ‘swoosh’ and Y/N turned back to Cassian.

“So, I’ll see you in the morning, I guess.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.” Cassian replied. “And thank you.”

“You all really need to stop with the thanking every five minutes, you’re going to give me a complex.” Y/N said, earning another chuckle from Cassian.

“I’m fairly sure you already have one.” Cassian teased, and Y/N leaned against her doorway with a fake-offended look of shock on her face.

“Why, Cassian Andor, I am positively wounded!” Y/N exclaimed.

“Something tells me you’ll get over it quickly enough.” Cassian replied, moving toward his own quarters. “Goodnight, Y/N.”

“Goodnight.” Y/N said quietly before moving into her temporary rooms and shutting the door behind her.

anonymous asked:

If you had to base a party or your wedding off a book (or books) what would you chose and how would you incorporate it in the celebration?

Babe, do you know how often I day dream about shit like this? I love decorating and designing stuff.

Listen, if I were to get married and I would make it ACOTAR based. I would have little white lights falling from the ceiling that mimic star fall. The color scheme would be a deep blue and purple (i love purple okay, I’d marry purple if I could) with splashes of ivory and satiny black.

I dont care about white in weddings, now adays it seems a bit hypocritical and I cant keep anything white to save my life.

At the reception, the tables would be covered with black or dark blue cloth and there would be cala lily center pieces The chairs would have dark purple starry tie backs 

It would be at night, of course, where the moon and stars could be visible, the dance floor would be outside and the lighting would be from lanterns or soft lights.

Someone may already have mentioned this but just how good was the music in the Robron wedding episodes? They must have thought about every little detail. It’s amazing.

Bear’s Den - The Love We Stole

I was heaving
Breaths I couldn’t bear to breathe in
You came running
And stood there silent, summoning my sin
To let it all out now
Show the world the love that you stole


Michael Buble - Everything  

You’re a falling star, you’re the get away car
You’re the line in the sand when I go too far

You’re every line, you’re every word, you’re everything. 

Robert: You don’t have a clue what he means to me. He’s everything.


Adele - Make You Feel My Love

I could make you happy
Make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn’t do
Go to the ends
Of the Earth for you
To make you feel my love

Robert: I can’t make you happy, mate. I mean literally. I can’t do it.


Jamie Cullum - Please Don’t Stop The Music

I wasn’t looking for nobody when you looked my way

Aaron: When you had Chrissie you came looking for me!

Robert: I didn’t go looking for you! I met you and you changed everything.


Does anyone recognise any of the other songs played in the ep, because I tried really hard but couldn’t make them out. I’d love to know what they are! Please add to this post if you have any ideas!

Just a friendly reminder:

  • Steve Universe is a children’s animation that has themes of mourning, identity, romance both straight and lbgt, representation, a predominately female group in a scifi/fantasy setting
  • Gravity Falls is an enthralling mystery with suspense, horror, strained relationships within a family, having a positive outlook on an uncertain future. Also a children’s animation
  • Avatar the Last Airbender is an Asianic inspired adventure where an eclectic group of protagonists, powered and non, all under the age of 15 are responsible for ending a 100 year war. Is nonspecific oriented in terms of age demographic
  • The Amazing World of Gumball uses an eclectic array of animation/art styles, has genuine humor and toys with trope expectations, but also deals several heart warming moments. Definitely intended for children, but has a few more adult jokes. 
  • Clarence is a light hearted look into the almost idealistic world of childhood memory and experiences. Once again a Children’s animation. 
  • Regular Show is, while intended for children, a stoner comedy with themes of growing up and dealing with relationships romantic or non, particularly moving on. 
  • Adventure Time, despite in my personal opinion straining under its own weight in recent years, delves into aspects of depression, nurodiversity, responsibility, themes of growing up,  accepting mortality, morality is a grey area being a reoccurring theme. Also a children’s animation. 
  • Star VS the Forces of Evil, a children’s animation with a female protagonist and a Hispanic male lead, is a subversion of the magical girl genre in anime with unique style and humor, deals with the aftereffects of colonialism(both from the oppressed and the descendants of oppressors)
  • Bojack Horseman, an adult animation, delves into the psychosis of an alcoholic struggling with depression and self loathing, toxic relationships, the effects of having and loosing fame, has an asexual supporting character, and heavily deals with the consequences of our actions for better or for worse. 
  • The Adventures of Rick and Morty, another adult animation, deals with existentialism, depression, surviving an attempted sexual assault, sacrificing your freedom for your family, and much, much dark humor. 

Meanwhile Seth Macfarlene is still swimming in the stagnate pile of decaying fecal matter and vomit that is his three series, Family Guy being the worst offender. Littered with horrible messages, shock humor that tries far too hard and is pathetic to watch, and completely insulting to everyone. Hell, even the Simpsons are still fresh and interesting after a decade on the air. And the remakes of Teen Titans and Power Puff Girls are an insult to the original series, and are peddled off as for children.