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Wht about We don’t talk and sit at opposite ends of the class but if there’s something going on in class we look at each other and make the appropriate gestures for the situation (like the “wft????” shrug or that meme shrug whatever floats ur boat) au in nalu

Ah, I really like this trope. Thanks for submitting :)

Being in a class of freshman when you’re a senior is like watching animal planet. There was screaming and shouting and yelling and singing and dancing, and it was exhausting watching these kids not be drained of their spirit yet. 

And apparently the teacher didn’t mind a single bit. Nope. She couldn’t give less of a care if these little monsters actually learned something. It was something important, at least I liked to think. I had to take at least one more year of a History class for me to be eligible to graduate. And, of course, I had to take first year history since I skipped it.

The only thing that really got me through the class was the only other senior who was in the same boat with me. We didn’t talk, there were no projects and the teacher decided she wanted assigned seating, so we sat across the classroom from each other. I don’t actually think I’ve ever really spoken a word to him before, but we were familiar with each other. It was weird.

I think he had the same mindset as me about this class, because he seemed just as out of his mind annoyed as me. It was cute what we had, I liked to think, it was like we were strangers but still friends. Whenever something stupid happened in class or some kid started making a scene we would just look at each other and share the exact same expressions, it was hilarious. We kind of treated each other like we were cameras from The Office. 

He was cute, I’ll admit, but hey, I haven’t even spoken a word to him before. And I wasn’t even 100% sure his name was. Something with a N I think.

“Alright guys settle down!” Mrs. Marvel yelled, waving her hands around.

Everyone still kept talking loudly, moving literally half a mile per hour to their seats. Why couldn’t they just sit down? I struggled not to roll my eyes into the back of my head. I got way too annoyed way too easily in this class, it was ridiculous.

“Okay guys, we’re starting a new unit today!” She clapped happily, “The Industrial Revolution!”

I kept quiet as some cheered and some booed. 

“Can’t we watch a movie instead? C’mon spring break starts in like two days,” a girl said, pouting at her. 

“No, no, it’ll be fun I swear guys! Plus we’re already a little behind schedule.” Mrs. Marvel said, pulling out her teacher plan.

The entirety of everyone groaned loudly, objecting at her.  

“What are we going to do? Take notes?” someone asked, his tone gloomy.

Mrs. Marvel looked to him, amused, “Well how else will you learn this stuff?”

He slumped in his seat, everyone still moaning and groaning as they got out their notebooks. I rolled my eyes.

“How about a project?” I suggested.

The teacher glanced over to me then, her eyes light. “What did you have in mind?”

I shrugged, twirling my pencil, “I don’t know, group up in pairs, let everyone do a segment on new inventions and get a test grade on it.”

I heard most of everyone agree with me on this, sighing a breath as they didn’t plot against me for once in this class. I saw Natsu glance to me, smiling a bit before a girl stood up, not looking too happy.

“Okay hold on guys, that’s so not fair,” she complained, holding out a hand to point at me, “It’s obvious she just said that so the seniors could pair up and get an easy A, they’ve already taken a history course, they won’t even be learning anything new.”

I threw her a look, creasing an eyebrow, “What are you talking about?”

Another student laughed then, “Oh come on, you and Natsu are like a thing right? It’s obvious.”

Natsu. That’s his name.

I gaped at them despite, a scoff escaping my throat as I felt the heat rise to my face. “What?” I whipped back to Natsu sitting quietly in his desk, slowly sinking further down as all eyes went to him.

“What are you even talking about? I’ve never even spoken to him before,” I blurted, a little more insistently than I liked too.

“Oh don’t play innocent, we see you guys,” A girl sang, winking at me with a huge grin. “You two are always staring at each other during class, you didn’t think we noticed?”

I felt my cheeks burning. I wanted to crawl under this desk and sink into oblivion. I hesitantly looked back to Natsu, seeing him scratching the back of his head, his face just as pink as mine. The room got loud again with chatter and laughter, Mrs. Marvel just blowing up her cheeks quietly.

A guy nodded then, his expression pleasant. “Yeah, she’s right. The eye sex between you two is pretty hot.”

I gawked then, Mrs. Marvel speaking up quickly as the room went wild, “Oh-kay everybody! Moving on! So, a project it is then??”

Eye sex? Eye sex?? What the hell! “We do not have-”

“Lucy!” Mrs. Marvel cut me off, staring at me viciously, “This conversation is inappropriate for school!”

I gaped at her then. I couldn’t even defend myself??

“Come on, two days left guys, it’s due by the end of class tomorrow. Pair up, no more than two a group!” she clapped, everyone standing up quickly.

I didn’t like my idea anymore. I mean yes, I sort of suggested it so that maybe I could have an excuse to talk to him for once, but now that apparently our whole little ‘eye sex relationship’ was so obvious, that would just make everything awkward. And it would prove them right that I said that because I wanted to be his partner. Not that we had a ‘thing’ or anything of the sort, but just because I literally couldn’t stand anyone else in this class.

Okay, and he was a little cute also, but that had nothing to do with it.

I stayed in my seat, pressing my palm to my temple as everyone around me got their partners, the room booming in laughter and talking again. I kind of wanted to look back to him again, but I stayed in my place. It felt like someone was watching me 24/7 in this class, I hated it.

I saw someone step in front of me then, shoving their hands in their pockets and swaying on their feet. I glanced up and saw a familiar grin, gazing down to me with a sense of warmth.

“I don’t know much about eye sex, but if that’s what we were doing I don’t really think there’s that much to be embarrassed about.”

I let out a weak laugh, scratching my head. He smiled wider at that, his green eye relentlessly keeping them on me. “So, what do you say we give these kids a sense of false pride and let the two seniors get the easy A?”

I mused it over, gazing up to him, feeling amused. He sat down then, next to me at the table, and I felt his shoulder brush against mine. He looked back to me, expectantly. “Still wanna be my partner?”

I gave him a playful look, shrugging a shoulder and I let my gaze travel back to a few behind him, giggling a bit at us. I met his eyes again, sighing out a smile. “I’d love too.”

He gave me a short look at me, my eyes mischievous. I couldn’t help it. They irked me so much, now I just wanted to beat every single one of them.

“Good.” he said casually, scooting his chair closer.

I cleared my throat, rubbing my neck with my hand as he read the book between us. I felt his knee brush against mine. Why was he sitting so close? I mean yeah, we had to share books due to vandalism, but still…

I saw him look up at me. Oh shit, was I staring? Oops oops oops, stop that Lucy, you’re being weird. I should probably look away. Like right now. NOW.

…Why couldn’t I? It was like I was frozen in place, and my eyes drawn to his. He always had really nice eyes. They switched between mine, and I felt my lungs close up, and my heart thudding.

Holy shit, was this what they meant by eye sex? We didn’t look at each other like this everyday…did we? That’s just ridiculous, all we did was share annoyed glances. And maybe a few smiles.

Kinda like now.

He smiled at me, wrinkling his nose playfully, before looking back down to the book at hand. I exhaled, deeply.

Oh shit. They were right. We had eye sex, a lot of it. How did I not notice? We’ve been doing this all year and I’m just now noticing-

“See? Now that was hot.”

I snapped awake at that stupid voice, us both turning back to a group staring at us, smiling.

“Shut up you little brat,” I hissed, catching Natsu’s glance.

He grinned at me wickedly, and the girl stared at us with starry eyes, “Aw, she sees it now! How cute!”

I jerked back in my seat, huffing a hair out of my eyes. Why did they think they knew everything? I already knew, I was the one doing it, of course I knew. And I wasn’t about to change whatever I did just because they kept their drama loving little eyes on me. If I wanted to have sex with him, then I would-wait.

Sex–eye sex! If I wanted to have eye sex with him, then I would! Okay, probably could have worded that a little better, but the point is all the same. Dear god, I was burning up. What is wrong with me?This is my first conversation with him, why are these the thoughts running through my head?

Stupid little kids.

I didn’t like him. I didn’t, okay? It was just everyone else shoving us together because they misunderstood us. Well, I guess technically they didn’t misunderstand, I mean we were

I sighed. You know what?

Fuck this class.

Just fuck it all.

Haha, I love that term. Eye sex. I totally have a different story that revolves around that, might have to look into it now :))

I hope you liked this. :D