johnkunsol on new year’s day: the fact that we didn’t debut in any of the nct units this year caught us off guard but never accept rejection as failure

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Esu, who is your favorite kage?

[[ Since you said Kage, I’d have to say A. The A right before Darui. Sure, he doesn’t like Sasuke, but he was the most realistic Hokage in terms of keeping peace. And I like how he drilled into the other nations for using Akatsuki’s force for their dirty work.

I understand why he went after Sasuke like he did. His country had been invaded and his brother supposedly killed. I don’t blame him. ]]

Some of the thoughts that went through my head while watching Last Days in the Desert (2015, dir. Rodrigo García)

(Note: this post has been made for fun purposes, not meant as a serious / general critique)

(… not sure if i should acutally post it, not intending on hurting any religious feelings, gah)

(Warning: may contain mild spoilers)

  • Walking silently in the desert. This is good, it’s pure. Healthy
  • Wait does he not wear shoes? (oh, he does)
  • here we go again, another deadbeat dad. great
  • *shouting*
  • Sand, sand everywhere
  • Jesus! (literally)
  • Ewan this is not the West Bank in the Near East it’s f***ing California get up an leave there’s cars
  • Lucifer wtf
  • I like how they call him the holy man
  • That’s how I’ll be referring to Ewan from now on
  • Look at him a+ hair game and beard and all *.*
  • I’m going to hell for this
  • Lucifer just scored several points
  • i’m with Lucifer on this one
  • This could easily be the only Obi-Wan movie we’re ever likely to get (oh now I made myself sad)
  • Jesus/Ben crying in the desert/of Tatooine, trying to talk to God/Qui-Gon
  • aaand now he’s shirtless
  • Jesus u so pretty. stop.
  • did that kid just fart? Is this real life?
  • the holy man
  • Jesus is just another awkward kid from Judaea
  • save him
  • waaaay to many bible innuendos
  • just Jesus being pretty in the desert
  • dad, just answer the f***ing phone
  • And Lucifer just keeps scorin’
  • Eat something, kiddo
  • Idk man this riddles thing just backfired
  • Lucifer, as usual, being the annoying figment you can’t seem to get rid of
  • Dude you don’t wash people’s feet while they’re sleeping it’s creepy
  • it’s all about consent bro
  • Jesus stop kissing (half) dead people on the mouth its
  • Ugh, go ahead
  • Lucy being “Yeshuahhh…” all annoyed bigbro, love it
  • What just happened?!
  • Uuuh no not watching the final credits
  • you’re giving me anxiety. you’re giving Jesus anxiety, look
  • this has been interesting now go to sleep
  • *can’t*

Person: Oh you’re a Christian?

Medic: Yup.

Person: So you really love Christmas right?

Medic: Nah

It’s nothing personal, she just dislikes the stress of “gifts gifts gifts” and other such things that she was forced and pressured to do during the year. The music even gets on her nerves because it was played so much. So she does tend to be a bit ‘grumpy’ during the season. She’s more into the Holi-day* of it all, along with quietly visiting with loved ones and friends. 

5 things you like about yourself

Rules: post 5 things you like about yourself and tag 10 friends afterwards to do the same 


I was tagged by @fairylightsstyles. Thank you very very much!! Hope you’re having a great day!

1. I love the fact that I really love vegetables!!! !! !!

2. I am very calm, optimistic and positive and I love this about myself. It’s very hard for someone to annoy me or make me dislike them. If I dislike someone, I’ll probably just ignore their existence lol. I always try to see the good side of things and to stay calm in tough situations.

3. I am loyal, patient, fair, hard-working and true. Lmao I just described the characteristics of a Hufflepuff because I am one. I am a very proud Hufflepuff! I think I am a good listener. If someone is going through a bad day or has been feeling sad I’ll try to understand and do my best to help them if they want me to and need me. I’ll always be there to listen and try to understand.

4. I am very respectful and thoughtful and I am always trying to be a better person. I have no problems with acknowledging I am wrong and saying sorry (it might take time but I’m very fair). Also, I’ll always take responsability for my own actions and mistakes.

5. I hate gossip. I hate shit talking. I hate fighting. As I said before, I am very optimistic and positive. I’ve always tried to avoid negativity.

Well, this was…challenging but it was very nice too. c:

I’ll tag: @walkingintheamm @holdnarrytight @haroldysl @hendes @narrys-town @complexstyles and @mileyismyhero (less than 10 people sorry)

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If you had to ship BTS with your mutuals, who would you ship with whom and why???

jin x @seokhjins andrea!! because her heart belongs to him and i’m 100% sure jin would love her because she’s the sweetest, i believe they’d be a good match since they’re both kind-hearted people and i can picture these two spending their weekends watching anime together or maybe playing the piano and singing, that’d be lovely asdfghjl >_<

yoongi x @minshollyday owing to the fact that she loves yoongi so much that she cries every day because of him; i have no doubt she’d make him really happy since she’s lovable and one of the nicest people anyone would ever meet (´•ω•`♥) but also @gorgeousyoongi because she would literally die for him she’s unique, understanding and deserving of all the love this world has to offer plus she’s someone who would put other people first, which yoongi would certainly appreciate a lot! <3

hobi x @jhoe BECAUSE can we all just appreciate her url? asdfghjkl ^_^

joonie x @bfmoni even though i could ship her with tae, my instincts tell me bea and joonie would make a great couple because they’re both deep thinkers, they would share lots of thoughts and learn from each other and their personal experiences and i’m sure they genuinely cherish the people close to them which is something they might have in common and also bc i believe they’d know how respect each other’s personal space (ꈍᴗꈍ)

tae x @calling all tae stans especially @chestnutae @mytaeddy @02tae and @150625 because their love for him is never ending and IT SHOWS :’)

jimin x @namjjn ash and jimin because they’d be the softest and most supportive pairing. i can imagine both of them being all cuddly and making each other laugh or comforting each other when one feels down or worried about something, given the fact that they’re both super caring and affectionate people ´・ᴗ・`♡

jungkook x @junghotkookiei ship hankook, jungkooh, hannook, jungkoonah?? i’m terrible at creating ship names OTL, but hannah and kookie of course! because she’s very sweet and has a huge soft spot for jungkook and also because they’d be a really cute couple irl ( i don’t know why but when i think of you two what comes to my mind is jungkook giving you a piggyback ride in a visit to the zoo) 🐷🐶🐨🍃

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wow calling every american a idiot because of that independence day anonymous -_- that doesn't make you any better you know.

i didn’t even call anyone an idiot or stupid???? i just stated facts that we have an independence day???

A painter in Los Angeles kept missing his exit for the I-5 on the 110 highway, so he did his research, climbed up the overhead sign, and changed it himself without anyone noticing.

This is Richard Ankrom. He couldn’t find his damn exit, cuz it wasn’t properly labelled.  

So he took life by the balls, like any self-respecting Californian would do, and used his sign-painting expertise to fix it himself.

He called it ‘guerilla public service.’ Even got himself an outfit to look official. It worked, obvi.

Caltrans investigated, but the sign was actually up to code. They left it there for 8 years before they made an updated sign.

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