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You wrote a thing that was kinda based on the"kiss as a distraction"trope.But Felicity freaked out during and after because Oliver was pretty much unresponsive.I really wanna read it again but cant seem to find it lol.Can you provide the name or link

Ah, yes! That’s Be Kind, Rewind!

Be Kind, Rewind (Olicity, Season 2)


Her toes were dying a slow, agonizing death.

These shoes - these cute, sky-high shoes that she had found a mere three hours before the charity event tonight - were becoming the bane of her existence. And her existence included a lot of bane; she had a lot of bane to complain about.

For example, the fact that Oliver Queen - former billionaire playboy turned faux-CEO by day and hooded vigilante by night - could not get the damn security door relocked.

“What kind of security door doesn’t just lock again when you close it?” Felicity whispered and Oliver grunted in response. “Is this how we’re going to get caught, we’re going to go to jail for relocking a door?”

“Felicity, now is not the time,” Oliver said as he twisted the tools in hand, waiting for the click to sound.

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Listen… there’s only one story in this whole god damnworld in which the interactions between the two characters has made me want to be in a romantic relationship everytime I continue reading the series and die at the same time in frustration; and that’s akatsuki no yona.

I keep seeing spoilers for jou//rnal 3 (because I’ve been on mobile for several days and honestly I’d see them anyway because that’s just how this site works). And it’s making me impatient to get my copy ;^;

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What are your thoughts on the state of feminism today?

There’s some days that I’m so encouraged at how things are moving in this great, open direction, there’s an increased understanding of intersectionality, and there’s a willingness to really engage and take in other views.

Then there’s other days where I think about the fact that President Trump could well be a fucking reality and the way everyone, even sites that had formally boycotted it, praised GoT for fixing its “woman problem” in a season I can only describe as a parody of feminism. So…

Hyuuga Takeover Chap. 7 (continued)


Once home and under the comforter, Tenten fell asleep rather quickly. It had been a long day and the fact she was ill didn’t help any. Instead, making it feel longer as if she stayed up two whole nights for no reason. Thankfully she didn’t feel nauseous so sleeping was welcome. 

Hinata stopped when Neji did. Making complete eye contact with him, thinking over for an answer. “Neji, go to your wife. I’ll do this myself. Just know, you too, are on the list of removing the seal.” With that, she left him. Entering the room of once were side branch members. Bowing to them in deep respect before checking to see if the correct people were in the room. Once everyone was accounted for, she took a deep breath to ready herself for this task as it was going to take at least an hour just to do forty people. Luckily, removing the seal took much less time than marking someone with it. “This day is very special to me, as clan head. To free my fellow clan members from a burden and from the pain it has caused. I do hope we will still be on friendly grounds after the seal is removed.”

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U think your so fucking cool don't you? Well your not your just a scared twat who thinks they're bigger than everyone else. Go kill yourself faggot

Ah, yet again anon, I feel obligated to correct you…

1) *you
2) *you’re
3) *you’re
4) *you’re
5) I suggest proper grammar next time as it makes you look less like a coward, hiding behind the anonymous symbol.
6) I would love to know what you think I’m scared of.
7) I wouldn’t kill myself… I love myself too much for that.

And finally 8) sadly the only thing you were correct about is the fact that I am a huge homosexual!

Again, have a nice day/night :)