How are you going to give a manslation if you are a bitch? Unless you have a dick, you are womansplaining, and fucking whining at that. 

Manslation: I’m a huge fucking misogynist asshole who doesn’t even bother to hide it. I think that the equivalent of “man” is “bitch.” There’s absolutely no way you, as a simpleminded woman, could POSSIBLY comprehend and interpret what a man says. Making fun of misogynists = whining, because I just call literally everything women do whining, because again, I’m a HUGE fucking misogynist asshole.

that’s your opinion. I know things it would take you a lifetime to understand. Spiritual things.

I can’t even manslate this one because it makes me laugh too hard. Every time I try I start cracking up. It sounds like it came straight from Ron Burgundy.

1of1 is now avaliable for preorder on various merchandising sites. all of the sites listed below count toward both the hanteo and gaon charts. as of now, it has not been confirmed if there will be additional versions of the album beyond the limited edition cassette tape. so, keep this in mind when preordering!

international shops  ■
kpopmart: regular version
kpopmarket1: regular version
ktown4u: regular version
kpoptown: regular version
yesasia: cassette versionregular version

domestic shops  ■
aladin: regular version
cooltrack: regular version
hottracks: regular version
leesmusic: regular version
synnara: regular version
yes24: regular version

the cassette version of the album, as confirmed earlier, is limited edition / seems to be first print. it is already confirmed sold out at every domestic shop, and it has either not be put up or it has sold out on all international shops already, with the exception of yesasia. (this may be because the price on yesasia is a lot higher than the price of either the cassette or regular version at any other shop, regardless of whether or not it is domestic or international.) please keep this in mind if you are intending to purchase the cassette: do it fast, there is not guaranteeing how much longer yes24 will have the version available for.


(160928) shinee.1of1 — shinee’s pick!「how is this song?」’invisible umbrella (don’t let me go)’ from onew
onew: hello. this is shinee’s soft and squishy onew! there’s a song called invisible umbrella that i would like for you all to listen to. if you carry an invisible/translucent umbrella when it rains, watching the rain drops fall (from beneath it) can be emotional, right? just like this invisible umbrella, it is a cozy lyrical song with pretty melody and lyrics. on rainy days, i too, like the atmosphere and the smell of it. i’ll let you listen to invisible umbrella and expect that you will too fall for the song’s charm as well as the charm of a rainy day.