THAT’S RIGHT, A new ADAD public stream is coming TUESDAY!

Ok, ok I know you’re excited but simmer down, you can keep thrashing that Stegosaurus in joy after I give you the stream details!

  • The stream will start at 5pm Central Time and go on for a couple hours or more.
  • It will be hosted on the ADAD twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/adinosauraday
  • Everyone’s invited, so spread the word around Palaeoblr!

“What’s the stream gonna feature,” you ask? Aside from Meig, Jack and Ryuu’s shenanigans we have a very, very special main topic, a Let’s Play… I’ll just say there’s a reason I used old school dinosaur gifs here… and give you a tiiiny liiiittle hint:



i thought that in spirit of this holiday i would make some valentine’s day cards 

Dinomas Day 11: “Nanuqsaurus having a snowball fight with their tails”

The sun shines brightly on this winter day and the two Nanuqsaurus siblings decide to engage in their favorite game, but not without wearing a nice set of winter gear. :D

Fun fact: When I went about to paint the snow, it started to snow in my home area, so I could actually do kind of a life drawing of the environment.

Well, it might be a bit early, but that’s just a question of the time zone you are in.