This was my Christmas present to my sister GrotesqueFantastic. If Disney had the decency to put the episodes on DVD’s and sell them then I would’ve bought them (only available on itunes. psh.). Since they didn’t I had to take matters into my own hands. 

It ended up being split into three different volumes: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3. These are the final copies of the covers I made. 

They are all made up of official art and screenshots of the show. I have Snyde and Carlos to thank for the official and gorgeous background art. The explanations on the back covers are butchered pieces of dialogue from the show. 

Feel free to use these for your own personal non-profit DVD copies if you have them. I only ask that you tell me you have done so if you do. DO NOT use these for profit. 


You expect me to believe that Buzz McAllister, in the year 1990, a born and bred Chicagoan, was a fan of both Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas?

Yes, Isiah’s from the Windy City, but at the time these images were captured, the Pistons had ravaged the Bulls in the ‘88 Eastern Conference Semis, then come back the next season to knock Chicago out of the ‘89 Conference Finals, after the Bulls held a 2-1 series lead, before winning their first NBA title.  A scant five months after these photos were taken, Detroit would beat Chicago for a third straight year, and win their second straight championship.  Plus, Detroit invented the “Jordan Rules,” which entailed the Pistons, more or less, bullying MJ at every turn.

I submit there are only two possible answers here:

1. Either Buzz McAllister is a complete and total coward, and couldn’t decide between his hometown Bulls (which, clearly, should’ve been the choice) and the hometown kid, Isiah, or…

2. …the entire story of Home Alone is a lie.  Did anyone slip on MicroMachines™?  Were the Wet Bandits even real?  Did Kevin McAllister die?

Makes you think.


The School Rap “Christmas List” episode

Did anybody notice this entire show was done in rhyme?


Detroit’s 1871 City Hall stood on the west side of Campus Martius until 1961.  For a brief period between 1961 and 1965, the former site of City Hall was home Old City Hall Park.  These photos from 1962 and 1963 show that during the holiday season, the site was transformed once again–into Santa Claus Land.

In 1965, Kennedy Square was constructed in Old City Hall Park’s place.  Revisit this post from our blog to learn more about Kennedy Square.

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View of children gathered in the Ginsburg branch of the Detroit Public Library for a holiday story hour. Christmas tree in background. Typed on back: “Detroit Public Library, Ginsburg branch.” Handwritten on back: “Holiday story hour, 1916." 

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

come to the fun home! (that’s the bechdel funeral home, baby!)