Ok, so this video actually means a lot to me. I mean, obviously it’s my favourite band and I am ridiculously close to them, but what I love about this, is this is during the commercial break. They cut to commercial and these boys were still on stage. And they are human.

They kinda look a little awkward, Luke looks at his hand for his ring, and there’s people helping Cal with his bass. You can see Ash and Mike waving to the audience, and then they get up and leave.

The wall comes down so it ends abruptly, but I love how human this is.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this whole experience, because it really doesn’t seem like it’s reality.

I love these guys with my whole heart, and I’m so proud of the achievements they have had the last year.

Tomorrow marks a month since this performance, and I miss them more each day they’re gone.

Please enjoy this.

Ps, I’m not the one screaming for Ash or Michael. That was the chick beside me. I like how they ignore us 😆

Ĭ̡ ͎͡ỳ̦o͢u͈ͯ ̹҉m̜ạͩ͠k͚e ̫m̠͛e̦ ̼ͯṡ̵o̯̒ ̧h̲̏͘a̹͜p̊pͭŷ.ͫ ̧I̻ ̛̼h͗̀o͕͛p̓e͝ ̢͓̾à̡͚l̡l̵͐ ̠͐͘y̒o̅҉uͮ̀r͑͏ w͚ïs̯̑hès ̷̙ͭc̯ͯo̸̫ḿ͟e ̡̘͑t͓ͩ́r̕u͡ͅe͎ͩ̀ ̸a̶ͬn̸̪ͪd͞ ̊y͞o͒u̲ ̭g͈e̐ͅt͚͑ ̱e͂ve͏r̪̈́y͖̚t̓͘h̖͗i͒͟n̡g̈̀ ̭y̳͏o̢̼̾u̙ ̀w̟a͖ͯn͉̾҉t̳.̧ ̝͆y̦o̷u̴ ̧̀d͘eͤs̐e̫̕r̟҉ve t̼o̶̯ ͓͞b̤͜ẽ͓͠ ̡͍ͨh̅́á̚p̘̌pyͮ ̤o͇n ̜̊͠ÿ́o̢u̮͋͞r̻̎ ̎bīr̄ṯh̡̊da͕͢y̴̲͊.͎ͤ̕ ̳I̛͓ͬ ͘l̳̕o̴̬v̮͆҉e̷ ̝̕y̗ͭ́ỏ͕u̷ͦ ̃s͕̃o̫̕ ͔v̛͊è͖r̯y ̋v͔ͭe̓r̗ͮ͢y͟ m̐͜u̹̾͠ch̷͈͗.̺ ̭h̾aͯp̯ͩp̕y ͧb̩͌̕i̞͞r̴̈́t̴͐h̲d̵aͥ͢yͮ ̶d̬a͎r̥͡l̡̉ȉ̗n̝.͕ @antischneep 💚😘💋

du bist so süß und wunderschön. Ich hoffe diesen schönen Tag für dich, du bekommst alles was du willst und mehr. Du hast es verdient, heute glücklich zu sein, und ich hoffe, dein Tag ist voller Lächeln. Ich liebe dich so sehr mein lieber und alles Gute zum Geburtstag @antischneep 💝😘💋

Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional. Happy birthday @antischneep !

✨ I hope your day is full of magic and wonder. The best magic trick of all is seen is seeing you smile. Happy birthday @antischneep

I hope you have a heroic day❗️ Full of action and adventure❗️ I hope the crowds will be cheering your name and saying happy birthday❗️@antischneep

“it’s your day, enjoy it. Happy birthday @antischneep

…Happy birth day…big sis @antischneep 💜

There is nothing else to say that hasn’t already been said. Happy birthday @antischneep

undercover-underdog  asked:

Mamacita, I love you. Let's buy a farm where we can throw big horror pink shows and bonfires and during the day we can enjoy our fainting goats from our trailer.

Yes yes yes! Horror punk shows, bonfires, fainting goats, and and and all of our artist friends could live there too, like Andy Warhol’s factory. But with studs and mohawks.

Bird, where have you been all my life???

happy lobster day!

i can’t believe this is the first thing i did in the morning

I probably spent way too much time on this. But I wanted it to be perfect because gosh hecking darn it this gal deserves the best!

NinjaHaku21 is an amazing artist and fan content creator. Whether you became a fan from her days in the Sonic the Hedgehog community (she even did illustration work for an issue or two of the Archie comic series) or from the current Cuphead: Don’t Deal With The Devil fandom, there’s no denying she’s got quite a talent for artwork, storytelling, and even character creation. Her work just looks so professionally drawn and well-made it’s no wonder a lot of people have suggested taking a shot at working for Studio MDHR or another video game or comic company.

And what better way to celebrate this swell gal on her big day than a nice little tribute drawing! I was going to try and fit in every single Cuphead OC she’s created and a few nods to her other stuff, but I decided to do something different. We got nods to her Steven Universe art, her Sonic work, her core Cuphead OCs (Lucille, Tazza, Fontaine, Vincent, and Malvado), and Paying the Debt, a comic that’s currently on hiatus that takes place after the events of the game, and I threw in a Nepeta from HomeStuck as a nod to Ninja’s star sign being Leo. (Unless I got my dates wrong; technically she could be a Leo/Virgo cusp, but whether she’s batting for Nepeta or Kanaya’s team, know she’s got some awesome ladies from Alternia backing her all the way!).

I also tried to scan the physical copy, but the paper was too big D:<

Either way…

Happy Birthday, @ninjahaku21art ! May your day be blessed, ideas brilliant, and artwork absolutely fabulous!

Ways to make a writer’s day

1. Did you enjoy something you read on Tumblr? Tell the writer! Reblog with a comment in the tags, send something to their askbox - find a way to let them know!

2. Send a question about their writing! Writers love talking about their work. If you want to take things to the next level, ask a personalized question - many writers have WIP pages that will give you an overview.

3. Can’t think of a good question? Send asks when people reblog ask games!

4. Make something for them! A doodle, a moodboard, a playlist, whatever. Clearly, this is time-intensive, but if you’re in the mood and you have the time, it’s a fun thing to do.


Akatsuki boys and their shaving habits! Sasori and Pain don’t need to shave!

  • I think while Deidara is a blond, he has very thick hair, and by the time he’s in his late 20′s, he could grow a full beard if he wanted to. If he spots a stray hair on his face, he will stop everything he’s doing to get rid of it ASAP.
  • Itachi has very fine, black hair, and it doesn’t grow out consistently, so he hates any sign of it emerging. 
  • Hidan is like an albino, and is practically hairless, but he hates peach fuzz and the random long silver hairs on his chin. He also shaves his face really roughly, and cuts himself a lot, but it doesn’t matter, because it heals in under a minute. (He also thinks good things about himself while grooming, to get pumped for his day)
  • Kisame enjoys shaving because it makes him feel like he’s more presentable, and maybe people will have a higher opinion of him if he does. His hair isn’t super thin, but isn’t thick enough for a full beard either. 
  • Kakuzu is a manly beast, and has very thick facial hair. Goes through razors like crazy. Removes his face stitches to get around the hard-to-get sections. 

Meanwhile, Konan loves to be a shiny, hairless beauty when showing off her skin, but she lets that leg hair grow out when she’s wearing those long pants for weeks on end. (Hah. Imagine blue leg hair)

Sasori shaving here