OTP Challenge | Day 3

My Favorite Kiss: Arrow 3x01

Really? I need to explain why this is my favorite?

Funny story, actually. Technically, this is Oliver and Felicity’s only “real” kiss thus far. (Unless you count the deleted scene kiss, which I do not. Or you may prefer the precious forehead kiss from 3x09. But honestly, who aboard this ship is not obsessed with their lip-on-lip action?)

In typical Olicity form, the first kiss is as uniquely spectacular as the couple, because the fireworks happen in the subtlety of the act. On paper, these two should not work. And yet they do. On paper, the 3x01 script defines the moment as “A perfect, true love kiss.” But really, it’s thanks to the chemistry shared between SA and EBR—and how well they know their respective characters—that this magical moment can focus on love and not on lust. While a rather public display of affection, the kiss is the antithesis of awkward. One thing that’s so great about Olicity is just how gravitationally drawn to each other they are, despite the inopportunity of their current lifestyle. How much more star-crossed can you get?

We’ve seen Oliver kiss a lot of women before—I mean, it’s no lie that the man has been “somewhat” of a player. And yet Felicity keeps gradually tugging new dynamics out of him, so even the way he kisses her is different than how he’s kissed other women. He’s strong but also incredibly gentle, holding her like she’s a porcelain doll: from the way his hands are big enough to literally cup her entire face to the way their open lips linger against each other at the end, as they are both reluctant to stop. Only Olicity could make the simple act of breathing the same air appear both sweet and volatile at the same time. Then, when he finally does have to pull away, once again Oliver allows himself to watch Felicity, to memorize her features for a just moment, until she opens her eyes and the dream has to end.

The perfect first kiss is a taste of what ifs, an unspoken goodbye. Arrow has a brilliant tendency to overlap each significant Olicity scene with at least one other prior Olicity scene, thus creating layers upon layers of parallels. The kiss is a callback to the night Oliver first told Felicity that he loved her and it was a “ruse.” So their beautiful vulnerability becomes poisoned with disappointment, reinforced by the fact that the Olicity Theme is playing in the background. (That’s right. My OTP has their own music, and I am obsessed with it.)

The scene also involves that symbolic backlighting, which has current and future implications for character development. The beauty of the Oliver-Felicity relationship is that there’s always hope. But therein also lies the tragedy: while certain feelings may always be brewing underneath the surface, their “status” remains undefinable as long as our hero considers his girl unattainable.


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