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has ANYONE on this godforsaken thing we call internet done a full masterpost of all videos where phil wears his glasses? i need it for science

here are some:

51 things in my room!

Pocky! (sort of)

The Hunger Games (and gay shoe marriage)

I HAVE JET LAG! ;_; (sort of)

A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in London!

My Body Sucks! (sort of)

I’M SORRY! (this one just has a really cool sunglasses section)


Tour Of My Brain | AmazingPhil

A Festive Day in the Life of Dan and Phil!


A Sleepless Night With Phil


THE CONTACT LENS INCIDENT (he pretends to have harry potter glasses for one second)

6 Things I Regret Buying!

Another Sleepless Night with Phil

A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in AUSTRALIA!

A VERY Sleepless Night With Phil

My DNA Test Results

MINECART MANIA - Dan and Phil Play: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze #2

DIL’S DREAM HOUSE - Dan and Phil Play: The Sims 4 #2

DIL’S FIRST DAY - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #3


DIL’S WORST ENEMY - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #4

DIL GETS FESTIVE - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #8

FOREST FIRE!!! - Phil plays Shelter FINAL EPISODE

DIL MEETS A GHOST - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #19




ASGORE ATTACKS!!! - Dan and Phil play: Undertale #9

(note these are only amazingphil and danandphilgames videos)

Every Dan and Phil video in the London Apartment in order

I made a list of every single Dan and Phil video that they have uploaded since they first moved into their, (now old), London apartment. I have left out any YouTube Red videos but have included videos from all 6 channels, (danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, danisnotinteresting, LessAmazingPhil, DanandPhilGAMES and DanandPhilCRAFTS).

If you think the order is wrong or any of the links are incorrect please let me know and I will try to correct it.

(I spent WAY too much time on this but oh well)

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what particular dan and Phil videos do u recommend watching for people that are new

ohh boy anon i hope you’re ready for what you’re asking for hahaha (nah really though the phandom is great and dan and phil are good people to watch so i’m happy you or whoever you’re asking for is interested and i’m honoured you came to me!!) but warning this might get long because i’m gonna use this ask to make a kind of exhaustive list if you don’t mind lol so i’m gonna put a read more here and go wild.

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the fan analysis

so i was watching dan’s 2013 videos the other day, and something caught my eye in “How NOT to Stay Cool” - 19th July 2013 and you see this fan? (he’s holding it rn) and i noticed something he said. at 3:57 he says “yeah thats great at night when I’m trying to sleep next to it” (referring to the beeping noise the fan makes)

i then remembered something i saw in one of cat’s vlogs, “LONDON BOUND: Day 1” - 15th august 2013. and yep, at 5:53, right on the bed stand, it’s the same fan. and since i live in the south east of england as well, i can confirm that it was still as boiling hot in august 2013 as it was in july 2013. why would dan have gotten rid of his fan just so phil can be cooler? (unless they were sleeping in the same room YOU SEE WHAT I'M GETTING AT HERE)

moments earlier, at 5:50, we hear cat say “i don’t know if i should film in here..” and quietly in the background we just about hear phil say “yeah you can yeah” if you go watch the video, he almost seems unsure.

*this is the point I go creepy stalker mode*

i had a poke around the videos and, isn’t the fan on the opposite side of the bed to which phil sleeps on? we see this in all the day in the life videos, this scene is from “A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in London!” at 0:11.

later in the same video, dan goes to wake dan up.

(this is at 0:35) first thing i notice, his water glass on his bedside table is basically full - it hasn’t been touched *side note* who actually wakes up in this position?

a few shots later, we get a clearer, wider shot view of his bed. look at how his bed sheets appear. the bottom sheet only has lines where his body is pressing down on the mattress, not the wrinkles you would get had he been in that bed all night. his pillow is also hardly touched at all, the only creases are where his head has just been rested down.

if he had been sleeping in that bed, surely his duvet would also be spread wider over the bed, the pillow would be flatter and the other pillow wouldn’t be quite so fluffed up.

unless he had been completely still on his back all night, it appears that he did not sleep in this bed.

ohh, he’s on the wrong side of the bed as well…

“I Can’t Sleep” 30th august 2012 - 1:45 - right hand side

“How To Get Out of Bed” 28th January 2014 - 3:47 - right hand side, pillows and sheet messed up from moving around to film (pretty sure people move around in the night as well? well apparently not according to dan…)

so there we go! that analysis over… in conclusion, it seems as if they had been sharing a bed, going from dates and positioning of the fan, it just adds up..

*disclaimer* i am just suggesting that they sleep in the same bed. i am not claiming phan is real (as much as i wish it was)

ending thoughts

at the beginning of “A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in London!” phil seems far too awake to have just woken up. he is talking loudly and clearly, eyes wide open and only squints and yawns when he says he has just woken up (i’m ngl that yawn is so fake, go watch 0:02) and then his glasses are conveniently placed on his lap… all prepared…

ohh and when he goes to wake dan up, we can hear dan’s voice very clearly through the door, he sounds awake enough… (compare to his waking up voice in ditl in manchester for reference) his eyes too are wide open and as i said earlier, who really wakes up and stays in this position until your friend comes and wakes you up?

and one final thing, phil says the time he wakes up is 10:30am, when him, dan and chris are in the pub, dan say’s phil put the cat sticker on his arm at 10am… i know it is a general time and there is a large margin of error, but it’s just a suggestion!

*edit* ohh and one last thing! thank you to the amazing ’thepurplehedgehogs’ for pointing out that his hair is already straightened and styled in the ditl. much love tyvm

Edit It Out

Summary: Dan and Phil always edit out their kisses in videos. However, it is easy to forget that they can’t edit those kisses out during live broadcasts.

Genre: Fluff, 1090 words

Warnings: Cursing (It quotes videos and has Dan, I can’t really help that.)

A/N: I quote several videos, and it was rather difficult to make sure every word was right, so if I missed a word or two, I apologize.

philisnotonfire - October 2009

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had,” Dan said in a monotone, and he made a noise of surprise as Phil tackled him. Phil quickly pecked him on the lips and Dan’s eyes widened.
“Don’t worry, Bear,” Phil said, smiling down at him. “I’ll edit it out in post.” Dan grinned and pulled Phil closer to him.
“I’ll give you something to edit out.”

Dan and Phil play Sonic 4 - November 2010

“If you talk until I die, I’ll punch you in the head,” Dan said as he looked at the TV.
“Whether you like it or not.”
“Can I just ask one question?”
Dan shook his head.
“What does Sonic do with all the rings? Does he eat them? Put them in his pocket?”
“Punch in the head. Fuck. Fuck, fuck! Fuck.” Dan died and raised his fist toward Phil.
“That wasn’t my fault. I didn’t a-” Dan opened his hand as he caressed Phil’s cheek lightly. Phil smiled.
“You’re a twat, but I love you,” Dan said, and he leaned in and kissed Phil softly. Their lips parted, but Dan pulled away.
“I am going to finish this level. So shut up unless you really want to be punched in the head.” Dan turned back to the TV. “I’ll edit that out later.”

How To Make British Pancakes - March 2011

“Ready?” Dan asked. Phil nodded. “Okay, three, two, one!”
The two slid into the camera frame saying, “Bye,” and they bumped shoulders and hips.
“Ow,” Phil muttered, and he stumbled to his left, rubbing his arm. However, Dan continued sliding and he fell over.
“Fuck!” Dan said as he laughed and landed on his butt.
“You okay?” Dan looked up at the slightly concerned Phil who had extended his hand. Dan grinned and pulled Phil down with him. Phil barely avoided landing on top of Dan. Dan giggled.
“Now I am.” Phil smiled and kissed Dan.
“Edit that out, right?”
“Yeah,” Dan said, and he pressed his lips to Phil’s again.

The Wardrobe - July 2012

Phil crawled into the newly made wardrobe and shut the doors quietly as Dan cleaned up the loose pieces of foam. Dan stood up and grabbed one side.
“Filming? Okay. We’re gonna wobble it, so -” Dan looked around, just noticing Phil’s absence, “Phil?” He let go of the wardrobe and walked around it. “Phil?”
Dan stopped and said a bit louder, “Phil!” He looked behind the wardrobe, “Phil?” Finally he shouted, “Phil!”
Phil opened the closet door and said “Rawr!” Dan looked slightly miffed to have been pranked, but as soon as Phil started laughing, he couldn’t help but smile.
Dan stepped forward and gestured, “As if you got in the wardrobe!” Dan turned back to Phil and crossed his arms. Phil stuck his tongue out and walked over to Dan for a hug. Dan stiffened slightly, “Are you still filming?”
Phil looked straight at Dan. “Don’t worry. I’ll edit it out later.”
Dan sighed and loosened, “Alright.” He hugged Phil back and kissed his cheek. “We’re finally in London.”
He felt Phil grin and hold him tighter, not wanting to let go. “Finally.”

A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in London - August 2013

“We’re discussing what our favorite wordarts use to be,” Phil said to his camera.
“I think mine was that one,” said Dan, gesturing to an orange one towards the bottom.
“Mine was that one, which Dan thinks is really gross.” Phil shifted the camera so Dan was in the frame.
“Does it offend you or make you sad to think that today’s kids won’t even know what wordart was?”
“Oh, God, yes!”
Phil looked up from the camera to see Dan’s real face smiling at him. Phil put the camera aside and put his hand on Dan’s face before kissing him gently.
“Don’t worry - I’ll edit it out later.”
“I know you will,” Dan muttered, and he moved closer to Phil to deepen the kiss.

Dan and Phil Play FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S 3 - March 2015

“Phil, I think people want us to play Five Nights at Freddy’s 3.”
“Really?” Dan nodded. “Okay, then.”
“‘Kay Phil, but if we’re gonna do this, we have to do it properly - lights off.” Dan hit the switch and the room became pitch black.
“I’m scared.”
Dan leaned closer to Phil and said in his ear, “Immersion,” before kissing his neck.
Phil laughed. “Dan I think this is a little bit too dark.”
“Yeah,” Dan said, before planting a quick peck on Phil’s lips, “but how immersed do you feel right now?”
“A little bit too immersed.”
Dan smiled and whispered quickly, “Won’t even have to edit that out,” before he turned a few of the lights back on.
Dan looked towards the camera and said,“That’s better.”

Younow - October 2015

“Hey guys! I have a guest with me today. Can you guess who it is?” Phil scanned over the comments that had Dan’s name written in all capital letters. “No, it’s not Sarah Michelle Gellar. No, it’s not Louis. I think I saw a comment with his name - yes it is Dan Howell!” Dan popped his head into the frame.
“Hello Internet! How are all of you? Have you all preordered our book yet? It’s coming out in two weeks.”
Dan and Phil answered a few more questions about the book, holding hands beneath the shot. Dan started to become slightly distracted and let Phil do most of the talking as he looked down and played with Phil’s hand. Phil laughed at one of the comments and Dan smiled over at him. He quickly kissed Phil and muttered, “Edit that out.” Phil looked at Dan, and the realization struck him. “Oh, Jesus Christ. Um.” Dan looked at the comments and saw hundreds of screaming shippers. Phil quickly shut his laptop, not bothering to close younow properly. Dan covered his face with his hands. “I’m sorry - I was distracted, and I thought we were filming, and -”
Phil cut him off. “Dan, it’s okay. We’re out in the book, and we were gonna make a video next week.”
“I know, but this isn’t how it was supposed to -”
“Dan. It’s okay. We can’t change anything, and it’s only a little early.” Phil pulled Dan’s chin up. “Hey. I love you.”
Dan met Phil’s eyes. “I love you too.”
“And look on the bright side, we’ll never have to edit these kisses out again.” Phil leaned in and kissed Dan. They smiled through the kiss.
“Never again.”

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