some pretty. odd. things
  • the ‘here we come’ at the beginning of we’re so starving
  • kids laughing at the end of when the day met the night
  • caws throughout do you know what im seeing
  • the way brendon says ‘a ballet’ in piano knows something i dont know
  • folkin around sounds like a square dance song
  • brendon barely sings on behind the sea
  • u cant tell if its ‘innocence’ or ‘in a sense’ in shes a handsome woman
  • birds chirping at the end of do you know what im seeing
  • ryan singing on mad as rabbits
  • french horn on from a mountain in the middle of the cabins
  • crying on northern downpour

Typewriter Series #1217 by Tyler Knott Gregson

*Chasers of the Light, is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound , Books-A-Million , Paper Source or Anthropologie *

Text for Tired Eyes:

This is my psalm to the Summer;
to the warm winds that dance in the long grass
and moves it like stormy seas.  To the ebb of
night’s chill and the whitewash paint the moon throws
on the skin of the earth.  To the fuzzy

flesh of the peach and the first sour splash of
plum on your perfect lips.  The daylight that lingers
and wraps around your hair like a halo before dipping
below the dry mountains in the distance.  The heat burns us

now and stains red the parts you leave for the sun to
kiss.  The red to brown and the emergence of freckles
on faces and a lightness to your hair.  To my hands inklessly
drawing on the naked arch of your back.  To the promises.  The
promises of surviving the hottest season.

This is my Summer psalm and this is my serenade to
you.  We’ll sit on porches in chairs that rock and we’ll watch
the lightning as it flirts with me again.  To the sound of ice cubes
clinking sweaty glasses and the slice of lemon
floating inside it.  The way you look when you smile at

me as I walk away.  To the sound of trains and church bells
echoing through the clear night air.  This is my psalm to
the smell of creek beds and wet towels, the sound of
laughter later into the nights as the light keeps the kids
awake.  The stars move above us slower

now and the meteors come to remind us that we too,
are floating in blackness.  The trail of light they leave
will never leave us.  The crickets sing and we don’t need to
understand their lyrics.  This is my serenade to the heat that
beat the frost but will fall again to the cool Autumn air

knocking on its doorstep.  To the final brave salutation of the leaves
and their shining in the sunlight.  To your skin peeking out of
clothes hidden in closets for too long.  This is to how rainbows follow
us and make us forget the rain that fell before them. To the panting

dogs and ladybugs crawling on garden leaves.  This is to how the
Earth wakes up and plays along.  To the grasshoppers parting
like Biblical seas when you walk through their homes.  This is to the
promise of love, through heat or freeze, green grass or brown and no matter
the color of the clouds in our sky.

This is my Summer psalm, this is my serenade to you.

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

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CS AU Week Day 4: Another Time (Elizabethian Era AU)

Till This Night

She stood across the great hall, bathed in golden candlelight, as though she were an angel descended from the heavens. He was caught in her beauty, his senses tangled in raptor as he found himself unable to pull his gaze from her. Before he could stop himself, he was gliding through the dancing masses, navigating through the throng of merry makers like a ship at sea, the compass of his heart leading him straight to her.

As though sensing his chase, the angel began to move from his view, towards the sheltered alcove adjacent the great hall. Undaunted he followed her trail, slipping after her out of the watchful eyes of the ton.

The air beyond the stifling hall was cool and crisp, and if he had thought her an angel in candlelight the maiden before him was an absolute goddess in the moon’s ethereal glow.

I never seen true beauty till this night.

“Who are you,” his goddess asked, a golden brow arching in inquiry.

“Killian Jones, milady,” he gave a graceful bow.

“Jones,” she echoed frowning. “I do not recall a summons being extended to any Joneses, my lord.”

Killian smiled wryly. “One might say I am an uninvited guest.”

Her expression gave way to a wry smile. “What was so important about this ball that you simply had to sneak your way in like a pirate in the night, if I might ask my lord.”

“If I a pirate milady, might you be my reassure?”

She froze, all easy humor fleeing her delicate features. “You are too bold, my lord.”

“I am only bold as your beauty makes me, milady,” he moved in step with her as she began to pace the room, her green eyes never leaving his.

“You must be a wordsmith, my lord, for I doubt even Shakespeare himself could pen such words,” she said dryly, fighting off the wave of heat his words brought to her skin.

“Oh, if I were I’d not share your beauty with the world,” he said with a devilish smile.

“My lord you are by far-”

“Do not cut me with your tongue no more, sweet lady. I shall leave you, if only you would pay this mere mortal with the name of your angelic self.”

There was an audible roll of her eyes, but Killian didn’t miss the smile that threatened to lift the corners of her mouth.

“Emma,” she said.

“Emma,” he breathed her name like a prayer. “Ask of one more favor, sweet Emma.”

“You are a greedy thief, my lord,” she sighed. “What favor do you seek?”

He smiled cheekily. “Only your own.”

And with that the space between them dissipated like smoke, his mouth claiming her own. She didn’t fight him, no, her hands went to his neck, pulling him ever closer, her mouth sweeping over his in a furious reply.

These violent delights have violent ends,
And in their triumph die,
Which, as they kiss, consume.

Porter Robinson’s Sea Of Voices is already a gorgeously amazing song off his highly regarded 2014 debut Worlds, one of my top three electronic albums that year. Yet, Portland’s Ninth Parallel takes that ocean of beauty to a whole new level of cosmic, cinematic expansiveness with his official remix. It’s a glowing Sea Of Voices that can mightily illuminate the darkest caves of despair with its blooming, flowering rays of profound, heart swelling ardor and warmth. It nearly seems like a cloud of cushiony air is inflating underneath me as the beauty ambles along gently and with grandeur. It’s tough time returning to earth after those last notes fade away.


Japanese scientists might have found the cutest thing under the sea! Rivaling Jack, these fluffy white sea bunnies are actually sea slugs and primarily found off the coast of Japan. Jack’s new BFF, scientifically named the Jorunna parva, they have also been found in the Indian Ocean and off the coasts of the the Philippines. Wherever they are found they are so adorable we NEED to pet them!

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Indeed, we’ve listened to a number of remixes of XYLØ’s second single these past weeks, but the most intensely consuming edit yet comes from Toronto’s Loud Luxury. Instead of the chill, mellow vibes of previously shared remixes, the production duo takes Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea into a furiously pumping deep house house world. Sexy, futuristic bass match XYLØ’s sultry vocals, concertedly luring us into the remix’s quicksand like hypnotic beats and effervescently shimmering oscillations. You can download the remix for free, here.

She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar - White Oleander

Photo credit: @rosie.strykowski

Right There When I Need Her (A Hollence Mix)

(Cover courtesy of danny-lawrences)

I Want It That Way - Amanda Law

Waiting For Superman - Nicole Taylor

Flashlight - Hailee Steinfeld

Kiss Me - Natalie Lungley

Want to Want Me / I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Rachel Potter

Smile - Jody Samascott

Sea of Love - Josihello

La Vie En Rose - Daniela Andrade

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) - Becca Vey

Cheerleader - Official Tiana