The thing I most experienced was that the white person had to be the lead, but they needed to say they were being diverse, so the best friend or the assistant was a person of color. It [would be] written nonspecifically, and then they would build the character around whoever they decided would get the part. To audition for the lead role in a movie? I’ve never experienced that. I would experience that maybe two times in my entire life, where there are white actresses I know who, even though they’re not famous, audition for those things all the time.

Have you ever had those nights wherein you’re eating burgers, fries and chicken from Mcdonalds and you are constantly sobbing at the same time?

It would be fun if ‘twas the movies or the series that’s making you tear up but what if it’s a whole new batshit crazy reasons like—you know, life and love?

I hate it when i’m on my period. Everything is just too emotional.

the only way i would ever be alright with casey affleck winning an academy award tonight is if constance wu falls down from the ceiling like a spider and crushes him to death with her legs