Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 Official Line Up + Information


  1. Adriana Lima
  2. Alessandra Ambrósio
  3. Elsa Hosk
  4. Josephine Skriver
  5. Jasmine Tookes
  6. Lais Ribeiro
  7. Lily Aldridge
  8. Martha Hunt
  9. Romee Strijd
  10. Sara Sampaio
  11. Stella Maxwell
  12. Taylor Marie Hill 

Models confirmed to walk: 

  1. Barbara Fialho
  2. Cindy Bruna
  3. Georgia Fowler (newcomer)
  4. Lais Oliveira (newcomer)
  5. Zuri Tibby (newcomer)
  6. Constance Jablonski
  7. Herieth Paul  (newcomer) 
  8. Rachel Hilbert 
  9. Megan Williams (newcomer)
  10. Sui He
  11. Kate Grigorieva
  12. Valery Kaufman
  13. Bella Hadid (newcomer)
  14. Devon Windsor
  15. Ming Xi 
  16. Bridget Malcolm 
  17. Liu Wen
  18. Sanne Vloet 
  19. Daniela Braga
  20. Leomie Anderson
  21. Keke Lindgard  (newcomer)
  22. Luma Grothe  (newcomer) 
  23. Izabel Gourlart
  24. Dilone (newcomer) 
  25. Jourdana Elizabeth (newcomer) 
  26. Kelly Gale
  27. Maggie Laine (newcomer)
  28. Alanna Arrington (newcomer)
  29. Grace Elizabeth (newcomer)
  30. Joan Smalls

Date: The show will be recorded on November 30 and will air December 5 on CBS.

Location: Grand Palais, Paris. 

Fantasy Bra: Jasmine Tooke with the “Bright Night Fantasy Bra”

Segments: The Road Ahead, Secret Angel, Moutain Romance, PINK Nation, Dark Angel, Bright Night Angel.

Performers: Unknow

VSFS 2016 Models
  • 2016 Cast
  • Spokesmodels
  • 1. Adriana Lima
  • 2. Alessandra Ambrosio
  • 3. Elsa Hosk
  • 4. Jasmine Tookes
  • 5. Josephine Skriver
  • 6. Lais Ribeiro
  • 7. Lily Aldridge
  • 8. Martha Hunt
  • 9. Romee Strijd
  • 10. Sara Sampaio
  • 11. Stella Maxwell
  • 12. Taylor Hill
  • 13. Rachel Hilbert (PINK)
  • 14. Zuri Tibby (PINK)
  • Regulars
  • 15. Barbara Fialho (Fit Model)
  • 16. Cindy Bruna (Fit Model)
  • 17. Devon Windsor (Fit Model)
  • 18. Bridget Malcolm
  • 19. Constance Jablonski
  • 20. Daniela Braga
  • 21. Izabel Goulart
  • 22. Joan Smalls
  • 23. Kate Grigorieva
  • 24. Kelly Gale
  • 25. Leomie Anderson
  • 26. Liu Wen
  • 27. Ming Xi
  • 28. Sanne Vloet
  • 29. Sui He
  • 30. Valery Kaufman
  • Newcomers
  • 31. Alanna Arrington
  • 32. Bella Hadid
  • 33. Dilone
  • 34. Georgia Fowler
  • 35. Grace Elizabeth
  • 36. Herieth Paul
  • 37. Jourdana Elizabeth
  • 38. Keke Lindgard
  • 39. Lais Oliveira
  • 40. Luma Grothe
  • 41. Maggie Laine
  • 42. Megan Williams
  • (Source:www.bellazon.com)
UPDATED List of Confirmed Models for the VSFS 2016

Adriana Lima (Angel, 16th show)
Alessandra Ambrosio (Angel, 16th show)
Lily Aldridge (Angel, 8th show)
Elsa Hosk (Angel, 6th show)
Lais Ribeiro (Angel, 6th show)
Jasmine Tookes (Angel, wearing FB, 5th show)
Josephine Skriver (Angel, 4th show)
Martha Hunt (Angel, 4th show)
Rome Strijid (Angel, 3rd show)
Taylor Hill (Angel, 3rd show)
Sara Sampaio (Angel, 4th show)
Stella Maxwell (Angel, 3rd show)
Rachel Hilbert (PINK spokesmodel, 2nd show)
Kate Grigorieva (ex-Angel, 3rd show)
Bella Hadid (1st show)
Devon Windsor (4th show)
Barbara Fialho (5th show)
Constance Jablonski (7th show)
Bridget Malcolm (2nd show)
Kelly Gale (3rd show)
Vita Sidorkina (2nd show)
Ming Xi (4th show)
Sanne Vloet (2nd show)
Sui He (6th show)
Georgia Fowler (1st show)
Valery Kaufman (2nd show)
Megan Williams (1st show)
Liu Wen (5th show)
Lais Oliveira (1st show)
Zuri Tibby (1st show)
Herieth Paul (1st show)
Cindy Bruna (4th show)
Leomie Anderson (2nd show)
Daniela Braga (3rd show)
Keke Lindgard (1st show)
Luma Grothe (1st show)
Izabel Goulart (ex-Angel, 12th show)
Janiece Dilone (1st show)
Jourdana Elizabeth (1st show)
Alanna Arrington (1st show)
Maggie Laine (1st show)
Grace Elizabeth (1st show)
Joan Smalls (6th show)
Maria Borges (4th show)
Brooke Perry (1st show)
Gigi Hadid (2nd show)


Let the bird of loudest lay
On the sole Arabian tree,
Herald sad and trumpet be,
To whose sound chaste wings obey.

But thou shrieking harbinger,
Foul precurrer of the fiend,
Augur of the fever’s end,
To this troop come thou not near.

From this session interdict
Every fowl of tyrant wing
Save the eagle, feather’d king:
Keep the obsequy so strict.

Let the priest in surplice white
That defunctive music can,
Be the death-divining swan,
Lest the requiem lack his right.

And thou, treble-dated crow,
That thy sable gender mak’st
With the breath thou giv’st and tak’st,
‘Mongst our mourners shalt thou go.

Here the anthem doth commence:—
Love and constancy is dead;
Phoenix and the turtle fled
In a mutual flame from hence.

So they loved, as love in twain
Had the essence but in one;
Two distincts, division none;
Number there in love was slain.

Hearts remote, yet not asunder;
Distance, and no space was seen
‘Twixt the turtle and his queen:
But in them it were a wonder.

So between them love did shine,
That the turtle saw his right
Flaming in the phoenix’ sight;
Either was the other’s mine.

Property was thus appall’d,
That the self was not the same;
Single nature’s double name
Neither two nor one was call’d.

Reason, in itself confounded,
Saw division grow together;
To themselves yet either neither;
Simple were so well compounded,

That it cried, ‘How true a twain
Seemeth this concordant one!
Love hath reason, reason none
If what parts can so remain.’

Whereupon it made this threne
To the phoenix and the dove,
Co-supremes and stars of love,
As chorus to their tragic scene.


Beauty, truth, and rarity,
Grace in all simplicity,
Here enclosed in cinders lie.

Death is now the phoenix’ nest;
And the turtle’s loyal breast
To eternity doth rest,

Leaving no posterity:
‘Twas not their infirmity,
It was married chastity.

Truth may seem, but cannot be;
Beauty brag, but ’tis not she;
Truth and beauty buried be.

To this urn let those repair
That are either true or fair;
For these dead birds sigh a prayer.


The Phoenix and the Turtle

William Shakespeare


Graphic - Tom Fleming

VSFS 2016 - Models

Adriana Lima

Alessandra Ambrosio

Barbara Fialho

Bella Hadid

Bridget Malcolm

Cindy Bruna

Constance Jablonski

Daniela Braga

Devon Windsor


Elsa Hosk

Georgia Fowler

Herieth Paul

Izabel Goulart

Jasmine Tookes

Josephine Skriver

Jourdana Elizabeth

Kate Grigorieva

Keke Lindgard

Kelly Gale

Lais Oliveira

Lais Ribeiro

Leomie Anderson

Lily Aldridge

Liu Wen

Luma Grothe

Martha Hunt

Megan Williams

Ming Xi

Rachel Hilbert

Romee Strijd

Sanne Vloet

Sara Sampaio

Stella Maxwell

Sui He

Taylor Hill

Valery Kaufman

Vita Sidorkina

Zuri Tibby

anonymous asked:

Constance Wu said she supported Mail Order Family "as long as they cast a Filipino actress". Like I'm happy that it's no longer being made a show but the fact that she said that just makes me so sad. I trusted her and I can't anymore as a Filipino

!! hang on i have to look up what this is about first but your feelings are 100% valid anon

Asian-American Actors Can No Longer Be Ignored. 

According to a recent New York Times article, more Asian-American actors and activists have spoken out with raw, unapologetic anger. 

When Constance Wu landed the part of Jessica Huang, the Chinese-American matriarch on the ABC sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat,” she didn’t realize just how significant the role would turn out to be. As she developed her part, Ms. Wu heard the same dismal fact repeated over and over again: It had been 20 years since a show featuring a predominantly Asian-American cast had aired on television. ABC’s previous offering, the 1994 Margaret Cho vehicle “All-American Girl,” was canceled after one season.

“I wasn’t really conscious of it until I booked the role,” Ms. Wu said. “I was focused on the task at hand, which was paying my rent.”

The show, which was just renewed for a third season, has granted Ms. Wu a steady job and a new perspective. “It changed me,” Ms. Wu said. After doing a lot of research, she shifted her focus “from self-interest to Asian-American interests.”

Other actors lending their voices include Kumail Nanjiani of “Silicon Valley,” Ming-Na Wen of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and Aziz Ansari, who in his show, “Master of None,” plays an Indian-American actor trying to make his mark.

They join longtime actors and activists like BD Wong of “Gotham”; Margaret Cho, who has taken her tart comedic commentary to Twitter; andGeorge Takei, who has leveraged his “Star Trek” fame into a social media juggernaut.

“There’s an age-old stereotypical notion that Asian-American people don’t speak up,” Mr. Wong said. But “we’re really getting into people’s faces about it.”

Read more of this article on nytimes.com.