Yours Truly * An EreMin FanFic - Final Chapter
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Fandom: Attack on Titan

Pairing: Eren Jaeger / Armin Arlert

Setting: Modern

Word Count: 111030 (could potentially change with editing)

Status: Complete

Plot:  When they’re young and naive, friendship blossoms easily between Eren Jaeger and Armin Arlert. But, as time passes, feelings begin to shift. Eren finds himself dating his sister’s best friend, while Armin can’t quite shake the thought that it should be him Eren is dating. After years of pining and fruitless hoping, Armin finally comes clean about his crush on the day of their high school graduation. Time is not on the boys’ side and once summer vacation ticks to a close Eren is shipped off to Army Basic Training while Armin finds himself furthering his school career. Distance isn’t kind, and, inevitably, the relationship falls apart. Eight years pass slowly without Eren to lean on, but Armin treks on. Though he’s plagued by grief, he continues living the best he can. Slowly, he finds hope in old friends and begins to build himself up as an individual without clinging to the memory of Eren.
That is until Eren’s life violently collides with Armin’s own when he moves into the apartment next door.
Ultimately, Armin is left with his toughest decision thus far, does he fight tooth and nail to stay away from Eren and regain the independence he lost, or does he throw himself back into the fire he just narrowly escaped?

agent-hayley asked:

hi Maggie! I know you're hella busy with stuff and you're behind with a few things but I just wanted to ask if your Love Thy Neighbor fic is still in progress? I loved it so much so far and I'm definitely excited for the next chapter when you have time. I'm very patient :)

Hey there! I’m actually going to publish your ask, if you don’t mind, since I’ve gotten a few questions about it!

First of all, I really appreciate that you’re enjoying the fic and that you guys want more! That makes me feel really good. ruthedotcom and I actually have finished the fic! It’s completely written - we’re just editing and having it beta’ed, so it should be finalized soon enough. We’ve just both had a very busy summer, and since we’re writing together it’s been hard to coordinate and finalize.

Thanks again so much for your interest, and we’ll have it to you guys soon! Sorry about that.

sadghost-club asked:


7. a film you wish had a sequel

  • the a team
  • the cast are ALL up for it
  • give me a camera i’ll make the fuckin sequel

8. which book would you like to see adapted into a film?

  • can we have a warm bodies remake where they don’t fuck up perry’s entire character point and arc
  • umm
  • siberia by ann halam
  • they’d probably fuck it up but it was my fave book as a kid and i’d love to see it as a film

13. your favourite comedy film

  • probably dogma??
  • most of the view askewniverse (i am the number one problematic fave)
  • or maybe 50/50, which i absolutely loved
  • edit: i completely forgot the jump street movies!!! they’re definitely up there

20. old movies or contemporary movies

  • i’d have to with contemporary movies
  • as much as im a fan of old hollywood and classic films, contemporary movies are at least starting to catch up with the socio-political atmosphere they’re being made in
  • old movies can be kind of iffy just bc of the times in which they were made

magickgirl786 asked:

Hi, I would like to submit a couple of prompts for the "Lost and Found" fic universe. It would be 1) Skye's first couple of days with Jemma (as she was obviously abused in the previous homes and was branded as a "difficult child" and always thought she would get sent home and whatnot) and 2) Why Bobbi has the rule that you don't talk nerdy to boys like her meeting Hunter for the first time and realizing "My god I have to dumb EVERYTHING down for this loveable idiot!" THANKS! <3

I love both of these ideas :) Hopefully I’ll get one done at some point tonight, but it might take me a couple of days to get them both done! I’ll update this ask with links when they’re completed. 

Thanks for the prompts! 

Edited: Link to Skye’s first day with Jemma

Comparative Analysis

Jamie Scott

ID: 1255731

The first film that I looked at was Rory Davis’ recreation of a scene from the movie Taken. He recreated this scene so that there was added humour and was relatable to an audience of University students. This is a strong difference from the films original dark and severe mood, but I feel Rory has pulled it off well as the adaptation of the dialogue while still integrating some of the original script allows the audience to still understand the roots of this scene and where it came from. I enjoyed this scene as I did the same one but we both took completely different paths when it came to re-creating it.He edited the scene very well, incorporating the segment of film of the actor outside in to the clip with ease. The quality of the technology he used to film was rather blurry and fuzzy, this could have been fixed by possibly trying out a different method of filming. The sound quality of the clip was slightly buzzing, however the dialogue was clear and easily understood. I quickly understood what movie was being recreated as I am quite familiar with it and I enjoyed the new light-heartened and comedic twist he put on such as iconic scene. 

The second film that I chose to analyse was Natalie Wilson’s recreation of ‘the cup song’ from the film Pitch Perfect. She has edited this clip seamlessly, especially the harmony voice overtop of the actual singing. Natalie has also used the split screen video effectively as it shows the audience a close up of her hands while she does the cup song. I liked how she used a black and white filter over her video, this is different from the video I watched previously, and my own clip. I enjoyed how recognisable this scene was a it became quite a trend among teenagers, but I was also impressed by how she made it her own and personalised the scene to fit around herself singing the song. I personally feel like there was not a lot I would do to alter that video, other than maybe tilting the camera down to fit her face to show that it is actually her performing in the video. 

The third and final video I analysed was Gary van Heuven’s reenactment of the iconic film, Titanic. He has taken a comedic and light-heartened approach to this dramatic and emotional movie scene. He has also made this easily recognisable scene more relatable to an audience of university students and other young adults by modernising it and adding humour. I feel like the camera shots used were well thought out such as the over the should shot, but could have executed better and lighted more appropriately. The dialogue was clear and easily understood and it also fitted in well with the adapted context of the scene. The camera shots used when filming the two boys recreating the scene were filmed well. The only thing I would change about this video is cropping the ending out so you cannot see the actor break ‘character,’ other than that it is a good video and I enjoyed the humorous twist he put on a classic scene.


Rory Davis, 2015, http://thearea52universe.tumblr.com/

Natalie Wilson, 2015, http://mypantsarentonfire.tumblr.com/

Gary van Heuven, 2015, http://hotdam1257312mediacultures.tumblr.com/

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anonymous asked:

Hi, a lot of those fcs you recommended for that anon cannot pass for 17 years old. The one that brought this to my attention first being Tyler Hoechlin but there are others.

Wow, I completely spaced on that but you’re right, I went back and edited it so that the ones who can pass, or have many gifs of when they were younger are suggested instead!

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