This video really needs more footage from 2x15 to feel complete, and I’ll probably re-edit the second half after next week’s episode, but I couldn’t wait because overall I’m pretty pleased with it.


If you go to the woods today, you’ll find my classic Bad Movie Beatdown review of Strange Wilderness! This has been completely re-edited from almost scratch, including all-new voiceover - it’s never looked or sounded better!

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Fic where Hermione has no money/poor.

1001 Nights of Pride by Red Wicked - M, 14 Chapters - She needs money. He offers it to her in exchange of one night spent with him. Malfoy believes all women are rotten, Hermione believes Malfoy has no heart. Tables turn when the truth comes out, and unrequited love is bringing them both to dark places.

Utterly Despicable by camnz - M, Chapters 24 - The death of both Voldemort and Harry Potter let the pureblood elite build the world they wanted. One that leaves Hermione in a vulnerable state, which Draco Malfoy is prepared to take full advantage of.

Faith by SpicySugar - M, 17 Chapters - Hermione cannot find work and is hired as a governess at Malfoy Manor for Draco’s son Scorpius. Sexual tension builds and broods when Draco brings home a potential new wife from France who is rich, beautiful, and of a high class-how can Hermione compete?

Tuition Money by cpetrienm - MA, 19 Chapters - Complete! The horrors of the war behind her, Hermione thinks nothing will stop her from pursuing her education.  But Galleons are scarce and she struggles to pay her tuition.  What kind of assistance will come from an unexpected wizard?

Promise Me Love By: JodieLove - T, 36 chapters - Hermione’s desperate for money. Desperate enough to accept Draco’s offer to become his girlfriend for 4 months and make his dad say the fateful words he wants to hear: “You can marry anyone but her.” Warning OOC Narcissa and Lucius. Re-editing, complete!

The Escort By: HermioneMalfoyFan - M, 4 chapters - If your child fell ill, what would you do to secure the help of the person who could make a difference? How far would you go to save its life? Warnings: EWE, Oral, F/M

His and Her Bruises - by lezonne - M, 43 chapters - “I congratulate your ability to leave a mark on me, Granger. Although I must make a point of it that my bruises on you are far larger than yours on me. When competing, you should always aim to win, yes?” Fractured timeline from fourth year up; will eventually look into their lives after school. Violent references. Sequel “His and Her Scars” is now up!

❤️ @refictionista

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Are common tenrec look like possums? Are possums related to other tenrecs?

People often ask me if Bowie is an opossum so I guess they do look a bit similar (the face mostly) but they’re completely unrelated animals.

Edit: I’ve been told their characters are similar though (cuddly and sweet, mostly).

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Do you upload your work on AO3?

I do not so if you see anything on there that looks like mine, report it 😂😂😂😂 no I’m kidding (but also slightly serious) I have an account (life_is_righteous) and I will eventually post stories there. I’m not too sure because I get annoyed when I read the same stories on Tumblr and Archive so I don’t think I’m going to post there maybe my completed (and re edited ) series. Sorry this is so long😅😅😅

so a while back i drew another picture of Marina doing the monkey and then got the unfortunate idea to try doing an animation of her doing it (also you bet your ass this was drawn to the official theme song of robots doing the monkey)

i’m kind of complete shit at animating and have never tried doing it with SAI drawings either so this was basically the best I could do since I tried adding a third frame and somehow that made it so I’d have to completely re-edit everything for it to not look even more janky than this. oh well, have it anyway

To Make You Feel My Love ~ Complete and Re-edited

M/NC-17.  15K.  Blaine knew he was a Dom at the age of 16, but even after everything they’d been through together, he had yet to tell Kurt. With Kurt’s needs becoming increasingly apparent, however, he decides it’s finally time to take action.

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To Make You Feel My Love

One of my goals in writing this was to conceivably cast Blaine as the Dom and Kurt as the sub in a cannon-compliant relationship.  Pass or fail, I hope you enjoy this :-)

Part One

It all started when Blaine was 15.

Holed up in his room for the remainder of spring and most of the summer, there wasn’t a lot for a teenage boy to do other than look at porn.  His parents were out, and it was still difficult for him to get around on his own following The Incident.  Who could blame him?

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There was an article that completely misquoted me, or re-edited what I said, to make their own conclusions. One time I was characterized as having this crippling fear, which is insane. I thrive on fear. Fear actually propels me forward. I am an emotional person. I’m an awkward girl. I get a little shy, and I get nervous a lot. But every time I think I can’t do something, I actually want to do it. I’m very in touch with my emotions, but I’m not a crybaby.


See what’s coming up behind the cut!

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Happy 1st Birthday, Monster's Garden!

I was going to commemorate the event with a new picture, but have decided instead to celebrate by continuing to work on the comic between holiday festivities.

Chapter 3 has been completely written, edited, re-edited, and now it’s just a matter of doing preliminary thumbnails and rough sketch work before beginning updates again.

You’ve come along way in the 13 years of development, MG. And there’s plenty of more room to grow. So let’s hope this is the first of many birthdays, my friend.

And thank you to all the readers who have made it this far with us! Don’t know where we’d be without you!