Aside from his hunter’s journal, Dean has a second notebook hidden in his nightstand: a collection of recipes he’s picked up from various places. They’re not every recipe he’s ever tried, but just the most successful ones, the ones that leave him sated and happy, stomach heavy in the good way.

He goes through a lot of recipes to fill up that notebook. Most of them he tries on himself first, sometimes with Sam and Cas as a family meal. Some he tries just with Cas (and by complete coincidence, that’s mostly food you don’t need utensils to eat, so there’s a lot more cutesy hand-feeding going on than Dean would like to admit to).

Dean doesn’t get a chance to cook as often as he’d like, but when he does he enjoys it, just as much as he enjoys eating the results. And the slight pudge he’s beginning to collect around his middle, well, he kind of enjoys that too. It’s a nice reminder of how settled he’s gotten.

(Not to mention that Cas shows a lot of appreciation for it, with his hands and his lips, and soft words when he thinks Dean can’t hear him)


Hey Suikofans! Sorry for the delay, but we’re finally ready to reveal the prize packs up for grabs during this year’s event! We have prizes for the winner and runner-up for each of our four main competitions; Cosplay, Fan Art, Fan Fiction, and Group Cosplay.  We may be announcing smaller contest prizes closer to the time. Info on competition rules and criteria can be found here on Tumblr or here at our Facebook Headquarters.

We hope you participate for these amazing prize packs! For more info on the competitions and don’t forget our Banner Making Pre-Competition, which closes on 1st August 2015.

Feel free to fire any questions our way! And as always, please help us by sharing!
Details on the prizes below:

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Applenook Medical Seminar

An open invitation has been sent to all manner of medical personnel and philanthropist around Kryta, especially Sylvari menders, though all are clearly welcome.

To whom it may concern,

This evening - Phoenix 58, 1328 AE - a medical seminar will be taking place in Applenook. We will be collectively addressing the sudden and growing malady effecting many Sylvari in the nearby community. Some of you may have already come across the ‘Rot,’ as it is being referred to, and if you have we urge you to bring any observations or findings you have with you, should you choose to attend. 

Sylvari menders are requested in particular. The hope is that we can smoothly amalgamate those specialized practices with our present level of scientific discovery and find some cure; or at least the beginnings of a cure, so to speak.

In that vein though, we are requesting that any non-essential Sylvari stay clear of the event. The current contagion levels of this Rot are unknown and we wish to dissuade the spread as best we can. 

Six bless,

So can we just go for the all-Pole, all-Strange OT4? Because that is so where my ship is sailing right now. I mean among all the other delightful ships in this glorious fleet of ours (after only two episodes, control yourselves!)

What would it even be called? Strangepoles? Polestranger?

One sounds like a collection of oddly placed telephone masts and the other sounds like a very mysterious stripper.

Out on the Town (1/2)

Hey all, gusenitsagirl and I decided to put our angst/fluff battle on hold and write a fic together, and this was the end result.  It can also be found in the Spinning Yarns collection.  This takes place post-finale, and is a little angsty (but part 2 will be pure fluff).

“Surprisingly good at research,” Killian grumbled to himself tossing another book across the room.  Belle didn’t even tell him to be careful anymore,  just bent to pick up the discarded volume, brushing it off carefully and returning it to the shelf.  

“You need to sleep, Killian,” she commented hesitantly. “I’ll call you if we find anything-“

Killian was barely listening though and with a sudden groan of frustration cleared the table of every single useless book.  They tumble to the ground with a crash and Killian leaned back in his chair, eyes hidden by the hand that rubs endlessly across his forehead these days.  His hair seemed in a permanently disheveled state and the dark circles under his eyes had nothing to do with kohl.

“I apologize,”  he muttered  “There’s nothing here and I just… ”

“You’re exhausted, Killian you need-”

“I’ll sleep when she’s back.”

Belle nodded and glanced down at her phone, “David says he’s got something.  Wants to meet you at Granny’s.” Killian glanced down at the mess but Belle shook her head, “It’s fine, Killian.  I’ll clean it up.  Why don’t you go-“

Killian is on his feet in an instant, halfway out the door before Belle could even finish.  He arrived at Granny’s and the place was nearly empty. No one was even behind the counter but there was a single patron in the back corner.  It was David, and Killian hurried over to him.

“What is it?” he asked, sliding into the booth across from him.

Charming looked up at him in confusion “What… Mary Margaret told me you had something?”

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Went for dinner at Binnenpret with a girl from work, who’s moving to the UK on Monday, as a sort of last shindig.

FYI anyone living in Amsterdam this place is amazing - really yummy vegan food, €5 for 3 courses and nice beers!

Also can we discuss the sheer amount of free bread I got tonight. We were leaving, and because it’s like a waste-free collective type place, they asked if we wanted to take some of the bread they had left over. How nice is that!!

So I’m basically sorted for bread for the next while.

First auction! Bidding starts at $5 for the collection at the top; place your bid in $1 increments only, along with your email. If bidding exceeds $10, I will add the bottom collection! Top: Tumbled blue calcite, tumbled Botswana agate, rough citrine, 2 amethyst points, 2 Quartz points, and 20 beads (iolite and fluorite). Bottom: two citrine points, two red tiger eye, one golden tiger eye, two tumbled petrified wood, two rib bones, and one vertebrae. All bones are scavenged and cruelty free! #Cateyejewelry #stones #polishedstones #tumbledstones #auction #metaphysical #crueltyfreebones #amethyst #citrine #quartz #tigereye #botswanaagate #iolite #fluorite

Our word of the week is Baradine.

According to the survey forms and correspondence received by the Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia regarding Aboriginal place names, 1899-1903, 1921-1926, Baradine means ‘Red wallaby’.

In the lead up to NAIDOC Week 2015, the Indigenous Services team of the State Library of NSW will be posting an Indigenous ‘word of the week’ from collection material available on the Rediscovering Indigenous Languages Website. This year the NAIDOC Week theme is ‘We all Stand on Sacred Ground: Learn, Respect and Celebrate’. It encourages people to find out more about their local community and the traditional names for places, rivers and mountains in their area. The State Library’s collections hold significant historical materials that record Aboriginal place names and meanings across Australia.

Wallaby and joey at Jenolan Caves

Join us in commenting other Indigenous facts or history relating to Baradine!

It is important to note that these records were written in most cases about Aboriginal languages by non - Aboriginal people. For this reason, the written words may not accurately reflect the ways in which an oral language was spoken and transmitted.

Title: [Missouri Pacific, Diesel Electric Road Switcher No. 4202]

Creator: DeGolyer, Everett L. (Everett Lee), 1923-1977

Date: June 5, 1962

Part of: Everett L. DeGolyer Jr. collection of United States railroad photographs

Place: Odem, Texas

Railway Line:  Missouri Pacific Railroad Company

Rights: Please cite Southern Methodist University, Central University Libraries, DeGolyer Library when using this image file. A high-quality version of this file may be obtained for a fee by contacting degolyer@smu.edu.

For more information and to view the image in high resolution, see: http://digitalcollections.smu.edu/cdm/ref/collection/rwy/id/1700

Government Secret #330

Nobody actually lives in Ohio. Obama uses it as a place to keep his large collection of beanie babies


Classpect Fanmix Collection

“But Momo!” says no one, loudly and in the hypothetical; “I want to reblog your bullshit mixes, but six posts is TOO MANY!” Well, I agree! At your convenience, this is the final release of the collection of aspect mixes in one handy place, one handy post. Featuring a new bonus track on each mix. That’s 54 songs in total!

On 8tracks, in order; Blood & Breath, Light & Void, Life & Doom, Space & Time, Heart & Mind, Hope & Rage.

For lyrics & tracklists, check the classpect mix tag!


Ryan Gosling fans, you need these on your wall! 

Lets all thank Michael Douglas (no not the actor) for this stunning collection.

Check out his work here!

allmuckledup asked:


They’re like candles but you don’t light them, you just heat them up with a wax warmer like this;

Some wax warmers have a tiny candle inside, but others are electric so you don’t need to worry about any kind of open flame. then you just let the wax in the tray resolidify and store it for future use. you can also put some water with a few drops of perfume oil in the tray and use that instead of wax (best believe I’ll be trying that out with my BPAL collection)

Wax tarts and warmers are really easy to find at any place that sells houseware stuff (Walgreens, Bed bath and beyond, that kind of thing) but they aren’t hard to make so there are all sorts of indie shops that sell all sorts of crazy wax tarts that smell like things other than the “vanilla, lavender, and fresh laundry” smells you get at Target. FictitiousFragrances is one of note, with a bunch of fandom-inspired wax tarts for sale;