True story

When my sister joined band in eighth grade, she was placed on clarinet. Her friend, however, had the choice between clarinet and trumpet. My sister, not wanting to be alone, spent an hour trying to talk her friend into playing clarinet, but couldn’t think of anything good to say about her instrument, so she tried to bad talk trumpet, but couldn’t think of anything bad to say about it, so in a moment of desperation said something along the lines of “You can’t choose trumpet because it only has three buttons!”

The friend chose clarinet

How the Section Leader Send Band Camp Reminders
  • flutes:you receive a text in the group message: "in case you didn't get my 7 emails, 20 other texts, and 3 letters, the first day of band camp is tomorrow! be there twenty minutes early so we can have a mini sectional! practice tonight! :) :) :)"
  • clarinets:the section leader's snapchat story is a picture of squidward emblazoned with the date and time of band camp. you feel as if you are being mocked.
  • saxophones:a group text that reminds you all to bring your two dollars for pizza. you ignore it and decide to bring an expired coupon instead and then act confused when questioned.
  • trumpets:a text that reads "the rarest pepe will be in the band room tomorrow at 8. do not miss this opportunity."
  • mellos:none of you send a reminder because you all think someone else is the section leader. actually, the director accidentally chose one of the trumpets as your section leader. a trumpet who graduated.
  • trombones:wait, WHAT started this morning??
  • tubas/euphs:you haven't heard from your section leader in two weeks since they called you at two am and whispered "macaroni" into the phone for no apparent reason.
  • drumline:section leader sneaks into your house and leaves a broken drumhead under your pillow. written on it in sharpie is the threatening message "bring your own water tomorrow u freeloading fuck".
  • pit:do you even have a section leader? are YOU the section leader? shit!
  • guard:you don't need a reminder! who do they think you are, the trombones??
the instruments group chats be like
  • Flutes/Piccolo:"hey guys i hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Everyone stay happy and practice lots! x :) "
  • Clarinets:normal conversations, plus the one kid that spams that chat endlessly with random unrelated photos
  • Saxophones:just inside jokes left and right plus the occasional information about band
  • Bass Clarinets:everyone has each other muted on the chat
  • Double Reeds:*crashes everyone else's group chats*
  • Trumpets:all caps rages about which pepe frog face is best
  • Trombones:unholy offspring of memes
  • French Horns:bad music puns and pickup lines
  • Tubas:theres one kid thats spamming the chat with DCI and the others are discussing which places to eat at for after marching rehearsal...in the middle of concert season
  • Euphonium:changing the group name and picture every 5 minutes
  • Drumline and Pit:drumline cracking fart jokes and sending memes with each other and the pit kids just stare at them in confusion and being somewhat scared
  • Guard:trading gossip about the directors and how to spin a rifle without killing anyone
Naming instruments

I’ve always named my instruments, ever since I was little and for ages I just assumed that everyone else did too. That was until I asked my friend what he’d named his new clarinet and he looked at me like I was crazy and went “um, nothing????”

So do any of you name your instruments? I’d love to know what they’re called!

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okay okay okay but since when is choir cooler than band? like we love y'all as our sisters but. we're cooler. okay.

ummm since admin mattie dropped her prodigal clarinet skills and went to be a vocal education major instead aaayyyyy peace out

*beep boops lovingly into the distance*

~Admin Mattie

Please Read! Marching Band Percussion Equipment

Hey guy’s so my school is in need or some bass drum puff mallets and I can’t afford them. It would be really helpful if you guys could donate. No donation is to small and is very much appreciated! Please try to share this as much as possible, thank you!

Hey, my name is Alecks (Alex) I am 15 almost 16 years old. I am super fun to hangout with, I am in the school band and I play the clarinet, I play softball, and run cross country. I love meeting new people and i am trying to find a girlfriend.I am super shy but I am really sweet.  I live in Michigan, and West Virginia in the summer. ( I’m okay with Long Distance Relationships as long as u live in the country) If you chose to add me on any of the below please tell me how you got it and what ur name is, I dont just want to get random snapchats or kik messages. thanks and dont be shy message me :)

Kik: jameskiddedr99

Snapchat: akidder99

Tumblr: http://gayisthewayforme.tumblr.com/

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Ok so, if you look at the Clarinet&bass clarinet section picture in hibike, the ones all the way too the left look suspiciously alike to the members of the occult club in K-ON. Just sayin' =P

Lol! You mean these girls, right?

And these two, of course.

I have to say that you make a very good point. Bespectacled clarinet girl looks a lot like the occult club member on the right (I mean their bangs are even parted the same way omg) and it looks like the clarinet girl with bangs has almost the same hair color as the occult club member on the left! Also, that height difference is way identical. I looove KyoAni crossovers especially when it seems like they could totally fit (Back when Hibike was first being announced as KyoAni’s new project, I remember thinking that it sounded a lot like the Jazz Club from K-On!)

Headcanon: The two clarinet girls are also part-time occult club members and kinda the weirdos of the clarinet section, like they constantly talk about UFOs and stuff between practice :)

Facts Tag:

Write six facts about yourself then tag other people

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1. I do the spin spin (Colorguard).

2. I used to play a lot of different sports when I was younger. None of which I still do.

3. I almost auditioned for a drum corps this year but I couldn’t march, so I didn’t go.

4. I used to play violin, clarinet, and piano but not at the same time.

5. I suck at reading sheet music, in spite of fact four.

6. There are only three returning members in my Colorguard this year- me included.

Ok those are probably the most boring facts but oh well.

I tag: theotherscojo ask-flinterstuff logicallypacifist 500yeargrudge

Six random facts about me, tagged by ballizeyno 💜

1. My mom tried to register me at the Islamic school when I was little but they wouldn’t let me go there because I didn’t have enough siblings (?) so my mom got mad and put me in a catholic school to annoy them
2. I play the clarinet and saxophone
3. One time in Lebanon I climbed into a cherry tree and wouldn’t get out so my mom just left me there and drove away and didn’t come back until like 4 hours later and I was still in the tree eating cherries
4. I was a vegetarian for a year and I don’t have a reason or an explanation for it
5. I was very serious about joining the Canadian Space Agency but then I remembered that I have a maghrib curfew and that dream was shut down quick
6. I rolled my brother down a flight of stairs once when we were little and convinced him it was fun

I’m tagging everyone who sees this 💜💜💜

Calling all clarinetists!

If you play any sort of clarinet, please ‘like’ this! If you have already been added to the directory, go ahead and reblog so other clarinetists can see this and join! If you would like to add information (how long you’ve been playing for example) message me!

The Signs as Spongebob Quotes
  • Aries:Plankton// "F is for fire that burns down the whole town, U is for uranium... bombs! N is for no survival!"
  • Taurus:Mr. Krabs// "I smell the smelly smell of something that smells... smelly."
  • Gemini:Spongebob// "Well, it is no secret that the best thing about secrets is telling someone else your secret, thereby adding another secret to your secret collection of secrets, secretly."
  • Cancer:Mr. Krabs// "I didn't want to tell you infront of Patrick... but that hat makes you look like a girl." Spongebob// *googily eyes* "Am I a pretty girl?"
  • Leo:Patrick// *talking to a fire hydrant* "Are you Squidward?" *long pause* "It's OK, you can take your time."
  • Virgo:Spongebob// "Squidward, I used your clarinet to unclog my toilet!"
  • Libra:Spongebob// *shoelaces untied* "I'm ready-- *falls*-OOF. I'm ready--OOF. I'm ready--OOF."
  • Scorpio:Spongebob// "This isn't your average everyday darkness. This is... ADVANCED darkness."
  • Sagittarius:Spongebob// "You don't need a liscense to drive a sandwich."
  • Capricorn:Patrick// "Sometimes we have to go deep inside ourselves to solve our problems." *jumps into Spongebob's mouth*
  • Aquarius:Spongebob// "Remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets!"
  • Pisces:Spongebob// "We don't need television. *forms rainbow with hands* Not as long as we have our imagination."
When you steal each section's instrument
  • Flute/Piccolo:probably cries and asks their parents to buy a new one
  • Clarinet:freaks out because their parents will d e s t r o y them
  • Oboe:"oh thank god"
  • Bassoon:"arE YOU SERIOUS THAT COST $66642069"
  • Bass clarinet:shrugs
  • Saxophone:doesn't notice and starts playing on their friend's sax
  • Trumpet:pulls out their other 3 trumpets
  • Horn:gathers clues as to their instrument's whereabouts, looks for it for hours, then gives up and goes to sleep
  • Trombone:buys a p-bone. when you return their instrument to them they refuse to play it
  • Euphonium:plays on a marching euph. hopes no one notices
  • Tuba:has to bring their instrument from home in order to play in band. falls over at least 3 times in the process
  • Percussion:"lmao it wasn't mine anyway"
  • Violin:cries because they're scared they'll get demoted to second violin
  • Viola:throws a party. they're free
  • Cello:waits for you to return it, watches netflix
  • Double bass:"how the fuck did you steal a double bass"

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