okay, so my sister is this little tiny 11 year old who is going into middle school this September. And she’s joining band. 

Up until recently, she’s been REALLY wanting to try out to learn percussion. But then I was talking about it with her and she said that it was pointless because only boys are drummers. 

and that sort of broke my heart. I tried to say that there were lots of girls who were on drumline. but then I remembered that there really wasn’t. The only female percussionist I knew really just stuck to the bells and marimba. And my sister is thinking more snares and bass drums. 

I wish that I could at least have someone to point at and say “look! she’s playing drums, you can too!” but I can’t. 

Hi my name is Abby. I’m 17 years old (turning 18 in November). I love cats, netflix,tumblr,and performing arts. I’m in marching band, and play clarinet. I love to cuddle and meet new people. Orange is the New Black is my favorite show. I love tattoos and piercings and cant wait to get many. I’m also a big hippie and love to longboard and I live in TN.


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1. I am currently a senior chemistry major at an all women’s college. (Yay, science!)

2. I am engaged to my wonderful partner. I’ll even throw in a picture (he has a tumblr –> klward123 but never uses it but maybe once a year and reblogs 3 things then forgets it exists):

3. I actually have a Mark and Jack fanblog warfstache-septiceye a lot of people don’t know about and I also forget exists .__. I’m going to do my best to be more active on it!

4. I am double jointed in both of my thumbs! (Got a photo and a gif):

5. I played the clarinet for six years throughout middle school and high school and still enjoy doing so today.

6. I have a condition called Geographic Tongue; basically what this means is there are patterns that form on my tongue and they change everyday. I’ve had numerous kinds of different patterns, ranging from streaks to swirls to even the copyright symbol (I swear that’s what it looked like). It earned me the nickname ‘Tiger Tongue’ from a choice few in high school .__. Luckily I’ve never had any problems with this, except for certain foods making my tongue hurt.

I’ll leave a few pictures (I still have yet to master the art of taking a picture with my tongue sticking out) in case anyone is interested in what this looks like:

(These range from over two years ago to recently, but I’ve had this condition all of my life.)

Okay, I guess it’s best to end on that note! Sorry if the thumb or the tongue thing grosses anyone out. :P

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Okay, so story time! I was in my band concert (clarinet first chair) and when we were about to play, my clarinet hit the chair beside me and it fell over, my stand fell over, then my chair fell backwards. They just stared at me and started to play anyways 😅 it was very embarrassing, ahehe..

Holy crap that sounds nerve wracking! I”m in band too (I play trombone) and once I accidentally hit a saxophone player’s butt with my slide in the middle of a concert

~Admin Abbi

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i'm a clarinet omg. we don't really start drama w the rest of the band, just within ourselves. it's great because half of the section is super queer (im a lesbian, 2 ppl are bi, and one is trans) and the others are super homophobic. obviously that's not good, but it's good that if it gets serious enough we're allowed o tell an adult w/o it being us "just complaining". but yeah, we all basically hate each other.

Yikes, that sounds like sectionals are awkward.

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(I play clarinet) I'm starting bass clarinet soon for a 2nd class of band (for fun) and I'm scared Imma sound like absolute crap... Any tips??

Bass clarinet is so much easier than clarinet. You’ll sound great!

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One time in band I thought I saw a hot guy so I decided to impress him. Our show had this part where we threw our hands and instrument in the air and screamed. I was gonna be rly loud but my clarinet came apart midair and I had to duck to avoid (1/2)

(2/2) getting hit from a sharp, plastic instrument. He laughed and made a joke abt it but the jokes on him bc hes a piece of poop now.

o gosh well im glad his tru colors came out sooner rather than later

Calling all clarinetists!

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The Signs as Spongebob Quotes
  • Aries:Plankton// "F is for fire that burns down the whole town, U is for uranium... bombs! N is for no survival!"
  • Taurus:Mr. Krabs// "I smell the smelly smell of something that smells... smelly."
  • Gemini:Spongebob// "Well, it is no secret that the best thing about secrets is telling someone else your secret, thereby adding another secret to your secret collection of secrets, secretly."
  • Cancer:Mr. Krabs// "I didn't want to tell you infront of Patrick... but that hat makes you look like a girl." Spongebob// *googily eyes* "Am I a pretty girl?"
  • Leo:Patrick// *talking to a fire hydrant* "Are you Squidward?" *long pause* "It's OK, you can take your time."
  • Virgo:Spongebob// "Squidward, I used your clarinet to unclog my toilet!"
  • Libra:Spongebob// *shoelaces untied* "I'm ready-- *falls*-OOF. I'm ready--OOF. I'm ready--OOF."
  • Scorpio:Spongebob// "This isn't your average everyday darkness. This is... ADVANCED darkness."
  • Sagittarius:Spongebob// "You don't need a liscense to drive a sandwich."
  • Capricorn:Patrick// "Sometimes we have to go deep inside ourselves to solve our problems." *jumps into Spongebob's mouth*
  • Aquarius:Spongebob// "Remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets!"
  • Pisces:Spongebob// "We don't need television. *forms rainbow with hands* Not as long as we have our imagination."
When you steal each section's instrument
  • Flute/Piccolo:probably cries and asks their parents to buy a new one
  • Clarinet:freaks out because their parents will d e s t r o y them
  • Oboe:"oh thank god"
  • Bassoon:"arE YOU SERIOUS THAT COST $66642069"
  • Bass clarinet:shrugs
  • Saxophone:doesn't notice and starts playing on their friend's sax
  • Trumpet:pulls out their other 3 trumpets
  • Horn:gathers clues as to their instrument's whereabouts, looks for it for hours, then gives up and goes to sleep
  • Trombone:buys a p-bone. when you return their instrument to them they refuse to play it
  • Euphonium:plays on a marching euph. hopes no one notices
  • Tuba:has to bring their instrument from home in order to play in band. falls over at least 3 times in the process
  • Percussion:"lmao it wasn't mine anyway"
  • Violin:cries because they're scared they'll get demoted to second violin
  • Viola:throws a party. they're free
  • Cello:waits for you to return it, watches netflix
  • Double bass:"how the fuck did you steal a double bass"

Band blogs, will you help me out? :)

The Instruments When It Starts Raining At Marching Band Rehearsal
  • trumpets:all riiiiiiiight hahahaha *high five*
  • mellophones:what the fuck. fuck. what the. hte fuck. fcku. what. what the fuck.
  • clarinets:my reeeeeeeeeeeeed
  • alto sax:omg u guys!!!!!!! rain is so funnnnn!!!!!!
  • tenor and bari sax:why the fuck is there water coming from the sky
  • baritones:let's perfect our technique using the slippery ground as a challenge we can all benefit from this!
  • flutes:RUN AWAYYYY
  • tubas:rain
"What instrument do you play?"

Orchestra kid: I play the viola.

Band kid: Well my first instrument was clarinet, and now I mostly play oboe, but I dabble with keyboard, percussion, trombonefrenchhorntrunpet. You know, wherever is fine. Oh, and I play guitar. Acoustic, not electric.