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But Homewrecker Bucky eventually becoming the third part in Sam and Steve's relationship, and he loves Sarah and Paul to pieces. What if they have a third child? Maybe some weird science/magic stuff and the kid is biologically Bucky's AND Sam's.

Listen I’m so into this
-Steve crying the first time he holds the baby (duh) because it’s the child of the men he loves so much
-the baby having Bucky’s dimpled chin
-the baby wanting Sam all the time
-snuggling with all the kids in bed
-Sarah and Paul taking care of their baby sibling
-the baby having Sam’s eyes
-Bucky refusing to let anyone but Darlene, Steve, Sam and Natasha hold the baby
-The baby eating its first foods and throwing them all at Steve’s face


Oh, come on, I mean seriously, what can you give him?
Me! I can give him me. Yeah, alright, I don’t have a lot at the moment–
Oh, have you heard this, Devil Dog? I feel a speech coming on.
Oh, go on then, take the mick. But he is the reason why I want to make something of myself. 


….. yep, i’m outerstar trash… i wanted yo make this precious child, his name is Sirius (or Sirio)… yes, like the star. He is very happy and his head is always in another place, i think he is the little brother, or… i dont know… hope you like it


Sep, ahora son una basura que shippea outerstar, quería hacer a este hermoso niño; su nombre es Sirius (o Sirio) …. sep, como la estrella, El es muy alegre y su cabeza siempre esta en otro lugar, supongo que es el hermano pequeño,,, o no se, espero que les guste.

understar; @jadexchan

outerstar belongs to… their creator (sorry i don know who is)

“cupcakes!! cupcakes for sale!!” ranon called out excitedly. she had set up a small table complete with all sorts of decorated cupcakes. “the price?? a hug!! and a name, of course!! if i can recognize your name, you get a complimentary shrink charm i made!! so how about that, huh?? what a deal!! cupcakes for sale!!


I did a thing with my phones camera at the Coheed show in Memphis.

My first time seeing them in all the 13 years I’ve been a fan.
I was like a kid on Christmas morning, stupid grin plastered on my face the whole time. I could barely scream the words at them.

Just thinking what these would have looked like on my actual rig. 👀👀

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Hullo! Huzzah! I was wondering if you would so kindly elaborate on the events of Act 3 Scene 14?

Hi you YES I’d love to elaborate on the events of the slumber party scene!

I love this scene! It has a perfect ratio of nonsense and serious stuff and I wish we would have seen more of the boys with their guards down and just talking.

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