TITLE: Princess


AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is on Midgard carrying out some business. Thinking he is invisible, as he is under magic, he walks across a playground. There, a child (you) sees through his magic somehow and befriends him.


NOTES/WARNINGS: None to speak of.


I met my imaginary friend when I was four. Of course, he wasn’t imaginary—he was real. But no one believed me. No one ever believed me. I was the kid with the overactive imagination who could entertain herself for hours with a string and a couple of magnets.

It started at the park. I never really liked parks. I was an introvert from the beginning and other kids drained my energy faster than that car in Back to the Future. But my mom had to drag me along because my older sister and her friend wanted to play at the park and she couldn’t leave me home alone. I found myself all alone on a see-saw, looking over at where my sister (aged six at the time) was doing something with her friend. I think they were braiding dandelions into each other’s hair or something that my mom would shout at them at later for doing but Mom was talking with some lady she knew from high school or something.

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Naming my child
  • Future Husband:Aw what a cute boy we can name him after my grandad or my great unc-
  • Me:His name is Magnus.
  • Future Husband:but don’t you think -
  • Me:No.
  • Future Husband:but -
  • Me:His name is Magnus Fred Augustus Percy Ren Gale Simon Ronald Puck Tobias George Newt Ash Jonathan Kai Alec Jem Patch Peeta Harry William Weasley Herondale.
  • Future Husband:But my last name is Smith not -
  • Me:Its Weasley Herondale now bitch
Ronaldo is a great player and he is a great guy to be around. All of us young players in Portugal grew up watching him play here, he was a star here and he did so well. When I had the chance to move I was very excited to get the chance to be like him and play in the Premier League
—  Eder - Portugal NT, Swansea FC

Leo Tomlinson-Styles x

Welcome AcaChild: Chap 3

In case you guys are still following my oneshots, they are up on fanfiction.net under my username Barkateer1Fan. Enjoy!

“Are you sure Aubrey is qualified to take care of a two year old? I mean, what if she is just as much as a bitc–a jerk as she was when she ran the Bellas?” Beca corrected herself, as she took notice of her wife’s disapproving glare and curious daughter’s sudden mimicking nature.

“We really don’t have much of a choice Beca. I don’t want to bring my daughter into my childhood home, knowing what could happen. She doesn’t need to be tainted in that environment. If you were going to stay here with Em, we wouldn’t need Aubrey.” Chloe said somewhat harshly as she dug through her suitcase for her dinner clothes.

Beca immediately felt guilty for stressing her wife more than she already was. Despite the bubbly and overly happy appearance Chloe showed, she lived in a harsh reality growing up. Her mother in particular, was a sore topic Chloe didn’t like to talk about. What appeared to be the perfect, well-rounded family to the public, it was anything but. Mrs. Beale proved to be extremely unreliable, her drinking and smoking problem, resulted in Chloe practically raising her younger brother and sister, while their mother went to the bar during all hours. By the time Chloe was seven, she was responsible for taking care of her then four year old brother Gabe, and two year old sister Ellie while her mother went “to the store” and her father worked. Wars were fought between the Beale parents almost constantly when her father figured out his wife’s secrets, even to the point of her mother taking Ellie one night after a heated arguement. It was horrible. Chloe’s father had to physically restrain the then eight year old Chloe when her mother took the sleeping child away. Despite threats of divorce, her father could never pull through with it, even after his wife hurt him repeatedly and his children. He loved her and she needed him. Beca now knew why Chloe had been so upset and reluctant to leave the Bellas for so long. They really were her family, and probably the most stable family she had ever had.

“You know I wouldn’t let you face them alone.” Beca replied a little one more quietly, as she took a seat next to the blonde on the hotel bed.

“My brother and sister are going to be there…you don’t understand Becs, they aren’t like me.”

“I met your sister at the wedding. She seemed nice.”

“You haven’t met Gabe…he is just really angry at both my parents. None of us have seen him for a couple of years…and Ellie doesn’t like my mom. She is the reason she left to train to be a doctor in another country…the thought of everyone in the same room…it’s just not going to be turn out right.” Chloe concluded, tears threatened to spill down her cheeks. Once she made eye contact with her toddler, confused on why he Mama was crying, Chloe quickly put a smile on her face. While Beca shut people out, Chloe pushed her negatives feeling down and pretended to be happy for the sake of everyone else’s feelings. It made Beca feel sick that her wife felt that she had to keep up with the happy image for the sake of people; especially to the losers who didn’t deserve it.

“Babe…you can cry. You deserve to have your voice heard and to let your emotions show. You have had to be this ray of sunshine for your whole life, but you don’t have to be that way with me or Emily. Remember how you wanted me to be more open and  not bottle everything up? That applies to you too.” Beca said, as she grabbed her wife’s chin to bring her eyes to her own.

“That’s who I am Bec. I am supposed to the happy, bubbly girl. I always have, that’s who people know me as.” Chloe answered in a whisper, afraid that her wife and daughter would hear the crack that threatened to escape in her voice.

“You know who I see you as? The most kind woman in the world, who would sacrifice her own happiness for someone, even if they didn’t deserve it. The girl who loves so freely, and sees the potential in loner, alt girls in the shower, and fought for her when nobody else did. The girl who took my heart and changed my ideas on the importance of love and marriage.” By this point, the two mother’s had inched closer to each other, their foreheads touching. Emily, whom had been watching on the floor intently, had waddled over, and struggled to climb the bed. Noticing her daughter, Beca adjusted Chloe to her lap, while managing to pull Emily on the bed. Chloe seemed to be in a daze, the tears flowing silently, as she snuggled close to Beca. Emily looked up at Beca for answers.

“Mama sad?” Emily asked.

“Yeah, baby girl.”

Emily crawled cautiously over to her Mama and sat in her lap. “Mama, it okay to be sad. Me and Mommy make it better.” Emily mimicked as she nuzzled her head into her Mama’s stomach. Chloe had literally used the same phrase with Emily when she was scared one night. Chloe cradled her daughter’s small form, as her chin rested on Emily’s head and Beca’s rested on Chloe’s.

“Just like Emily said, it is okay to be sad Chlo. Your feelings are just as valid as hers.”

“I just hope I don’t disappoint her like my mother did…” Chloe finally answered, as she stroked her fingers through Emily’s dark hair.

“That makes two of us.” Beca thought back to her own mother whom she rarely spoke to. After her father had left when Beca was twelve, Beca’s mother delved into her career to deal with her heartbreak, often leaving the new teenager to fend for herself. Though her mother was present, Beca felt like both of her parents had abandoned her, and it hurt like hell. Having her father back in her life had started to mend her broken heart after he had apologized, but her mother still seemed too busy for her only child.

“But you know what good does come out of all of this?” Beca asked, as she titled her head down to meet those beautiful bright blue eyes of Chloe’s. It felt weird for Beca to be on this end, bringing optimism to her usual cheery wife. But she would do anything to make her wife feel better. Chloe finally peeked up to meet Beca’s eyes, curiosity glistening in them. Beca smiled, as she brushed a stray hair from Chloe’s face.

“We learn from their mistakes. If anything, we will be loving this one to death before either of us leave her side.”

Chloe had calmed down since then, as both her and Beca continued to get ready for their dinner at the Beale’s home.

“If nothing good comes from tonight, we still have DisneyWorld to look forward to. I can’t wait for Em to meet Belle. She is going to freak.” Beca said, as she finished applying the last part of her eyeliner. Chloe smiled.

“DisneyWorld was always the best part about living here in Florida. And the nice beaches and warm weather. I don’t think I could have survived in such rainy state like Oregon.” Beca shrugged, as she heard someone knock on the front door.

“It’s Aub-wee!” She heard Emily scream as little feet padded to the door, and Beca raced to catch up with the excitable toddler, scooping her up.

“Remember, only adults can answer the door, Monkey.” Beca lightly scolded, as she opened the door expecting only her former Bella Captain, but was greeted by the whole group.

“Heeyyyy Shawshank!” Fat Amy exclaimed first, as she pushed her way to the front and pulled Beca into a tight hug, lifting her feet off the ground.

“Auntie Patricia! It hurting!” Emily squealed and the larger blonde put down her former Captain, before plucking the little girl from Beca.

“Gee Shorty, you are getting huge! Can’t call you shorty anymore, you will be taller than your Mommy before long.” Fat Amy teased, dismissing the toddler calling her Patricia. It was adorable when she did, Amy admitted, but only when Emily did. Not that she would let any of the other Bellas know that.

“No, I Shorty!” Emily insisted.

“Not that I don’t like having you guys here but, why are you?” Beca asked, as Chloe came out of the bathroom and beamed at the sight of all the Bellas in the small hotel room.

“Well…Aubrey told me that she was coming to help you guys out and…I forced her to let me come…so I told everyone else that we were all going to DisneyWorld…” Stacie confessed, but she didn’t look all that sorry. “I couldn’t let my lady love go alone.” Stacie and Aubrey had finally made their relationship official a couple of months ago, and were pretty much inseparable.

“They all just showed up at the airport, I swear. It was not my intention to have a Bella retreat at Disney World.” Aubrey said next, as Emily reached for her next.

“Figured we could all could babysit the Acachild though.” Fat Amy explained. “They say it takes a village to raise one of these, and we are sorta one.”

“Yes, please Mommy?” Emily asked, perking up at the thought of all her aunties staying with her for the night. Beca looked over at her wife for an answer.

“What do you think Chlo?”

“Sure, I guess. Wish Cynthia Rose was here though. Her and Amber are fostering a couple kids now and they know what they are doing…” Chloe trailed off, suddenly worried for her daughter’s sake. She loved the Bellas dearly, but they were a rowdy bunch. But if that meant more eyes were on Emily while her and Beca were gone, I guess she couldn’t worry too much.

“Okay…no cursing, no talking about inappropriate things…” Beca glanced at Stacie momentarily, who feigned looking hurt. “Bedtime is at 8 to 8:30. Just keep an eye on her please. Here is some money for pizza for dinner, and there are some snacks if she is still hungry. We should be back by 10 if everything goes as planned…”

“Well, aren’t you super mom.” Stacie teased.

“I am serious, dudes. If anything happens to her…”

“The Hobbit will get us?” Stacie pressed on, but was answered with Beca’s famous smirks.

“I was more concerned about your safety when Ginger Mama gets through with you.”

All the former Bellas froze, fear washed across their faces. Beca was the one with the temper who was known for a quick punch or yelling, but Chloe’s anger was not to be messed with; or even to be teased with. It wasn’t necessarily the yelling they feared; it was the guilt trip she possessed.

Chloe just smiled at Beca’s threat, before grabbing her wife’s hand and leading her to Aubrey who still held Emily.

“Alright baby, we will be back later. Keep an eye on your aunties, but you listen to them. Give me a kiss big girl. Love you.” Chloe said as she pecked her daughter’s lips, followed by Beca. “You are in charge Bree. Call if you need anything.”

“Don’t worry about is you two. If I could handle the Bellas, I can handle a two year old.” Aubrey said confidently as she lead the mothers out the door.

“You ready Chlo?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be. Glad you are there with me.”

“Always babe. You think Em will be okay, though?”

Chloe laughed. “They will keep her alive, but if Aubrey choked when running the Bellas, I won’t be surprised if there is throw up when we get back. You know how Emily is when it is time for bed.”

“Does anyone know how to change one of these things?” Aubrey said in disgust revolving the toddler’s diaper. It was pushing nine o’clock and the little girl didn’t show any sign of slowing down for the night. She was pretty content most of the night, spending time with all her aunts, being the sweet child they knew. Until now. She was overtired and her crying was loud and whiny. Jessica walked in and shooed the tall blonde away from the crying child, as she proceeded to change Emily. Once she was done, she wrangled some pjs on her and cradled her. All the Bellas looked at her in awe. How did this woman who seemed they were barely present half the time, know what to do?

“None of you ever babysitted in your teenage years?” She asked, raising a brow.

“I babysat a dog once…but it suddenly went missing.” Lily said as her eyes darted to all the women in the room. Only Flo heard her, but due to her upbringing, nothing these American girls was strange.

“Never thought I would get the chance to raise my own children. I lived way longer than I expected.” answered Flo with a shrug.

“Why you cryin, Shorty? I thought we were having fun?” Fat Amy finally asked the obviously distressed toddler.

“I…I want….my…mama, and and…mommmmmyyyy!!!” Emily stammered before letting out another wail.

“Take her Aubrey, she likes you the most. Ashley, you need to help me look up something.” Jessica said as she put Emily back into Aubrey’s arms. Aubrey just looked around to the Bellas panicked, as she tried to smoothly rock the toddler standing up.

“You are going to medical school Stace, what do we do?”

“I don’t know! I am a gynecologist, I only do the baby inside the women!” Stacie said defensively, shooting her arms up in fake surrender.

Ashley and Jessica came back with a laptop set up on the World Champion’s performance video.

“Look Em, it’s your mommies.” Ashley said cheerily, as she pointed to the mother’s on the screen. “They are gonna sing to us.” Emily’s crying stopped, but she looked confused at the screen.

“Mama hair red?” she asked, as all the Bellas laughed. “It used to be. Now, let’s listen.” Aubrey said, as she massaged the toddler’s back. Aubrey knew that Emily always liked that when she was a baby.

They watched it several times, Emily getting more and more sleepy as they replayed it. She finally looked up at Aubrey, and played with her blonde locks.

“You sing, Aub-wee?” Aubrey blushed. She hadn’t sung really ever since she left the Bellas, but according to all the faces of her former Bella mates, she nodded. aubrey decided that “Crazy Youngsters” that Cynthia Rose wrote for the Worlds was too fast paced for a lullaby, she went to the first song that popped in her head.

“I got my ticket for the long way round

Two bottles of whiskey for the way

And I sure would like some sweet company

And I’m leaving tomorrow, what do you say.”

The Bellas smiled, the same memory of them singing this all those years ago at the retreat. The song that brought them back together and regained their sound they had lost. They all joined in, harmonizing just like they did on that day. Like nothing had changed.

“When I’m gone

When I’m gone

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

You’re gonna miss me by my hair

You’re gonna miss me everywhere, oh

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.”

Beca and Chloe tiptoed back in, to see Emily laying on top of Aubrey on the hotel bed, the Bellas surrounding them, (some piled on top of each other) all asleep.

“Guess the little monkey tired them out.” Beca whispered. “Should we wake them up?”

“Naw, let them sleep. They deserve it.” Chloe whispered back.

“Where are we supposed to sleep?”

“We can cuddle on the couch. That okay?” Chloe said, as she caressed her wife’s neck with kisses. Beca let out a low moan, before giving her a smirk. Beca was putty in the former redheads hands.

“I have always had a thing about cuddling with you in tight spaces Beale.”

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“…my mother tells me that when I was a baby only two things would make me stop crying: one was her playing the radio and the other was her running the vacuum cleaner. So the whole pop/noise thing goes pretty far back.”


Excerpts from POPWATCH #10 Winter-Spring 1999 (pages 39-40)


  • PART 1: “What I found is that a lot of times people in the ‘indie rock world’ would get a kind of queasy look when they would ask me when I was playing and I’d say I was doing an improv thing…But then the other thing I noted…is a lot of people who I would meet who were getting into free jazz or improvisation or experimental music after coming from a rock background who would then kind of be - ‘oh, I was an idiot back then for liking that silly pop.’ Which is ridiculous, because 5 years from now they’re going to be saying, ‘oh, I was an idiot for liking that experimental weird stuff.”
  • PART 2: “…it was kind of like we started with the White Album…moved on to Let It Be.”
  • PART 3: “So I got interested in Rudolph [Grey] and…I was like, Hey, I should call this guy up, he lives in New York, just bring him up, play some tapes and try to figure out what the fuck the story is. And he did it. He came up, set a small fire in the studio…”
  • PART 4: “One of the cool things about [John] Fahey…was how he took the guitar playing that was mostly just background to vocal music and created this whole instrumental, spotlighted context for it; also blending it with other kinds of music, but just the fact that he took this thing that was not really supposed to be noticed that much and did notice and…and set about doing his own ‘take’ on it. I think that’s what makes him so important.”
  • Alan is headlining an impossibly great show at UNION POOL in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday 8/2/15. As we wrote previously: ”Also on the bill are “three other empyrean players of this golden age”: CHUCK JOHNSON, PAT GUBLER/P.G. SIX and ANTHONY PASQUAROSA (who moonlights under a dozen or more monikers of enchantment, including both CRYSTALLINE ROSES and BURNT ENVELOPE, both of whom will have records in the Fuckin’ Record Reviews’ Top 20 of 2015).”
  • Aug 1 - Philadelphia, PA @ Random Tea Room (with Eric Carbonara and Laura Baird)
    Aug 2 - Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool (with Alan Licht, PG Six, Anthony Pasquarosa)
    Aug 3 - Boston @ Aviary (with Glenn Jones)
    Aug 4 - Hudson, NY @ Half Moon (with Alexander Turnquist and Pigeons)
    Aug 5 - Easthampton, MA @ Flywheel (with Glenn Jones)
    Aug 6 - Ithaca, NY @ private house show
    Aug 7 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Acoustic Music Works (with Pairdown)
    Aug 8 - Columbus, OH @ It Looks Like It’s Open (with Mike Fekete)
    Aug 9 - Lexington, KY - Natasha’s (with Joseph Allred)
    Aug 10 - Louisville, KY @ Dreamland
    Aug 11 - Nashville, TN @ Portland Brew
    Aug 12 - Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light (with Joseph Allred)
    Aug 13 - Atlanta, GA @ Mammal Gallery (with Gage Gilmore and Moses Nesh)
    Aug 14 - Raleigh, NC @ Neptune’s (with Ezekiel Graves)
  • We’re not done with Alan Licht yet…stay tuned!


on a side note… i winged the coloring cause no official colors yet for his outfit <//////3