Augh my fandoms I miss you

never thought i’d be saying this, but y’all got some fine ass matresses over here. i might even be able to get some sleep on ‘em. i mean, it’s not like i expected any worse but– seriously?? would it harm anyone to at least give the pool a wipe every once in a while?? you know, to make sure that people don’t think it’s that fuckin’ disgusting on the inside, too?? it surely does look like it would.

Rip Alex Breckenridge looking way too cute in that promo picture and not “hashtag strong woman” enough for AMC. We hardly knew ya, jessie

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I'm more of a Cophine shipper, but damn Shaysima looks so much better when they kiss (more like realistic making out instead of multiple pecking).

this is just my opinion, but i think they have much more chemistry. but tbh sweet lady kisses are always appreciated no matter what ship it is ;)

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once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, then send it to 10 of your favourite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool)

positivity IS cool

1. i am v cute 
2. i have fab style tbh its gr8
3. i can fall asleep anywhere at any time
4. i am rly good at chemistry n math tbh is that a nice thing i think its nice i rly love that stuff idk 
5. my hair is such a gorgeous color im like a fuckin walking sunset god bless

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Heh, I think people forget that its the exact same age difference because irl Anna's older than Brittany, and they were both in their mid-20s in PP, whereas Hailee is playing her actual age for PP2. So Beca seems much older than Emily. Its funny b/c in Community you're supposed to think Jeff and Annie are weird, but since Alison Brie isn't actually 18/19 when the show started, it seems fine, even though irl they actually are more than a decade apart.

hmmm true true. i ship jeff/annie i don’t even really think they’re weird because i will literally ship anything that has 1/10 of a chemistry tbh…. OTP THOUGH i love jannie… and bechloe… and bemily… I LOVE THEM ALL. but yeah, i mean canon wise, their age is the same. But yeah Hailee LOOKS like a bb (because she is…) so I guess I see why people don’t ship it… but I also don’t see it because like have you seen them interact they are so effing cute?

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I'm an Aquarius, and all my friends (or Squad) had the signs which are not compatible to me (Aquarius). Also I'm attracted (always!!) to Leos (mostly) and Virgos... why is that??

Leo is your opposite sign, so it makes sense that you’d have chemistry with them tbh. With your friends and being attracted to Virgos it could be your moon or Venus, you might have some earth or water influence in your chart 😊

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idgi, if u stan laurel, shouldnt u want her with oliver???? I mean oliver and her r meant to be together not him and that bitch felicity. She has ruined the show & I cant wait until they kill her off. She just whines & cries and doesnt call oliver on any of his shit

She’s my fave but the writers haven’t given me reasons to stan lauriver like ever? (Maybe somewhere s1) I think the actors have good chemistry so tbh the ones responsible for Lauriver ’ s failure were the writers themselves. The way it was written it’s just way too toxic for me to stan.

I’m sorry just because she’s my favorite girl is not a reason for me to ship anything! The relationship just doesn’t work and maybe it would’ve if the writers wrote them like in comics (I know they were stable in comics but at least way wayyyyyy better written ) I don’t tend to ship any of the characters I like with people that have cheated on them or treat them that way 😞
Trust me if it was olicity that way no matter the chemistry I wouldn’t ship it either.
The writers just chose their cards better when writing them and even if they’re not OTPPPPPPP they are just better for me.