A Tail of Impawsible Purrportions Ch 2

Glad you guys are enjoying this so much! Cats are so cute and fun to write for! 

Ch 2: Canines and Catastrophes

Milo concentrated on the piano keys, striking each note purposefully. It had been several months since Cavendish first began teaching him how to play, and he thought he was improving, but there were still many things he needed to work on. 

When he finished his scales, he glanced up at Cavendish, who sat next to him on the bench to observe. 

“Tomorrow we’ll spend extra time on the scales with sharps,” Cavendish said, nodding in approval. “Your technique is improving rapidly though, so we can continue to build on that. Perhaps I can also introduce you to part of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 as well. I should think that would be appropriate for a beginner.” 

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Oh Oh lord there’s too many oh g o sh Okay some are: -This is canon but Remus is waaaay taller than Sirius and Sirius is really annoyed with that at first. And then he realizes that he can ask Remus for piggyback rides. And then everything is good. -Sirius wears Remus’ sweaters. With no pants. All the time. -Sirius buys leather jackets slightly too big so he can make Remus wear them. -Remus buys a cat when Sirius moves in. Sirius doesn’t talk to him for three days. (The cat’s named after Minerva. Don’t tell her.) -Sirius has a sticker on his motorcycle that says “I ♡ werewolves” -James calls their arguments “canine catastrophes” -Remus likes taking Sirius to muggle theaters. -They’re disgustingly cute.