the boy + his moon // part three (young!remus x reader)

Title: the boy + his moon

Brief Summary: Time of the Marauders. You have always been intrigued by quiet Remus Lupin and his mysterious glances at the moon.

Words: 1,710

Warnings: N/A

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You glance at the sharp-eyed girl beside you. She shakes her head, frustrated.

“Are you even listening?”

“Yes,” you reply instinctively but it hangs like a ‘no’ and you lower your gaze, blushing.

It has been several hours since the library, yet that intensity continues to burn through your core, your mind, everything until the entire common room is bathed in dangerous red. So, no, you cannot listen let alone comprehend the list of complicated Potions equations.

Remus Lupin, you are impossible.

“Why do you keep looking out the window?” Maya huffs, dragging the parchment closer to her frame.

“I don’t.”

Your inquisitor rolls her eyes and begins bundling quills and ink in to her arms, “Look, I’m going to finish this with some of the others – if you don’t mind.”

“Er no, it’s okay,” you begin and watch as Maya joins the beaming cluster of seventh years who have never witnessed the moon’s watchful admirer or been victim to a gaze so powerful it sets your mind alight.

Dammit, Remus.

But that look, if you can even belittle it to that, screamed of challenge; enchanting and deadly, his eyes spoke of a cloudless midnight more red than black. He wasn’t just a boy and a moon anymore, he was a boy, a moon and a dangerous secret.

Outside, the sky has embraced its dark cloak and breathes a cool chill that makes you tug on the sleeves of your jumper. The other students are beginning to dissipate, retreating to the safety of their dormitories. Maya glances at you, her brow furrowed in something almost like concern but chooses not to speak. You’re tired to having had a sleep plagued by mysteries and moons but more than that, you fear you are tired of something else.

Tired of the unknown.

You find your scarf hanging lazily on the bed post.

“Going somewhere?”

“Just need a bit of air,” you say lamely, smiling meekly at the girls in your dorm.

“You’ll get caught, Y/N,” Maya quips. She is facing the mirror, taming her curls in to two tight plaits like she does every night.

And you refuse to let tonight belong to this monotony so you lift your head and say, “I don’t care.”

This confidence carries you down the stairs and across the common room but catches on your feet at the exit hole, at the awaiting silence beyond.

Stop chasing him, Y/N.

But unless you witness the unraveling of Remus Lupin and the labyrinth of unknowns that paints a flaming red in his eye, you will forever be imprisoned in this chase. And so, with a wildly dancing heart and a simmering determination, you step out in to the heavy silence of the castle corridors.

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‘Never Gonna Happen’: A Conversation

[ note: below is a long post which is being left uncut on purpose. please reply with honesty but also with kindness. know that this is intended only to foster further conversation and not the be an absolute text. ]

I have been having many very interesting conversations and have received many interesting messages across a few social media platforms about my inquiry as to how people feel about Jeremy Jordan’s joke about Supercorp at Comic Con this past weekend.

A brief summary of my findings can be found below. Please note: This is simply a synthesis of my conversations and do not reflect my personal opinion on the matter, which I will cover somewhat below.

The lack of representation of LGBTQ+ relationships has a lot of people looking to extra-canon relationships. Even the one lesbian relationship on the show, Sanvers, does not mean the show is wholly inclusive of LGBTQ+ representation and the uncertain future of the relationship due to casting has people even more uneasy. Fans are hungry for feeling included in the narrative in a way that they can relate to.

Among the fandom, tensions have been running high for months (debatably years) when it comes to ships. From Supercorp to Karamel and the hundreds of other ships in between, fans have been exchanging unkind remarks and comments for a long time. These instances of fans behaving poorly to one another have decidedly not been one-sided, but have perhaps gotten out of hand to include people not involved in the “opposing” ship or even the fandom. Fans have been sensitive to comments regarding their ship and have been responding emotionally more often than rationally. This includes inappropriate threats and hate being sent to the cast and crew of the show over ships.

Fans are unhappy with many aspects of the show. Many do not like the trajectory of Kara’s story in season 2, including her relationship with Mon El.

Overall, reactions to Jeremy Jordan’s initial joke range from deeply offended to completely indifferent. People who believe that this was in itself homophobic believe that it was a dismissive joke at the expense of LGBTQ+ fans who already deal with other forms of dismissal and were hurt to receive it from a member of the cast of the show. Others see his apology as even more hurtful than his initial joke as it is seen as dismissive of the unintentional hurt caused by the joke. Some are even more frustrated with other cast member’s reactions to the joke or other comments made that dismiss Supercorp or other LGBTQ+ fan interests.

Instead of what could have been an opportunity for fans to discuss their issues with the show, actors, creators, other ships, or the fandom, many reactions were purely emotional. There seems to be a lack of safe spaces for people to have calm discussion about issues in fandom, especially ones with such deep emotional roots.

That’s a very brief summary of my findings. It definitely does not cover all aspects of every conversation I had this evening with many people, but I believe it gets to the core of a lot of the major tenants that were discussed.

But how do we move forward from here?

Everything below is 100% my opinion based on these conversations, my past experiences, and a little informed by my education.

Fandom is a place for people of all kinds. Representation is a precious and difficult thing to attain. ALL underrepresented groups have people within them seeking more visibility and more figures to look up to. These individuals become emotionally invested in people, characters, relationships and situations in an attempt to feel connected and inspired in a way that speaks to them, canon or otherwise.

People often conflate their identity, sense of belonging, or emotional well-being with a character, relationship, or story. It becomes even more prevalent with groups longing for more representation in media. When that thing that people have tied their heart to is endangered or called into question, it feels like a personal attack. This is often the root of hate and other poor behavior among fans.

In this particular instance, it seems to me that a single joke was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back. In poor taste or not, Jeremy Jordan’s joke about how Supercorp wasn’t going to happen tapped into a deeper issue within fandom as a whole. I personally believe that Jeremy’s joke was a response to a very zealous group of fans who have been acting inappropriately towards members of the cast and crew and was never intended to be an attack on LGBTQ+ fans. All responses after that from him, the other members of the cast and crew, and the fans I largely classify as emotional (as opposed to rational) and should not be taken as much more than hurt feelings being thrown back and forth from all sides.

To alleviate both this horrible climate the fandom has found itself in as well as other wider issues in fandom, I recommend the following steps:

  • Talk to others with kindness and respect. If you have a concern or something that is bothering you, rational discourse will always be more progressive than hate speech and irrational name calling. This should especially extend to the creators of any fandom media.
  • Talk about mental health in relation to ships, characters, and fandom. I strongly believe that many of these extreme reactions are a result of over-identifying. Remember that if you allow your feelings to be tied into any one character, relationship, or show, you are giving away your agency to be happy.
  • Support groups that fight for the representation you wish to see in the media. Campaigning a singular ship will not change the course of representation for anyone. If we join as one voice to elevate those who are not yet part of the stories we love, we could actually make a difference.

I feel like I rarely talk about doll plans (because I… don’t really have them; I pick dolls almost entirely on impulse).  These are the ones I currently have on preorder, though; all companies I don’t have yet :3  I’m trying to get better at brief character summaries, but who knows if they make sense

anonymous asked:

I'm actually relatively new to leafe. Would you be willing to give a brief summary/history? Or if you've got it somewhere already, could you point me in the right direction? Feel free to ignore if you don't want to!!

leafe is a project that i started as a kid, its been rebooted….four or five times i think? the full info on leafe’s history is here! the story follows both leafe and his sister crowe through their growth in the forest and the city respectively. leafe develops a reputation in the forest, he is known as “the green god” or “the green angel”. crowe becomes well known in the city as well, as “the queen of the city”. they both meet many friends and allies as they grow up in these places, and develop very different views on humans despite having the same past with them. i dont wanna give too much away for those who are new to the series, so i hope u’ll stick around to see the releases :3c

anonymous asked:

Hello! I kinda have this story I read a little while ago, and I cannot remember the title to save my life. I skimmed the brief summary of it, promising that I'd come back to it. But I just can't seem to find where I saw it. It was when 1 half of jikook was moving into a small town. The story is kinda dark, and lengthy. I know there is murder and smut in it. I'm 79% sure there were supernatural beings in it. (please don't strain yourself if you can't find it. I'll just keep looking.)

Hi there! Could this be the fic you’re looking for?

Title: A Touch of Sin
Author: pettey
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Pining, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Supernatural Elements
Summary: After his transfer to a quiet seaside town, Jeongguk was prepared to face a year of uneventful CID work, but found himself dealing with a series of strange murders instead.

Let me know if it’s not though, I’d be happy to help you find it :)

A brief and ugly summary of surviving cold climates

For visitors and writers alike.

  1. You were never meant to be here. Never forget this. You are an ape of the equator, built to run the savannah and swim in tropical waters. Whatever terms and conditions your body has, they are void here. Mother nature never certified to function in a Death World.
  2. Enduring the cold is never a matter of “how much” as much at it is “how long”. Think of it as the water levels of the vieogames you have played. No matter what equipment enables you to remain longer, you can’t stay there indefinitely. The coat that keeps you warm and toasty for three hours in -15 is enough to keep you functional for an hour of -40.
  3. Whatever the locals say, listen to them. Err to the side of caution if you must. You may not endure what they can endure, but you SURE AS FUCKING NOT cannot survive what they say cannot be endured.
  4. That being said, alcohol is a filthy fucking liar and so is anyone who offers it to you. The warmth it gives is an illusion, and a sign of damage. You are worse off feeling comfortable with a mouthful of whiskey as you are freezing your gonads off stone cold sober.
  5. Winter tires. Studded winter tiers are a MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH when you drive on a frozen road. That being said, whatever the locals tell you that your car will need to run as theirs do, take it. Taking the risk of being pranked is worth survival, and you can always stab their tires in the spring if they were shitting you.
  6. Eat. For the love of god, make sure that you eat. Heavier meals might be unpalatable at first for someone used to lighter nutrition, but maintaining bodily warmth in a cold climate takes up a lot of energy, and you will feel tired and drowsy for a long while shile your metabolism adjusts to producing more heat than Mother Nature ever intended. The skinny people in your party are especially vulnerable, ensure their well-being on a regular basis.
  7. If you have a smartphone/other essential technology on your body, keep them close to your body to keep them warm. They were not designed to be frozen any more than you were.
  8. Sleep is death. SLEEP IS DEATH. Never, ever stop to rest in the cold, if you do not have the means to make a fire/otherwise produce heat. The cold tires you out because keeping warm takes energy, but taking a rest will not return your energy. If you feel the need to sit down and rest because you are tired because of the cold, call for help. This is not a hyperbole, if you feel like you are too tired to go on in a cold climate, CALL A FUCKING AMBULANCE. If you fall asleep in the snow, you will not wake up. Hypothermia can and will literally kill you.
  9. Avoid skin-to-snow-contact if you can. It hurts because you were not supposed to do it. Consider ice to be like acid. Touching is bad for you.

Feel free to add to the list if you feel like I missed something.

Just realizing how completely nuts the history of the Uzumaki is gonna look a hundred years from now. “The clan was almost wiped out after Uzushio fell and was down to only three members, but then a new one emerged from somewhere and started adopting a bunch of jinchuuriki through the finders keepers method of child acquisition. Then one of the dead Uzumakis came back to life, formally recognized all the kids as Uzumaki, and relocated to Konoha where they kept adopting small children and ultimately became one of the largest clans in the Village.”

40 Study Tips & Tricks

I thought to write down the “script” to one of my most viewed videos, with 40 study tips & tricks. It’s easier to read them and pass on the word!

Organization Tips:

1. Incorporate homework and classes in you daily planner – that will give you an overall glimpse of how your week will be about and how much time you need to spend in your studying sessions!

2. Color coordinate classes – be it notes, your planner, your textbooks or binders, pick a unique color for each class and work around the hues of that color to get more organized!

3. Make your own syllabus – if your professor doesn’t provide a syllabus for your class, try to make one before the school year working around your given textbooks or other given material.

4. Make study guides – make a study guide from your syllabus and draw before each topic two boxes: one for a midtest and one for the final test. When you have one of these tests, check the boxes when you’ve finished studying the chapter so you won’t miss anything!

5. Reference your material throughout – most of the times, we students work with in-class notes, textbooks and a syllabus. Since we get small bits of information here and there it’s important to reference every page throughout all your material so you can quickly access your information without having to flip endlessly through pages!

6. Keep a dashboard nearby – Whenever you use a notebook or a binder, make a dashboard on the first page with post it notes so you can quickly scribble any questions, homework or page numbers. When you get home, you just need to open your dashboard and attend those notes.

7. Print any tests, exercises and exams you can find – keep those in the end of your binder. These are perfect to practice before exams and tests because they really reflect what you will be tested about. Set an alarm clock for the deadline and start working on those!

8. Condense – organization disappears when you have too many of everything. Working with more than one planner in your life will make everything chaotic. If you think you need a second planner because you don’t have enough space to write in the first one, it’s because you don’t have available time as well. Don’t fool yourself and set achievable goals!

9. Customize your textbooks – most of the times, textbooks are formal books where information is hard to come by. Make your own tabs and write every chapter on them so they stick out – flag any charts, tables or graphics. Everything needs to be incredibly accessible!

10 Print a special planning sheet before finals: Organizing your studying by chapters and/or topics before finals is tremendously important since it lets you organize the amount of time you dedicate to each subject,

Study Sessions and Time Management

11. Save at least one afternoon or one morning a week for intensive studying. These is your “life-saver” – when you get so full of homework and projects that you can’t incorporate them into your daily academic routine, one free afternoon to organize your school life will really come in handy! Make an appointment with yourself!

12. Prepare in advance – although most professors may not ask you to prepare a class in advance, if you have the means to, go ahead. Grab a sheet and make a summary of the chapter your class will be about. Write the major topics and key information and take that guide to class. When your professor repeats previously studied information, you will be able to understand everything much better!

13. Never leave something behind – Even if you have a more light class, where professors don’t request homework or any side projects, don’t let that fool you! Be disciplined and be your own professors! Make your own projects and learn everything you can so you can nail those finals when they arrive.

14. Write your questions – most of the time, in a heavy study session, we come up with tons of questions and sometimes we just leave them behind. Write them down in your dashboard or a small notebook and ask your professors (personally or via e-mail). You can also ask your schoolmates in a facebook group created for that purpose!

15. Set an alarm clock and reward yourself – even if you study during an entire afternoon your studying will be pointless if you don’t take regular breaks. Set an alarm clock for one hour/one hour and a half and then take a 15 minute break. Never study for more than 2 hours straight! Even if you don’t notice, you’ll get less and less focused.

16. . Make a list – before each study session I like to grab my notepad and write down everything that I need to do before my session ends: the chapters I need to read, the pages I need to go through and the homework I need to complete. Sometimes I even write theses lists when I’m in college so I’ll have more determination to complete those tasks once I get home.

17 Work on the least interesting thing first. There are always classes or projects that we like the least – and those are the ones that we need to tackle first. You will start your studying session concentrated, which will let you go through the worst tasks faster.

18 Print, print, print. try to print everything you can and never study from your computer. Having your PDF files printed at hand will let you concentrate better, highlight and write some notes in the margins. You can take these everywhere with you and even turn them into small guides for future classes!

19. If you finish ahead, don’t quit. Perhaps the time you’ve saved for your study session has come to an end way before you have planned. That doesn’t mean you should stop right now – Take that time to review what you’ve learned so far or prepare other classes ahead of time!

20. Study in an organized space – make your own studying corner – bring everything you will need, from textbooks, binders and notebooks, to a cup of coffee and your computer. Keep them neatily organized on your desk so everything is at hand and on sight. Put on some soft background music (links down below) and adjust the lightning.

In class notes

21. If your professor provides PowerPoint slides before each class, print them (six or four per page) and bring them to class. Write in the margins and more throughout information in the back so it’s all condensed and tight. This is where you’ll take your notes. If you prefer to write on lined paper, think about copying some ruled paper to the back of your printed slides.

22. If your professor asks you to prepare your class in advance, try to make a small guide for each class. Open the comments column in MSWord and print the pages with that column. When you go to class, incorporate the in-class notes in that column, next to the relevant information so everything is nice and condensed.

23 If you are in a information-heavy class, try to adopt the Cornell method, which is the best, in my opinion, when you need to be a fast writer. There’s a video right here on how to use this method.

24. If you are in a bits-and-pieces class, which is that kind of class where the professor just gives a few key points and then gives practical examples or makes you work in group, try to adopt the box method – you can draw these boxes yourself or make them with post it notes – these are way more visual and perfect to memorize information.

25. Write in-class flashcards – if you don’t have flashcards around, make tiny flashcards on the top of your notes, where you cover the definitions you’ve written with the name of the definition. Each time you open your notes, try to remember the hidden definition. Automatic studying, every time!

26. Participate in class – nothing better than to be actively involved in your class discussion. For most of us, shy creatures, participating can be dreadful – but once you get out of your box, you’ll see how participating really makes you understand the subject!

27. If you have any questions during class, raise your hand and ask them. If your professor doesn’t like being interrupted, write them down and approach them in the end of the class. Sometimes, the little things we don’t understand are exactly the ones that come up on the final exam!

28. Ask for examples. Examples are probably the thing that makes your brain connect the information faster. If your professor isn’t keen on providing examples, suggest your own and see if your answer comes up right. Sometimes, examples are the thing that really makes us understand our material and our definitions, since they transform formal information into relatable events.

29. Sit at the front. It sounds too straightforward but sitting at the front really makes wonders. You won’t get distracted by what you classmates are doing, you will focus on the professor, who is right in front of you and you will resist the temptation of going to Facebook and Instagram during a boring presentation.

30. Write a brief summary at the end of the class. During those five minutes where everyone is dismissed and leaving the room, write a brief summary of that classes’ key points in the back of a page – this is fundamental in the Cornell method but can be used in any other method as well.

Finals Guide

31 Skim through your material two times: at first, you should start by studying your material starting from the end. The last lessons will be fresh in your memory and it’s very important to reinforce your knowledge on these while you can. In the second reading, you should start from the beginning, as usual. It’s important to make these two readings so you can go through the information in a much more flexible way.

 32. Make a mindmap of each chapter. A mindmap is a chart that relates key words and important information, making it easy to understand the relationship and hierarchy between such key words. Use colors and images to memorize your material better. Oh, and don’t forget to check out my video on how to make mindmaps!

33. Read each of the titles and try to say out loud its contents, explaining each concept and the relationship between them. Imagine you are the teacher and are lecturing that subject to a crowd. If you skip any of the subjects, do it all over again. The more you repeat, the better you will memorize.

34. It’s time for some flash cards!  Write the topic or the title on one side and the meaning or the explanation on the other. Try to cover as many topics or titles as you can and go through your cards while memorizing as best as you can each of the concepts. Try to do it backwards if you have time to do so!

35. On the day before the exam, skim through your mindmaps and flash cards again and always try to study while talking. Saying your content out loud will force your brain to relate information in a much more cohesive way and you’ll memorize everything much better.

36. Read the entire exam from top to bottom. Underline or circle any important words that you think will be crucial in you answer. After that, calculate how much time you should spend answering each question: this simple calculation will take only twenty seconds and will help you organize your time. Try to save five minutes at the end for revisions.

37. If you are solving a written exam and not multiple choice, try as much as possible to organize each answer in a structured way, saving two lines just to present your line of thought and writing each different argument in a different paragraph. Draft a conclusion at the end to underline the centre of your answer. Sometimes softly underlining some keywords is important to make your professor notice that you’ve correctly given importance to certain concepts.

38. Use these symbols for each question: one dot if you aren’t sure of the answer, two dots if you are sure of your answer and a circle if you are completely unaware of your answer. Start by answering any question with two dots; after those are all answered, go on through the two dots question. Leave the circle questions to the end – and ALWAYS answer them! Even if you don’t know what they’re about, who knows if you will be able to come up with something right?

39. Review your test one final time – many times, we make a lot of mistakes under stress and now is when you should spot them and amend them. This can be the difference between a B and an A!

40. Don’t take this too seriously – school is an important aspect of our lives but it isn’t everything. Failure comes many times and these failures can even drive you away from something that was simply not meant to be. Don’t stress out because everyone goes through the same!

A brief summary of D&D alignments for the uninformed.

Lawful Good: Laws are good if they are just and fair.

Lawful Neutral: Laws are good because they are laws.

Lawful Evil: Laws are good, but only if they benefit me.

Neutral Good: Let’s do the Right Thing(™)

True Neutral: Please leave me alone.

Neutral Evil: What’s in it for me?

Chaotic Good: Personal freedom is the most important thing in the world, and I would die for others freedom.

Chaotic Neutral: Personal freedom is the most important thing in the world, and I would die for mine.

Chaotic Evil: Personal freedom is the most important thing in the world. Mine more than yours. 

A Brief Summary of the Camp Camp Fandom On Tumblr

* “let me fuck Daniel he’s so hot efrfgrfrdef”
* “lmao doesn’t Harrison look like bill cipher?”
* everyone liking max bc he’s relatable n edgy
* Max and Preston are a ship
* step dad au. Everyone is on board with it. EVERYONE 
* “Daniel and Joseph (from dream daddy)!!!!!!!.”
* If you say anything mean about David 80 people will shank you. 
* Daniel x David
* “Davids a twink”
* Everyone in the fandom ignores the idea of David being straight
* long posts talking about the relationship between Max and David/ the relationship max might have with his parents
* serial killer David au.
* “davey sounds like mickey mouse”
* the people who analyze every ep looking for clues/easter eggs
* watching the seasons over and over because it’s JUST SO GOOD.
* the people complaining about not being able to wait a week for the new episode 
* the people who find next weeks episode online 
* Niel’s t-rex arms 
* David’s screams.

This isn’t me hating on the fandom so don’t get offended! Feel free to add onto the list. <3

A brief summary of my fav books

Red Queen - sassy super human who wants to change the world but her crazy EX is being a dick again

The Outsiders - Gay teens being rebellious

Harry Potter - magic and sadness

Percy Jackson - Zeus really needs to keep it in his pants and the rest of the gods need to chill

The Book Thief - a history lesson in the most emotionally damaging kind of way

The Hunger Games - death and birds

Game of thrones - survival series 40x

Starfighter (this is actually a webcomics but close enough) - Gay space and lots of pettiness

What I thought Race to the Edge S4 would be: Pokemon dragons, Hiccup getting his ass beat, bye bye Heather, Toothless is a pure bby.

What Race to the Edge S4 actually was: Amazing moments in parenting with Stoick the Vast, somehow giving a damn about Throk now, Hiccstrid sucking more face than my mind can possibly comprehend, Toothless is a pure bby.

4 tips for getting ahead after falling behind

So ‘it’ happened. You got sick, you scheduled too much at once, you had a bad day (or week). We’ve all been there and it sucks. And now you’re behind and you’re feeling overwhelmed. These are just a few tips I have for getting back on track (and hopefully ahead) after falling behind.

  • If you are behind on homework it’s time to prioritize. You’re at a point where it might be worth it to let the tiny assignments that aren’t worth very much sit on the back burner until you’ve dealt with the important stuff. So what are your priorities?
    • Do you have work in a class that you’re doing really well in and you feel like you can set it aside and hand it in late, or you can afford to miss the assignment without screwing up your final grade? Great, set it aside and leave that stress for later.
    • Do you have work in a class you’re terrified of failing? Okay, focus in on that. If you don’t eliminate the chief point of stress first you’re going to find it very hard to focus on anything else.
  • Do you have exams coming up that you haven’t studied for? This is rough but you need to decide whether sleep or studying is better for you. There’s no wrong choice here; it’s different for everyone. I am a ‘needs sleep’ person but my roommate is a ‘stay up and get shit done’ person. If you know you can’t function without a decent amount of sleep then ixnay the idea of an all night all together.
    •  Now that you’ve figured that out it’s time to focus; what topics are you doing the worst in? Get started on figuring out what it is you don’t know. 
    • Also make sure to write down what you do know and keep looking over that constantly so you don’t lose the knowledge you already have. 
    • Now figure out what methods you actually have time for; if you’re in a crunch you may not have time for flashcards. I find that when it a crunch it’s helpful to essentially begin compiling a cheat sheet.
    • Write down everything you could possibly need for the exam as though you were going to be able to take it into the exam. Make it clear! Make it easy to glance at! Don’t waist time on making it look pretty!
    • As you go through creating the sheet make sure that you would know what kind of problem or topic that the concept/formula would go with and how you would use it to solve a problem.
    • The above means that you aren’t just copying over formulas, dates, quotes, etc.; You are committing the CONTEXT to your memory and if need be to your sheet.
  •  Is the problem reading? Heaven knows that’s been mine this week! First thing first: READ for the NEXT class. Don’t start with what you should’ve read last week; playing catch up is stressful and means that you may do a ton of work and still not be prepared for the next class.
    •  If you come across parts that don’t make sense because you haven’t read the earlier stuff skip back and skim those bits. 
    • Once you’ve read for the next class you can decide what the best option is for continuing. 
    • Either start at the back end of what you’re behind on or work your way backwards.
  • Is it an essay? Is it more than one? Okie doke. Break those kiddos down into the sections you think you need; intro, para 1, para 2, etc, conclusion. 
    • Alright, now give those sections titles and maybe like a brief summary. 
    • Okay now you’re ready; pick one section from one of your papers to start on. It doesn’t have to be the intro you just need to get started. I like to start with ones that require a bit of research on my part so that I can really get the ball rolling and start collecting articles. 
    • Then you should either set a timer for about thirty minutes and switch off every time the timer goes off, or (my preferred method) write until you finish the section before deciding which one to work on next. 
    • The real key is making sure that you change sections when you find yourself losing steam even if it’s in the middle of a sentence. Sometimes I start a sentence and then forget where I was going with it and it throws off the whole game so by changing sections you allow yourself to refresh and come back with new eyes.

That’s what I’ve got for now, I hope that some of this helps. I also want to remind you that you are not a bad person for getting behind whatever the reason was. Sometimes it happens even when you’re paying attention so try not to worry too much about it! If you find yourself getting overwhelmed and way too stressed out remember to let yourself breath and walk away for a few minutes. I wish you the best of luck and my ask/messenger is always open if you need anything.

Although the title says speeches, you can really use these tips for writing and presenting any sort of oral presentation. Hope they help :))


  1. Research the topic: Duh. This is really basic but very important. If at all possible, try to have a deeper understanding of the topic than needed, you don’t want to be caught out by a difficult question.
  2. Have an introduction: Include your name, the topic you’ll be discussing and why you chose it. Even if you were given the topic, try and say what you found interesting about it (make it seem like it’s not just for a good grade). Personally, I wouldn’t outline any key points in your talk here, you don’t want people to zone out due to an information overload.
  3. The main body of your talk: Try and link the points together with phrases such as: to reinforce the previous idea, similarly, to clarify, in contrast to that, conversely etc. Just try to make it sound cohesive and not like you’re saying whatever pops into your head. I’d say to include a minimum of 3 points, but that can vary depending on what’s required.
  4. Devices: List things as triads (in 3s), this gives a nice rhythm and flow. Use rhetorical questions(!)- this is especially important in speeches and persuasuve writing. You want your audience to really think and examine the information you have given them, not just half-listen to whatever you’re on about.
  5. A brief conclusion: Summary of main points, pretty standard stuff. But you should thank the audience for their time, it just leaves a really good impression and clearly says you’ve finished speaking.


  1. Have confidence: If you don’t think you’re worth listening to, no one else will either! You know this topic like the back of your hand, you’ll do great.
  2. Speak clearly: Kinda to do with confidence. Nice and loud so you can be heard, enunciate (but don’t be too overdramatic lmao-people can go a bit crazy with this one).
  3. Know your notes: Not necessarily off by heart (sometimes I think this just gives you more problems bc if you blank, you’re screwed), but don’t stare at them the whole time. Look down every know and then but don’t have your nose glued to the page!
  4. Practice: Similar to knowing your notes, I wouldn’t recommend learn it off by heart. If something throws you and you lose your train of thought, you’re screwed. Most importantly, you need to practice out loud, and in front of a mirror- if you have one. Again, you’re building confidence and creating a routine so it’s not as daunting when you do the real thing.
  5. Visual aids: Use colours, graphs, images or whatever else to get your point across. Power points are great, but even just a poster works. I put this one last because it’s not necessary but if it’s possible, 100% you should do it because: 
    1. Takes the focus off you (great if you’re self-conscious/worried about going up in front of a group to present- this is the main reason I use visuals)
    2. A reminder in case you blank
    3. Stops you rambling/getting distracted and going off topic
    4. Grabs the audience’s attention (why do you think studyblrs often use cute images at the top of posts?- it draws people in!)

Well, I hope that helps out and that you have a few new tricks up your sleeve! Good luck with your presentations/speeches and feel free to message me if there are any bits of this post that don’t make sense or if you have any thoughts/ideas :)))