The Light of Fairy Tail

Never written for Fairy Tail before, but this seemed as good an opportunity as any to give it a shot. Thank you to @impracticaldemon for giving me a heads up on this and to @fic-writer-appreciation for putting up the challenge. It was a lot of fun :)

Brief Summary: The members of Fairy Tail may be their own brand of crazy, but their hearts are always in the right place.

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anonymous asked:

Why are you playing that crappy game called Mass Effect: Andromeda?! You just wasted your money on a game that has so many bad reviews about it.

Wow! Didn’t expect someone will react that I’m playing this game. So let me give you a brief summary:

Is it your own money? Obviously, it’s not because it’s my own money to even buy this game!
Are you the one playing it? Seeing that you’re leaving this ask is pretty obvious you’re not playing it. I’m the one playing it not you. I even played for 72 hours because the side missions are great too!!
But it got bad reviews? So? The reviews doesn’t bother me at all. I know about the bad animation of the facial expressions, but I’m the one playing this because of the story and gameplay not just the animation. Plus, I also know about the controversy with bioware and EA along with the hardcore Mass Effect fans so I don’t really blame some fans complaining since it’s about their fave video game series, but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t play it.

So there you have it! And just a reminder, Anon, we have our own likes and dislikes about video games. I just don’t understand why are you even concern when I’m the one playing Mass Effect: Andromeda o.o

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Power Rangers: Astro League (Astro/Hello Venus Power Rangers!AU) Episode One

Characters: Rocky, Eunwoo, Moonbin, Alice, Sanha, Nara and some others

Word Count: 3885

Rating: PG-13-ish (Language and brief drug use references)

Summary: A year after the events of Power Rangers Diamond, an organization called the Astro Initiative starts rounding up a new team to defend the Earth

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let me just cut to the chase. Sportacus has a Number 10 on his shirt, a small detail that most viewers will probably forget. However, it has stated that the Number Ten means something, but I’ll get to that later. Let’s start with the first episode of LazyTown. A brief summary of it is that Stephanie, the main character, moves into LazyTown to visit her uncle, Mayor Milford Meanswell. She meets other kids in the town, Trixie, Stingy, Pixel, and Ziggy, who’s personalities are identical to their name. Robbie Rotten is also there in his secret lair, keep note of this, He looks around the town to see weeds, an abandoned basketball court, and other very polluted things. He seems content about this, proclaiming he will keep LazyTown the laziest town on the world. Later on, Stephanie talks to her uncle about how none of the kids want to go outside to play. Her uncle then tells her that there was a man with a Number 9 on his shirt, who made kids active. Wait, 9? But Sportacus has Number 10 on his shirt! Was this careless mistake? Or something more different? Stephanie makes a letter to said person, and goes to the mailbox to send it. She finds a cork inside the tube and tries pulling it out. Robbie is then shown stopping in his tracks and is visibly distraught about this, meaning he knows what is going to happen when she sends that letter. She pulls the cork out and puts the tube like envelope into the pipe, and it soon gets launched into the sky, and is received by Sportacus. Sportacus jumps down to meet Stephanie, she asks him if he is Number 9 and he responds with that he is Number 10. Robbie than says “Another one?” Confirming the fact that there was a Number 9, and Robbie fought him aswell. Think about it, at the start of the episode Robbie already has his signature secret lair. However, he doesn’t use it for evil, he doesn’t terrorize the citizens of LazyTown, he likes the citizens how they are, lazy. So, why would he have this lair, unless he had to use it against Number 9? Then the question remains, where is Number 9? Did he leave? Did he accomplish his goal, move away and then Robbie made it lazy again? Or did Robbie Rotten beat Number 9? Think about it, why would he use the schemes he uses on Sportacus and friends if they didn’t prove successful against Number 9? So we got that Robbie Rotten beat Number 9 and made LazyTown lazy, but that also strikes up another question. Are there more numbers? Are Number 9 and Sportacus apart of a group that ride blimps and help make kids exercise and play outside? Now are you ready for the biggest stretch in this entire theory? Robbie Rotten was the first Sportacus-like member of this group. Why so? Well Robbie admits it himself. In a little known song called “We Are Number One.

A brief and ugly summary of surviving cold climates

For visitors and writers alike.

  1. You were never meant to be here. Never forget this. You are an ape of the equator, built to run the savannah and swim in tropical waters. Whatever terms and conditions your body has, they are void here. Mother nature never certified to function in a Death World.
  2. Enduring the cold is never a matter of “how much” as much at it is “how long”. Think of it as the water levels of the vieogames you have played. No matter what equipment enables you to remain longer, you can’t stay there indefinitely. The coat that keeps you warm and toasty for three hours in -15 is enough to keep you functional for an hour of -40.
  3. Whatever the locals say, listen to them. Err to the side of caution if you must. You may not endure what they can endure, but you SURE AS FUCKING NOT cannot survive what they say cannot be endured.
  4. That being said, alcohol is a filthy fucking liar and so is anyone who offers it to you. The warmth it gives is an illusion, and a sign of damage. You are worse off feeling comfortable with a mouthful of whiskey as you are freezing your gonads off stone cold sober.
  5. Winter tires. Studded winter tiers are a MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH when you drive on a frozen road. That being said, whatever the locals tell you that your car will need to run as theirs do, take it. Taking the risk of being pranked is worth survival, and you can always stab their tires in the spring if they were shitting you.
  6. Eat. For the love of god, make sure that you eat. Heavier meals might be unpalatable at first for someone used to lighter nutrition, but maintaining bodily warmth in a cold climate takes up a lot of energy, and you will feel tired and drowsy for a long while shile your metabolism adjusts to producing more heat than Mother Nature ever intended. The skinny people in your party are especially vulnerable, ensure their well-being on a regular basis.
  7. If you have a smartphone/other essential technology on your body, keep them close to your body to keep them warm. They were not designed to be frozen any more than you were.
  8. Sleep is death. SLEEP IS DEATH. Never, ever stop to rest in the cold, if you do not have the means to make a fire/otherwise produce heat. The cold tires you out because keeping warm takes energy, but taking a rest will not return your energy. If you feel the need to sit down and rest because you are tired because of the cold, call for help. This is not a hyperbole, if you feel like you are too tired to go on in a cold climate, CALL A FUCKING AMBULANCE. If you fall asleep in the snow, you will not wake up. Hypothermia can and will literally kill you.
  9. Avoid skin-to-snow-contact if you can. It hurts because you were not supposed to do it. Consider ice to be like acid. Touching is bad for you.

Feel free to add to the list if you feel like I missed something.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The song Heathens by Twenty One Pilots was leaked on June 15, 2016. It may be a sign that the band is in the process of making a new album. It may have also just been written for the new movie Suicide Squad. It's presumably a warning call to people who may encounter the Clique and how they should be slow with them because of their varied mental states. Tyler Joseph has referred to his phone as a 'heathen machine'. He has captioned a blurry photo of himself ':.:.Heathenboyson:..:'. Some sources claim a music video will be released on June 16, 2016.
#snl_성추행 (#snl_sexualharassment) is trending #1 in Korea right now

I’m so shocked that I don’t even know what to type but here’s a brief summary of what happened.
Today some backstage videos of Infinite and B1A4 on SNL went viral in which the female staff members can be seen how they grab the boys genitals, cheering loudly and celebrating how they managed to get a touch of it. I think it isn’t necessary to add that both, Infinite and B1A4 looked BEYOND uncomfortable, some of them even covering their crotches while the staff members just continue to clap and laugh.
I am fully disgusted. I can’t believe that these kind of things really happened backstage, that the boys needed to brush it off with some pressed laughs and that they went out there and finished this show like nothing happened. This is sexual harassment and should under NO CIRCUMSTANCES taken lightly. I just hope that these staff members get fired and B1A4 and Infinite get a more than proper apology from SNL or even better TVN because I don’t know what is wrong with their heads to brush it off as a joke because things like these are not funny. TOUCHING SOMEONE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION NO MATTER IF MALE OR FEMALE ISN’T FUNNY. IT’S HARASSMENT AND SHOULD BE PUNISHED ACCORDING SO.
And just imagine how many times this must’ve happened without any video evidence. SNL is cancelled, over for me.

What I thought Race to the Edge S4 would be: Pokemon dragons, Hiccup getting his ass beat, bye bye Heather, Toothless is a pure bby.

What Race to the Edge S4 actually was: Amazing moments in parenting with Stoick the Vast, somehow giving a damn about Throk now, Hiccstrid sucking more face than my mind can possibly comprehend, Toothless is a pure bby.

Just incase you don't know the cast of Hamilton, here's a brief summary:
  • Alexander: bastard, orphan, son of a whore; a short, whiny garbage can who can't fucking shut up
  • Aaron Burr: sir; loves his daughter; should not be trusted with a gun
  • Eliza: way to good for Alexander; probably smells like peppermint and love
  • Angelica: better than you; could punch me in the face and I would feel honored
  • John Laurens: 99% chance he was gay for Hamilton; wanted to free slaves
  • Hercules Mulligan: Brah, brah, he is Hercules Mulligan; made a "fucked your mom" joke in the 3rd song
  • Lafayette: French; raps fast; secretly was in love with George Washington
  • George Washington: Dad; tall and just wants to sit down for 2 seconds without worrying about Hamilton and Jefferson
  • Thomas Jefferson: Sassy; purple velvet; would marry France
  • James Madison: Sick; ball of anxiety
  • Philip Hamilton: like his father but bolder; 100% guarantee you will cry over him
  • Maria Reynolds: Married a horrible guy and can't be blamed for anything; she holds a special place in my heart
  • Peggy: ...and Peggy
A brief summary of YOI
  • Victor: gay af for Yuuri
  • Yuuri: gay af for Victor
  • Yurio: grumpy af
  • Guang & Leo: totally gay af for each other
  • Pitchit: shipper af
  • Chris: best bro af
  • Emil: gay af for Michele
  • Michele: clueless af about Emil being gay af for him
  • Sala & Mila: girlfriends af
  • JJ: bi af
  • Otabek: Yurio's best friend af
  • Minami: cute af
  • Seung: doesn't give a shit af
  • Yakov: tired af of everyone
A Guide to Writing Your Resume

I recently took a very helpful youth professional development course and learned some great things I’d love to share with everyone. This post will be especially helpful for first time resume writers, but there might be something in it for everyone. 

1. What is a Resume? 

A resume is a brief summary of your abilities, experience, and skills. It’s essentially a personal advertisement for your professional career, an opportunity to convince the employer that you are worth interviewing. 

  • The average employer will only take about 15-20 seconds to read your resume.
  • It’s important that your resume is neat so the reader can find important information quickly. 
  • Limit the resume to one page. 
  • Standard font size is 11-12, but you can play with the font or margins to fit everything. 

2. Headings 

  • Start with your personal information at the top of the first page (name, address, phone number, and email address). 
  • Keep the header centered and your name on top in BIG LETTERS.

3. Education 

  • If you are still in school or have little professional experience, this will likely be the first section in your resume. 
  • Document your education and graduation year.
  • Include the location (city, state), but do not include the school address. 
  • If you attend a school with a College Preparatory Curriculum, you may list that as a bullet underneath. If you are taking Honors or AP classes (or an international equivalent), feel free to list that as well. 

4. Professional Experience 

  • List your work experience in reverse chronological order - start with your most recent experience, and work backwards. 
  • Include the employer name, city, state, and position title for each. Again, no addresses.
  • Record your dates of employment consistently, using a format like June 2016 - August 2015, or 6/15 - 8/15. Staying consistent will make your resume professional. 
  • Place current jobs in the present tense, past jobs in the past tense. 
  • Write short phrases, not full sentences (”performed experiments”, not “I performed experiments”). Start each description with an action word that describes your skills, responsibilities, or accomplishments. 
  • Make sure you are specific about your responsibilities and don’t undersell yourself!

5. Skills 

  • Most commonly listed skills are computer programs and softwares you are comfortable with, and languages you are fluent/proficient in. 
  • Be honest! If you say you’re fluent in Spanish and you’re not, but your employer hires you for your Spanish abilities…. someone isn’t going to be pleased. 
  • List skills that are relevant to your job - patience might be a good skill for working with children, while organized might be more suitable for an office setting. 

6. Honors & Awards/Extracurriculars

  • List any honors or awards you have earned, including a brief explanation if the nature of the award is unclear. 
  • List any activities that you have been involved in, making sure to include years of participation (again, be consistent with formatting). These can be in-school or outside-of-school activities.

7. General & Miscellaneous

  • Some safe fonts: Times New Roman, Garamond, Calibri, or Book Antiqua.
  • Make sure your email is professional! This has been repeated to death but it’s so, so, so important. 
  • Likewise, if you list your personal cellphone number, make sure your voicemail message is appropriate. When in doubt, just revert back to the standard voicemail greeting. 

I hope this was helpful for anyone just starting out with their resume. Please share this for those who need it. Best of luck! 

- Ellie