I cannot give the reasons,
  I only sing the tunes:
  the sadness of the seasons
  the madness of the moons.
  I cannot be didactic
  or lucid, but I can
  be quite obscure and practic-
  ally marzipan
  In gorgery and gushness
  and all that’s squishified.
  My voice has all the lushness
  of what I can’t abide
  And yet it has a beauty
  most proud and terrible
  denied to those whose duty
  is to be cerebral.
  Among the antlered mountains
  I make my viscous way
  and watch the sepia mountains
  throw up their lime-green spray.

I Cannot Give The Reasons by Mervyn Peake

Oh my. Oh my.

Nobody told me Mervyn Peake wrote poetry.

My favourite author wrote a book of poetry.

I am fucking ecstatic.

“There was an Old Man of the Hague,

Whose ideas were excessively vague;

He built a balloon to examine the moon,

That deluded Old Man of the Hague.”

from A Book of Nonsense by author Edward Lear

welp this is the piece I’m working on for my illustration class. We’re working all in pen then transferring over to digital work so I’m gonna have some fun with this. I’m pretty proud of myself with this piece.

So I had this idea about this crazy coot dragging his daughter out in a hot air balloon to go see the man in the moon. So here it is. :,D Hope I’m gonna get better as an artist in this class I can already feel that I will! Wish me luck!!

Art© Bananakey 2013

poem part isn’t mine.

When someone starts spouting nonsense about Lewis Carroll and they clearly don’t know what they’re talking about.
Another one bites the chunk

A piece of pineapple limply floats, re-covered gingerly
honey-drowned in a separated yoghurt sea…
A classic bite of life or food whodunnit swiftly solved, sad to say the fruit’s been iced…
an open-&-shut (refrigerator) mystery-

the chilling case file findings on our minds-
Whey such savagery…

white people have been aestheticizing native culture beyond the point where it’s recognizable or remotely related to actual real ndn people for generations. white people have been making insensitive knockoffs of stuff of cultural importance to us and putting that nonsense in films, books and now video games since this continent got invaded to begin with hundreds of years ago. bad representation, or stuff like this that I barely consider representation in the slightest, isn’t positive. white people have gotten off on putting ndns in media as a weird fetishized aesthetic thing since day one.

The difference is subtle, but it’s quieter at night when you’re not sleeping in a city. Less people walking outside. Less cars. Less military nonsense too. The Fullmetal Alchemist had booked a room in a decent hotel just outside all of those cities, and he’d been sleeping soundly.

Or he had been at least, until something clattered just outside the window.

Edward sat up on the bed, yawned, and grumbled about the noise. It took him a little bit after standing up to actually look out the window. Did something climb into the trash cans, or what?


@no-goldfish-required thanks that’s good to know alskfjslkfj i wasn’t really planning on reading the books but there was too much het nonsense in the show already so i definitely won’t bother now. also the accidental incest plot twist was… some weird shit oh my god; but yeah, in terms of LGBT representation and breaking up stereotypes, it really is one of the best shows out there. like, magnus is actually bisexual. i think he says the word bisexual out loud, i mean jesus christ. and he fucked michelangelo. love that queer warlock

anonymous asked:

Ian Flynn might be hinting on his Twitter that he may be writing the game, which he nicknamed "Sonic Resistance." I really hope this isn't the case since I see him no better than Pontaff.

I think he’s marginally better than Pontaff.

But IMO being “marginally better” than Pontaff and having such clusterfucks as a Sonic with a nasty streak a mile long, Sonally bias so virulent it tainted both the book and the characters involved in the pairing horribly, “House of Cards”, King Shadow, EVERYTHING ABOUT SCOURGE, the mangling of Unleashed’s most appealing and important aspects, a take on Dr Eggman so monstorously yet unsubtly evil that it’s as if Flynn’s on your shoulder whispering “See? Evil” as you read the book and the whole nonsense regarding fan characters exceeding officials and getting a vast over-focus on them over said officials…

…is simply not good enough.

I’ve said it before; There is a shitload of better writers out there that SEGA could be turning their attentions to.