Fallout 4 Plots with Wasted Potential

*spoilers for the game in general*

~ Acadia and the Railroad:

        We can tell DiMA that we are part of any of the 3 major factions and for each of them we have the option of a mini quest series that decides the fate of Acadia.  

Except the Railroad, it seems.  

We can go and tell one random npc (Boxer - who seems like an absolute babe of a synth but is reduced to forgettable after we speak to her ‘once’ ) and she moves to Acadia.   That’s it.  End of quest line. 

Apparently Desdemona and Doc Carrington don’t need this life changing information, just Boxer is going to head on over there and live her life hanging out with DiMA and co.  

I would have loved a bit of dipolmacy here.  Where we talk to Des & Carrington then speak with the leading trio at Acadia to arrange an alliance in the interest of smuggling synths safely out of the Commonwealth.

Maybe even go with Chase (and or Glory) to clear out some areas to create a new safe house or two and make a new route.   Nope. 

~ Danse and Blind Betrayal: 

      Not only did they cut the content in which Danse challenges Elder Maxson (and presumably kicks his arse in one on one combat - which I would had ADORED to see) but they also don’t update his character at all after the quest line is complete.  I know that people don’t change over night but he has an interaction with the Sole Survivor about his right to exist.  One of the options is

Sole: “You are the proof that Maxson is wrong (about synths)”
Danse: “Y-you’re right!”

I am hoping there is ‘something’ in the Nuka World DLC with him because right now it feels like a ‘half story’ with him.

~ The Valentine Detective Agency:

       Granted this one is more on a greed note but still.  There is a base for quests here.  Lost items and people that we need to track down in the Commonwealth.  

I loved the Murder Mystery in Vault 118 in Far Harbor.

It’s understandable why we didn’t get many as I imagine they take up a lot of time to design and create but Nick Valentine and his agency is such a big deal in the main story line I would have loved to work more with the Agency that we are supposedly working for. 

Is there anything else you guys think we’ve missed out on in the game?  Place your thoughts here or else send a PM.