[ * It had been a while since she’d been here. Snowdin here? HERE here? It was a bit blurry and hard for her to tell, lately. But the smell of Grillby’s in the snowy town was a comforting familiarity in all of her confusion, and it led her right to what felt like home as a result. She reached forward for the door, half hoping the usual faces would be there.]



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by CallMeCheerios

Six bodies. Six brutally mangled and desecrated corpses had been found in a hunting cabin in upstate Virginia. Six. Or at least they thought there were six. It was hard to tell considering limbs, entrails, and other bits and pieces had been scatter haphazardly throughout the cabin. It would take hours upon hours to photograph and collect. Each piece, however small, was a unique item that had to be studied and submitted as evidence. And there were a lot of pieces. But judging by the number of heads sitting primly on the mantle, six seemed like a good guess.



As he trudges through another gruesome case for Jack Crawford and the FBI, Will is no longer certain if he’s moving towards progress in solving the case or just becoming further moored in the mind of a serial killer. Bogged down by doubts and uncertainties, Will’s grasp of who his and what is real is starts to waiver despite the support of his friends and guidance of his unofficial therapist, Hannibal Lecter.

Words: 2302, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bCXvAd

Today we had a lady for a patient who at first blush I thought looked a little jaundiced but it was a bit hard to tell until I saw her eyes and specifically the schlera and saw they were almost pure yellow. Yeah, definitely jaundice. And later I mentioned to my partner how that actually wasn’t the worst case I’d personally seen of it since one time we had a guy who, and I’m not trying to be flippant here, had it so bad that he looked like a carrot.

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this is gonna be super random but this has been bothering me for the longest time LOL. idk if you've listened to one love by mx but at the parts where it goes one love two love three love is it minhyuk most of the time? i swear i hear jooheon sometimes but idk if i'm just delirious and wanna hear joohoney's vocalist abilities aha

OH MY GOD ANON! how could you ask if i have listen to mx’s one love IT’S LITERALLY MY NUMBER ONE FAVE SONG OF MX. Ahhh yeah that part i think it’s mostly minhyuk but just like you i hear jooheon sometimes too but kinda hard to tell since it’s a little bit auto tune? 

Update on Teddy the Dwarf Gourami

Teddy isn’t doing so well…

To those of you that don’t know, Teddy got in a fight with one of the females the night before last, and lost a chunk of his upper lip.

Yesterday I went to the store and bought a breeder net, and he has since been in it with some water weed for cover. The female(s?) have still been trying to get to him through the net. I have fed him a type of kuhli loach pellet I had that dissolves fast which he has been able to eat some of, and I give him some thawed cyclops yesterday also, which he ate.

When I woke up today though, a bigger part of his upper lip was missing, so much so that he barely has an upper lip! He also seemed slightly lethargic, but it was hard to tell since he has generally been a bit of a “lazy” fish. Now, at night time, he is floating partly on his side (like this \) and seems to be gasping slightly.

I doubt he’ll make the night, and I’m already planning what to do when he’s gone (Sorry Teddy, I still hope you pull through!). At first I was thinking of waiting a bit, maybe finding out which one is the most aggressive of the females and getting rid of her, then buying a new male. But on the other hand I don’t want the same thing to happen again. So maybe I’ll sell the females and try another species? I love Apistogrammas for example.

Just thinking

Well, I was wondering if I should publish this… thing here or I shouldn’t. So I asked my friends, and they said “yes.” So, here we go…

Let me introduce my Inazuma Eleven OCs, who are the heroes of my fanfiction that is written in my native language and is about 57.000 words, so I suppose it would be never translated into English as it is too big and boring xD. So, these is a girls team, they are 4 years younger then Inazuma Japan members, so the majority of them started to play football after watching IJ matches during the FFI. I can say that IJ inspired them. Yeah… Now I’m working on the game on RPG Maker about these girls. It would be a story about their adventures and their way to the top. To tell the truth it is a little bit hard, but I hope I will cope with it. As I can’t draw, I asked my friend Rabee-q to help me, and she made this dialogue sprites. I’ m very glad that she helps and supports me and this project. Maybe one day I would finish it, and… Ok, I should stop dreaming.

I suppose I must introduce them more properly… At least to tell their names xD Well, these is Russian team (duh), most of the girls are from Moscow, but there are also girls from St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Sochi and Khimki.

From left to right (name, short name, age, position and element):

1. Aleksandra Fokina – Sasha – 14 y. o. – GK – Wood

2. Ninel Mukhina – Nina – 14 y. o. – DF – Wood

3. Miroslava Yudina – Mira – 14 y. o. – DF – Wind

4. Karina Belyakova – Kari – 15 y. o. – DF – Fire

5. Olga Rabinovich –  Olya – 13 y. o. – DF – Fire

6. Dariya Bragina – Dasha – 14 y. o. – MF – Earth

7. Elizaveta Antonova – Liza – 14 y. o. – MF – Earth (ex-captain)

8. Yuliya Matveeva – Yulya – 14 y. o. – MF – Wood

9. Kseniya Tretyakova – Ksusha, Ksu – 13 y. o. – MF – Wind

10. Viktoria Volkova – Vika – 15 y. o. – FW – Fire

11. Klimenta Zhukova – Klim – 14 y. o. – FW – Wind (captain)

12. Yana Shestakova – she has no short name as her name is short enough – 15 y. o. – FW – Earth

13. Nataliya Loginova – Natasha – 14 y. o. – FW – Wood

14. Iya Panfilova – she has no short name as her name is short enough – 13 y. o. – MF – Wind

15. Anfisa Konovalova – Fisa – 14 y. o. – MF – Earth

16. Gulshat Ayupova – Gulya – 13 y. o. – MF – Fire

17. Vasilisa Molchanova – Vasya – 13 y. o. – DF – Wind

18. Irina Shcherbakova – Ira – 15 y. o. – DF – Earth

19. Kristina Chernova – Kris – 14 y. o. – DF – Wood

20. Illirika Agafonova – Lira – 13 y. o. – GK – Fire

Their names look so weird actually. 

Ok, I thinks that’s all for now. Maybe I should post later some game development progress (trust me, it is quite a mess now). Let me know if you want to see something like that.

Thank you for attention!  

What the fuck?!

Was working Hera in hand again today, went through all the usual exercises. In the beginning she was a little irregular in trot, but after a bit that was gone, I think? Hard to tell sometimes.

Anyway, I had finished a canter stride to the right and decided I’d do it to the left as well. But she kept stopping and turning her head to me, so pushing into the pressure?

I dunno maybe she was just sore and didn’t want to continue. I tried a few more times, same result every time, so I did one or two other exercises and then quit.

I hope this is not the start of a bad habit, or worse, symptoms of yet another physical problem.