So far in the show, Lapis has:

– Stopped the Ruby ship from (ostensibly) capturing Peridot and expressed interest in Peridot’s well-being afterward.

– Participated in the baseball game despite her distrust of and past anger toward the Crystal Gems.  Ended up enjoying herself and interacting positively with them.

– Chose to give Peridot a chance and share the barn with her, which meant, at the very least, working through her distrust, anger, and fear of Peridot.

– Pushed herself to spend time out on the ocean, despite all her negative associations with it.

– Made a kind gesture to Greg out of the desire to be helpful.  Accepted his rejection gracefully.

– Admitted to her actions and culpability in a toxic relationship.

Refused to re-enter that relationship, where it’s highly likely she would’ve engaged in those behaviors again.

– Offered Peridot encouragement and help when the One Gem Metal Band fell apart, under her own initiative and with a smile.

– Expressed disappointment that her farming project with Peridot wasn’t going to result in a horde of new vegetable friends.  Tried to ease Peridot’s disappointment over Pumpkin’s initial rejection by reminding her of the pumpkins they did grow together.

– Worked alongside the Crystal Gems to win over Andy and host a family get-together.

– Chose to give Navy a chance and share the barn with her, despite her doubts and instinctual suspicions of the gem.

– Made an effort to be sympathetic and understanding of what she imagined would be Navy’s struggles in integrating to life on Earth, and offered advice on what she’d learned from her own experience.

– Expressed real, genuine distress that she wasn’t falling in love with Earth as quickly and easily as Navy seemed to be. (Which meant she’s been sincerely trying to.)

In short, Lapis has spent her time on Earth learning to be more trusting and forgiving; taking emotional risks and confronting uncomfortable feelings and memories; finding enjoyment in Earth-related activities, and making kind gestures.

Has she been a shining ray of sweetness and light and consideration while doing so? God, no.  She can be sullen, dramatic, sarcastic, and dismissive.  (Much like Peridot…exactly like Peridot.  Peridot’s saving grace is that she’s funny.)  Lapis deflects, avoids, and bottles up her guilt and insecurities until she pops or finally tackles them.  When interacting with new people, she’s awkward at best and at worst, she’s a cactus.  She’ll try new stuff and eventually get into it, but oh boy, she is not going to be enthusiastic about it.  Lapis is one leather jacket and some gum away from the quintessential Disaffected Youth.

And that’s what makes her so interesting.  That she can be a stand-offish grouch who still wants to be involved, friendly, and giving.  She’s a hit a roadblock in her development, but she’s been growing and she’ll grow through this too.

How to tell industrial bands apart:

Throbbing Gristle: makes you question your sanity while listening

Skinny Puppy: you’re scared, but you’re dancing, singer sounds like he drank battery acid

Einstürzende Neubauten: singer is screaming in german, 5 out of 6 instruments are construction tools and you question your sanity again

Nine Inch Nails: there’s guitars and the singer is whining emo(tive) lyrics

Marilyn Manson: there’s guitars and the singer is yelling something about christianity

Ministry: there’s guitars and the singer is singing about his own cock or sucking cock

KMFDM: sucks singer is openly talking shit about his own band and about other bands too

Rammstein: Laibach’s good twin

Laibach: Rammstein’s evil twin

Pigface: even your mom played in this band at some point

Combichrist: sounds like stuff edgy 13 year olds listen to

Front Line Assembly: it’s cyber but not goths-with-glowsticks kind of cyber

Revolting Cocks: you don’t really understand what’s going on

Cabaret Voltaire: sounds like synthpop.

Front 242: your grandmother is dancing to it


Severed Heads: you could listen to it in hotel lounge rooms 


article by: marian lu. main article / twitter link

(cnn) the tour was shinee’s first in north america, taking in dallas, los angeles and canada. at the weekend, the k-pop powerhouse performed in hong kong, and on june 11 in taipei.

‘the thought of going to see our fans that have been supporting us from so far away made my heart flutter a bit,” said band member lee tae-min, 23, known as “taemin.”

finding and appreciating k-pop fans

in dallas and los angeles, lee and the rest of shinee band members spoke english between the songs, sharing how much they appreciated fans learning korean and their own love for american food, like in-n-out burgers.

unlike the now typical mercurial k-pop bands, shinee has been around for almost a decade, constantly evolving their look and sound. fans, known as “shawols,” are drawn to shinee for their dance choreography, along with their unique mix of r&b, electronica, rap and rock.

in the last year, several k-pop bands disbanded for various reasons, including scandal. but, one of the reasons for shinee’s longevity, said shekar, is the group’s “zero controversy … every member has held a pristine reputation and have earned themselves an incredible reputation with korean and international fans.

los angeles-based production company subkulture entertainment was able to almost sell out shinee’s us concerts by targeting fans online, like grant who discovered shinee through youtube.

our customer base, like most millennials are very internet savvy and acquire most of their information about k-pop via social media (twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc.), which is where we like to focus the majority of our marketing efforts,” said subkulture entertainment ceo derek lee.

but now in their 20s, shinee members are growing out of their “boy band” and “princes of k-pop” monikers. they are also near the age of military enlistment for south korean males, a destiny that threatens to tear other bands like big bang apart.

and while shinee declined to talk about the military, they do plan to perform in the us again sometime soon.

we hope that through our tour, k-pop and k-pop concerts will continue to leave a mark on a market as big as the us,” said taemin.

Want to strengthen and build your back using only a resistance band? Take a resistance band and hold it about chest high straight in front of you grip about shoulder width apart, band taught but not stretched and elbows slightly bent (don’t lock them out) Now in a smooth motion stretch the band moving arms and hands outward to form a T. The stretched band should come toward or touch chest. Try to use your back and not your arms to stretch the band. Imagine trying to touch your shoulder blades together at the end making sure you are not overly bending your elbows and putting more work on arms than back. Think of it as a straight arm clapping motion with arms and hands chest height. Too tough? grip the band wider than shoulder width for less resistance, too easy grip the band closer. I use these as a finisher for back day usually 3 sets of 20 reps, as you can see it’s a great way to really squeeze and activate those back muscles. Give them a try and let me know what you think!


I am interested in people who are on top and how they stay on top. In a vague way, it’s a bit like athletes and how they stay on top of their game. You know, I always root for the older athlete. I root for the second album. I root for solo careers after the rock star breaks the band apart. I’ve become more interested in second and third acts, and a lot less interested in that splashy debut. For me, the most interesting thing is longevity and sustaining a career, because that’s what’s truly difficult.

Was last night real? I’ve been a Green Day fan since I was seven years old and heard the song ‘Waiting’. Instantly they became my favorite band. When American Idiot came out and I saw the video for 'Holiday’ was when I knew I wanted to play guitar. That moment I saw Billie Joe on the roof of the convertible was probably the moment. Every time I listen to the song I’ll even do the same gestures he does 😜 I first picked up a guitar in seventh grade. A cheap acoustic. The first song I learned was 'Good Riddance’. I didn’t even know how the strum properly. I starting taking lessons a year later and joined a small band my music shop put together. We only played Christmas shows. The band fell apart. I stopped playing for a while until my old teacher set up an open mic at a bar. I have an anxiety disorder and it was incredibly hard to get up there the first few times even though he was playing with me. I thank him now for that push. Ever since I heard Green Day it was my dream to play with them. I learned 'Jesus of Suburbia’ for that reason. For years I would have that dream and wake up knowing that it would never come true. After 14 years of being a fan there was hardly a chance I’d even see them live. My father was not the best. I actually don’t even talk to him. Green Day was the one constant thing I had growing up. Their music has taught me so much and helped me many times. I might not have had a father but I had them. Billie had became my father figure. The person I looked up to most in the world. So when I got my ticket last December for the pit I couldn’t believe it. I drove six hours for my birthday and camped out overnight to be barrier at the show. Instantly when Billie Mike and Tre walked on stage I just stared in shock and in tears. I was finally seeing them. During the second song I had a chance to point out a pin I was wearing that said it was my 21st birthday to Mike which he saw. This tour they were pulling people on for 'Knowledge’ which I was aware of so when they started playing not even asking for anyone yet I was jumping so much trying to get their attention. Once it was time for Billie to choose he went to the other side of the stage and it seemed like he was going to pull up some guy. Last minute though he walks up to me and says “you can play it? You sure? And it’s your 21st birthday?! Get up here.” I don’t even process it but the next second security is pulling me on stage and I cower in the corner until Billie holds out his arms for me. Seeing them was enough but being able to hug the man who has been through so much with me? There was no feeling like it. I played to the best of my ability. I didn’t let my anxiety stop me. I didn’t notice the people. It felt like a dream again…. was it? I think that’s why I wasn’t nervous. Because I had done it so many times and I knew it wasn’t real. It flies by and next Billie is taking a photo with me and giving me a guitar. I’m speechless. I scream, cry, jump and dance the rest of the show them still looking at me at some points. Yesterday was…a dream? I’m still not sure. The photos and videos say it’s real but right now I still don’t think I’ve processed it. I left the venue of 16,000 with people stopping to hug me and say happy birthday. Some even took photos with me. Being able to be so close to the band that has literally raised me? Words will never be enough to describe it. But Green Day I owe to you everything. All the choices in life that have brought me to where I am today can be traced back to you. Thank you from the bottom of my fucked up little heart. Rage and love. Rhianna

So more on Dexter Grif (season 15 episode 6 spoilers)

Remember back in season 10 when Doc was giving his speech on the good stuff that happened to everyone thanks to Project Freelancer and all adventures of the Reds and Blues? The only two people he hadn’t addressed had been Caboose – who lost Church, and Grif. It might have been because Grif got the, well, Grifshot. Or maybe because he never got what he truly wanted and… After now I think about that a lot.

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Things that the Bastille fandom seems to mostly agree on: 

-Dan’s dancing is terrible but we love it despite (or because of) that

-Will’s perpetual state of being “500% done with everyone’s shit” is something we can relate to

-Grip deserved better

-Dan has a truly beautiful, ethereal voice

-Charlie may not be an official member but he is part of the family and you can fight us if you think otherwise

-Woody is the mom friend of the band

-The Torn Apart video is our version of /b/. You’re probably having flashbacks to the first and only time you’ve seen it right now. I’m so sorry

-Kyle needs to have a solo he’s got the voice of an angel why has he not gotten one already

-The word ‘soon’ has lost all meaning

-Charlie is a precious smol bean that needs to be protected at all costs

-Bastille covers are the best covers

-But we don’t talk about Titanium

-Dan needs to be held

anonymous-user84  asked:

An s/o that gets extraTM pissy with Murdoc after he hurts 2-D one too many times and throws the fucking smackdown on Murdoc and it takes the entire band to pry them apart (mmmm drama)

A/N: im

  • You hum as you make your way into the kitchen, looking into the fridge as you find something to eat. You settle on a bowl of unfinished grapes you left in there yesterday and close the fridge door with a swing of your hips. 
  • You jump a little when you see 2D make his way into the kitchen, “Hey…” your voice trails off when you notice him clutching his arm in pain, “What’s wrong?”
  • “Erm,” he says laughing nervously, “Murdoc ju-” He jumps when you throw the glass bowl of grapes onto the floor, grapes and shards of glass spreading all across the tile. You storm out of the kitchen, leaving 2D afraid and confused.
  • “Looks like someone’s going to be an ORGAN DONOR before their 51st birthday, Murdoc N I C C A L S,” you shout, spotting your target in the living room.
  • He looks at you nonchalantly before ducking as a pot of cannabis comes flying towards him, hitting the wall instead. 2D appears behind you, shedding a silent tear as his beloved cannabis plant he’d been growing for months now lay on the floor, busted. and BLUE
  • He doesn’t even have time to pray before you lunge your entire body at Murdoc, knocking him off of the couch and onto the floor and the two of you engage in a squall similar to the altercations seen on Bad Girls Club.
  • “What the fuck is all the noise?” Russel says appearing behind 2D, Noodle peeking her head over his shoulder, “Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph…” Russel says crossing himself as he eyes the gruesome sight before him.
  • “Shouldn’t we do something?” 2D asks, stepping forward. Noodle’s hand on his chest stops him. “No,” she says, watching the two of you go at it, “Let them be.”
  • and that’s how Murdoc fucking died, the end.

lol this is all a joke please don’t fuck my wife pleASE

Headcanon: Sirius & Remus

Just some little things from their life together

  • They live together in a small apartment with just the bedroom next to living room with a small kitchen, and the bathroom
  • Sirius always says the kitchen is too small since it’s only two counters, the sink and the stove
  • Remus doesn’t care much about the kitchen but he insists on his little shelf with lots of different types of teas
  • Sirius cares too much. Since he’s the one usually cooking
  • Remus has no talent in cooking. He nearly burnt the kitchen when he tried to make pancakes. But he’s very good in baking cookies since he always helped his mom with it
  • Remus loves watching Sirius cooking
  • Sirius usually ties his hair to a bun when making their food but since he tends to scratch his head with the handle of the spoon, some streads of hair always get loose
  • Sirius loves the cookies Remus is baking. He does it with tea or chocolate or both.
  • Remus insisted to bring his beloved rug to the apartment. He had it in his room before and now it’s in their bedroom. Sirius hates it with passion since he’s always tripping over it
  • Remus has a good laugh everytime which makes Sirius furious. Once he hid the rug… and he wished he wouldn’t had done that
  • Remus tends to forget his mugs wherever he is. Most of the time there’s still cold tea inside
  • Sirius on the other hand scatters his hair bands in the apartment. When Remus is doing the house chores he finds at least five of them on the floor in every room
  • Sirius bought a little wolf figure and keeps it on his nightstand
  • Remus wanted to throw it away at first. Sirius bought another figure. A black dog. It’s now on Remus’ nightstand.
  • They both share a wardrobe. Sirius used a spell to make it bigger on the inside.
  • Sometimes when Remus takes one of his cardigans out of the wardrobe he can smell Sirius on it. First he though it was because they are sharing the wardrobe. But some tend to smell more like Sirius. Remus found out that Sirius is wearing them when he’s not home. There’s one that smells the most. It’s huge and even too big for Remus.
  • Sirius thinks Remus doesn’t know he wears them. But when Remus is not home he wears them and curls up on sofa, smelling Remus in the cardigans.
  • They smell like tea and chocolate, books, ink, warmth, nature and wilderness. Sirius loves that smell.
  • When Remus wears the cardigans Sirius wore before he smells Sirius on them. He smells like smoke of cigarettes and alcohol, leather, gasoline and dog.
  • When Sirius sees Remus in the cardigan he wore before he blushes and gets all nervous
  • Remus loves seeing that reaction on him. He sometimes hides his face in the cardigans and smells it
  • Sirius then blushes even more and most time he suggests to make some tea so he can flee to the kitchen counter and not look at Remus anymore
  • Remus likes to wind him up with those things but he feels exactly the same
  • Those moments when they brush their teeth, looking at each other in the mirror
  • When they sit down on the sofa and touch each other by accident before touching each other not so much by accident
  • The silence they enjoy together when sipping their tea
  • That feeling of finally being home after a long day

…maybe adding some more another time…


So, I’m in college.

My band first semester was 18 people, this semester it’s 14. Here are some stories.

- Today, before class, we were talking about twerking on one of the two poles in the back of the room.

My band director walked into this conversation.

“It’s not stripping, it’s exotic dancing.” - Alto sax player

She just stared at us while we all died laughing.

- Playing at a basketball game.

Band director: *Holds up whiteboard with the words Tequila on it* I could use this right now.

Band: *Screaming* TEQUILA!

Percussionist: HARAMBE!

*Cue the band laughing and the director staring the percussionist down.*

- “Tappity tap tappity tap tap. That’s the technical term. I should know because I’m a percussionist.” - Band director

- Whacked myself in the face with a stand. My director gasped and the entire band went silent. This was in front of an audience at a basketball game.

- “I inflict pain on myself by doing 3 hours of math homework.” - Student

“That’s the least harmful thing you can do to yourself.” - Band director

- We were quoting Family Guy (in the voices) for five minutes straight… We had a concert in an hour.

- Two weeks before finals.

“Is it like a trend for all teachers to wear hats?” - Non band friend

*Looks down at shirt that says ‘No excuses. Pls.* “I don’t know…. I just wore this today because my hair looks bad. Also, it’s that time of the year.” - Band director

- *Band director uses five different curse words in a row*

- *Softly* “Oh fuck.” - Band director

- “So my apartment almost caught on fire yesterday….” - Band director

- “You should see this meme I shared.” - Band director

- During class

“In front of teachers, I don’t curse. But, elsewhere, I fling fucks and shits around.” - Alto Sax player

“YOU FLING SHIT?” - Trombone player

- “Wait, why does the say 'maniacal scream’?” - Tenor sax player

“We’re supposed to scream, but it just sounds like a bad porn movie when we do.” - Band director

“You just need to add some more grunts and moaning into it.” - Alto sax player

*Cue band dying laughing and ban director just loosing it.*

- Today in band

“Okay, make sure you can see me.” - Band director

“I can’t.” - 6ft Alto sax player who sits in the front row

- “Do you have a tuner, Kenny?” - Band director

“No.” - Kenny, clarinet player

“Did you delete it to make room for Pokemon go?” - Alto sax player

“Yes.” - Kenny

“Goddammit Kenny.” - Alto sax player

There’s probably more to come. This isn’t even half of the shenanigans that have happened.

Word Count: 866

Calum’s arms were folded across his chest as he stared at you, standing on the other side of the kitchen near the fridge, as far from you as he could be it seems.  His eye brows were furrowing together, creating one big angry eyebrow.  

“I don’t understand why that matters,” he taunts. his jaw jutting out as if he’s holding back words to say to you.  “We’re friends and I just liked her picture, not sure why you’re so mad.” 

“It matters because of who she is,” you mutter, your phone lying on the kitchen table, opened up on her instagram picture. Her face glared back at you, as if she knew when she posted it that calum would like it and she knew how much it would hurt you. “Shes your ex, I think I have a right to be a little pissed.” 

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it’s not a new realization, but it’s just as upsetting to see how split the clique is.

the clique is supposed to be a safe space that is comforting, supportive, and endlessly there for each other. and while a large majority do their absolute best to be that type of fan, at the same time so many don’t. there are so many that tear what this band means apart. they’ll be rude to others, send death threats, make fun of others’ artwork, harass josh & tyler by treating them as something that they “deserve” to touch, or cheat the concert systems and so on. it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see. the clique is supposed to be THE fanbase for support, yet we’re not and i can’t help but think about how much that must hurt tyler and josh and the crew. all they’re trying to do is give us new music – music that we can hold onto and use as a reason to create or a reason to stay. we owe it to them to be supportive of eachother, of non-fans, and of ourselves.

choose the plus side, please


On this day in music history: November 13, 2000 - “Lovers Rock”, the fifth album by Sade is released. Produced by Sade and Mike Pela, it is recorded at Deliverance Studios, Sarm Hook End Studios in London and El Cortijo Studios in San Pedro de Alcántara, Spain from September 1999 - August 2000. Despite scoring yet another multi-Platinum selling album with “Love Deluxe” in 1992, it is one of only two times that Sade are heard from during the 90’s. After releasing their first greatest hits package in 1994, the band begin their longest hiatus from the public eye yet. After a turbulent marriage to Spanish director Carlos Pliego which ends in divorce in 1995, Sade Adu begins another relationship with music producer Bob Morgan, giving birth to a daughter named Mickailia (aka “IIa”) in 1996. Taking time off to raise her child, the band do not begin work on a new album until the Fall of 1999. Refreshed from their extended time apart, band members Stuart Matthewman, Paul Spencer Denman and Andrew Hale have been active in the interim, recording an album under the moniker Sweetback, and Matthewman co-producing R&B singer Maxwell’s first two albums. Once back together in the studio, the band decide to try a different creative approach from their signature sound. Sade move away from the full band arrangements of their previous albums, toward more spare and acoustic guitar driven tracks. Having spent much of the 90’s living in Jamaica to escape the European tabloid press, Adu is inspired and influenced by the sounds of the Caribbean. The title “Lovers Rock” comes from the sub genre of reggae music that is notable for its romantic and sensual vibe, that Sade listened to growing up. Her ups and downs relationship wise also figure significantly in the overall mood and feeling of the album, most notably on the first single “By Your Side” (#75 Pop, #18 AC), the follow up “King Of Sorrow” (#101 R&B) and “Somebody Already Broke My Heart”.  Like their previous work, “Lovers Rock” receives a rapturous reception from fans when it is released in the Fall of the new millennium. In the US, the album is also issued with a bonus CD through big box chain store Target, featuring four previously unreleased live versions of “The Sweetest Taboo”, “Smooth Operator”, “Nothing Can Come Between Us” and “No Ordinary Love”, recorded during the Love Deluxe Tour. Sade also follow it with a world tour in 2001, which is then followed by a live concert video and album both titled “Lovers Live” released in 2002. “Lover’s Live” peaks at number three on the Billboard Top 200 and R&B album chart, and is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.