Reasons why everyone should Stan NU’EST’s Ren 

MC: “You are like a girl.”

 🐰::“Thank You very much

Thank You Mingi for tearing down Gender norms since the tender age of 16 ❤️

Are we a mistake?

que les puedo decir, llevo todo el día viendo  shoujos chicos xD , necesitaba sacar algo de la vena creativa :v (que bien sequita si esta </3)

y pues, aprovechemos el momento para mostrar las versiones Genderbend de de los bebos, sus nombres son Alexa (axel) y Aron (Amanda) 

les recuerdo chicos que esto no es canon en el au, pero debo admitir que es divertido dibujarlos juntos :3

espero les guste chicos

los amo mucho <3


messages from 2016′s nu’est to 2017′s nu’est + their achievements in 2017

(trans cr: NU’EST ENGSUBS)

“2017 was an unforgettable year for us, a year in which most of our wishes became reality, so we’re really thankful for our LOVEs for making our dreams happen! Just like how we received a lot in 2017, we hope that in 2018, we’ll be able to present better music and different sides of ourselves to everyone.” - JR


6 years with the strongest boys, the group that went through a lot and never gave up, the group that went on a survival show because of their company’s bad managment and gained many more fans. Thank you for always taking care of your fans and showing how much of a family you 5 are. Happy anniversary and let’s go for many more years together! 💘

JR dressed as squirtle and did a bugi Tour of all his birthday ads! 

This is so adorable. JR went around on a Tour to all his birthday ads to thank loves. He said he only did this to thank fans and none of it is filmed. The way he walks in the costume is seriously so cute lol. Well done for loves for keep a respectable distance and wishing him happy birthday!

(c- lovelee-eom)


JR and S.Coups in 2012 ‘Face’ Vs MAMA 2017- The iconic 95′ line Leaders

“The original Pledis Boys line up that was meant to debut together, split in two. Thus Seungcheol did not join NU’EST as planned, but went on to become the Leader of a successful 13-membered boy group SEVENTEEN. Unfortunately, fate was not kind to Jonghyun. NU’EST had failed. For many years he was considered a failure by himself in his company. His talent hidden in the shadows. His path was covered in thorns. He was proud of them, but he too wanted to stand on stage like his Juniors. But Jonghyun, whose heart was as kind as always, never gave up. He finally proved this year he is one of the best Leaders Kpop will ever know. Today, the two Leaders stood on stage as equals, as winners, re-united, and created a Legendary stage that will never be forgotten.