So today I took my first dose of accutane! as many of you know accutane is a kinda nasty (go look at the side effects…) steroid that you take as the last choice for trying to ‘cure’ acne. I’ve had hereditary, cystic acne since I was 8 years old and it’s been a real shitty long time of different antibiotics and useless shit to help it. so like I’m going to be recording my accutane ‘journey’ (lmao) on here to idk help people? and help myself actually because this might be a very hard 6 months! you CAN reblog this and do whatever because I want to spread the word and grab the attention of more babes with acne!!!!!

I’m at his [Brett Rattner’s] house and I sing the part, ‘People like you f**k people like me’ [from Samantha] and this little voice goes, ‘I’ll sing it.’ I’m like, ‘Who’s that?’ The voice goes, ‘It’s Mariah.’ I play the rough cut and she sings it, I wish to God that there had been a person with a recorder in the room.  I’m not in her universe and she’s not in mine.
—  Courtney Love on her first encounter with Mariah Carey, 2010
[TRANS/24P] 150326 BOYFRIEND Staff Diary Update | BOYFRIEND Fencing God! Shim!Hyun!Seong! Dream Team recording day

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It’s a STAFF DIARY upload after a while!
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Fen!cing!God! Shim!Hyun!Seong
The day when he made the record of 5:0, shall we take a look at that day together?







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150327 Shinhwa Sets Best Personal Record with 10 Music Program Trophies for ′Sniper′

With the 12th album title song, Sniper,Shinhwa set its best personal record for number one wins in 17 years since debut.

On March 26, Shinhwa won the number one trophy on Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN with its latest hit, Sniper. Not only did the group receive a M COUNTDOWNTriple Crown,′ Shinhwa also recorded a total of 10 trophies from music programs. Breaking its previous record of eight trophies with This Love, Shinhwa created yet another ′shinhwa′ (legend).

On March 11 at MBC Music′s Show Champion, Shinhwa gained its first trophy win with Sniper, followed by trophies from M COUNTDOWN on March 12, KBS′ Music Bank on March 13, MBC′s Music Core on March 14, and SBS′ Inkigayo on March 15. Shinhwa swept the trophies on regular broadcast and cable music programs, taking five trophies in the second week of March.

The wins continued with Show Champion on March 18, M COUNTDOWN on March 19, MBC′s Music Core on March 21, and Inkigayo on March 22, breaking its previous record of eight trophies from This Love and receiving the most wins in its career history with Sniper.  

With the win on  M COUNTDOWN on March 26, Shinhwa was able to achieve the ′Triple Crown′ title, winning on M COUNTDOWN for three weeks straight.
Especially during its 2015 Shinhwa 17th Anniversary Concert ′WE′, which was held on March 21 and 22 at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Hall, Shinhwa received the Inkigayo trophy in the stadium on March 22, giving a deep bow and thanking all the fans.

Shincom Entertainment stated, “Because Sniper created the best record of 10 trophy wins on music programs, we believe that the 12th album will remain in our memories as one of the most meaningful albums ever. We sincerely thank all the fans for always sending unchanging love and support to Shinhwa and we will do our best to put on the greatest performances on the few remaining performances to pay everything back. Shinhwa is planning on meeting many fans overseas with the Asia tour concerts starting May, so please look forward to and send lots of support to Shinhwa′s Asia tour."

Shinhwa will wrap up activities after performing on Music Bank on  March 27 and Inkigayo on March 29.

Photo Credit: Mnet, Shincom Entertainment
Source: Mwave

Packing for tour!

It’s weird seeing all of my things in boxes. I’m taking pretty much my whole room with me. I start recording my album in a studio they set up right here in Lima for me. I have the best team ever!

Charles isn’t “A”

Considering Marlene King’s track record for trolling the fans, I’m really surprised that anyone believes this, but because I know there are bound to be some people who do- I at least want to mention why the whole idea just doesn’t make sense no matter how you look at it. 

First of all, I’d like to remind everyone that we don’t even know for sure if the guy in the mask they meet in the prom set-up is the same as the boy in the video clip. It’s a common mystery tactic to throw two things or people together like that, and then come at the audience from the sidelines with the interpretations they never thought of because they were sure they already had the answer. Remember back in Season One, where “A” has a grand old time with that video tape- showing the girls only snippets of the video and using it to drive them into paranoia? We only saw a few seconds of a video. What if the camera footage kept rolling and we saw that the other boy in that clip got hit by a car and died? Or went home to his family because he and Jason are not actually siblings? Mrs. D might only have been talking to one of the two boys there- after all, only one of them gave her a kiss. Those things are all possible, so keep that in mind. 

Now, even if the guy in the mask is Charles DiLaurentis, and Charles DiLaurentis is Jason’s brother, why would “A” reveal themselves like that? We’re talking about a person who has seriously injured people to keep themselves anonymous. Yet, I’m expected to believe that “A” left their first name in scrambled up letters just for Spencer to solve and put a video clip in a room that would directly lead to their identity? Does that sound like “A” to you? Does it sound like “A” to stick themselves in the center of a room filled with people who could easily expose or injure them- leave themselves completely outnumbered- with no weapons or devices whatsoever that we could see and no one around for back-up? Not to mention that this person had this entire dollhouse built just to play with these girls, only to follow Spencer (versus fixing the generator) and then back away as they were escaping. Yes, you could make the argument that he knew there was an electric fence outside and they weren’t going to get very far, but I’d expect someone who punishes their “dolls” by starving them and playing the funeral sounds of their families and friends mourning them for days until they’re satisfied to be angrier that they were duped and these girls were making an escape attempt. Furthermore, if he’s in the prom room while the girls are having prom, then who is moving the cameras, playing the chimes, and giving the commands? How will they know when prom is over? Yes, at the end of the episode they do find a sort of control room filled with cameras that’s completely empty, but I find it easier to believe that this room was meant as a distraction or maybe even a back-up control room to the main control room than that “random guy behind a mask is ‘A.’” 

I read a theory earlier today that almost convinced me that Charles DiLaurentis could be “A” by tying his character together with Bethany Young (and also CeCe Drake). It’s a pretty well-written theory you can easily find on Youtube. But it still doesn’t tie everything together. You don’t get multiple personalities just from being jealous of your sister, it’s a condition that’s caused by repeated abuse- most often sexual abuse. What’s more likely is Borderline Personality Disorder, which mimics multiple personalities in pathology but has been known to be triggered by all forms of parental abuse, emotional neglect, and sometimes even shows up idiopathically. In either case, Charles was likely being abused. That isn’t my big gripe with it, though. This theory supposed that Alison’s broken arm that never healed right was caused by Charles injuring or hurting her, and that he was sent to Radley (indefinitely?) for this. However, as someone who has been Baker Acted and is studying psychology- the longest he’d have spent institutionalized would have been a three day hold. Typically, a young child wouldn’t be kept any longer than that. You don’t just throw a kid into a psych house indefinitely. Now, if he was being physically abused, there’s a possibility that child protective services got involved and placed Charles in foster care. He would, most likely, have been moved far from his parents (for his own protection) and let to live in peace. If this happened, though, the other children would normally have been removed from the home as well. And even if the mother could keep the children, the father wouldn’t be allowed near them- except, in some cases, for visitation- it depends on the specifics. And this would have gone on for a while until the father was allowed around on a regular basis whenever he pleased again. A matter of months, at least, and that’s AFTER the children were placed in temporary foster care for the mother to be investigated. This would not have been an easy thing to cover up. The only possibility I can see for this is that, with all of the turmoil centering in on Charles and his gender identity, Mrs. Di dropped him off at Radley. If Radley was a sponsored “safe place,” I believe this would have been legal- however, if a child is dropped off at a “safe place” the state takes custody and he would have ended up in foster care anyways. In other words, she would have had no idea of his whereabouts and would not have been able to send him clothing or Christmas gifts. While I can accept that Charles DiLaurentis was perhaps mentally ill in some way that required intensive, long-term care, and that perhaps he was truly a transgender under the pseudonym Bethany Young, I really don’t think he’s “A” and I don’t think he’s CeCe Drake, either. I mean…even if he somehow had multiple personalities (which, I’ve already said, is doubtful), your personalities don’t change the way you look and if you look at CeCe’s physique versus the guy behind the mask you see two very different body types. They don’t look remotely similar. On top of that is the whole idea of resources and street cred. Where in the hell is a boy who’s lived in a mental institution all his life going to get that? Even if he somehow managed to get his hands on the money and materials, where is he going to sniff out all these secrets? The “A” business requires a functioning team to gather and report information. And we all know how miserably Lucas was mocked for being a “hermaphrodite.” Where is “A” going to get the street cred and social knowledge needed to be able to manipulate people like they do if they’ve spent their entire lives being holed in in a psych house? 

What’s more likely is that Charles DiLaurentis was, in fact, given up to the state. He went into foster care. If the person we see behind the mask is actually a guy, we can assume they didn’t get a sex re-assignment surgery. In fact, Charles DiLaurentis may or may not have anything to do with Bethany Young (there are a million ways to interpret the clues in this episode, I assure you), but the notion at least makes a convincing motive for them to have to give up a child. He later moved back or was tracked down by “A” and started looking for Alison by writing those ads with fake phone numbers (maybe influenced by “A?”). Truthfully, if Charles DiLaurentis is who he appears to be, he’s most likely Varjak in my mind rather than “A” himself- picking Alison’s fake last name to clue her in that they’re related. When Marlene King says that “Without a doubt, Charles is A” she could be telling a direct lie…or she could be telling us that Charles is an actor playing the part of “A”. I prefer the latter. I also think that “Charles” was only the answer to one riddle. This was Spencer’s game- to unscramble the name “Charles” from the blocks in her bedroom. That Charles DiLaurentis video was one of five prizes that exist to five different games in this dollhouse, and these girls won’t get out until they solve them all. Charles is really just the beginning; don’t think of him as the ending. 

Keep thinking! I hope to see more theories soon that don’t involve Charles being A.


[ENG SUB] 150322 <Oh My God> Recording - BTS


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Capítulo 20 – Aos pedaços.

Música: Big girl don´t cry - Fergie.

Juliana sentiu-se totalmente perdida quando ultrapassou o portão e sentiu o vento frio castigas seu rosto molhado. Ela sentiu-se sufocar um pouco, enquanto caminhava sem saber pra onde. Em que direção seguir? Para onde ir?

Ela não tinha mais ninguém. Ela não tinha família, recordou-se disso. Recorrer a quem? A única coisa que era dela naquele momento era um coração quebrado em alguns pedaços. Ela não sabia que doía tanto assim.

Juliana andou sem direção, sem destino, mas quando seus pés tocaram uma calçada conhecida, ela olhou imediatamente para cima vendo sua antiga casa. O portão estava aberto e a loira não pensou, só entrou.

Ela estremeceu quando entrou no local passo por passo, analisando cuidadosamente cada canto. Tudo estava revirado, exatamente como ela e sua família haviam deixado quando saíram fugindo. Uma fuga que trouxera as piores consequências, uma fuga que até hoje era uma incógnita em sua cabeça.

Meses que não pisara ali e nada tinha mais cor. Lembrou-se da mãe, do pai, dos irmãos… Se não estivesse louca, podia até mesmo sentir o cheiro de saudades. Crescera ali.

E então, percebeu que nada fazia mais sentido.

Entrou em seu quarto, no dos seus pais, dos seus irmãos… Parecia até mentira que eles haviam lhe deixado e ela chorou observando tudo minuciosamente. E por mais que se sentisse segura e bem ali, não podia ficar. Estar naquela casa lhe trazia boas lembranças, mas também lhe lembrava de que não tinha mais ninguém, além de estar perto de Rodrigo, na mesma cidade pelo menos. 

Precisava fugir. Ir para longe.

Fuçou as coisas do pai à procura da senha do cofre e a encontrou. Não havia muita coisa ali dentro, mas ela retirou tudo o que podia. Foi até seu antigo quarto, recolhendo algumas roupas que haviam ficado quando foram embora, pois na cabeça dela naquela época, voltariam dentro de no máximo um mês. Doce ilusão.

Juliana olhava para trás, analisando aquela que ela era agora e comparando-a com a antiga e ingênua, e naquele momento pareciam duas pessoas totalmente diferentes.

Com duas mochilas, uma nas costas e outra nas mãos, Juliana olhou para o centro da sala e suspirou, despedindo-se da sua vida e disposta a encarar a nova fase que se iniciaria a partir daquele momento. Fechou a porta e finalmente saiu da propriedade.

— Vai ficar tudo bem! – sussurrou para si mesma, enquanto caminhava em direção ao ponto de táxi que havia ali perto.

Ela foi em direção ao aeroporto, disposta a ir para o mais longe que pudesse. Procurou um voo na classe econômica e que fosse o mais próximo de horário e o mais distante de quilômetros, seu próximo destino era Seattle.

Quando ela sentiu o avião decolar, chorou mais uma vez. Podia sentir seus olhos sensíveis devido a tanto choro. Ela não tinha outra situação com a qual comparar o que estava sentindo naquele momento, parecia que estava pouco a pouco esvaziando, como se não se pertencesse mais. E ela desejou que Rodrigo tivesse realmente lhe matado naquele dia, porque de certo doeria menos do que agora.

E por mais que estivesse magoada, ela se perguntava o porque ele não lhe quisera, o quão masoquista e insano pode ser isso? Juliana chegou a pensar que ele pudesse estar apaixonado por ela também, ela sentira isso. Mas… Foi tudo uma mentira, uma brincadeira.

A loira adormeceu em algum momento de seus pensamentos e acordou horas depois no pouso naquela cidade desconhecida, onde começaria uma nova vida. Nunca esteve nos planos da loira perdê-lo, mas precisava acostumar-se aquela ideia.

Ele não a queria, e isso era motivo suficiente para ela ter ido embora.

Ela não sentia que podia ou tinha forças, mas precisava arranjar de algum canto para que pudesse seguir em frente. Precisava porque por mais que naquele momento ela não quisesse, estava viva, e este parecia ser um bom motivo.

— Você consegue. – ela sussurrou para si mesma, pegando um taxi. – Você consegue.

— Para onde senhorita? – o motorista perguntou.

— O senhor conhece algum lugar que tenha apartamentos com um preço em conta para alugar? Eu não me importo aonde seja.

— Sim senhorita. – o homem disse. – Você deu sorte, meu cunhado aluga apartamentos. O bairro não é muito bom, mas pelo menos os apartamentos são bem conservados, acho que ele pode ter algum para você. – o homem disse, colocando o carro para andar.

— Ótimo. Me leve para lá.

Ele só assentiu.

E Juliana pensou, sorte? Talvez fosse apenas Deus tendo um pouco de piedade dela. O que quer que fosse, ela agarraria. Sua vida teria um jeito e ela seguiria, firmemente, em frente.

Próxima tarefa: esquecer Rodrigo.

E sua primeira providencia era parar de chorar por ele, para o seu bem, para proteger o que restara de seu coração. Precisava parar de chorar para ficar em paz, porque as lágrimas não diminuam sua dor. Precisava parar de chorar porque ela era uma menina grande, e meninas grandes não choram. Estava sim sentindo falta dele, sentira desde o momento em que pisara fora da sua casa, mas lidaria com isso. Ninguém nunca morreu de amor, não é mesmo?

Vai dar tudo certo, vai dar tudo certo, repetia-se olhando o caminho que o taxi fazia. Vai dar tudo certo, ela só precisava acreditar nisso.

E eu sentirei sua falta como uma criança sente a falta do seu cobertor, mas eu tenho que seguir em frente com a minha vida, chegou a hora de ser uma garota crescida e as garotas crescidas não choram. Não choram. Não choram.



Capítulo pequeno, mas foi o que deu para fazer hoje.

Besos, volto amanhã. Comentem minhas lindas! E obrigada por todo o carinho de sempre! <3

Rival Gangs, Assassinations, Fake Names, and Love

Chapter 1

Uh, so… yeah. My name is Tom Castle (Pronounced Caa-stelle). My “official” name is Syndicate, Tom Syndicate, or just Dick. (you won’t believe how often I get called that) I work for this really cool dude named Dianite. And he is sending me on this really cool mission that is also really dangerous! So I’m going to leave these recorded messages for posterity if I don’t come back…so here is the story of how all these shenanigans happened. 

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  • Passenger Seat
  • Growing Pains/Rat Patrol/Young At Heart

This is the first mix of my band’s first song. I might not even keep this up very long since they don’t know I’m posting this. We will be recording at least three more songs before coming to a final decision on the band name as well as making an official page. Enjoy! 

Ministry - I’m Falling - Alternative Mix (Unreleased Track From 1981) from “Twelve Inch Singles - Expanded Edition” album (came out last fall from Cleopatra Records)

• A deluxe expanded reissue of the classic Wax Trax collection, featuring 9 bonus tracks covering the complete early 80’s output from Ministry on Wax Trax, including b-sides and tracks originally not released!
• Contains the previously unreleased track “Same Old Madness!”
Track Listing:


1. Every Day Is Halloween (12” Single / 1984)
2. Nature Of Love (12” Single / 1984)
3. All Day (12” Single / 1984)
4. Cold Life (12” Single / 1981)
5. Halloween - Remix (12” Single / 1984)
6. Nature Of Love - Cruelty Mix (12” Single / 1984)
7. All Day - Remix (Unreleased Track From 1984)
8. Cold Life Dub (12” Single / 1982)

1. Same Old Madness (Previously Unreleased Track From 1982)
2. Primental (12” Single / 1981)
3. I’m Falling (12” Single / 1981)
4. Nature Of Outtakes (12” Single / 1984)
5. I’m Falling - Alternative Mix (Unreleased Track From 1981)
6. Overkill (Unreleased Track From 1981)
7. He’s Angry (Unreleased Track From 1984)
8. Move - Original Mix (Unreleased Track From 1984)
9. Nature Of Love - Cruelty Mix B (Unreleased Track From 1984) [CD ONLY]

the only problem I have with zayn in the studio is he really emphasized on wanting to be a “normal 22 year old” man. if he doesn’t like fame, why is he recording again? maybe I’m missing something. but if he wanted to go solo he should have just said so instead…