…His way into your heart. Yep, this is my big secret announcement. Hulk Bear is officially available for sale :) Weighing in at 15 ounces of pure love and fluff, made with child safe eyes and nose, and with a full 13″ of height sitting down to cuddle up with, Hulk Bear wants just one thing: to love you very much.

Hulk Bear’s coloring will be slightly different in person because I made my sample/personal bear out of one material and then realized that I had roughly the same amount in a similar color but of a sweatshirt material instead of a cotton quilting material. So your Hulk Bear will be softer than mine ;) Once I run out of that material, I’ll be switching over to fleece for the body, the pants will still be made out of purple athletic stretch. Because come on, Bruce needs pants too!

Now available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/229652863/hulk-bear

Price: $35

U.S. First Class shipping: $4 (including the price of his box)

International shipping by negotiation.

Soon joining Hulk Bear is Captain Ameri-Bear wearing his SHIELD stealth armor.