The Alchemists’ Guild is opposite the Gamblers’ Guild. Usually. Sometimes it’s above it, or below it, or falling in bits around it.

The gamblers are occasionally asked why they continue to maintain an establishment opposite a Guild which accidentally blows up its Guild Hall every few months, and they say: ‘Did you read the sign on the door when you came in?’
—  Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms

[makes ugly whale noises at the cute] 😩


some wind down doodles from the past few days, all to varying degrees crossing over Mob Psycho 100 and Discworld, and most from the AU we’ve been discussing with @fireflysummers (read about it here and here)!! Featuring: more Mob bonding with swamp dragons, Reigen and headology, Small God Dimple, Teru - half elf and most prominent pupil of the Assassins Guild (at least until he encounters Mob during a test assignment aimed at a member of the Vimes’ family), and Reigen and Death of Discworld as drinking buddies.