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mom how do you think anime/ nonmanga reader fans will react to Erwin's badassery in the upcoming episodes? I really wish they wont omit anything that is Erwin related. I remember my brother (huge fan of Erwin also) lost it when he read manga. He was more depressed than I was when Erwin died.

Hopefully they’ll react like I did :) 

Erwin was a slow build for me. Prior to chapter 50, He wasn’t in my top ten. I feel like the early manga presented him without dimension and season one of the anime made him appear unusually cruel. 

We may not get beardwin in the hospital this season, but we will get Erwin freeing Eren and then collapsing on the wall. I think that will make people sit up and take notice of him if they haven’t already. I’m very happy with the anime’s presentation of Erwin thus far this season. I have to believe they’ll give his remaining moments the credit the deserve. Hopefully we’ll have lots of new Erwin fans by the end of this season.