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hi, so i've been checking up on the boys' twitter follow counts since 2012 and through the years they've usually gained between 5 and 20 thousand followers a day. - Most of the time Harry gains the most followers, followed by Niall and Louis in the bottom. It obviously varies but i've never seen Louis gain more than Harry and Niall. Anyway, i checked a week ago, and i checked again today and i noticed something quite interesting, yet not very surprising.(c)

© In the last week Harry has gained around 74K followers, Liam 66K and Niall gained 61K. The interesting part is that Louis has gained 112K which is way more than any of the others. In average, Harry, Liam and Niall have each gained 8-10K a day while Louis gained 16K followers a day – which is a huge difference. I guess my point of this is that their promo strategy for Louis obviously works, even though it’s far from ideal.


i sneeze extremely loud so this guy across the parking lot near the restaurant i was at heard me and yelled “bless you” from like a mile away. people like that make my day a thousand times better honestly

I am the girl that prefers black coffee over tea.I am the girl that chooses to speak less and observe more.I am the girl that finds relief in books,poetry,good music and sunsets.I am the girl that likes the silence.I am the girl that will always take care of you.I am the girl that falls in love a thousand times over a thousand things in only one day,but still loves you the most.I am the girl that will always care for you.I am the girl that chooses your happiness over her own.I am the girl that you can cut her throat,but she’d only apologize for bleeding on your shirt.But mostly,I am the girl that tries to understand you,and even if she doesn’t succeed,you should appreciate that someone considers you so important that at least tries to.

— /i am the girl you’d die for/

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yoyo, can i request written reaction for Jungkookie, Jimin and J-hope when their girlfriend flinch during argument because she thought they were going to hit her when they rise their hand?

Ooh, first reaction request! Thank you!


Jungkook would kind of just… stop. He’d be so surprised and shocked that he would kind of just clock out and fall totally silent. “Jagiya..” he’d say under his breath “I would never hurt you…” and wouldn’t be able to look her in the eye for a little while, not knowing quite sure how to handle the situation.


Jimin would also be completely shocked, but he’d recover a lot quicker than Kookie. He’d stop arguing that instant, pull her into a firm hug, and repeat “I love you.” a thousand times over. He’d constantly apologize throughout the day. He would later say “Y/N, I’m sorry I scared you.” and would be very careful to move smoothly around her from that point on.


Hobi would be surprised at first, but then would completely forget about whatever they were arguing about. He’d cup one hand on the back of her neck and put the other gently on her shoulder, look her in the eye and say “You know I could never hurt you, right? I want you to know that. Not my girl.” and would pull her in close to him, closing his eyes and kissing the top of her head.

~ Admin Mimi

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Canon era where people call Crutchie adorable and he's like "What? No! I'll fight you and your family a thousand times!!!!". Then one day he's talking with Davey and Davey says it offhandedly and all the other boys are like "Awwwww man, what's gonna happpen" and crutchie's like "Oh, gee, thanks!" and he's in a really good mood for the rest of the days and the other newsies are like "whhaaaa?"

it’s like

“hey dave, crutchie likes roses, u should get him some”


they think he’s gonna fight him

and they watch him give them to crtuchie and crutchie just kisses him and the boys are like “??? aw narts”

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Hello! I've seen your environment drawings, and I think they're amazing! Do you have some advice for someone who wants to get better at it?

Hello there!
Firstly, thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed them!

And as far as advice goes, I’m not super good at giving it when it comes to art, since I don’t like to pretend I know what I’m doing (cause I don’t) But I’ll go over some approaches I take and some things I like to keep in mind.

Studies - as in painting or drawing an environment from life or a photographs, is the obvious starting point and good to do if you struggle with colors. I haven’t done this recently, but often I like to go to places and just take photographs with my phone and just keep them for reference of different times of day, lighting etc etc. I have thousands lol But this way I feel I draw the scene better if I have both a memory of experiencing it and a picture. That’s just how I work, but I find it improves the overall atmosphere of an image. Honestly pictures from the internet work just as well, but you will need to find free to use stock and credit obviously :> 

Thumbnails - square off a bunch of boxes on a page in your sketchbook or a blank canvas in any art program (or use templates, I like to find ones with cinematic 16x9 ratio because i feel comfortable working like that) And go in with a big brush and just do tiny compositions. Start in grayscale and work on organizing your values, negative space, etc, keep it loose and time yourself if you need to so you don’t overwork them. This can be seconds or minutes but I wouldn’t go over 10 minutes. It can be abstract or you can loosely construct a scene with them, whatever you like. You can take what you learn from these and do color block thumbnails but try to keep them just as simple.

Draw Stuff You’re Not Good At -  If there’s a part of drawing environments you’re not comfortable drawing I would draw that the most. Some things I plan to work on especially are cities/buildings/interior spaces. I am dead awful at those. If at all possible try and bring your sketchbook around with you and draw a bit of anything you see that looks like it would be hard to draw. You’ll see fast improvement if you do it at least a few times a week but obviously every day practice is the goal. I personally don’t do a lot of sketching while I’m out because I have focusing problems but I try to make up for this by taking my own pictures when possible.

Tips - Always have a foreground, middleground, and background and make the distinction clear. Be aware of the affect the atmosphere has on scattered light, such as the effects of Rayleigh Scattering. Things closest to the viewer will be more bright and saturated than things farther away. Starting with shapes and then ‘carving’ those into the object you want is easier than building it up from scratch. And I guess something I feel is important is learning to see the whole picture and getting it down on the canvas, the details will come more naturally and be more consistent that way.

I hope that helps somewhat! I’m no expert and far from professional but this stuff has helped me the most.

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Joly and bathroom :))


  • How does the character prepare in the morning?

Scrubs up, dresses in his carefully folded or hanging clothes, and heads out for coffee. if the weather’s nasty or he’s feeling lazy, just scrubs up and hangs around the house in shirtsleeves and has the porter bring coffee. 

  • Do they sing in the shower?

No shower, but he totally sings while he’s washing up in the morning! So it’s off-key singing mixed with blrblrblr noises when he’s scrubbing his face. And lots of splashing. 

  • What kind of hair product/make-up do they use?

A little hair oil, some pomade, a little Fuller’s Earth-type stuff for when he needs it instead of oil :P. And a really good comb. 

  • How clean is this character?

Super clean, given the time! He doesn’t quite have Dandy levels of scrupulous hygiene, but he washes up several times a day. 

  • Does the character have thousands of shampoo/shower gel bottles by the shower, or do they use only the bare essentials?

Soap, shaving soap (he doesn’t…actually need to shave. But hope is eternal!), oils and pomades for hair, powder to soak up sweat and all…he’s got a good amount of Fancyin’  Up gear. 

Miss Missing You

Band Member: Luke
Type: One Shot, Anon Request
Details: Based on Miss Missing You by Fall Out Boy

Don’t panic, you thought to yourself as you focused on taking deep breaths, not yet. You felt your whole body tensing, and dull ache had started to spread through your chest as you stared at your phone. He hadn’t replied for days. You must have called him a thousand times, and text him even more. But he didn’t want to know. As far as Luke was concerned, it would be better if he just forgot you existed.
You were so numb, the reality of his decision to leave not sinking in. It was someone else’s nightmare, and you promised yourself that it wasn’t worth worrying about. He’d change his mind, and come back to you.

Only he hadn’t yet.

You woke late every morning, rolling onto his cold side of the bed and feeling goose bumps rise on your skin. Shivers rushed down your spine as you started to realise that this was it. This was your life now. The love you’d felt for him had burned like flames in your heart, but it was time to let it go. It was the only way you’d be able to bring yourself back to life.


It had been difficult to overcome. You’d had so many plans for your future together; you had never humoured the thought that he might not feel the same. You’d sat in his car as you drove through quiet suburbs, music blaring and singing along together as loud as you could. He’d loved it, grinning at the disapproving faces of the mums as they carted their kids off to school. But you’d always dreamt of owning one of those houses one day. A perfect little home for the two of you, with room for a couple of little ones and a garden surrounded by a white picket fence. It was a complete cliché, but you wanted it. Luke was supposed to be your happy ending.

You’d imagined moving in day, hauling boxes from the truck, Luke scooping you up into his arms to ‘cross the threshold’ for the first time. He’d wake you up the next morning with breakfast in bed, served on paper plates with plastic forks because you hadn’t unpacked the cutlery yet. There would forever be that one last box left in the garage, and neither of you would know for sure what was inside it, but it would become an unwritten agreement to leave it there unpacked. You’d decorate it yourselves, Luke drafting in the guys and taking it very seriously until you flicked a paintbrush at him and started an all-out paint war.

Eventually you’d marry. You’d have two boys and a girl, and he’d joke that if you had another you’d be able to start ‘5 Seconds of Summer, Mark 2’. He’d play guitar to them in their cribs, softly strumming as he sang them to sleep with their favourite lullabies. He’d take them to music lessons because you insisted, even though he swore he could do a better job than some fancy pants instructor.
You’d throw big barbecue parties in the summer, the kids splashing in the pool as he swigged a couple of beers with the boys. At night, you’d cuddle up in bed, safe in each other’s arms.

You’d pictured those scenes over and over when he first left, clinging on to them in the hope that if you wished hard enough, they would still come true.
You still thought about it now and then, remembering how strong your longing had been for him, and almost missing it. He was such a strong, passionate part of your life that it felt wrong when you finally let him go. To allow the darkness that had grown and consumed you to fade away, and let the pain begin to heal.

He hadn’t made it easy for you. You’d wanted him to hurt you, to scream in your face and throw filthy words at you. You’d wanted to be angry at him, to make it easier to trash the love you’d shared and surrender it completely. But he’d walked away so quietly, blaming his fame, his schedule, his work. You knew it was more than that, that he was trying to spare your feelings and make a clean break. You felt his eyes burn into you as you tried to push him into a fight, but he never gave in. You wanted to hate him for it, but you knew deep down that even though he was leaving, he was still trying to save you.

It had been eight months before you next heard from him. Your phone had rang out at 2am, an inebriated Calum slurring down the phone to you. You’d lay in silence, listening to him as he spilled all the secrets he knew.
Luke was hurting. He would never tell you, but he needed you. He wanted the little house, the garden, the picket fence. But you were past it now. You were done with the begging, the torture of being cut out and ignored. You’d crawled out of the darkness and pieced yourself back together day by day, and you were stronger than you had ever been. You’d dreamt of spending the rest of your life with him, but now you had a different dream.
You’d talk to him, if he wanted. If it would make him feel better. But you would never give him the satisfaction of getting you back. You would always be the best he could never have.

Things Fifth Harmony is OBLIGATED to do by their contracts: record, pose for photoshoots, do concerts, do performances on tv shows/festivals/other events, arrive on time for their commitments, sign official products and meet the requirements of contracts with other organizations such as Barbie/Mattel etc.
Things you MUST do if you like their music: buy it, or stream it and watch music videos legally.
Things you aren’t responsible for: asking their song to play on radio, vote for them on award shows competitions, watch their music videos thousands times a day instead of living your own life.
Things that aren’t Fifth Harmony’s duty: touch fans on Meet & Greet pictures, stop for fans in their free times, show up at fan’s meeting and surprise them, follow fans, answer fans, do chats/Q+As/ustreams/twitcams when their team doesn’t demand it, have social media accounts at all.
Things that you can’t order them to do: stop/start hanging out with people you (don’t) like, give satisfaction about their personal lives, change the way their dress, the way they act, the way their music sounds or their dance moves are because you want them to.
Things that are beyond the girls control: solo distribuition, the final word on the creative proccess, the final word on the tracklist of their album, the venues and locations for their tours, their schedule, the performances booked for them.
Things you shouldn’t or/and definitely CANNOT tell them to do: download their work material ilegally, offend them, tell them to give orders to their bosses, collect personal and private photos without their consent and basically blame the girls for things beyond their control.

Fifth Harmony doesn’t ask anyone to request their songs, vote for them and watch music videos constantly and stop their studies or personal lives for it. They only ask you to support their job, which means paying for their music. That’s it. They deserve it, it is a job like any other else. They work for it and they deserve something in return. They are not here to raise kids, to give you full-time attention, to do chats all the time, to let people give orders about how they must deal with their lives and career.
Just like you don’t need to dedicate your full time to them, you can/should study, party, work and live your own life. So DON’T act like you have any right to give them orders just because you give them extra help by gift Worth It on iTunes. You don’t. You do it because you want to, not because they asked for it. They also don’t need to stop for every single fan, let fans touch, hug, kiss, grab them or anything and they still do it.
It’s not because you’re frustrated for some stuff that have happened that you have the right to be so abusive over them. Remember, it is Ally, Lauren, Normani, Dinah, Camila and that’s THEIR dream. THEIR career. Not yours. You may get upset, but you’ll never feel worse than themselves. Don’t say they don’t have goals, because nobody ever dreams of failing. If things we wished started happening just because of it, everybody would be succeed in every aspect of their lives. But it is not like that and the girls still have a long road to walk down. No musician has started with full attention and investment of their team/media. People don’t start selling millions, having worldwide stadium tours, winning Grammys and being millionaire with their first album altogether. By blaming and criticizing the girls for their struggles, you are expecting too much of them and abusive. What they can do and surely are doing is being the best professionals they can. Tell me when they have completely disappointed fans on a performance, have been disrespectful to fans, said harmful things, not stopped for fans? Can you count and send me the links?
If they didn’t have any goal in their career, they wouldn’t have auditioned to The X Factor, they wouldn’t have compromised to tour 10 times, they sacrifice so much of their time and relationships. If they wouldn’t serious and passionate about their music, it would be way simpler to just end it and have a normal life. They would all be able to spend more time with their siblings and relatives, watch them grow, be closer to their families and friends. They could go to college. They could live a life where thousands of people wouldn’t offend them because they wore a skirt or a dating someone.
Stop being so mean to them. If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it for yourself. They don’t ask you to do anything for them, but they always appreciate your help. But if you help them just for demanding things and throwing rocks when you don’t agree with something, then you don’t have a good intent and are not a fan at all. The girls get hate everyday, by many people without a valid reason. Through tough times the people who say they support them should stick to their words.

  • Mother Giselle:Faith may not have found you, but it has already found them.
  • Me:I believe in Dalish gods and have said this like a thousand times
  • Mother Giselle:perhaps one day you too will believe in a higher power of some sort
  • Me:I have vallaslin

i just got a new macbook and i’m so excited

i’ve decided that i’ve had a very stressful passed few months and i deserve nothing but to treat myself, so that’s what i’m doing.

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I just wanted to tell you that your fanfic about amelia telling owen he looked hot in his uniform was adorable. One of the best fanfics ever! Thanks for writing! Keep writing. You're awesome.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Messages like this always put a smile on my face and they’re greatly appreciated. You just made my day a thousand times better. You have no idea how much this means. I’ll absolutely keep writing. 

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Using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title, tag 15 blogs.

Artist: (guess who!)

Are you male or female? Material Girl

Describe yourself. Express yourself

How do you feel? Bittersweet

Describe where you currently live. Miles away

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Holiday 

What is your favorite form of transportation? Easy ride

Your best friend? He’s a man

You and your best friend are?  Guilty by association

Favorite time of day? On this night of a thousand stars

If your life was a TV show, what would the title be? I know it

What is life to you? Lucky star

Describe your relationship. I’d be surprisingly good for you

Your fear? Everybody

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Today is a big day for firsts
My first thousand, my first time having green hair and my first time having Haagen Dazs :D