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Can we have some Seven Suitors Kiki and Mitsuhide moments, especially pregnancy moments? I'm sure Mitsuhide is just the sweetest damn thing when he heard about the baby.

Today, there was nearly an international incident over violets.

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                                         ‘Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs,
                                     oh the hungering teeth, oh the entwined bodies.

Otayuri Headcanons

•Yuri likes to lay down atop his Beka’s chest and draw constellations in his freckles.
•When Yura’s tummy hurts, Otabek will lay between his legs and kiss it for hours.
•Otabek Altin has a perfect fucking V-line and Yuri CAN NOT HANDLE IT!!
•Otabek tells Yuri that he loves him a thousand times a day and a soft pink blush is always on Yuri’s cheeks because of it.
•Yuri sticks his cold hands under Beka’s shirt after practice.
•Yuri can’t watch a film if he’s in bed with Otabek. His boyfriend is just so comfy and warm. He can’t help falling asleep.
•When they shower together, Beka always washes Yuri’s hair. He loves the silky feeling of it between his fingers. When they’re all warm and dry, he likes to braid it.
• When Otabek’s little sister gets married, Yuri dances with her at her wedding.
•Yuri sleep curled up like lil kitty, laying on top of Otabek’s chest.
•Otabek has a sensitive spot where his neck meets his shoulder. Yuri takes every opportunity he has to kiss and bite at it.
•They are really snarky to each other when other people are around, but are the c u t e s t couple when left alone. Constant hugs, constant cheek/forehead/nose kisses, “I love you” every s i n g l e minute.
•Yuri stays itty bitty and smol. Whenever he hugs Beka, he kinda gets buried in his chest.
•Yuri steals Otabek’s sweatshirts to sleep in. They fit him like a nightgown and he always sleeps with the collar pressed to his nose when Beka is away.



Everyone go see it, and also read the book if you haven’t. It also has a sequel.

immm still not over the fact that rick has told us nero is controlling new york city by what is basically a mythical roman mob i’m??? having a crisis


Something drabbley for your day! Merry Christmas!


She watched his hands fidget as he paced the front hall of her home–their home, now. His was gone.

There was the looming reminder of Peeta’s loss every time either one of them attempted to open the front door. A reminder that so much of what Peeta once had was destroyed. It was a daily battle for him to see that door, knowing his home was in pieces on the other side.

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Fall in love a thousand times a day.

Fall in love with the man on the subway, the one who holds the door for you every morning, because you can never quite get ready on time. Fall in love with the girl in the grocery line, who dances in place, humming along to the music in her headphones, not caring who’s watching or judging. Fall in love with that intern at work, the one who brings coffee every morning, not to win people over, but just because they want to, because they like the way people smile. Fall in love with your best friend when you get back to your shared apartment and she asks about your day, actually listening when you tell her. Fall in love with the boy down the hall, who brought you cookies when you moved in and has never been anything but kind.

Fall in love with everyone and everything. Fall in love with people and cities and sunsets. Never be afraid to fall. There is infinite beauty in people and life, if only you choose to see it.
—  EMJ // Fall In Love

so i’ve hit 2.5k in a suprisingly short amount of time and i want to say that i love all of you so very much,, thank you for making me feel loved and wanted♡

and i wanted to do a little follow forever because,, why not?? (okay this is not little, sorry)

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Please Swifties: I desperately need your help to send this letter...


I know you probably get thousands upon thousands of messages and letters a day, but if you have time, it would mean the world to me if you could read this when you come back to Tumblr. Even if you don’t see this, if you don’t respond, at least I know these words are out there, and maybe these words will resonate with others. But first, I think I should introduce myself. My name is Sarah, I am eighteen, I study English Literature and I want to go into academia researching medieval literature. I’m oh so slightly introverted and shy (and wheat intolerant). I love the countryside and old things (especially Polaroid cameras and vinyl records- I don’t have one though), I love to bake, I love to read, I love to learn, I love to write. I’ve been listening to your music since I was ten years old, ever since I heard Love Story on the radio on the way to school. I didn’t stop dancing around to ‘Fearless’ for 6 months straight after my parents bought it for me. Then I Went out and bought ‘Taylor Swift’. Thus begins this magical saga.

'Fearless’ was the first time I realised the truth in your words “people haven’t always been there for me, but music has”, because I had a very odd passion for a ten year old, I loved to read and learn, I loved to be alone and write poetry. And people thought it was weird, I remember listening to your music, your first two albums and I saw myself. I saw my own insecurities and desires in 'Taylor Swift’, I felt like you knew what it was like to stand on your own, to take the high road. I saw my own romantic fairytales in 'Fearless’, I knew all too well the lessons learned. I remember when it felt like I was alone, I could feel close to you, like you could understand my ten year old self. I felt like you had rummaged through my journal and written them into 3:30 minute songs, The Outside, Tied Together With A Smile, Love Story, Breathe, White Horse, Change. Those are the songs I will always go back to when I’m having a tough day. I still remember how when I was twelve, I realised I didn’t fit in, even more so now that 'cliques’ were becoming a thing, I didn’t get invited to parties, I didn’t even have a clique. I would read at lunchtimes, I was ostracized because I didn’t like what everyone else wanted to love… And 'Speak Now’ showed up just in time. For the next one and a half years it was all I listened to, YOU were all I listened to. You gave me your shoulder to weather the storm. You were on my side, fighting my corner when I felt no one else was.

I remember when I was fifteen, the friends I had made at the start of upper school had drifted away from me, I had lost my grandfather to cancer. I felt so lost and so heartbroken, and like some miracle, there was 'Red’. And I remember I played that album for months when it came out, for what seemed like years when I fifteen. I would always start at 'All Too Well’. It’s one of my favorite songs…. I don’t know who got me out of that, maybe it was you, my family, I think it’s a bit of both. Let’s just say you both helped build the rungs to the ladder.

When I was 16, my relationship with my biological father (our relationship has always been strained because… nevermind) it wavered on the verge of falling apart, little did I know that two years later I would make the decision to part ways with him. I thought my life was over, I thought that I wasn’t strong enough to get through it and just like that, you did it again. 1989 came out. It was summer. It was strong. You had come alive, into your own. It showed me what I could be, if I let go of what I couldn’t change, what I could be if I believed in myself. Rather than my mirror, you became the person I wanted to be. You quite literally saved my life. 'Clean’ saved my life. 'I Know Places’ saved my life. Every. Single. Song. On. That. Album. Saved me. And I can never thank you enough for that. I remember going to see you in Hyde Park with my best friend and it was one of the best nights of my life. I came into my own. I came away with a confidence I hadn’t felt in months. I remember listening to that most magical clean speech with the desire to fight harder than ever.

I feel like you are a constant in my life now. I feel like, every time you release an album… It’s always in the nick of time to save me from disaster, or to help me through something, or to make me wanna get up and dance. And I will never stop thanking you for that. You have inspired me to love myself. To be confident. You have helped me become patient with others. You have made me stronger because you believed in me. You believed in me the way my Mum and Step-Dad do. You love me the way I love my three little sisters. You have embedded yourself into my life, and I haven’t even met you, in truth I don’t actually know that much about you… But I feel like I do. Is that weird? Thank you Taylor, for being here all this time. Thank you endlessly. I will never stop thanking you. And I will never stop loving you, and if I ever get the honor of meeting you one day I will tell you this myself. And yes I shall probably cry doing it.

I hope to God you hear this. I hope, through whatever means, that this finds you, it’s like a message in a bottle, right?

Love, Sarah :)