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Hi Kelli! So I know you don't read mpeg (nor do I and never will) but I was curious if you read abo fics with no mention of mpeg. (You might have answered that but I've never seen it.) I've read a couple and they seem interesting and/or unique but it's still a weird concept?

I’ve only read a few abo fics!!! It’s not a genre I tend to gravitate towards, preference wise.

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hey fran!! i’m sorry people are so shitty but i really hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! 💗💗💗

It’s okay I just spent the past four hours reading chonideno’s latest fic and I think my soul ascended nothing can ruin my mood right now I found nirvana in that fic my friend that’s what pure happiness and peace look like in written form god bless


“So there may be a Most Wanted poster of you at the station,” Stiles winced waiting for her reaction.

“Most Wanted like some young hot Deputy wants to take me to church in the back room of the station?” Fred didn’t stop twirling her hair around her finger while staring out the window, “Or Most Wanted like Papa Stilinski wants me in chains?”

“Why do both of those sound dirty?” Scott was blushing for her as Fred shrugged.


friendly reminder that 95% of the time i won’t read a fic with too much angst so if you’re a fic writer who writes a lot of angst i’m not ignoring your stuff because i hate it i just don’t like voluntarily being sad 

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I tend to stay away from canon bc I’m afraid to mess it up. But for the Big Bang, my mind settled on mafia!Dazai’s POV. I’m worried about how others will react to my story and whether or not I can pull off his character. Any simple advice for mafia!Dazai?

Hmmm, I think the quickest piece of advice would be to let his actions speak for himself. 

I’ve read a lot of stories where people try to rationalize his behavior in the mafia, and there’s definitely elements of his mindset that should be delved into and explored, but often when people try too hard to explain the why behind all of Dazai’s actions it’s at the cost of letting the horrible things he does have a stronger impact throughout the story. I guess this goes along with the old mantra of ‘show not tell’ which I’d argue isn’t a totality in writing, but I think it holds a big weight when characterizing mafia!Dazai.

Snow Day

@ironbubble heeeeeeeeeeeeey ;)

Happy birthday, you amazing wonderful person!!  To celebrate this great occasion (ie, you existing) I wrote this Jane/Callie/Roxy fic just for you!  I hope you like it <3

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