The girl in my dreams

This story was written for JONERYS APPRECIATION WEEK 2

DAY o4:  Prophecies and Dreams // Home and Family // The Long Night


Summary: Jon has dreams about a silver-haired girl as long as he can remember, and when he enters the throne room in Dragonstone he realizes he has found her.

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I woke up with the sunlight bathing my face. And from its position in the sky, I realized that I had slept until mid-morning. I couldn’t remember when it was the last time I had slept so much.

Maybe it was the rocking of the sea and the sound of the boat cutting through the waters that made me relax. The sea had been quite agitated since our departure from White Harbor, but not enough to prevent or delay our progress towards Dragonstone. And as we traveled south, we could see that winter had indeed come, and the cold wind was now our constant companion.

The bed was warm and comfortable and the memory of the dream I had just had still lingered in my mind. For the first time since I had returned from the dead, I had dreamed of her. With the silver-haired girl.

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no one told me i was going to find you

unexpected what you did to my heart

gendry x arya | anastasia au 

when con artist arya stark sees the notice for the reward for the safe return of the lost prince gendry baratheon, she knows she can find the perfect copy to pass off. she finds it in the form of gendry waters, a handsome blacksmith without a memory. she just has no clue he’s actually the lost prince. 


Sansa felt curiously light-headed. I am free. She could feel eyes upon her. I must not smile, she reminded herself. The queen had warned her; no matter what she felt inside, the face she showed the world must look distraught … I am free of Joffrey. I will not have to kiss him, nor give him my maidenhood, nor bear him children. Let Margaery Tyrell have all that, poor girl. 

Jonerys 1940’s AU. (Truthfully i don’t even know what this is my hand just got carried away with what started out as a simple sketch)

Don’t get too caught up in how OOC this all looks… i mean it is an AU. I’m just kind of rolling with your typical high class rich girl meets low class (bastard status) coal miner type of guy (aka: forbidden romance) story (a sort of Rose/Jack thing but in the 40’s). Anyways i’m weird. I’ll shut it now. 🤐


Ironstrange; Game of Thrones AU

Anthony Stark is Lord of Winterfell, a man of science but also of action, who likes to put into practice the science of the maesters for the art of war. Protector of his vassal houses and the North, famous for going into battle with a helmet that covers his entire face, he is a respected lord, but also with many enemies.

Stephen Tyrell, also known as “the Strange”, is Lord of Highgarden, a man who enjoys reading, falconry and gardening. After an accident with his hands, he went to the priestesses of the Lord of Light. Although the colors of his house are or and vert, he has been wearing a red cloak ever since and has learned the ways of the religion of R'hllor.

When the winter threatens to arrive, Anthony has to travel south to talk to Stephen, because The Reach is the richest area in resources. Together they must prepare the Seven Kingdoms for what is coming.

Neither of them imagined that their alliance would be complicated by the attraction they began to feel.