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My entire hands hurt.
@misterartist​‘s technomancer Karath’ractus and my necromancer Antonimyr, being fashionable drow mancers. May shade this later if I still have hands. There was an rp scene where the poor drow had some kinda fashion montage in Waterdeep or something.

The scene in silver linings playbook where pat gets angry at his book and throws it out the window is one of the most relatable scenes in cinematic history good day

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I’d be happy to oblige, providing a few rules of engagement are agreed upon.

My Favorite End Card Moments!

You guys asked for it, so here it is! I apologize that these are a bit blurry/grainy, since the videos were smaller the quality was lower. So, my favorite moments were…

When Patton was just very excited

When Logan smiled, just a little, at the thought of Virgil listening to audiobooks

Roman getting very excited about showing Logan his script

and that part where Watson just freaking DIES

Which Logan completely supports, and though the cover is ridiculous, he loves his present

When Roman is HYPED for his present from Patton

When, surprisingly, its pasta? But Roman appreciated it anyway. 

Because it was made with love <3

….and Kumin!

When Patton realized his secret santa is his dark strange son

When Patton looked ready to PHYSICALLY FIGHT Virgil

When Roman didn’t need a fork to eat pasta

When Virgil was the most majestic being I have ever seen in my life

When Patton tried his best… again (he was always more of a thrower than a catcher!)

Virgil’s present. It was just perfect, a beautiful parallel to Accepting Anxiety. And we learned Verge is pretty good at art!


When Patton loved his Dark Strange Son

When Virgil gave Patton a run for his title as the softest bean

But played it cool cuz he’s cool what? Feelings? Nah he’s cool

When Logan was content

And Princey loved his pasta… though some garlic bread would be nice

And Patton regained his title as the softest, purest bean

And it all ended with an accidental Dad Joke

Bonus: Some derps and a wild Thomas almost cracking up

Hope this is everything you guys wanted!!!! Sorry its so long, lots of lovely moments!!! <3

Here’s the first one: CLICK THIS

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