a hole is to dig

Interesting fact.

you are all aware that robbie rotten is doing the one thing that he doesn’t want anybody else to do, right


think about it. he’s setting up traps, digging holes, all manner of things that include some sort of lifting or pushing or pulling. dude gets more upper body strength than sportacus because of all this. so really, he’s just being hypocritical. (unless i missed a key point out)

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I'm laughing cause pootytoot-allogay responded to my post about how you don't need to be SGA and/or trans and that there's a + for a reason, and pa said "okay but there is no plus" and there is Literally No Way pa can negate my response without saying my non-cis non-het self is straight. Like. Way to dig yourself into a hole there, pootytoot.

“There’s no plus” then I guess you’re not welcome at any community that has a plus at the end there :)))))

Between the Lions

My heart yawns,

jaws stretching wide.

My soul yammers and

gnashes its fangs,

reaches with its

curving talons

reaches for an

emptiness like it’s own;

a kinsman to the gaping void behind  

it’s skeleton smile

or a heart full enough  

to gorge on, warm with

empathy joy and


yes, terror

in the face of

such a terrible creature so scantily fed with

meals putrid or


What will satisfy

such a craving?

Nothing less than



and so where is
the pure one
tied to the stake?
and so where is
the chosen one,
waiting with sword unsheathed?

Fire licks the fangs
open and waiting
They look inside with trepidation
clear in their eyes
in the furrow of their brows
and in the face of their stares

the beast is suddenly ashamed

of its excess

closes its jaws

and runs back to the

forest from which it sprang.

The chosen one loosens the ropes
and together they dig a hole
and together they build a fire
to keep them warm.

and in the forest, frost

grows on the fallen leaves.

It is silent, in the dark,

and the beast’s flames

grow ever higher.

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You inspired me to make music, but i don't know where to start. I did my research but i'' still burried in a hole trying to dig myself out.

This means the most to me. Whats the hole ur in?

Yoooo! I’ve finished my Christmas list this year, in order from least giftable to most giftable haha:

1. A 4.0 GPA (literally impossible at this point but oh man do I wish that I had a really good GPA)

2. Guaranteed acceptance to vet school (I’m still not close enough to apply yet but when that time comes, it would be nice. Unfortunately it’s gonna take some work to dig out of this academic hole I’m in)

3. A girlfriend? Lol

4. Or at least some kind of romantic or flirtatious attention from the opposite sex would be nice haha (maybe I need to work on myself for that though cause I’m not exactly smooth with that kinda thing irl)

5. A badass leather jacket (I’ve waited a few years to get one, finally found one I like online and they make it to your measurements, so I don’t have to worry about poor fit! Mostly for myself but may or may not help with #3 and #4)

6. Pokemon Sun

@kikismovingcastle actually more people have said that it was in fact translated correctly, it’s pretty widely known that’s what she said. Also you can defend her if you want but however you wanna look at it she was in the wrong to drop out. Her explanation on ig seemed more like she was trying to dig herself out the hole she put herself in lol.

Quickly in the Last Five Minutes of Break

Silence my heartbeat
Quickly into chests
Cavities digging holes

My ribcage is constricting
Breath squeezing

Thoughts like bees
A butterfly changing

Dancing to the flowers
A sting

Shoes heavy
Cold biting
Eyes weighted

Put me to bed
Or take me to it

(Finished just in time)

Tis the Season

The laziest Texas gardeners, in summer, are sleeping.  Summer is for staring at your garden and dreaming of all the changes you will make when it cools down. Now that it has, I have fallen straight into my annual garden madness.

I wake at dawn and put the kettle a pair of rubber gloves on and head out. The dogs are sleepy and confused. They behave as dog-like as they can in helping me dig holes and haul off stalks and branches, so many stalks and branches.

Fall is all about whacking everything back, moving and dividing large clumps of stuff and tucking things into the ground or the greenhouse. I can dig more holes before the coffee is made than anyone I have ever met including perhaps, my friend Casey, which is something.

I am a big fan of working one area at a time as completely as I can. Meaning once I am planted at a good messy spot and settle in to some deep reorganizational flow, I will start my daily fall clean up. I begin by shaking the seeds left on the tall dry stalks of any desirable flowers, collecting some if I want to spread the species around. I’ll cut back the stalks and while I am there I’ll weed and then cultivate the area around it, then throw a bunch of seeds in the newly cultivated space. In the fall the ground is moist again and you can really weed. I don’t bother weeding in the summer. If you can’t get the roots then you’re just exercising and I hate exercising.

In Texas the fall is dominated by a change in light. Sunsets become explosive and mid day sun is brighter than anywhere I know. This light seems to bounce off of everything low or high. Fall flowers seem more brilliant than the freshness of the spring flowers. Four pm becomes cocktail hour with my neighbor Jen and I. We will sit on the porch and wait for the sunset show.

feelings man..

I didn’t think it would come back, But I was wrong. I don’t know what to do now. I want things to be alright, and normal. But my mind is taking a different path. I don’t know what to say or do, to make sure I don’t dig myself into a deeper hole. I think its when time passed with us is when things started turning. Before that, nothing really came across my mind. Gosh, I could say a million things for you.  I want you to trust me, try it out, don’t be afraid. I could go all excited and pumped about you.  But I’m afraid. I’m afraid you would be weirded out by it or maybe scare you away…  It sucks now, looking back and seeing those opportunities appear, something should have happened on my part. As I’m writing this, many questions are popping up, uncertainty, and self reflection.  Did I do something wrong? why all of a sudden? What happened for real? What went wrong or whatever? There must be something..  I don’t know.. fuck..  

Sometimes you just need to type away how you feel in order to get things off your chest. Least this helped me a little bit..


you smell like the forest; the kind of forest I want to go to when nothing makes me feel comfortable anymore.
your wood-like smell makes me want to dig a hole into the ground until I get to the place where all the roots of every single tree meet and wind up creating a house where I can be safe. my own small heaven.
i am grateful for you making me feel something and making my life a tad less miserable.

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...I'm scarred for life. My dad came walking through the house with is sleep shirt tucked into his pajama pants while he had his pants pulled up under his armpits... and they were crammed up his nonexistent ass... excuse me while is go dig a hole and burry myself. 😵🤐🙅🏽

Wtf my dads an asshole, apparently your dad is full on ass