a hole is to dig

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e, k, m, o?

e – easiest person to talk to
i feel like i am lucky enough to be able to say that i have a lot of friends n people that i feel very comfortable talking to but I’m gonna have to say that @insuchawonderfulway is probably the easiest person i know to talk to :) she’s seriously such an amazing friend n go check her out as i love her to death n she’s pretty much always there for me even though we’ve only known each other since the beginning of this academic year

k – kissed someone
that shouldn’t even be a question for me

m – middle name
i dont really know how i feel about it but its louise

o – one wish
this is hard but probably for everyone to be happy - i know its cliche but pretty much everyone i know is going through a hard time at the moment n i would want to help them - I’m digging myself a hole; ill stop there

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sharp words dig messy holes through my skin and settle themselves in the crevices of my heart; i did not know either of us could be so cruel

and what a turning point, this hardening of eyes and this in out in out in out inoutinoutinout of my unsteady lungs

i on the verge of tears, a lesson in fragility, and you on the verge of who knows what

the entirety of our lives spent learning to breathe in sync with the earth and we’re still not sure how

my temper flares with every change of the wind, i do not know how to drown as gracefully as i would like, i am a portrait of mediocrity disguised as something more and all i want is for time to not trudge forward so aggressively

the harsh lines of your eyes give nothing away

sorry is hard when your throat clogs with stubborn deluded pride and you’re not sure who’s to blame anyway

i was never good at apologies and neither were you.

my chest aches and we take a step back to observe our handiwork:

a spiderweb of clashing hearts and words and emotions that slice their way through our bloodstreams and bleed out in angry dissonance

clutterclutterclutter and both of us too overwhelmed to do anything about the way the world turns blurry and tilted

tired and defeated but unwilling to ever back down



what a spectacular mess we’ve made.

-g.s. @lifeandotherphenomenons // this mess we make of our lives

Şanlıurfa, Home Of Abraham - 20170324

Şanlıurfa, perhaps better known in the old name of Edessa, is located between Euphrates and Tigris rivers, where some of the oldest human settlements and civilisations began. Due to its incredibly rich history, there are high number of excavation sites in the area, and it almost seems that every time someone digs a hole in Şanlıurfa, they find historical or prehistoric artifacts.

Mevlid-i Halil Mosque

Cave of Abraham, according to Jewish and Muslim tradition, is where biblical Abraham was born.

The legendary Pool of Sacred Fish (Balıklıgöl) where Abraham was thrown into the fire by King Nimrod. The story goes God saved Abraham by turning the spot into a pool and the fire turned into fish.

If you manage to feed the holy white fish (which I couldn’t see), your wish will come true.

Rizvaniye Vakfi Mosque

Urfa Castle, whose walls were built in 9th century.

At the top of the castle.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment is that I couldn’t visit Göbekli Tepe, the world’s oldest known temple, dated 10th millennium BC (ca 11,500 years ago), because it is currently closed to public. So I visited the second best thing - Şanlıurfa Meseum.

Urfa statue, the oldest man-sized statue in the world.

Some of the artifacts from Göbekli Tepe, and the Temple of Nevali Çori, both from Neolithic times.

A copy of one of the 23 temples in Göbekli Tepe

Every time I ask for a photo, Turkish people pose with a smile! :-D

Meet Sahid, a Syrian refugee, who came to Turkey when he was seventeen. That was six years ago. He told me he wants to go back home, but he thinks the war will not end anytime soon.

Back at the guesthouse. 20170324

(Scene: The Household Darke)

Alex: I did it. I ran a full 5k without having to stop.
Matt: Really?? Did you run run or just shuffle run.
(moment of silence)
Alex: (pouting) shuffle running IS running.
Matt: I’m sorry, I just meant that if you had run run I was going to be really impressed.
Alex: But because I shuffle ran you’re not? You should probably stop while you’re only 6 feet down in that hole you’re digging.

One large part of this sl that probably gets to me the most is, not necessarily the fact they have done this ‘cheating’ thing (i dont really like calling it that just yet), but the fact that there is this big question of ‘what the hell happens from here?’ which is made up of smaller questions like ‘does Aaron already know? What will he do when he finds out? Will they break up?’ etc. etc..  

All the answers to these questions are ones that will tell me how ED plan to dig themselves out of this hole. Because that’s what they have to do right? If they want robron to be this strong couple on the show then how are they suppose to do that with this thing hanging over them? For me though, i don’t fully trust ED to treat the fallout realistically (well, as realistic as it can be for the show).

For a shipper like me i think i can deal with most things- all the angst, the crappy sls they put them through- as long as there is relatively decent resolution. We saw it after they got back together in early 2016 where they mostly just drew a line under all the shit that happened before that. And as much as i would have liked more resolution, it was mostly acceptable because of the time that had past and the character development they went through.

This though, its too close to the happiness that they found and the development they underwent as a couple for me to believe anything less than a massive grown-up (that may be pushing it) way that deals with this, and not just talking about it a couple of times then shoving it under a rug. Its something that if it didn’t happen and i tried hard enough, i could probably ignore it, but there would always be this niggling feeling of how they don’t really deserve to be together because they didn’t really work for the seemingly relatively healthy relationship that they may end up portraying. Not that they don’t deserve it, they do, but they wouldn’t have really earned it from my perspective after current stuff.

That type of sl where they work through their problems may not be as dramatic as some other things they can cook up, but for me who cares about these characters it is still something that would be captivating and worth seeing. 

Anybody else notice how crazy most vegans on this website are?

Like they legitimately think they deserve a medal for being vegan and call people who eat animal products carnists. Also, before you reblog, I know for a fact that all you vegans are gonna reblog this post trying to defend yourselves. Don’t bother please, you’re just gonna end up digging yourselves into a bigger hole than you are now.

The more I think about this. The better I feel. Like you’re not driven by emotions. And I kinda really like that. There’s no complication. When I go all mental you just say “calm the fuck down. And stop being irrational.” Which helps so much hahaha like when I said “you avoid when I say I like you” and you say back “we both said we like each-other which we do. There’s no point brining that back when you’re like this” and I’m snapped back into reality. It’s like I’m digging deeper into the rabbit hole hyper focused. Muttering to myself. And she’s watching me. And once I get too deep. She pulls me back to the surface and I’m back to my normal state. I don’t think anyone I’m romantically interested in has ever been able to do that. It’s usually way too emotional. Way too many things unsaid. Too complicated. That’s not what I need, I need someone to ground the fuck outta me sometimes. To pull me back down, to help me take things less serious.

I don’t think I’m ever going to have a normal understanding of my sexuality I think I’m just going to dig a hole and bury myself inside of it. Find a great height and fall from it then when I land I’ll lie there for a few years

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oh my fucking god will you shut up in what fucking world does someone identifying with the idea of someone who literally committed fucking genocide and killed millions and millions of people in any way forgivable, ever, for literally ANY reason. like even besides them obviously being a troll like are you fucking serious? what is wrong with you? like just.. just stop dude. just shut up. youre digging yourself into a deep-ass hole just Dont defend anything related to goddamn nazis its not hard

When did I say what they did was ok? If someone is doing something that is problematic that stems from mental illness atleast give them one chance to fix it before trying to kill them. It’s obv. not the case anymore with this instance but I’ve seen too many mentally ill people with trouble grasping social concepts being instantly and harshly punished for something they had no idea existed in the first place