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High Horoscopes | Aug. 31, 2016

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Your sign’s namesake Ares, among other things, is the Greek god of War; this doesn’t make you warlike, but I would venture that you are susceptible to difficulties that are extreme in nature—highs and lows, as is war to the soldier. To survive the trenches a warrior must feel the intense joy before the pain, in order to have remembrance of a life worth fighting for. This M.O. becomes an albatross when the highs lose their sparkle.  Your inner soldier is due for leave and major PTSD counseling.  While you are in battle, don’t lose your focus—keep your goal firmly in sight, but put in your transfer request and dig a deep hole until it comes through. Strain recommendation: Lavender


You often remind me of Zeus, the father of the gods. He’s like The Godfather to the mobs made of his unruly children. This flawed grand Pooh-Bah is a solid mass of passion, gravitas and charisma. Not insusceptible to foibles, he is a ruthless parent, a merciless punisher and a jealous lover. You share his grandeur and power, but wield it more carefully than he. I invite you to summon your inner Zeus and let the prideful, ravenous, sexy, commanding mob boss out for the weekend. Take him out for a spin and see what happens. Strain recommendation: Great White Shark


The Roman god Janus had two faces, kind of like Gemini’s twins. One could see the past, and the other could see the future. You have the gift of prescience this week, and the clarity of perspective. To make the most of this magical time it would be best to summon the courage that comes with godliness. You must allow the light and the dark to hold the same space: for the contradictions to flow through you. Find peace with the paradoxes without falling into Cognitive Dissonance. Strain recommendation: Raspberry Kush


When Athens was looking for a patron deity they held a contest. Athena beat out Poseidon by offering the inhabitants the olive tree. Poseidon offered a spring of water, which turned out to be salty and therefore useless. Angered by the loss, he flooded part of the city. Are you summoning the revengeful wrath of a petty god? Are your peeled grapes a bit sour? Some deep breaths need to be taken, some soothing baths, and hopefully a beautiful human will bring you a nice warm pair of big boy pants with your cup of hot chocolate. Before your reputation turns from being the powerful god of the sea into the cartoon depiction of Neptune, father of Ariel the Little Mermaid, who dances with calypso-singing crabs, you need to toughen up and get your old wise man face on. Strain Recommendation: Cinderella 99


Hermes is the Greek god of many things, one of which is Transition. You can meditate on him as you pass through the many personas you inhabit this week. You are a changeling, a spirit without matter, a ghost—someone with no face. How rare is it to be able to choose your identity? This is the time to make the shifts and traverse the boundaries that have previously intimidated you. What are you going to explore with this newfound awareness and control? Which parts of you are worth amplifying, and which need muting? Where do you want to be when your cocoon breaks open? Strain recommendation: White Russian


I wonder if any of our recent Olympians made a sacrifice to Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory to stand atop the medal podium? If you were to practice for almost every waking moment of your life in order to participate in the most prestigious competition against the world’s best athletes while it was broadcast across the planet, wouldn’t you do everything you could imagine for even the slightest possible advantage? What you need to accomplish the impossible goal you have been working towards all these months is a bit of random faith in whatever help you can find along the way. It may seem ridiculous, but who knows where luck comes from? What have you got to lose? Strain recommendation: Blue Diesel


In Greek mythology, Hypnos is the personification of Sleep and Dreams. His brother is Death, and they live together in the Underworld. His parents are the Night and the Darkness. He can be helpful or tricky, but ultimately he cares for humans as he owns half of our lives. Hypnos is circling you, aware of your weariness. He’s been blowing sleep dust in your eyes, singing lullabies and tossing sheep at you, but nothing is stopping your relentless need to work! You are on overdrive. Please let him take you down to his darkened man cave for 40 winks and a good old-fashioned, tripped out dream or two; you need the quiet time. Strain recommendation: Mr. Nice


Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, crop and farming in general, was not one of the more rowdy Greek gods. She didn’t turn anyone into a disfigured creature or pretend to be an animal so as to have bestial relations. Her great act was to let the world starve until her abducted daughter, Persephone, was returned from the Underworld. You are similarly keen to keep the peace this week, unless someone takes something precious from you. Then hell be damned! Instead of offering you advice, I will offer your relations and colleagues some guidance; keep on this lady’s good side. Strain recommendation: Obama Kush


How flattering it must be to have your opinions so sought after!  The highest of esteem is held for judges and critics. You may learn a valuable lesson, however, from the story of the Greek God Apollo. He asked King Midas to judge a karaoke competition between Pan and himself. When Pan won, Apollo bestowed Midas with donkey ears. If you don’t want to be half an ass I would advise you to not let the prestige of the position blind you from the consequences of picking a winner. Strain recommendation: Kosher Kush


Even though Aphrodite was considered the greatest beauty among the gods, was the absolute symbol of love and pleasure, was fought for and sought after by almost the entirety of man and god kind; she was often jealous of Artemis – the virginal warrior of the hunt. It’s like Barbie being jealous of Dora the Explorer.  These two powerful goddesses were completely different, not at in competition or interested in the same things and yet their petty rivalry stopped them from what could have been the best buddy story of all time. If these two joined forces, they could have taken over Olympus. Don’t dismiss a potentially glorious collaborator out of misplaced envy. Strain recommendation: Blackberry


Chronos (Time) and Rhea (the Earth) gave birth to Hera, the goddess of women and marriage. She was the wife/sister of Zeus and as such, had to deal with not only his chronic philandering, but also that of the entire Greek Pantheon.  It must be hard to be the deity of a lost cause. I’m sure you can relate a bit this week. You’ve been working your peacock feathers off and still this cause is dead in the water. You must wonder why you were given this task if it was so doomed to begin with. Sometimes the worthy are given a guide to shepherd it to its demise, as a sign of respect. Try to take comfort in knowing it will be cared for until the end by someone who gives a damn. Strain recommendation: Candyland


Apparently Tyche and Nemesis look a lot alike. Tyche, the Greek Goddess of Luck, rarely comes when called, but likes to surprise mortals with good fortune from time to time. Nemesis is the goddess of retribution to those who display hubris. So if you aren’t modest and grateful, your lucky streak can quickly become a nightmare of bad juju before you even know it. Keep this in mind as you navigate the pitfalls and upswings of your week. A healthy dose of thankfulness can go a long way towards helping your vibes stay positive. Strain recommendation: Animal Cookies

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why does no one understand that talking on the phone gives me so much anxiety.. im literally shaking and crying because i had to make a call.. i hate this.. i hate myself.. why cant i be dead already.. im such a piece of shit waste of space.. i hate this.. i hate my body.. ill never save up enough money to get out of this shitty state.. might as well dig my hole now and crawl in…

Brussels tries to dig itself out of migration hole by REVOKING refugee residency

BRUSSELS is controversially attempting to dig itself out of its huge migration hole by bringing in proposals to forcibly send refugees home.

Eurocrats, speaking at the European Parliament today, have pushed forward bombshell plans to continuously evaluate the residency status of people who have been granted asylum in a landmark move to bring the migration crisis under control.

Other proposals include “harmonising” huge swathes of asylum policy as EU superstate dreamers bind all nations by the same set of rules. http://dlvr.it/M8nxfm

there was once this little scooby doo game on cartoon network’s website that involved occasionally being chased by pirate ghosts on a haunted beach, and you were supposed to dig a hole to trap them when they got to close

my solution was to just dig holes until the entire beach was holes 

they never got anywhere near me

I gave everything. I did everything. I was doing okay. I was until I wasn’t. You came back and I feel alive again it lasted for a month or two. Then its starting to get rough again and it just crashed again. All that was left of me was nothing, I am lost, I am fear, I am broken, I am none. I’m back at it again to the darkness that continues to dig a deep hole in my heart and as it lasts my heart will be left to nothingness and will no longer exist. As it disappear you just watched like nothing happend and turn around like it never existed.

The right tools. Imagine you have been placed blindfolded in a field. You are told that your job is to run around this field, but you can’t take the blindfold off. Unbeknownst to you, this field is filled with a variety of large holes. You are given only a tool bag and left to your own devices.

Inevitably, with time, you fall into a hole. While stuck at the bottom, you feel around inside your tool bag to see if there is anything in it that can help you find your way out. To your surprise, all your tool bag contains is a shovel.

So you dig and you dig and you dig. And you dig faster. But the hole isn’t getting smaller as you had hoped; it’s actually getting bigger. And bigger. And bigger.

So, you think to yourself, “Maybe I need a bigger shovel and I could really get myself out of this.”

But here’s the thing….shovels aren’t for getting out of holes – shovels make holes.

All of us do things that leave us feeling stuck, stagnant or that we are moving backwards rather than forward.

Often when we are trying to get ourselves out of a hole, such as depression or anxiety, we actually dig ourselves further and further into it. Out of our desperation, we quickly fall into believing everyone’s solution for getting out of the hole, only to be buried. This doesn’t mean that there is something fundamentally wrong with you, or that you are always going to do this.

But digging is futile. You’ve already tried all the obvious things. You’re smart. You’ve already done what makes sense to you. Yet you are still in the hole. Perhaps the things you’ve tried simply don’t work. Maybe these so called solutions are actually part of the problem.

Put down the shovel. Step back and put down your old strategies. Allow therapy to help you make room for new strategies and give you the gift of lifelong tools.

Tell me your story.



I hate you.

I hate the fact that I keep thinking I’m okay and getting better, and I am.

But I still can’t get that feeling of lonliness out from inside me. The feeling you put there when you told me you still loved your ex.

I know you fucked up. And I tell myself that if you were to show up on my doorstep tomorrow, I’d tell you to go to hell.

But the truth is I wouldn’t. Because love isn’t a feeling that disappears overnight or in the course of a week, no matter how much I hate you.

Please don’t come back. I won’t be able to handle it. When I told you I was still picking up the pieces from my last breakup, I meant it. And now there’s an even bigger mess.

I can’t have you digging a deeper hole.

I miss you.



UNSPKN part 15

Where Papyrus flares up again.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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Original fanfic - here

Ok people who understand Jin, I need help. What is Jin like when he’s on his own? What does he think about? What does he do? What’s he like when he’s only around strangers?

I think I mostly understand him when he’s interacting with people he’s familiar with him.

much as i hate to say it but i think killian had a feeling that he wasn’t going to be able to return to storybrooke during most of the underworld arc

but he knew that emma would never give up because he wouldn’t either if their positions were reversed which is why he had to let her go because he knows she’d spend forever finding a way to hold onto him

that’s why the elevator goodbye scene was so damn emotional. and the fact that they want what’s best for each other (killian to move on, emma to keep her walls down) even if they aren’t together shows how deep their love really is. they said the most selfless words possible which took so much strength and you could tell through their tears that they were barely holding it together 

fucking A+ to colin and jen and all the awards for this amazing scene it couldn’t have been more beautiful 

“reylo is beautiful because it shows forgiveness and redemption of a bad man :) uwu”

good fucking stereotype right there, the woman should be the one who forgives everything, even the worst things like violation of mind and a mass murder, she should please even the worst monster and show him “””compassion””” and “”true love”” while she receives absolutely nothing in return, maybe his occasional angry tantrums as he “””changes”””. Yeah, it’s really fucking beautiful especially when it’s “”just a fiction”” right? :)

hey so it is time for my first ever follow forever!!! technically, I am a little over the 400 limit (or this was rotting in my drafts) but it is still a pretty huge number for me and I would like to thank all the blogs that followed me !!! (side eyes porn blogs for contributing to the numbers) (…and crappy banner)

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