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If national parks had giant skeletons casually lying around like big rocks and old trees.

Being nonbinary is nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t have to be bursting with pride, ready to shout it from the rooftops if that’s just not who you are, but nor should you have to hide it, keep it tucked away. It’s a part of you, big or small, and you shouldn’t have to worry about life being complicated because of it, or what other people may think.

You do you. Be nonbinary. Pin the flag to your wall, or just whisper it to yourself in the middle of the night. Lead rallying cries for nonbinary support groups, or just reblog nb posts on tumblr. Be nonbinary, whatever and however that means for you.

Morning, Darlin’: A Hectic Week Part 2

Summary: Regardless of the events in “Morning, Darlin’”, Steve and Y/N haven’t spoken in ages. Unresolved issues and arguments lie bubbling on the surface, and it’s only a matter of time before the ticking time bomb goes off. The two are unknowingly and unwillingly forced to work together one more time, although the situation is a lot more dire this time around.

Part One

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Part Two

Monday, 18:47 PM

A few hours later, your journey took an abrupt pause. The car was silent apart from exhales and inhales, as well as the odd cough or sniff. Suddenly, a horrible clunking noise sounded from somewhere in the car, causing all of you to frown. The clunking didn’t stop, and Bucky decided to pull over before something bad happened.

You exited the car and walked to the front, where the three others were standing, bent over the opened hood. They seemed to be discussing something, but you didn’t feel the need to listen what they were talking about. Smoke poured out of the car, and you moved a few feet to avoid getting it in your face. A few minutes later, with thoughts clouding your mind, you snapped back into reality when their voices started to increase in volume. Sighing, you looked around and found a large rock a few metres to your right, and decided to sit down there and wait.

You looked around at your surroundings, but there wasn’t really much to see. Golden sand covered the sides of the road for miles, with the occasional cactus here and there. You quickly became bored, and decided to watch the guys do whatever they were doing. They were still arguing, and you sighed. Sam quickly raised his hands in surrender and turned around, trying to see where you’d gotten off to. He made his way towards you, shaking his head in annoyance.

“Scoot,” he said, and you moved over to give him room. He let out a large huff and crossed his arms, watching as Bucky and Steve continued to argue.

“What are they arguing over now?” you asked, exasperated.

“Who’s gonna get to be the man and fix the problem,” he replied, and you scoffed. Typical. Steve’s gestures were rigid and stiff, almost robot-like in precision, while Bucky was rubbing his temple in frustration. With one careless wave he seemed to have surrendered as well, and started walking to the boot of the car. Steve seemed happy enough as he leant over the car, inspecting its contents, while Bucky fetched the tool-box from the boot.

You watched as he started tinkering, trying to fix whatever had gone wrong. You quickly became very aware of the fact that every movement he made caused his muscles to become visible beneath his T-shirt, and you swallowed thickly at the sight. The heat and sweat didn’t help much either.

“You’re staring,” Sam remarked quietly, leaning over towards you as if to prevent anyone else from hearing, even though they were far away. You quickly averted your gaze and cleared your throat as discreetly as you could.

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Masquerade mari? Ps. I love ur art ;)

What is this mahoshojo nonsense 

Going to Wondercon tomorrow so have this smoke sketchbook lady in the meantime (I was testing out a new fountain pen I got and it’s pretty nice).


TFC-NET’S August 2017 creation event: .

↳  WEEK 2: Social Media

In which Andrew has a photography blog and Neil has an exy blog


Morning, Darlin’: A Hectic Week Part 4

Summary: Regardless of the events in “Morning, Darlin’”, Steve and Y/N haven’t spoken in ages. Unresolved issues and arguments lie bubbling on the surface, and it’s only a matter of time before the ticking time bomb goes off. The two are unknowingly and unwillingly forced to work together one more time, although the situation is a lot more dire this time around.

Part Three

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Part Four

Monday, 22:15 PM

“Uh, yeah?” he said, confused, not really sure what was going on. You doubted he could see you through the small crack in the door, so you covered your top half with your arm and kept your lower half hidden behind the wall as you pushed the door open. The second he saw you, his eyes widened, and he stood there for a few seconds, frozen still.

“I, uh… I forgot my towel, could you…?” you asked, trying to avoid his gaze as well as possible and pointing to the desk behind him. Your voice was soft, unnaturally so, trying to ease the tension between you. He was frozen for a few more seconds, before snapping out of it and looking away.

“Uh, sure.”

He turned around and grabbed the towel, before holding it out in your direction, keeping his eyes on the floor. After a few seconds, you cleared your throat.

“Could you… maybe… come a bit closer?” you asked.


“Steve, just look at me,” you said. He reluctantly looked up and handed you the towel, before walking off without saying anything. You sighed and went back inside to dry off.

22:19 PM

You exited a few minutes later to see him lying on the bed, watching TV. He didn’t seem to notice you, which was perfectly fine with you, to be honest. You didn’t really want to sit beside him, for obvious reasons, so you grabbed the book you had packed and sat down crosslegged on the cot Steve was due to sleep in.

You began to read, and it was silent for a few minutes. A chill ran down your bare arms, and you rubbed the skin to get rid of the goosebumps. Your hair was now cold due to the moisture, and you regretted not drying your hair earlier. You decided to brush it off and get back to your book, only to be disturbed by a hoodie being shoved in your face. You grabbed it and forced it away from your face, only to see him standing right beside you. He didn’t say anything, but his eyes were on you.

“That’s not-”

“Just take it, Y/N.”

You reluctantly took it and were about to put it on, when his fingers trailed gently through your hair.

“And dry your hair. You’ll catch a cold.”

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blue velvet –– mark lee.

⚬ pairing ⇁  mark lee x reader

⚬ genre ⇁ fluffy smut

⚬ warnings ⇁ fingering and dry humping

⚬ word count ⇁ 3.8 k

⚬ a/n: hey everyone i’ve been dead for like months but i’ve returned with some mark ish for you !! if ur uncomfortable with this type of content don’t read it y'all know the drill with that. anyways, hope you enjoy ily !!

“I’ve missed cuddling with you.”

Mark told you quietly feeling him smile against the back of your shoulder, his arms wrapping tightly around your torso. It’s been a hectic few weeks with Mark constantly rehearsing, he was either exhausted or too busy to spend any real time with you. It was also rare that the dorm was empty, he did live with eighteen boys, it was nearly impossible to get any alone time. You hummed quietly burying your face into his pillow, a sweet smile appearing on your lips.

“I’ve missed you.”

You muttered the sweet scent of his shampoo filling your senses as you buried your head further into his pillow. He slid his hands up your bare thighs smiling against your skin, resting his chin on your shoulder. “You’re wearing your ‘dick appointment’ shorts.” He teased wrapping his arm around your waist chuckling softly. You looked over your shoulder at him, scrunching your face up at him with a small scoff.

“I don’t have ‘dick appointment’ shorts.” You argued rolling over to face him resting a gentle hand on his hip. That was a complete lie. The royal blue velvet shorts that rested high on your thighs were in fact your ‘dick appointment’ shorts, they made your ass look incredible, and Mark was definitely a big fan of the shorts. You were also a big fan of the shorts not only because of  how much your boyfriend enjoyed them but because how comfortable they were. They were were a great pair of shorts.

“This isn’t even a dick appointment, you pervert.” You laughed playfully shoving his hip with a quiet laugh, your cheeks burning when you heard his harmonious laugh. “They’re very comfy. I wear them for me not for you, Mark Lee.” Mark rolled his eyes wrapping an arm around your waist smiling down at you, his hand rubbing up and down your spine soothingly as you threw one of  your legs over his hips pulling him closer. He sighed contently resting his forehead on yours, leaning down to press a soft kiss to your cheek.

“I’m just glad to be here with you. It’s been so long since we’ve gotten any alone time.” You felt your heart flutter at his sweet words. You couldn’t stop yourself from being one-hundred percent infatuated with your boyfriend, he was just so…adorable. Your hands skimmed up the back of his neck smiling softly as you tangled your hand into his brown locks, sighing quietly watching his eyes flutter shut when your nails dragged calmly on his scalp.

“You’re so sweet.” You whispered dragging your hand down to cup his cheek lovingly, he smiled down at you resting his hand on your hip. There was a comfortable silence, his thumb rubbing soft circles on your exposed thigh pressing a gentle kiss to the bridge of your nose making your face scrunch up with a small giggle. You ran a hand up and down his side, his white shirt getting caught on your fingers every once in a while. Your eyes slowly dropped down to his pink lips, they looked invitingly soft causing your stomach to twist anxiously.

Silently you bit your bottom lip leaning up smirking softly feeling your nose brush against his, he chuckled quietly watching you stare longingly at his lips. He met your lips half way smirking softly as he pressed his lips against yours, his nails digging into your thigh softly as your lips molded perfectly with his. His hand skimmed up your thigh to rest on your hip pulling you closer till your chest was pressed against his.

“I’ve missed kissing you.” He whispers against your lips, you hum in response parting your lips slightly feeling his hold on your hip tightening a bit.

Mark slowly leaned back in tilting his head a bit when he pressed his lips to yours, he moved his hand to rest at the bottom of your spine. You held tightly onto his shoulders, slowly beginning to move your lips against his. His lips were always sinfully soft and plush, he could taste your lipgloss which only encouraged him to further deepen the kiss. His hand trailed down to rest on your ass, suddenly grabbing harshly at the flesh causing you to gasp quietly. He took the opportunity to slide his tongue in your mouth, taking control almost immediately. He kissed you better than anyone else, his tongue tangling with yours before letting it touch the roof of your mouth. Your hand held tightly onto his bicep moaning quietly into his mouth, he rolled himself on top of you pulling away from your lips panting a little.

“Don’t stop.” You whined squeezing his biceps with a dramatic pout, he chuckled breathlessly resting his forehead on yours.

“I know you’re wearing the shorts, and I really appreciate them, but we can’t get too carried away.” He tells you breathlessly making your brows furrow in slight confusion, rubbing soft circles on his bicep.

“Why not? You know you want get carried away.” You mocked teasingly with a small giggle, wrapping your legs around his waist to pull his hips into yours making him bite his bottom lip harshly sighing quietly into the crook of your neck.

“The guys are going to be home any minute, baby. I don’t think we should risk it.”

You squinted up at the ceiling huffing with a small eye roll, letting out a frustrated groan turning your head towards him whining into his hair. He squeezed your waist softly pressing a gentle kiss under your jaw before pulling away, sitting up between your legs making you whine once again. Mark put his hands on your shorts sighing longingly, you could see the want in his eyes. Slowly you rested your hands on top of his, tilting your head to the side raising your brows up at him.

“You want to risk it.” You countered lacing your fingers with his smiling softly up at him. He huffed quietly looking down at you, tilting his head a little as he played with your fingers blindly.

“I’ll be quiet. I–”

“You’re never quiet.”

“I’ll try really hard.”

Mark gave you an unimpressed look sighing softly down at you, you squeezed his hands batting your eyelashes up at him. He groaned in defeat leaning down to press his lips to your neck causing you to moan out softly, you held tightly onto his shirt, biting your bottom lip as you felt a confident grin spread on your features. Your legs fell open further when you felt his tongue lap against the sensitive skin, you let out another quiet moan as you struggled to keep your breathing at bay.  His teeth grazed over the skin causing you to dig your nails into his bicep tilting your head the side trying to give him more room.

“God, please Mark.” You whined tugging at his shirt trying to get his attention causing him to groan softly craning his head up to collide your lips. He groaned into the kiss the grip on your hips became bruising, you bit his bottom lip softly trying to tempt him to go further. Mark let out a quiet moan making your stomach tighten, you pulled away catching your breath laughing softly. “You sound so hot when you moan.” you tell him causing him to blush softly making you giggle softly, he tangled his fingers with yours kissing your cheek smiling against your skin.

One hand untangled from yours to push your shirt up, exposing your stomach making you giggle softly. He leaned down to pepper wet kisses on your stomach, you could feel him smile against your skin making you laugh down at him weaving your fingers into his soft brown locks. He looked up at you chuckling quietly, “You gonna stay quiet, baby?” he smirked causing you to giggle excitedly before nodding.

“I’ll be so quiet like we’re in a library.” You teased laughing softly humming happily as he pulled your shorts down your thighs. He leaned back down pressing a kiss to the top of your thighs, kissing up to bite your hip playfully causing you to let out a soft shocked squeak your cheeks burning. He wasted no time taking off your shorts, shoving his hand into your underwear causing you to gasp quietly digging your nails into his back. He smirked leaning up to kiss up your neck as his slender fingers rubbed soft circles on your clit, you moaned quietly balling up his shirt in your fist whimpering softly as he applied more pressure to the sensitive bud.

You bucked up your hips up into his palm, biting down harshly on your bottom lip trying to keep quiet. “You feel good, baby?” he whispered pulling away from your neck to look down at you still smirking, you nodded quickly looking down to watch his fingers work slow circles into your clit. “More. More please.” you begged letting your head fall to the side with a soft whimper, feeling his long digits slide down your slick heat teasing your entrance.

Mark hummed quietly at your begging using his free hand to pull your panties down your thighs, watching you kick off the fabric groaning anxiously looking up at him with big needy eyes. “Mark.” You whispered giving him big hazy eyes, trying to pull him in further and it worked. Your boyfriend crashed his lips to yours moaning into your mouth, you took the opportunity to slide your tongue into his mouth. The kiss was wet and messy, his tongue exploring your mouth, his plush lips abusing yours deliciously. He used his free hand to hold your hip softly before pushing his middle finger inside you, you mewled out rather loudly into his mouth digging your nails into his bicep looking at him with a desperate eyes.

“You’re so needy.” He teased before shushing you with a small chuckle, pushing another finger into you watching your face his bruising lips parted slightly. His fingers moved at a slow rhythm his nose nudging softly at yours, biting his bottom lip feel you squirm a little. You whined softly into you mouth, trying to stay as quiet as you could which was growing harder by the second. You opened your mouth to tell him to go faster but the muffled sound of a door opening cut you off, you could hear a few muted voices fill the dorm making his fingers freeze his head snapping up.

With uneven breaths you tugged at his shirt trying to regain his attention, a desperate hand tangling in his brown hair to turn his attention back to you. “Is the door locked?” You questioned looking into his dilated pupils seeing him nod quickly, you tightened your grip on his shirt. “Then why did you stop?” You whispered leaning up to press your lips to his. The kiss was different then the ones you shared before, it was soft and loving, reassuring him it was going to be okay. He always needed reassurance, you were always glad to give it to him. You clenched around his fingers hoping it would encourage him to continue, moaning softly against his lips as you slowly wrapped your arms around him.

Slowly his fingers started moving again, the pace no longer soft and slow now fast and sloppy obviously trying to get the job done. You dug your nails into his arms looking up at your boyfriend, his free hand cupping your cheek his thumb tracing your bottom lip. “Curl your fingers, you know that makes me cum fast.” you coached him, he hummed in response with a quick nod doing as you instructed causing your back to arch up with a gasp. Your hips jerked forward a little bit, he kept his sloppy pace groaning gruffly at the wet sounds that filled his room.

You withered against him, you felt a fire begin to burn in your lower abdomen when his hand trailed down your body to rub quick circles on your clit. You closed your eyes tightly, digging your nails deeper into his arm, you could feel your orgasm inching closer as his fingers fucked harder into you. He pressed messy kisses along your jaw, groaning softly against your skin feeling you clench around his fingers. “I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” You cried out loudly, his hand quickly clamping firmly over your mouth, his name now muffled into his palm. Your body went tense, your vision was dotted with white at the explosive feeling consuming you.

Mark looked down at you watching you try to catch your breath, your hand dropped onto the bed sheets keeping your eyes shut, his hand slowly uncovering your lips with a smirk. “You good, babe?” he questioned leaning down to gently nudge your cheek with his nose, humming quietly as he pressed a gentle kiss to your temple. You nodded lazily with a weak smile, “Please take your fingers out of me.” you whispered with an airy laugh. He let out a small gasp nodding quickly with an embarrassed chuckle pulling his fingers out of you.

He wiped his glistening fingers on his sheets humming quietly as he politely handed your underwear, rubbing your thigh soothingly with a sweet smile. You hummed quietly turning to face him with a dopey smile, you pulled your underwear back up before opening your arms to him making him laugh softly. Mark rolled you on your side to wrap your arms around your waist with that cute giggle that made your heart stop, you tangled your legs with his smiling happily into his mattress.

“My hand is kind of cramping.”

He joked into your shoulder making you scoff playfully slapping his arm, your cheeks burning softly. Mark smiled sweetly against your skin, rubbing small circles on your bare thigh sighing quietly. The comfortable silence filled the room, it almost lulled you to sleep, but you turned towards him to rest your forehead on his. You let your fingers run up and down his spine smiling softly watching his eyes slowly shut, he looked so soft and at peace right now you couldn’t help but to look at him like he was your world.

“Are you hard?” You asked him with a small head tilt, watching him nod his head. “Of course I am, you look hot when you cum.” he chuckled with a casual shrug a sweet smile on his swollen lips. You raised your brows with a small smirk on your lips, looking down with a joyful hum as you played with the band of his sweatpants. “What do you think you’re doing?” He teased grabbing your wrists playfully, making you giggle softly looking up at him.

“I’m giving you a hand job. I’m gonna make you feel good.” You smiled trying to reach for his sweatpants again causing him to laugh again, keeping your hands away with a sweet smile. “You don’t have too. Just lay with me.” He whispered kissing your palm sweetly before placing your hand on his waist. You pouted but rested your head on his chest, looking down at the obvious bulge in his pants.

“Let me make you feel good.” You whispered into his collarbone, you felt the vibrations of his laugh run through your body. “You’re hard! Let me take care of you, Mark Lee!” You pouted giggling your hands pawing at his sweats, he laughed louder as he continued shoving your hands away trying to roll away from you.

You quickly climbed on top of him grabbing his wrist, playfully pinning his wrists above his head causing him to groan softly in defeat. There’s a brief pause, a brief second of silence, before Mark chuckled softly looking up at you raising his brows as if he was challenging you. “What are you going to do?” he taunted tilting his head up a little, biting his bottom lip subtly when he looks up at your flushed face.

You sat yourself down on his hips, releasing his wrists to sit up with a soft hum resting your hands on his chest. “You’re really hard. I can feel you on my thigh, my god Mark.” You teased smirking as you wiggled your hips against his. Your boyfriend hissed quietly watching your hips, his brows furrowing a little at the friction causing you to giggle at his expense.

“You’re an evil women.”

Mark whispers an adorable little smile stretching at his lips, you hummed in response raising your brows as you rolled your hips against his hard cock making him gasp quietly. You continued to grind against him, watching his eyes roll back and his lips part in awe but what you enjoyed watching the most was his hands. They were everywhere. They fisted at the sheets, they held tightly onto your hips, they dug into your thighs, they found their place covering his face for a minute.

You simply pulled his wrists away from his face pinning them by his side letting out a soft moan when you saw how wrecked he looked. Mark looked absolutely breathtaking like this, fucked out and he hadn’t even came yet. “God, your cock feels so good. You’re making me wet all over again, baby.” you whispered grinding deeper onto his clothed member, the shaky moan leaving his throat encouraging you to continue your hard yet slow movements.

“It feels so good, princess. God, I’ve missed you so much. You always make me feel so fucking good.”

His rambling and cursing was a sign he was close, his chest rising and falling quickly as he tried to control his breathing. You began moving your hips faster, digging your nails into his wrists at how good he felt against you even with layers of clothes between you two. “Ah fuck, Mark I think you’re gonna make me cum again.” You told him breathlessly as you pushed his wrists further into the mattress trying to stabilize yourself better. You hips worked fast, beginning to get uncoordinated when you felt your the tingling sensation build in your stomach again. Mark took note of how you were losing control, your hips dragging jerkily across his dick causing him to squeeze his eyes shut a trembling moan falling from his lips.

“Come on, ____ let me help you. I can do it, I’ll make you––”

You let go of his wrist to slap your hand over his mouth muffling the rest of his words. With his free hand he grabbed your hip trying to guide you, groaning quietly into your palm as your hips struggled to keep the quick pace you had started with. Mark groaned into your palm, digging his nails into your hip when you swiveled your hips against the rough fabric of his sweats.

You knitted your brows together when you scraped against his bulge just right, a loud whimper leaving your lips. “I wish you could fuck me. I know you’d feel so good inside me, oh fuck, you’re so–you feel so–oh god!” you stumbled, struggling to finish your sentence the pleasure becoming overwhelming. You moved your hand from his mouth, hearing him would give you that extra edge you needed to get off.

“I’m gonna fucking cum.” He whined squeezing his eyes shut, wiggling his wrist from your death grip to take both your hips into his hands making you move your hips to his liking. Your breath hitched when he jerked his hips up to yours, a symphonic moan leaving Mark’s bruising lips. He moved your hips into yours desperately, he breathed heavily through his nose a string of rough groans leaving his lips. You watched his face crumble his brows furrowing, his lips parting breathing growing shaky, shutting his eyes tightly when he groaned loudly throwing his head back his body stilling. Though his grip on your hips was bruising, he looked so beautiful when he cums, you missed his adorable face so much.

Your breath hitched a little when he jerked his hips up into yours, tugging softly on his shirt moaning quietly his head falling back down on his pillow breathing heavily. “I just came in my pants.” He blurts with a breathless laugh, his grip finally loosening resting softly on your thigh, drawing soft circles on your soft skin a dopey smile on his lips.

“That’s hot.” You teased catching your breath with a soft giggle, resting your hands on top of his smiling down at him. His cheeks lit up softly sitting up to press his lips to yours, he smiled into the kiss humming quietly before pulling away smiling softly nuzzling his nose against yours. “You came in your pants.” You laughed leaning up to press a kiss to his temple, resting your hand on the back of his neck adoring the rosy blush on his cheeks.

Mark quietly wrapped his arms around you waist, pulling your chest against his smiling against your collarbone. “I’ve missed you so much.” he whispered feeling you tangle your fingers into his hair, the other one running soothingly up his spine humming in agreement. “Fuck your comeback.” You whispered into his hair before pulling away to look down at him grabbing his cheeks, squeezing them together with a small pout. “Stop being so talented.” You whined laughing softly watching him smile happily with a small laugh.

Before he responds there’s a gentle knock on his door making you both turn away from each other, you blindly began searching his bed for your shorts suddenly becoming aware you were only in a white t-shirt and ruined white panties. Mark didn’t hesitate before throwing you off his lap, scrambling to wrap a blanket around his waist to cover the dark patch pf grey staining his sweats.

“Please don’t answer the door with cum in your pants.” You begged hopping off his bed, quickly pulling your infamous shorts on. You pushed your boyfriend back on the bed, you decided your flushed cheeks and messed up hair would look less off than Mark’s blanket cape he was currently sporting. Quietly you unlocked the door, cracking it open to see a displeased and mildly uncomfortable Doyoung standing in front of you.

“Are you two…finished?” he asked hesitantly causing your already flushed cheeks to burn brighter.

“I-uh-yeah. Yes. We’re…Just come in. I’m sorry. I’m–”

You quickly disappeared back into the room, hesitantly walking back to Mark’s bed sitting on the edge looking back at your boyfriend who was buried under his blankets avoiding any eye contact with his friend.

There’s a rather awkward silence which Mark decides to break.

“How long have you been out there?”

Doyoung looks over from his side of the room, raising his brows a little before nodding towards the blankets Mark was buried under.

“Only a few minutes. I assumed something was going but then I saw _____ was wearing the shorts and I knew something was going on.”

Mark laughed awkwardly covering his face with his palms, shaking his head a little before looking at you shrugging a bit.

“They’re nice shorts.”


oh. oh.

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it’s the end of another hectic week at school!! bless my soul it’s only the second week of JC and i already feel so drained 😢 sos pls send help 😂 press on everyone 💪🏼💪🏼 sorry for being inactive too hehe life’s tough i have training 4 days a week 😭😭😭