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“Just play the damn game with me !” - Batmom x Damian

Damian is a brat, but I kinda want to hug him to death…Wait…Oh well, anyway, here’s a little story where Batmom (you) really wants to bond with the kid.

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You had gotten it printed into your brain. It was too late now, you couldn’t forget your idea, no matter what. Bruce knew, and didn’t try to stop you from doing what you were gonna do anyway. Besides, he thought it was cute.

What was your idea ? Simple. Damian never had a normal childhood. He was still a kid, only eleven…So he still had a chance at having somewhat of a normal childhood (if you put his nightly activities on the side…and the fact that he had been raised to be a killer).

Against all odds, you and Damian clicked pretty fast. He warmed up to you the fastest…He felt like you were the only one of the bat family not judging him in any way.  Also, you told him off when he was going to far, and he found that he couldn’t speak badly to you, that you had an effect on him that made him want to be nicer. Better…In a word, you quickly became his mommy.

He never really had an actual mother. Talia wasn’t exactly loving with him, and she did try to kill him a few times, succeeding once (a memory you don’t like to remember). You were the first one, even before Bruce or Dick, to make him feel loved and to make him feel what love really was…How could he resist that ?

The first time he called you “mom”, not “mother”, “mom”, you cried, and the poor boy thought he did something wrong. You explained to him that it was “happy tears”, but you’re not sure he understood. He gave you an awkward hug, and you couldn’t stop but smile. It’s that exact moment that forged the idea of trying to show him what a normal childhood was. But, even though he considered you his mom, he wasn’t going to make things easy for you and your plans.

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You Guys Fight But Try To Hide It From Your Friends (pt. II)


pt. i

“Go shoot that fucking film, Darcy and I can survive without you.”

After those words leave your mouth, it’s as if Harry transforms in front of you. Gone is the gentle, kind man you love as his features twist and harden into something cruel and malicious.
“Fine.” Is the last word that you expect him to say, but he does anyway. And he continues to do what you least expect, because he’s gathering up his coat and twisting open the front door. He takes one last long look at you, and for a short moment (although it seems to last forever), everything is silent.

A scene plays in your mind–a scene that you can easily recreate. You rush across the room and embrace Harry, begging him not to go, taking back your initial thoughts and words and offering to live in France with him and Darcy. Him smiling down at you and telling you he would love that. You can almost see it….how simple it would be to achieve that.

And you see how easy it would be for another scenario to occur. The one where Harry is the one slamming the door back shut and shrugging off his coat, getting down on his knees in front of you like it’s the very first time and taking all his words back.

But neither of those things happen, because you both are stubborn people. The whole room is still, and when you almost think Harry’s going to leave for certain, a voice cuts through his chest. “Woah, easy there girl. Don’t want your mommy and daddy getting mad at me for destroying their washroom.” It’s Louis, and it’s…Darcy. Laughing. Upstairs. Oblivious to what’s happening down here. Tears start to gather up in your eyes. 

Harry’s head drops to the ground, and when you’re just about to open your mouth and tell him to stay, he’s already out the door. Liam looks at you with an apologetic stare, but you can’t move. Not until you hear Harry’s car start, and the gates closing signalling he has already driven away. And when that all happens, you collapse onto the ground, in a sea of tears and hair and bones.
Darcy is still laughing.

How much you would give to have Harry upstairs with her…

Three weeks later and no word from Harry. He had one of his friends that you have never met before come over to the house and gather his things. Darcy is confused to why “daddy” isn’t around, but with just a handful of smiles and false promises, happiness surrounds her days once again.

If only you could say the same.

You check your phone every second of every single day, and you are not mistaken. Harry has not called you nor texted you. The only evidence that you have to prove that he has not blocked your number is the occasional status updates he would post…in France.

“So he’s really shooting that movie, then.” Gemma was over for a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits (and to make sure you are alright). She nods, pressing her lips into a thin line before snatching up a wafer cookie on a plate on the coffee table. Darcy was at a playdate, and you had two hours to kill before you had to go pick her up. 

“Has he contacted you at all?” Gemma asks politely. You were almost certain Anne, and probably Gemma herself, had already asked Harry about you two. After all, he was spotted everywhere without you, and there is no universe in which Harry would lie to the two people he values the most. 

So you don’t know why she was asking you this question, when the answer was obviously known between you both. But still, out of kindness and respect, you confess, “Nope. Not a call or even a text.”

“He’s going to come around,” Gemma reassures you. You smile politely, but doubts are lining every square inch of your mind. He’s going to come around.

That night, long after Gemma had left apologetically, and shortly after you had tucked Darcy in, you couldn’t take it anymore. Throughout the day, little bits of you had broken over small things. 

Darcy seeing a random guy on the street and calling him daddy. TMZ blowing up when you weren’t spotted in France with him. The house phone ringing off the hook, and the messages you had to take from his friends: No, Harry isn’t here. He’s off in France, shooting a movie. And worse of all: I don’t know when he’ll be back.

You had thought you were capable of holding it together until you couldn’t anymore. Closing the door to your bedroom shut, tears begin to cascade down your cheeks until your vision is but a pool of water and the blurry whiteness of the bedsheets. Why didn’t he call?

You didn’t understand. And you didn’t know why you were so confused by this. You said some really shitty things to him, even though he had expressed his strong wishes of doing this for his career, and you totally disregarded him! Maybe it wasn’t he who should be the one to call, but you…

Fingers hovering over the CALL button, you hesitate. What if he doesn’t pick up? And then the logical part of your brain (minuscule, at the moment), tells you that of course he wouldn’t. He’s probably sleeping. Then it hits you. He is most likely to be asleep. Quickly, with no time to waste, you google Dunkirk, France time.

And then you see him.

Well, a picture of him.

Your first reaction is one of happiness. You haven’t seen him for weeks, and even though it’s through a screen, you are relived. He’s not dead (why one small part of you thought he was dead, you don’t know. But he has never gone this long without speaking to you.). And then when you get over your initial reaction, your fingers absent-mindedly click on the link displaying the picture of him, and you suck in a gasp. 

Because he’s smiling. It’s a picture of him smiling. Out of all the years that you have known him, you have learned to differentiate his smiles: what he gives the paparazzi and what his joy looks like. This smile–this one that the cameras have captured, is the latter. He’s…. “He’s so happy,” you whisper to yourself. “He’s truly happy.”

And with that, you turn off your phone. 

Harry’s POV.

“Goddammit, why hasn’t she called yet?”

“Don’t you think you both are behaving quite childishly?”

Harry stands on the set of his new movie, groaning out loud to himself. He looks up suddenly when he hears a voice answer him back. Cillian Murphy stands there, and repeats, “You both are being children.”

Harry furrows his eyebrows, “What are you talking about?”

The other man sighs, “You and Y/N? Just give her a call. This is ridiculous.”

Harry can’t believe the Cillian Murphy is giving him love advice. “How do you know her name?”

“You’ve been muttering it for about an hour, man.” Cillian rolls his eyes. “Just take it from me and call her. Nothing is worse than the silent treatment.”

“Yeah?” Harry’s thumb hovers over your contact. Cillian nods. “Maybe I will.”


jk here you go 

pt. 3

Three Words, Eight Letters

Author’s Note: Reid x Reader. When the Reader says “I love you” Reid struggles to return the sentiment. But there’s more than one way to say it. You just have to listen.

He can translate five languages with ease and can read 20,000 words per minute. He can recite Shakespeare and poetry and memorize entire film scripts without batting an eye. And yet, there are three words he just can’t manage to string together.

She thinks it’s a mental block, that something in his mind just won’t let it happen. Or perhaps it’s something in his heart. Something scarred, and something scared. They’d been together for six months before she found the courage to say it to him. They’d been sitting together on a park bench, watching the world go by. He draped an arm over her shoulder, and she’d nestled close to his chest, sighing. It was the most natural thing in the world, to be by his side.

“Spencer?” she’d said, glancing up at him.


“I, um… I love you.” She had pulled back a bit, gauging his reaction. His eyes widened and red crept into his cheeks as he sat there stammering, looking wholly shell-shocked. “It’s okay,” she added, “You don’t have to say it back! I just thought you should know.”

Spencer had looked down, pulling at his knuckles. “It-it’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that… I can’t. I’ve tried to tell you so many times, but the words, they won’t come out.” He was quiet for a few moments, before saying, “I think it’s because of Maeve.” His late girlfriend. He had told her their story a few months into their relationship, the night they unearthed the demons of their past together. “She said it to me, but I never had the chance to tell her that, and ever since then I just… I can’t do it. I’m sorry. Because I do… I really do, I just…”

His voice jumped higher and his eyes began to water. Sensing his distress she’d leaned in and silenced him with a kiss. “Shh. I know. It’s okay. You don’t have to say it. I just wanted you to know.” There’s no need to rush it. When he’s ready, he’ll say it.

Months pass, and he still cannot manage it. She’s gotten rather fond of telling him despite the sentiment not being returned. Those words seem to come so easily to her, as though trying to make up for his silence. She can’t stop telling him how much she loves him. When he shows up to her apartment with her favorite takeout food, when they’re the only two sitting in the library, between ragged breaths after he’s kissed her so deeply the world melts away.

He never says it back. And yet, he says it all the time. She just has to listen.

“I love you,” she laughs, as he finishes telling her a funny story on their walk back from dinner. He’s accompanying her back to her apartment, and the air is rapidly cooling off. She shivers, wearing only a dress and light jacket. When the sun went down, the mild fall temperatures went with it. Spencer stops and pulls off his coat, laying it across her shoulders.

“Darling, you don’t have to-”

“Don’t worry. I’m not really cold at all,” he assures her, removing his scarf as well. With care he wraps it in circles around her neck, smiling at her. Instantly the cold in her bones is replaced by warmth, and she buries her nose into the fabric of the scarf. It smells like ivory soap, coffee, and autumn. Just like him.


Spencer takes her hand once more, and they start off down the street. “Of course. I don’t want you to get sick. You need it more than I do.” He takes his coat back when they reach her building, but he conveniently forgets about the scarf, a fact which she’s all too happy about to believe it was an accident.

She hears it then.

She hearts it when he comes back after a long case, she throws her arms around him. “God I’ve missed you,” she says. “I love you so much.”

He kisses her forehead, and when he pulls away she notices the bag in his hand. “”I brought you something.”

“Why?” she asks. “It’s not my birthday or anything.”

“Open it,” is all he says. She peers inside, and withdraws a book. Staring at the cover, her mouth falls open.

Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. An old, worn copy. She opens the front cover and stares at the first page. It can’t be. “But this is… this is a first edition! Spencer, it must’ve cost a fortune!”

He shakes his head. “You’ve always told me it’s your favorite book, and that you’d do anything to get a first edition copy. Well, on the case I helped save the life of a rare bookstore owner, who insisted on giving me a book as a gift. When I saw this one, I knew I had to get it.”

“Why?” she repeats. In her arms she clutches the book tight, not sure whether she wants to hug it or him more.

“Just because,” he says. “I wanted to see your smile when you opened it.” The book is temporarily forgotten on the armchair as she loses herself in kissing him.

She knows it the day he comes over to find her curled up on the couch, crying. It’s been a difficult week and her best friend, Isa, has been in a terrible accident. Things are up in the air. Isa is in the hospital. Spencer doesn’t ask any questions, he simply walks over and sits down beside her. She continues to sob as he pulls her onto his lap and wraps up her in an embrace. His heart beats through his shirt, and he runs his hands up and down her back in slow patterns, whispering gentle reassurances in that low voice he typically reserves for victims and grieving families. In his arms, she is safe. Warm and protected. No matter what the world throws at her, she knows he will be there to lift her up and keep her steady.

The very presence of him soothes her. He wipes her tears with the sleeves of his shirt and pushes her hair back from her face. They sit there in silence, her head on his chest, his fingers tracing circles on her skin until her breathing returns to normal. No words are needed at all. He knows her, knows what she needs. And she knows in her heart exactly how he feels.

She is certain of it when they’re at an event for her job, and one of her colleagues starts ranting about how medication is useless for mental illness. Robert goes on and on, saying that all people need to do is think positively and do things like yoga. Everyone is overdiagnosed, overmedicated, and overly sensitive.

Spencer feigns a sudden interest in the view from the window in the hallway as an excuse to escape the conversation. He glances down at her, quickly looking her over. “Are you okay?” he asks.

She bites her lip and inhales slowly. Anxiety has been a struggle for most of her life, and it was only with therapy and medication that she started to heal. Since college, things have been much better, but she still remembers the darker days, when she wasn’t sure how to keep going. To hear people say such ignorant things about mental health still stings.

“I’m alright,” she says. “I’ve heard worse things. But thank you for getting me out of there. I love you.”

Spencer interlaces his fingers with her own and they stare out at the city together. “I’d do anything for you. And I don’t want anyone to hurt you. What you feel is valid, and nobody should tell you otherwise.” He’s always doing that with her. Her protector, her knight in a vest and cardigan. There is no doubt in her mind that when he says anything he means anything.

They are sitting in his living room and they’ve both had a stressful day at work, and he’s making herbal tea in the kitchen. “I love you,” she says, grinning, when he sets the mug down before her. Spencer frowns and shifts uneasily in the armchair he’s in.

“Doesn’t it bother you, Y/N?” he asks.

“Doesn’t what bother me?”

“The fact that I still haven’t said it.” Oh. That. “We’ve been dating for over a year, and I still can’t manage to do something so simple. I know it must be frustrating, and I don’t want you to think I’m not as committed to you or to our relationship. You’re the most important thing in my life, and I don’t want to lose you. But I can’t say it yet.”

“Spencer,” she says softly, resting a hand on his forearm. The fabric of his sweater is soft between her fingers. “I know it. I know how you feel about me. You don’t have to say anything before you’re ready to. There’s more than one way to say I love you, you know. You tell me all the time. Not in those words, but I get the message.”

He seems unconvinced. “How?”

“You ask me to text you to make sure I get home safely. You call me almost every night when you’re away on a case just because you say you want to hear my voice. You hold me when I’m scared. You take me out to get Thai food even though you’d rather have Indian. You memorized every song in Les Mis because you knew it was my favorite musical. In all those gestures, I can hear it. And I can hear it when you make time for me no matter how busy you are. Sometimes you say it without saying anything at all.”

She leans closer to kiss him, softly at first, then deeper, deeper. In equal fervor he responds, and though the syllables do not fall from his tongue, his lips are perfectly capable of making the message clear. Every part of her tells her it’s true, that he loves her he loves her he loves her. No flower petal plucking needed to divine it.

One day, she’s walking across the sidewalk to hand him a cup of coffee. They’re going to walk to the Smithsonian, but it’s still early and they need caffeine before they’re ready to go anywhere. He holds the paper cup close to his face, breathes in the scent of a warm mocha.

“Ah. What would I do without you?” he says, flashing her a smile. She laughs, a grin that stretches across her whole face, and the morning sunlight hits her eyes just right at that very moment, and she just looks so adorable. Something in him lifts. “I love you.”

The smile falters, and the latte she’s holding tumbles from her hands, contents spilling on the sidewalk. She blinks. “What did you say?”

Bewildered, she stares up at him, and his heart swells. “I love you,” he repeats. He can’t explain why now or how, but the words have finally come and he can’t stop them. Months of sentiments fall from his mouth. “I love every part of you. I love the way your eyes light up when you’re excited and I love the way you laugh and I love how open your heart is. I love your patience and your hair and the way you kiss me when there’s no one else around. I love all of you. I love you. I am in love with you. I’ve never loved anyone this much. I love you, Y/N.”

It feels so good to say it.

It feels so good to hear it. Water springs to her eyes before she can stop the tears. Stepping over the puddle of coffee, she cups his face in her hands. “I know you do,” she murmurs. “You didn’t have to say it. But I’m glad you did. And I love you, too.”

In the middle of the sidewalk, he pulls her closer, pressing his lips to hers. They’re both laughing and crying and something in them has changed. She doesn’t care that people pass by, giving them odd looks as they stand there kissing. Whatever locked doors existed in his heart have finally been opened. He’s healing. He’s ready.

For him, she would wait a thousand years. No demands, no ultimatums. She has heard the sentiment before, listening carefully to his actions and reading between the lines.

But oh, how good it feels to finally hear those words out loud. And oh, how she loves him.


hi girls and especially girls doing cam work, steer clear of this dude with the url @pinkdumbbellsandyoga (note: he changed his url while i was making this post LOL, his previous name and the name in the screenshots is slightly different)

this guy asked in May if he could pay me then eventually i realized he wanted a camshow in return. ive cammed before and needed the money at the time so i was like, why not

i always ask guys to pay upfront but for some reason i let him talk me out of that and went on cam before he payed me (DONT DO THIS EVR). i asked for $50 initially but he eventually had more and more intimate requests and the price got bumped up to $60 (his skype is abovetherestt)

anyway as you can expect this guy didnt pay me and continued to ignore me for a month while i asked to be paid

eventually he blocks me on tumblr or disables his messages or something and all of a sudden tonight hits me up on skype saying hes gonna pay me, then eventually says hes not gonna pay me until i cam for him again

then he told me that he filmed me (without my knowledge or consent) while i was camming

TL;DR, some rando with the url pinkdumbbellsandyoga had me show my titties for him and promised me money, didnt pay me, now ive learned hes filmed me without my consent. 

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“He wondered if a cartographer could have charted the course of their relationship; whether, if you extrapolated backwards in time from there, you could find some common point from which it all stemmed. Perhaps, there, you’d find the roots of their isolation, the sense of being completely and utterly separate from the people around them; the perpetual feeling of having mislaid something near and dear to their hearts.”

- A Story Without Words 

[x] Check out the video, and please support this wonderful project!

Call Me By Your Name - Review

I have just seen Call Me By Your Name at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) with @lops06.  The Director, Luca Guadagnino, was there to introduce the film and answer questions at the end. 

Honestly im floored by the experience. everyone in the 900 seat theatre was fully entranced in this film. believe. the. reviews. this movie has been at the top of critics lists since it premiered at Sundance. and theres a reason why it has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. it just is that good.  over two entire hours this film explores the relationship between Elio (Timothee Chalamet) and Oliver (Armie Hammer). its such a slow burn. you witness this relationship the whole way. you are on this journey. the locations are breathtaking. it drops you into 1980s italian country side. the composition of each shot is visually astounding. how this film captures first love has honestly left me speechless.

Now since I havent read the book but  @lops06 had, we definitely had different experiences. What really made me love this film is the lack of villain. theres no violent aggressor, or devastating twist. its purely a tender romance film that has been stripped down of any unnecessary baggage. Time, life and reality are the conflict here. Timothee Chalamets emotionally raw performance definitely brought the audience to tears. Both actors are able to convey their complex characters without needing words. 

tldr; this film is beautiful and i hope everyone sees it when it comes out

(also feel free to message me) 

You know what I think makes The Shape of Water different than other films dealing with non-human intelligent beings in which not all of the characters are convinced the non-human being is intelligent? Most of those films spend the entire run-time breaching that concept, spreading the word and convincing everyone its not just a dumb animal, all while still putting the being on display. The Shape of Water goes beyond that though, beyond just the realization that the creature can feel and communicate. He continues to feel and communicate, he forms relationships. He is treated as an intelligent being by those close to him, not just a new discovery. All in a world where African Americans, gay people, the disabled and even the working class cleaning crew are treated and referred to as essentially subhuman. I think once you can see all that juxtaposition the film really says something about how you should treat someone who is different, even that different, and kind of points out the flaws in the ways we talk about not only people who are different but even other species that might share in our intelligence. It does all that by depicting a much more pure, beautiful way of communicating and interacting with the unfamiliar. At least thats what I think. Its hard to put into words how much this film says without speaking words at all.

Testing limits

Testing limits | Joe Sugg | Smut
Word count: 6715
Request: Hello! I just had an idea popping into my head for an imagine! Y/N is Joe’s girlfriend and the whole buttercream gang loves her. Joe introduces her to KSI and he gets a little inappropriate about her during a QNA and joe turns into a really protective boyfriend.
A/N: Thank you to the lovely anon who sent me this! I spiced things a little bit (sorry). I had a hard time making this (and that’s why it took me so long) because I hate how JJ talks about Zoe (and Theodora in Caspar’s deleted video), although I really think he isn’t usually like that. Anyway, hope you guys like it!
If you want more Buttercream Squad imagines/smuts, click here | Requests are open!

“Hello everyone!” Joe greeted. “So today I’m joined by Y/N.”

“Hello!” You waved to the camera.

Joe made fun of you: “You all know her, whatever.”

“Joe!” You protested laughing.

“Sorry, love, but that’s true.”

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, fine.”

“The star of today’s video isn’t her. It isn’t even me, actually… Oh, that’s sad, isn’t it? This is my bloody channel and I’m not the main character on my own video…”

“It never was, Joe.” you teased. “All your subscribers are here for the videos your sister are featured.”

“Shut up.” He told and you laughed hard.

“You are going to zoom in your face and cut the shot now, aren’t you?” you provoqued again.

“We have a fan over here, guys!” Joe joked with the viewers.

“Shut up.” Apparently, you and him said that a lot to each other, because you two were always trying to be the most annoying as you could.

“C’mon, guys!” Caspar shouted. “Finish this soon, we are hungry!”

You were all in Joe’s flat. JJ was in town and the Buttercream Squad were in your boyfriend’s living room waiting to go out and enjoy the sweet night London could give. You decided to film before leaving because of course no one would be capable to say one word right by the time you got back and Joe needed it ready to edit in the next day. It should be really quick because Q&As usually didn’t take long to film.

“Let’s go with this video.” He asked. “Anyway, guys! We are here with… KSI!”

The tall man came running and jumped in Joe.

“Hey motherfuckers!” He exclaimed as got up and sat down like a normal person.

“Yeah, here he is!” Joe cheered.

“Oh, that’s a nice bed, isn’t it?” JJ commented, going up and down, making the bed tremble.

You gave a smirk. “Me and Joe have a lot of fun on it.”

“Y/N!” Joe complained and you laughed.

“I thought you guys didn’t told your viewers you were together.” JJ mentioned.

“We didn’t.” Joe grumbled.

“That’s why I love say stuff about us in his videos,” You gasped seeing your boyfriend pissed of. “Joe needs to cut out afterwards.”

You made JJ laugh. “Well, in this case…” He smiled.

“Oh, no.” Joe mumbled.

“Okay, let’s finish this.” You told them.

“Thank you.” Joe said to you and JJ calmed down. “So what are we going to do today is a very original thing of mine called… Q&A!”

“You called me all the way to here to do a Q&A? Are you fucking kidding with me?” JJ asked.

Joe laughed, not believing in what a poker face his friend was. “You literally done this to me once in your channel.”

“We were in LA already! It doesn’t count.”

“You didn’t come to London just to film with me, JJ.” Joe argued.

JJ looked at him, without words. “Hum…”

“Oh, he got you in there!” You exclaimed.

“Damn it!” JJ said and you all laughed.

“Let’s go to the questions then.” Joe said.

What is your favorite color?

“So, I will start with the easy ones, because we have a lady in here today, so KSI won’t say a lot of… Inappropriate things.” Joe explained and your smile grew bigger.

“Oh, thanks, Joe. That’s really sweet of you.” You said.

JJ laughed. “You wish I would say less of that. Sugg, you know nothing.”

You and Joe were together in a few months now, but you already expected to him not wanting anyone to know about you two. He was right, privacy was subestimated, however you wanted to go out with him holding your hand even it was on some youtube event.

KSI arrived in town the day before Joe decided filming with both of you. You thought it was a good idea, after all you got along very well with all of Joe’s friends, including the Buttercream. Actually, especially with the Buttercream.

“Just answer the question, please.” Joe asked already regretting the video.

“I like blue.” You told. “But, like, it depends. Sometimes I like pastel blue, or turquoise or midnight blue… It’s always blue but in different shades of it.”

“You just don’t have the ability of responding ‘blue’, do you? You need to make things more sophisticated than they are.” you rolled your eyes to Joe’s speech.

“Well, my favorite color is grey.” the special guest said before smirking. “And, as Y/N, I like different shades of it… Fifty, to be more exact.” You laughed and so did Joe, but them JJ turned to you. “I could show you the specific ones I like, Y/N.”

You blushed. You usually would turn JJ down with some sassy answer, but you just met him and now you were on camera in your boyfriend’s channel, so you giggled and just said: “Hum… And what’s your favorite color, Joe?”

“Red.” Joe answered. “As JJ’s blood.”

You laughed and so did JJ.

“Next question, please.” You said.

What is your favorite type of chocolate?

Your face lit up, you loved chocolate. “Okay, but, like, just chocolate, right?” Joe looked at you, you could see him holding back some kind of joke. “Because I usually like all types of chocolate, but I love melted chocolate with strawberries.” You gave a smirk to the camera. “Joe likes melted chocolate with strawberries too… Although he prefers it when it’s on me.”

Your boyfriend grumbled. “Y/N!”

You laughed, JJ gave you a high five. “Nice.”

“That’s how you drive Joe insane.” You told. “That and black lingerie.” You winked, making JJ (and yourself) burst into laughs again.

“Guys!” Joe protested.

“Sorry, babe.” You said, kissing him on the cheek. “I’ll behave now…”

“Thank you. Let’s finish this.” He said, but then you completed your sentence:

“Not something I usually do on bed.” Joe was pissed, but gave a smirk anyway. He knew you were right.

“She’s savage, bro.” JJ commented while laughing.

“You should see me working hard, JJ.” You teased again, feeling more comfortable with JJ now.

When silence (finally) fell and you three were calm, JJ decided it was his turn to answer the question (and piss Joe a little more).

“I like all types of chocolate too, but I think Y/N should try more of the dark ones. They taste more… rough.”

You chuckled. “Oh my word, JJ.”

“Fuck off, JJ.” Joe complained, he was laughing but passed an arm around you. “Let’s go with this.” He asked again to the video to continue.

What is the last song you listened on Spotify?

“I actually know this without even looking at my phone.” You giggled. “It’s ‘Are You Sure?’ by Conor Maynard, Kris Kross Amsterdam and Ty Dollar Sign.”

“Conor!” Joe called loud.

“Yeah?” the singer responded from the living room.

“How much are you paying Y/N to say she likes your music?” he joked.

“In your video?” Conor asked.

“Yeah!” Joe told.

“I guess not much! It’s my newest hit, mate, I don’t need the marketing, it will be better than Ed Sheeran’s on charts!” you could hear Conor’s laugh, listening to the rest of the butter boys as well.

“That is not true, is it?” Joe asked you and you laughed, picking your phone and showing it was.

“I’m not a liar, Joseph.” you stated. “Now tell me your song.”

“You see, I actually was telling the other day on my vlogging channel that I hate when people ask me about music, because I listen to a lot of things, so…”

“Ok, whatever.” You interrupted him. “Say yours then, JJ.”

“Y/N! This is my channel, excuse me.” Joe said ironically.

“You will take ages to answer it, I’m taking your channel for a moment.” you explained, ignoring his turn still.

JJ got his phone in his hand, looking at it and screwing things. “Well… Actually…”

“JJ is cheating!” Joe accused. “He’s just looking through all his Spotify to find something.”

“Oh my God, is a dirty song you don’t want the viewers to know, right?” You teased.

“Y/N, you know that, if it was a dirty song, I would be the first to reveal it.” JJ told.

You shrugged. “True.”

“It’s a love song, isn’t it?” Joe asked, his face lighting with joy for getting JJ.

“It’s a country song.” JJ revealed.

You and your boyfriend bursted into laughs.

“Let me explain it, though.” JJ begged.

“No.” Joe didn’t let him.

“It was to…”

“No, you can’t explain.” Joe interrupted the guest. “You were listening to a country song. The subscribers to your channel are dropping right now after you said that.” he didn’t let JJ be heard. The friend was trying so hard be listened, you were laughing hard. “Next!’ Joe exclaimed.

Do a rematch of the race you had last time.

“So, for this, Y/N’s participation will be momentarily suspended.” Joe informed the viewers.

You three got down to the flat’s parking lot, as Joe and KSI did for the first one. Josh was holding the camera to film all of you.

“I’ll be the hot chick that waves the flag.” You joked, showing a piece of fabric to the camera.

“And what a hot chick, huh?” JJ commented and you rolled your eyes.

“Keep the small talk, JJ.” Your boyfriend said. “I’ll be winning if you keep going like this.” You knew Joe was just trying to get his friend to stop talking dirty with you.

“JJ won’t even realise the race started.” Josh complemented, laughing without knowing Joe’s true reasons. “He will be ‘Oh, is it on?’”

You helped Joe with his situation. “You can try as much as you want, JJ, I won’t be going home with you.” Then you winked. “But you can keep the compliments, I not only like them, but Joe will be more than glad when you lose the race.”

“Oh, that’s the only way Joe can win from me, Y/N.” JJ told you, getting ready.

“I heard he won the first round of the last time.” you teased, walking away from them so you could wave to the competition start.

In the first round, KSI won; In the second, it was Joe’s time to taste victory; In the last one, you couldn’t help: JJ won again.

“I told you, Y/N.” He smiled. “I’m faster, I’m better.”

The four of you were heading back to the elevator now and you could see Joe was a little upset when the camera wasn’t on him. He held your hand discreetly so it wouldn’t be on the takes. Josh was laughing from the provocations that Joe and JJ had while filming.

“You know, JJ… “ You gave a wily smile. “Being fast is not really an advantage in my world.” You shrugged again.

“Woah.” Joe chuckled, surprised by your answer, Josh laughed.

“That one was harsh, Y/N.” JJ complained.

“You’re attacking my man, JJ.” you smiled, showing you were kidding.

“So she protects what is hers, huh?” he teased. “Like a lion mama? What about letting me hear you roar, Y/N?” You rolled your eyes again and the elevator’s doors opened. You walked straight to your boyfriend’s apartment.

Do a dance off.

“Ok, since we are on the living room already, how everyone feels about dancing a little bit?” Joe asked when he was inside his own house, facing all his friends sat down on his sofa.

“Yeah!” They exclaimed.

You went upstairs to pick your phone. “What song you guys want to dance?”

“Y/N, please.” Conor said with that strange accent he used to joke. “Of course we are listening to my music.”

You laughed. “So Conor Maynard it is.” You announced and “Animal” was listened through the speakers. “A little trip down the memory lane.”

“Oh no.” Jack complained but he got up to dance anyway.

You and all those enormous guys (and, of course, Conor, Jack and Joe) formed a semicircle to do the dance off. Everybody was doing silly moves, each of them worst than the last one, it was really funny.

“Thanks guys.” Joe said after a couple of songs.

You were all sweaty and had trouble for breathing.

“I’m too old for this, babe.” You told while laid on the floor.

“You did well, Y/N. I’m proud of you.” Oli said, laying next to you.

“Thanks, Oli.”

“This is my exercise for the whole week.” He declared.

“Mine too.” You agreed.

“Can I join you?” Asked Josh.

“Be my guest, Josh.” You smiled and now you were surrounded by one side by Oli and by the other with your ginger friend.

“C’mon, love, we have a video to end.” Joe said, offering you his hand so you could get up easier.

“Babe…” You complained.

“C’mon, Y/N.” He smiled at you.

“I don’t want to…” You ignores his hand.

“You want me to carry you?”

“Yes.” You said, doubting he could do that.

“Fine.” He dragged you by your ankles so you weren’t besides Oli and Josh anymore, you shrieked.

“Joe!” You complained.

He laughed. “You asked for this, love.” He told you as lowering to pick you. His hands started to hold you and you gave up.

“Fine, fine! I’m going, I’m going!” You announced, not giving Joe the opportunity to lift you up. All his friends were there, you weren’t making a scene. “We will be back soon, guys. I promise.”

“Please!” Jack exclaimed. “We are hungry.”

“Oh my God, you talk like there’s nothing on fridge.” You rolled your eyes. “C’mon, JJ.” You called the guy who was laid on the sofa. “We gotta go.”

Best book ever?

“I don’t think you guys read. Do you?” You asked them.

“I do!” Joe exclaimed.

“Oh, yes, you really do.” You pretended to remember, you always saw him reading now and then, not as much as you, of course, but sometimes… “You really do read.” You nodded and then turned to the camera. “But Joe only reads boring books.”

“No, I don’t” He countered and you rolled your eyes (it was one of yours bad habits)..

“What about you, JJ?”

“No, books aren’t for me.”

Favorite character of all times?

“Whatever movie Y/N be on.” JJ said instantly.

“I am not an actress.” You argued, frowning.

“I can think some films you can act with me. In my bedroom.”

Joe rolled his eyes, getting closer to you in bed. “Next!”

Can you lick a lemon?

“Bring it to me, baby!” Joe exclaimed and he picked a lemon you didn’t notice it was in the table behind the camera. He probably should got this before filming. He cut it in 4.

“It’s just a lick, bro!” JJ complained about the size.

“Just suck it.” Joe frowned as looking to his part. “On three, ok?” You and JJ nodded. “1… 2… 3!”

The taste was horrible. Maybe not the worst thing on Earth, but still…

“It would be so much better with a pinch of salt and a shot of tequila after.” You commented.

JJ was laughing really hard, so you looked at him, he was holding an entire piece of lemon, he didn’t lick his.

“Fuck you, JJ!” Joe told.

“Sorry, I couldn’t do it after you said suck it.”

“Well, now you will see what I will make you suck.” You said to him, angry. It wasn’t your best choice of words.

“It can be you, Y/N.”

“Alright.” Joe said, looking directly to JJ. “That’s enough, JJ. Really. Stop it. I know you’re only joking, but please, I don’t like to hear your flirting to my girlfriend.”

JJ smiled. “I am just testing your limits, Joe.” Then he turned to you. “I’m kidding. I’m sorry if I offended you, Y/N. I just want to see how much Joe can take without freaking out. He’s one of the most chilled guys I know, he was laughing while I was saying bad things about his own sister.”

You sighed, you were getting annoyed now with him. After he apologizing, you were relaxed again. Actually, the way Joe started being protective with you was kind of amusement, so you gave a smirk.

“Yeah, that’s fine… I know how nice can be test Joe’s limits.” You winked. “By the way… How much you want to see Joe getting mad?”

JJ laughed. “A lot.”

“A lot is enough to you agree shot a video with me?” You asked, the idea popping in your head.

“I would film with you even if I didn’t wanted freak Joe out that much.” JJ said, being gentle.

“Oh, thanks!” You smiled. “Fine, I will join you on the dark side, JJ.”

“Y/N!” Joe complained.

“Sorry, honey.” You gave him a little kiss on the cheek and turned to camera. “Let’s continue this.”

What is your favorite fruit?

“Oh, what the hell I was thinking when I picked those questions?” Joe moaned, upset. “I can answer you I wasn’t thinking straight.” He took a deep breath and faced the camera. “Well, after that, it isn’t lemon, for sure.”

“My favorite fruit is…”

Joe interrupted JJ. “I swear that if you say your favorite fruit is Y/N or tell her she should like some African type of banana…”

“Some African type of banana?” JJ laughed.

“I don’t know!” Joe exclaimed. “I’ve never been to Africa, I don’t know you have some kind of strange fruit in shapes of pennies.”

“Joe, you go to South Africa every year now.” You told your boyfriend, holding his hand.

“Oh, you understood me.”

“In my defense,” JJ started. “I wasn’t going to say my favorite fruit is Y/N… It’s strawberry.” He smiled. “With chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. It will make you stop liking any other chocolate, Y/N. I swear. Normal chocolate is too sweet, you need some roughness on your life to make you scream.”

“It takes a lot to make me scream, JJ.” You shrugged your shoulders and turned to the camera. “Well, JJ has a point. I just said I really enjoy strawberries with chocolate, but actually I love a lot of different fruits. However, I’m such in a watermelon vibe.”

“No, you’re not!” Joe exclaimed, you ignored him.

“I heard it’s from Africa… Is it, JJ?” You asked, pouting.

“Oh, I see what are you doing, Y/N.” Joe commented, JJ laughed.

“Yeah, it is, Y/N.” JJ said. “And by the way, I will do that. Make you scream. Day and night. You know that Ariana Grande’s song? That one she says she can’t even walk? That will be you when I smash you. I could bang you in so many ways, you will be crawling for more. You will scream my name so loud when you think of me that I will be able to hear when I’m home.”

You laughed, oh my word, JJ was playing hard to get.

“Shut up, JJ.” Joe said. “Let’s do the final question of this.”

Who’s most likely to run down the street naked?

“What the hell?!” You chuckled. “Joe, what this stands for?” You asked. “Well, I have to say that KSI is the one who’s running around naked.” You told.

“Yeah, I agree with Y/N.” your boyfriend said.

“I have to say that Joe is the who’s running around naked.” JJ answered. “Although I really think that Y/N is the one who should do that… Especially if it is for going to my house. I am ok to do a threesome anytime, Y/N.”

“Yeah?” You asked, Joe held your hand once again. “I might bring my boyfriend then. We can have a little fun, although you said you’re against normal chocolate… He’s quite the white chocolate type.”

“You like white chocolate? You shouldn’t. It’s too sweet, white chocolate can’t do what dark chocolate can… That’s why you think it’s hard to make you scream, white chocolate can’t do that. He’s lucky, still. Bang you anytime he wants? Man, I wish that. I would fuck you everyday if I could.” Joe squeezed your hand hard and you could tell he was about to explode. “I would fuck you right now, actually. In this bed, I don’t even care if the camera is still on.”

“Fuck off, JJ.” Joe said, getting really mad. “You lost in there, mate. Are you fucking insane?” He asked, getting up from the bed and you did it too, holding his hand so he wouldn’t lost his mind completely. “This is my girlfriend you’re talking about. I don’t care if you’re only joking, but you are crossing borders in here. Stop it, right now. Stop. I’m serious. I asked you to stop and you continue to do that. What the fuck are you thinking? It’s not fun anymore. She is mine. Don’t say that about her. Never.”

JJ started laughing. “Oh, man! You are so tough to crack!” He got out of the bed too, standing up (and now Joe was really glad he didn’t beat KSI because he forgot how big his friend was). “I’m sorry, Joe. You know I would never be with Y/N. I respect you and, besides the bullshit I just said, I respect her too. Sorry again, Y/N, if I took it too far.”

“Yeah, it was a little across the borders, but that’s fine.” You gave JJ a smile and kissed Joe in the cheek. “Relax, baby. You know that I’m all yours. I would never be with JJ and JJ would never be with me.”

Joe took a deep breath and KSI completed: “She’s not even my type, bro.”

You rolled your eyes but then smirked. “And I really like more a white chocolate, sweetie.” You caressed his right arm. “C’mon now, let’s finish your video.”

Joe needed to take another deep breath as he sat down. “You are so annoying sometimes, JJ.” Joe told, a little more relaxed.

You rewinded the whole thing in your head and then you started laughing.

“Some day, one of  these jokes will get you killed, JJ.” You told him.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N.”

“It’s ok.” You knew he said ugly things, but you teamed up with him so whatever. He would be a dick if he really thought those things and you knew he didn’t. You had a plan anyway… “Go and do your job, babe.” You told Joe.

He sighed and smiled to the camera. “So, I hope you guys liked this video, I certainly didn’t. Stand this two… Urgh, I only do that because KSI is a thing on Youtube and her…” He pointed to you. “I don’t know.”

You laughed. “Shut up!” You gave him a soft slap.

“If you did enjoy, please, give a thumbs up. Also, subscribe to me. Y/N’s and KSI’s links will be on description, so subscribe to them too, although I really doubt you didn’t already… So thank you, both of you, to make this with me.”

“Oh, it was nothing.” JJ said, smiling.

“Nah, I’m here to get more subscribers, you don’t need to thank me.” You joked.

“This is it for this week, guys.” Joe concluded. “I’ll see you next week with another Sugg Sunday. Cheers, goodbye!”

“Finally!” You exclaimed, laying down on bed.

“Yeah, but we have the video on your channel to film now.” JJ remembered.

“You know what? We can go out now.” You said.

“It isn’t because of me, is it? I’m sorry and I mean when I say it.”

You smiled. “No, it isn’t because of you, JJ.” You didn’t want to speak your idea out loud right now, you would wait for it.. “I actually think that is better if we film it latter. Maybe tomorrow?”

“Perfect.” he agreed.

“Now, let’s get some food!” You said. “I’m craving for some strawberries with chocolate.”

“Maybe I can help you with that.” JJ said.

“Yes, maybe you can.” You said, just to tease Joe, he was annoyed still.

Joe got up to turn the camera off, quite silent. Maybe he was really upset. The guilty started consume you.

“JJ?” You called, the guest was checking his phone.

“Yes, Y/N?”

“Could you, please, tell the rest of the boys we finished recording?”

“Of course.” He said and then left the room.

You went help Joe with the equipment.

“On a scale from 0 to 10, how angry are you with me in this moment?” You asked while turning the lights off.

“7.” He told you, grumpy, as he checked the footage on his camera.

“7, huh? 7 is a high number.”

“Yes, it is.”

“I’m sorry, honey.” You said and went to him. “But you will like a lot what I’m thinking to tomorrow.”

“What are you thinking to film?” He questioned, not really interested in what you had to say.

You hugged him. “I can’t tell, but I will make JJ struggle a little, yes.”

Joe didn’t want to, but he couldn’t avoid, he opened a little smile. “Some intelligent way to make him surfer?”

“Yes, baby.”

He finally hugged you back. “Never let a guy flirt with you like that again. I know you wanted to piss me and that’s why you didn’t stood up to yourself, but, please, Y/N, JJ said a lot of horrible things.”

You raised an eyebrow. “He said worst things of your sister, you know?”

“Yes…” He sighed. “I’m thinking of deleting this video like Caspar did.”

You nodded your head, no. “It won’t make difference, Joe. I guess that what you could do is stop liking this kind of stuff.” You smiled again. “But you know what?”


“I really enjoyed you being all protective over me… And when you stood up to stop JJ… Well, I’m kinda hot right now.” You admitted.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed, laughing. “I can’t believe it.” He rolled his eyes. “C’mon, we gotta go. The boys are waiting us downstairs.” he argued, breaking the hug.

You gave a ladino smile, holding Joe’s shoulders and giving a kiss on the bottom of his neck. “I mean…” You started whispering, no way you were going to let you boyfriend slip through your fingers in this moment. “JJ’s thoughts about dark chocolate were kind of interesting too.”

Joe’s face turned serious and he looked at you, angry.

“Y/N…” His voice was lower than before.

You continued to give him kisses on the neck. “Babe…”


“I’m not feeling really well.” You told, scratching his back a little. “Could you, please, say to the rest of the boys I won’t be able to join you today?”

You opened that smile, the smile that you used to get away with things even if you were wrong, the smile that seemed so innocent but was filled with dirty ideas and wrong conceptions. It was your straight flush.

You started to walk away from Joe, making the bed because it was destroyed after the video. You moved your hips so it would swing provocatively, putting your ass in evidence. Your boyfriend sighed, passing his hand through his hair, and got out of the bedroom.

You heard with a little smile on your face Joe tell the boys you weren’t well, maybe because of something you had for lunch and he, as an amazing boyfriend, needed to be with you. It boosted your confidence, you knew how to push the buttons of Joseph Sugg.

While Joe waited to the boys gather together and leave his house, being with them because of the good manners, you took all the film equipment down. You noted Joe saying goodbye to his friends and you decided to make things faster, so you took of your shirt and your jeans. It wasn’t for nothing you said Joe liked black lingerie, it was what you were wearing that day.

Now you were almost naked, the room felt cold, making you shiver, something that turned you on even more. Why were you so horny, dammit? You listened the front door close and you laid on bed and bit your lip, you could hear Joe’s footsteps through the house.

When he appeared on the bedroom’s door, you smiled.

“I see you put the camera and the lighting away.” He said, admiring you.

You got up, barely able to walk because the minimum amount of friction drove you crazy. You went towards Joe and enlace your arms in his neck, his hand held your waist automatically. “You liked JJ’s idea of filming a sex tape?” You pouted once again, now with a look that dripped lust. “Maybe you enjoy the idea of a threesome. I bet the boys aren’t far away, I can call JJ and ask him to join us.”

Joe squeezed your skin in his hands, almost carrying you away from the floor. “No.” He said. “Not JJ, just you and me. Don’t make me jealous, Y/N. You don’t like the idea of another one with me either.”

You felt the heat of your body concentrating where Joe’s hands were. His grin was deliciously tight. “It’s a threesome, babe, JJ would be with both of us. I don’t care with that.” You continue to tease. “He promised make me scream.”

Joe kissed you hard. Scream was the key word to drive him mad. He sucked your lip with so much strength that it started to tingle, you two moved around the room and soon your back was pressed against the wall.

“So you like this thing of test my limits, huh Y/N?” He asked while giving you neck kisses. “What about I test yours?”

You smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Game on, Sugg.”

His hands were pressing your waist still, but then he slid them and grabbed your bum. You knew what it meant. You jumped and he caught you, the aggressive kiss was back and you almost couldn’t breath.

You felt your hair flutter, Joe was spinning you through the bedroom. He broke the kiss and threw you in bed.

“Time to get rid of these clothes, baby.” You told.

“I enjoy see you only with lingerie while I’m full dress, dear.” He responded.

You accepted the challenge, biting your lip with a smirk. “That’s a shame, babe.” You shrugged your shoulders and moved in the bed, leaning on the headboard. “You know that, if you are dressed, you can’t have all this.”

Joe got in the bed and crawled to you, whispering in your ear. “I guess it is already mine.” He told, passing his right hand through your hips and then in your clit, the panties only make the movement worse.

You let a moan slip and it’s not fair. You were a competitor, you were playing to win. You turned around, putting your body against Joe’s, his hand wasn’t teasing you anymore now that you moved. You start to shake your hips against his jeans and, for his surprise, you take his teasing hand and put his middle finger into your core, making it go in and out with your help, you and him stimulating your hit.

“Where’s the fun in only taste a little, Sugg?” You ask with a hoarse voice, it Joe’s turn to let a moan slip. You took his finger out and sucked it, making your boyfriend shiver. You went to the other side of the bed. “You don’t wanna help, babe? Fine, let’s test your limits first then.” You smiled and got out of the bed, getting up.

Joe looked at you curious, you took off your panties and putted a leg over the bed, so now all your vagina were exposed. Joe could see it shining because of the wet. You pass the finger you were putting inside it with Joe through your core and your head hang back, you let a loud moan make it’s way out as closing your eyes.

The worst thing you knew you could do with Joe was showing him you getting an orgasm. You passed your hand in your neck, slipping it until grab one of your boobs and then you started to stimulate it. It was getting harder to breath.

You opened your eyes to find Joe was having a hard time. You stopped your movements and gave your ladino smile again. “Don’t you wanna taste it all?” You asked and the sucked your own middle finger.

Joe lost his mind with the view. He started to make his way up to you and you could see his pants tight, making harder for him to move. He grabbed your hips and pushed you to the bed again, making your back hit the mattress hard.

He started to kiss your body and you nodded with your head. “Oh, no, Sugg. What did I just said?” You ask, holding his hair and pushing him up to look you in the eyes. “Clothes off if you want to taste it.”

As response, he grunted. “You’re not getting away with this. Y/N.” You kissed him and took off his shirt, after, you took his pants and his boxers. It’s inevitable, you smiled by seeing him so excited to you.

“I guess I’m already, babe.” You said, switching positions and making him be under now. You sit in his hips, close to his penis, but not on it. You bended, feeling his member touch your chest as you gave little kisses in his abdomen. You licked it and started to give kisses closer and closer to Joe’s groin.

You got up again, the grip of Joe’s hands in your hips was only getting tighter. He had his eyes closed and almost couldn’t hold back his moans. “Let me test your limits for real now.” You said, ready to put Joe on you.

Suddenly, your boyfriend opened his eyes. The light blue was almost gark grey now. “No.” He said before pull you to bed.

You let a scream scape. “Joe!” You complained.

“You said you wanted to scream, Y/N.” He explained. “Shall we discover how loud you can get?”

You bit your lip, what you had done? The excitement in your belly made you tremble.

His legs were holding your hips, he kissed your neck and sucked it, you were sure it would leave marks all over it. His hands were on your boobs, rubbing and squeezing it.

“Not so sweet now, don’t you think?” He asked before licking your right boob, you shivered. “You still want dark chocolate, love?”

“N-no.” You answered. “Suck Joe, I’m ready, just…”

“I said to you we will be testing your limits now, Y/N.”

“Joe…” You whined.

“Let me show him how you won’t be able to walk after I’m done, after we fuck so hard that he can’t even imagine it is possible.”

Joe was playing with tits while saying that and it almost drove you insane. The grip, the dirty words, the hit.

His hands slipped through your body, pressing you hard, you could feel the possessiveness in every touch of Joe. The way he did that made you think that you were all his, not because he wanted you to, but because no one could ever be as good as him.

He started kissing your abdomen, then your groin and he licked your clit, making you moan louder than you already were. He putted his forefinger and the middle one into you, you screeched.

“We know you can get louder than that, Y/N.”

“Joe, please.” You asked, holding his hair and moving his hips to cause more friction.

“You know how I was suffering while you were touching yourself? How I wanted to be me instead?” He teased, his movements still slow, growing the anxiety in you. “Now it is me, Y/N. How you feel about that?”

You couldn’t answer him, you couldn’t think straight, you couldn’t do nothing. You were gasping, you weren’t able to do nothing more than be a victim in Joe’s actions. Your vagina were throbbing in a way it never did, you couldn’t handle Joe teasing you anymore.

“Joe, I give up.” You admitted. “I’m all yours, you know that I am. Now, please, fuck me.”

Joe laughed, you felt his tongue move away and you looked at him. He smiled. “I’m glad you said that, Y/N.” He took his finger off of you and you whined.


“Ask again.”

“Ask what?”

“Ask me to fuck you once more.”

“Fuck me, Joseph. Fuck me hard, fuck me until I forget my own name.” You said, your voice barely being heard because you were so hot.

“Suck it” he said, giving his hand to you. You did. You looked at him straight in his eyes and you suck it, feeling your own taste. He pressed his penis with his hands and all you wanted to do was grab his dick yourself, make him feel all the pleasure you were feeling. “That’s my girl.” He said, pulling his fingers out of your mouth.

You saw Joe open your legs and position himself in your enter, the expectation almost killing you. He grabbed your hips once again and pushed him until he wasn’t able to go further anymore. That’s when you screamed.

Your back arched, your mind exploded. You couldn’t think in nothing else other than Joe being in and out of you.

And now you two weren’t teasing each other anymore, there wasn’t time enough. You needed to be him and he needed to be yours, you two needed to have an orgasm or you might burst into flames. It hadn’t a way back anymore, it was in full speed, full strength, nothing to stop you to scream, nothing to stop you feel the pleasure. And now you weren’t screaming anymore, you were roaring.

Joe were growling like a wild animal, later you wondered how no one knocked on the flat’s door asking if you two were okay. Not only the noises you were making, but the bed was trembling so hard it could be heard over the whole apartment and the apartments around, you were sure of it.

With one final scream, one final roar, you felt the orgams hitting you. Joe came with after, holding himself on your shoulders, pressing it hard.

He laid next to you, none being able to speak because were out of breath.

“Never try to test my limits again.” Joe said.

“I don’t know…” You giggled. “I enjoyed this little thing that happened now.”

“Well, I can make you scream anytime you want, Y/N.” He turned to you, looking in your eyes. “Just stop trying to tease me. It will drive me mad.” You could see in his eyes he was asking this seriously.

You smiled. “There’s no need to be mad, babe. I won’t test your limits anymore…” He sighed. “Well, not anymore, but I would say I won’t be doing that every time.”

“Y/N!” He complained.

“It’s just to make things fun, honey.”

He smirked, hugging you. “Being fun is my job, love. You should got this by now.”

“It’s my job too.”

Joe leaned his head on your neck and you caressed his hair.

“What are you thinking to do with JJ tomorrow?” He asked.

“Well, about that…”


“Hey there, people! How are you today?” You said to the camera in front of you, excited. “Today I’m joined by a very special guest… It’s KSI!”

The man entered in the scene. “Hello!”

“He has no idea of what is going to happen in this video…”

“I haven’t, really.”

“Well, I saw this idea on Saffron’s channel and I thought it would be nice to do because JJ is being a naughty boy lately….

“I can continue to be naughty to you if you want, Y/N.”

You raised an eyebrow to the camera. “You see, this is what I am talking about.” You rolled your eyes. “Today we will be doing the… Guessing the price of girly stuff!”

“Oh, no!” JJ complained.

“Don’t complain yet, JJ. It gets worse because we have a little forfeit! Not only you should get the price right, but if you don’t, you will be using the object you are guessing about.”

“Oh, fuck.”

Wishes Come True | N.C.

I watched a Make-A-Wish video and was ~inspired~.

“Her name is Riley, she’s eleven, she has been diagnosed with astrocytoma, a brain tumor, has had three surgeries and currently is going through chemo.” The guide from Make-A-Wish handed Noah a picture, “Her wish was to meet Peter K, aka: Noah. So you have an hour with her, more time if you want but an hour is necessary.”

She untangled a few lanyards and handed one to Noah with his name on it, “Her mom’s name is Carol, she should be coming down any time to take us upstairs, it’s all a surprise, she doesn’t know her wish was granted—

Oh my goodness, it’s Peter K.” A voice behind them said, “I cannot believe I am seeing you in person after seeing you on a screen. Thank you so much for coming.”

Noah stood up and hugged her, “I am so happy I could be here and very excited to surprise her.” He kept hold the mom’s shaking hands, “I brought her a gift too, if that’s okay?” He gestured to a basket sat on his friend’s lap. “It has Peter’s lacrosse hoodie in it, a book signed by some of the cast and some other fun things.”

“That is very okay, super okay!” The mom smiled, tilting to look at the basket. “Are you Elsa.. on Once Upon a Time?” 

The girl that sat with the basket on her lap looked up, “Um, yeah, I’m Lilly.” She stood up and stuck out her hand.

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such great heights — part two

“C’mon, live a little. Do something different and let your hair down, H.” Kimber sighed, but then realised what she said and let out a chuckle. “Or not. Since, y’know, you’ve got none left.”

Harry frowned, holding his arms over his head in a poor attempt to hide his short hair. “Hey, be nice,” he grumbled. “It’s still new and…weird.”

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TimesTalks screening and q&a

My thoughts on the night-

There is so much I want to say, now that I have seen the film but I really don’t know where to start. So much has been said and those of us who are ‘really’ following along with leaked scenes and every scrap of interview footage know there surely can’t be surprises left. There is! There really is.

I had no idea the laughs I would experience in this film. Just pure moments of joy and happiness. Armie is a delight (I really tried to view his performance outside the realm of lust I have for the man in order not to be biased 😉) The double takes and the quirk of a brow in a moment you weren’t expecting it was amazing.

The film is very quiet. So many things are conveyed without words. Which follows with how the book is written, but it was interesting to see that translated to film. Interestingly enough, it seems Elio has the least to say. So much of what happens is played out through Timmy’s expressions. It was unbelievable. I knew he was a good actor, but he transcends in this role. His star is so bright and there is no doubt he will be THE actor of his generation. No one can touch his talent.

It is seductive yet so innocent. Luca is an evil genius. The sexiest moment? The camera focuses on the peach when Elio is finished. A perfect innocent peach, it sits there on the table, violated, one creamy drop of come slowly rolls out of the wound left behind. I mean. Yeah. But then Oliver finds him. Finds it. God. It is sublime.

Of course, there are a few things I wish could have been more deeply been fleshed out. Discussing this last night with @hotdiggitydollie as we rode the train home, she mentioned Elio’s father and his beautiful speech at the end (I’m still choked up over it) How it was apparent he 'knew’ what was between Elio and Oliver but that we were never really shown scenes that telegraphed how he could have known. And not that I needed explicit sex scenes, but how we got more of that between Elio and Marzia than we did Elio and Oliver. I wonder if it had to do with editing and a heteronormative assumption for ratings. Maybe there will be more on the DVD. 🤞🤞

The q&a was everything you could have wanted. They looked lovely. I know they must be tired of talking about it all over and over again, but they don’t show it . They seem as eager to talk about sex with peaches and embarrassing dance moves as they ever have (and it was me who “aww"d at Armie and got a look about him leaving Twitter 😉)

The one thing I hadn’t heard before from this was Luca telling how they shot the film chronologically. That gave me all kinds of feels looking back on the film. Watching their love and friendship blossom in real time. Ah, it’s too much.

Michael Stuhlberg is a perfect human being. To hear him speak about his own father was beautiful.

So in dsod Atem, the Pharaoh, saved:
- Kaiba in the first duel against  Diva summoning Obelisk;
- Joey/Jonouchi from the other dimension before he disappeared;
- Yugi (and the world obviously) in the final duel against Diva summoning Mahad;
without saying any words in the whole film.
—  setolightblue

One evening while practicing her photography skills in a parking garage, amateur photographer Jyn Erso stumbles upon two men arguing. Creeping closer despite her mother’s constant admonishments that curiosity killed the cat, Jyn starts snapping pictures. It’s through the lens of her camera that she witnesses one of the men shoot the other.

Of course the gunman hears the clicking of her camera shutter, and of course he chases after her. Her heart pounds in her chest when he corners her near some parked vehicles, and she’s so certain that she’s going to be his next victim—

Except he just takes the camera from her and rips out the film, destroying the evidence, and then walks away, all without saying a word. Jyn is left shaking, but she puts it out of her mind and focuses on helping her brother get ready for his big day.


Cassian Andor, professional hitman for the Alliance, thinks the matter is over and done with; he destroyed the film, so there’s no reason to tell his boss, Davits Draven.

Unfortunately for him, his partner Kay lets it slip in front of Draven that the unknown woman had seen them. Furious, Draven sends a hired thug to take care of the woman, whom Kay describes to him under duress.

Cassian can’t let that happen. He took care of the problem, there’s no reason to go after her. So he follows the thug and stops him from attacking Jyn.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Sonic Unleashed is one of the most well thought-out games Sonic Team has ever made, it has a great story and had one of the best characterizations of Sonic, and Chip is just lovable from beginning to end, the art direction is phenomenal with the designs of the countries/hub worlds, enemies, and even the NPCs with all the cultural inspiration and diversity, they even gave the NPCs charming personalities unlike what we've seen with previous human characters, you can tell SEGA really did their research on this one, and lets talk about that beautifully orchestrated music featured in this game, and that incredible final boss idea and design, and of course the gameplay itself which help SEGA get Sonic back on his feet after what happened in 06 and set the way for other favorites like Colors and Generations with its breakneck speed day stages, and its night stages offered something new to the table with its combo fighting style offering many different ways to beat up enemies, also that cute little short film that was beautifully animated that told a charming story without words, this is the kind of passion you want to see Sonic Team put in their games, yet it doesn't get the recognition it deserves because people didn't like the werehog.

THE FIREMEN’S BALL (‘67) is Early and Illustrious Milos Forman by Thomas Davant

Coming off the success of his black-and-white portrait of Czech small town woes, LOVES OF A BLONDE (‘65), Milos Forman and his co-writer Ivan Passer underwent a period of creative malaise. Writing in his autobiography Turnaround (an enthralling read about growing up in Czechoslovakia along with behind the scenes anecdotes), Forman explains that it was a time of being too self-aware to make another film. The last had come so naturally and without pressure and brought him acclaim abroad. Now it was time to take the next step—this time with the financial backing of powerhouse producer Carlo Ponti—but the ideas wouldn’t come.

Forman moved to the northern border, where a small mountain town made of mostly workers still failed to bring him the solace and separation he imagined would save him from the hustle and bustle of Prague. In the main square, his eye fell on a poster advertising a party being held by the local firemen’s brigade. With nothing going on and eager to put the frustrations of the film behind them, Forman and Passer attended.

The next day they had their film.

THE FIRMEN’S BALL revolves around a single night in a small town’s community hall. What should be a night of revelry as they honor the oldest, dying member of the brigade, turns into a cluster muck of stolen head cheese, beer-drinking (naturally) and an impromptu beauty pageant which finds the firemen quickly losing their focus. And this is basically the entire film.

Forman cast non-professionals and there’s not a single bad performance among the lot. Perhaps because they were playing themselves and doing a damn natural job of it. These men saved the film and its director’s reputation. Following a fierce battle with the Communist censors (the president of the party was livid following a screening) and Ponti pulling out and suing Forman for his money back (the producer flew to Prague, sat through the film and then left without saying a word, and Truffaut had to come to Forman’s financial rescue), the film was screened for the firemen of the town. The Communist censors were sure that their comrades would draw offense at such a ludicrous portrayal of their brigade and their traditions.

Forman recounts the story beautifully. As the censors waited for the firemen to hurl bottles at the screen, one of actors from the film stood up and confessed that he found the film fairly accurate. They did steal, they did drink and most of their events were usually disasters.

Still, following the Soviet invasion and the repression of creative freedom and reformations instilled by President Dubcek during the Prague Spring, the film was banned “forever” in its homeland but managed to make it onto screens in New York City.

Think of it as satirical slapstick, and if you don’t want to dig out the barbs lodged against Communism in there, it’s still a pretty fun (and quick at under 80 minutes) watch. That’s mostly thanks to the characters, who are so unabashedly stubborn and always in the wrong. Forman drops you in the middle of their pandemonium with tight mediums, giving the film an overall claustrophobic sensation. All you want to do is get out and breathe, and thankfully the ending delivers, with a harsh and haunting sequence that undercuts the comedy at just the right angle and ranks among the director’s very best moments.

Roger Ebert, in adding it to his Great Movies list, asked whether the film maintained its power after almost 50 years. I found myself asking the same question while watching it. It’s definitely in need of a new transfer (this one is from the early 2000s) to show off the thirst-inducing amber of pilsner and the muted pinks and reds of the headcheese, all the work of Miroslav Ondříček, Forman’s longtime cinematographer. The way the old men ogle the young girls as they set up a beauty contest feels a little off-key today, but thankfully much is made of the fact that the firemen are dirty old men.

Forman passed away in April and left behind a fantastic output. He rose to prominence in a country bursting at the seams with oppressed creativity, then brought that energy to the States to give us some of the greatest American films of the second half of the century. THE FIREMEN’S BALL shows him at the start of what proved to be an illustrious career.