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“One Perfect Moment” (Cover) From Bring It On the Musical Vlogmas Day 10!


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Song of the day: Perfect - Ed Sheeran


I’m still a little mad they didn’t let Day6 perform one of their songs, but I can’t complain about Never ever Rock version. I swear I fell inlove with that collaboration. I already love Never ever, but this version simply blew my mind


Perfect Day - LIBERTY TOWN

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Hey I just wanted to say how much I love "miss you" by louis tomlinson and that I think the lyrics are just amazing and like so perfect and I actually can relate to this one so it's even more beautiful to me but like I'm not seeing people talking about it but I love it so much and it's also my favourite type of music so it's even better and i can't wait for the video and the actual song and I'll listen to it every second until I die good job louis tomlinson I love you.. ok now I can breathe


also agreeeeeeeed it’s fucking epic and the genre like… i needed a comeback of this kind of thing and it’s perfect for his voice so everything is actually fucking great :”)

Talking Heads - This must be the place (Live: Stop Making Sense)

Here’s your song for friday! My absolutley favourite Talking Heads song! It’s perfect in every way. The ‘Stop making sense’ live performance is one of the best musical events that ever happened. I think everyone should watch the full performance here. Can’t name another band that sounds this good live. Forever wishing I could be there! I love David Byrne.

Home is where I want to be
But I guess I’m already there
I come home, she lifted up her wings
I guess that this must be the place
I can’t tell one from the other
Did I find you or you find me?
There was a time before we were born
If someone asks, this is where I’ll be

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Help help help “anthology” by thrice is one of the most Kastle songs I’ve ever heard. Lines like “you have helped me to find my way back and to anchor my soul” and “you know me and i know you” and “i know that you could snap my neck but i trust you’ll save my life instead” i just have a lot of feelings right nowwww

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Only Forever by Demi Lovato is a good Kastle song.

@favrielle said:

As an addition to your playlist.. Mattanja Joy Bradley’s Hurricane. <3

Anonymous said:

kastle song: Save a prayer by Duran Duran  

Songs dump!! 

I’d literally not heard of any of these, lol, but they’re all so LOVELY <3 And the lyrics! Are perfect!



The last DAF single “The Gun” (which is said to have a video, but it’s not online anywhere) was released in 1987, and only featured Gabi. Robert went off to Thailand to become a Buddhist monk, and Gabi started working with a lady by the name of Saba Komossa, under a number of names: Delkom, Futur, Future Perfect, 2 German Latinos, F/X, Anti-Time… More acid house than EBM this time around, and not my favourite era.

As a single, this song was released under the Future Perfect name, but on the album 1990 Futur Ultra it was credited to Delkom (Delgado/Komossa). Or maybe Delkom is the label, Futur the project name, and Ultra the title; it’s all rather confusing.

After this, the next thing anyone heard of Gabi was in 1995 when he started playing live backed by the DJ Theo Schulte as OPD In Operation DAF (”OPD” stands for “On Public Demand”) — a project that morphed into DAF/DOS.

And as far as I’ve been able to find out, Saba Komossa is now a yoga teacher in Berlin.

The best kind of music is the kind you want to obsess over, listen to over and over again, and happily cannot (will not) stop singing. reputation is captivating. I️ have been on the Taylor Train for many many years and it is certainly not stopping anytime soon.


Today we got gorgeous visuals for the best love song Ed has ever written and later we get a piano performance of a brilliant love song Taylor has written. @lyyssaaaa13 you get to see her perform your potential wedding song today! And then we get to hear their duet + more Taylor happy love songs. My heart is bursting… Ed & Taylor are both so happy and in love.

I’m crying. What a day.