How the Spring Court was in ACOTAR vs. ACOMAF

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Friendly Reminder

Cassian is NOT stupid. He is not some stupid jock with no common sense. He is an intelligent commander of the Night Court’s Armies and known as the Lord of Bloodshed for a reason. I am tired of seeing posts where he is portrayed as an idiot. Let’s not degrade him like that. He is a jokester, but he is smart, selfless, and brave and he deserves respect. Thank you. 

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what would a day in azriel's life be like? and by that i mean what would his daily routine be like? - hcs pls


  • okay so let’s go morning to night 
  • he wakes up pretty early 
  • let’s say like…5:30 am 
  • and he tries his best not to disturb Elain
  • who’s asleep in the bed next to him 
  • sometimes if she kinda wakes up he kisses her on the forehead and tells her to go back to sleep 
  • but then he heads down to their kitchen
  • has a cup of coffee 
  • goes for a quick training session with Cassian around 7 
  • gets all sweaty and hot and oomf he’s just all glistening and gorgeous 
  • then he hops in the shower
  • it’s about 9:00 now 
  • and if Elain’s up she tends to join him in the shower
  • but first she admires his body 
  • because
  • damn 
  • so he hops out of the shower anywhere from 9:15 (if Elain’s not with him) to 10:30 (if Elain jumps in with him) 
  • he loves when she showers with him
  • so he tends to drag it out quite a while
  • and uses up all the hot water in the process
  • but anyway Elain showered with him this morning so now it’s about 10:30 and he’s out of the shower
  • towel slung around his waist 
  • and he shakes out his hair
  • it’s short so he just sorta ruffles his fingers through it to style
  • because really
  • it styles itself
  • so that took all of 5 minutes so he heads down to make breakfast
  • if it’s a weekend, he and Elain will make themselves a grand breakfast and invite the inner circle over
  • but it’s a weekday
  • so he just makes some quick scrambled eggs and toast
  • leaving enough for Elain when she’s hungry 
  • and now it’s 11 and time for work 
  • he flies up to the House of Wind for meetings 
  • he’s spent hours in a room with Rhys going over documents
  • and talking
  • about where to send his spies
  • where he needs to go
  • any possible problems in the human lands or Prythian 
  • he might need to take a trip to the human lands, Rhys tells him today 
  • but first they’ll send another spy
  • so that takes a few hours 
  • and now it’s about 1-2:00 now and he has another quick training session with Cassian if he’s in town 
  • if he’s not then he just goes flying around 
  • or just trains alone
  • or with Rhys 
  • and then he’s off to more meetings 
  • this time with Mor and Amren about more Night Court related things
  • those don’t take as long
  • there aren’t as many threats to the Night Court 
  • at least for now 
  • and then he heads back to Rhys’s to pick up some documents and briefings 
  • he’s got a mission coming up 
  • after picking those up it’s about 4:00 and he’s ready to go home
  • it was a slow day at work
  • sometimes the days were long and jam-packed
  • but others
  • like today 
  • are quick and simply filled with meetings 
  • which most of the time end pretty early 
  • so he flies home to Elain
  • to their cottage
  • and since he’s home early they decide to make dinner together
  • he chops, she cooks 
  • the only time she trusts him near a stove is during breakfast
  • but dinner is all her
  • so they cook and eat and talk 
  • and for dessert Azriel sometimes flies them into Velaris to their favorite ice cream shop 
  • by this point it’s probably 8:00 and they’re eating ice cream and laughing and walking along the Sidra 
  • their own little date night 
  • kinda 
  • dessert date night, more like
  • so they probably get home around 9:30 ish and Azriel’s and old man so he’s naturally already tired
  • he’s not a night owl
  • no sir
  • if he could choose he’d go to bed early 
  • early to bed, early to rise, y’know?
  • (I can’t relate)
  • so they go to bed probably around 10:30 but really 
  • they end up staying up late snuggling and reading and just enjoying each other 
  • eventually Elain falls asleep in his arms 
  • his wings wrapped around her
  • he always let’s her fall asleep first
  • because he snores 
  • real loud 
  • like, it’s just so damn loud guys I don’t even know
  • and she can’t get to sleep with the noise
  • so he stays up until she’s asleep
  • and then he’s asleep too 
  • and he gets ready to do it all again in the morning 
  • or if it’s a friday night 
  • then he gets ready to sleep in
  • and then inevitably wakes up at 5:30 out of habit

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Soooooo it’s the middle of the month again and I decided to try something new. Instead of excepting a bunch of small commissions I’ll be taking 3-4 bigger full colored commissions. Just a test to see how this goes since I’m still a little unsure whether or not I can handle these hehe, but don’t worry I won’t bite more than I can chew. I’m pretty one track minded when it comes to commissions.

If you have any questions please DM on Tumblr or Instagram!

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And here they all are!  The completed trilogy + the novelette.  These were so much fun to do and I’m thrilled with how they all turned out!  If you’re interested at all in how I went about defacing these books, follow the links below to view the timelapsed process for each book.  I’ve been absolutely blown away by the wonderful feedback I’ve received after defacing each book, it has absolutely warmed my heart, so thank you!!  As always, if you have any questions regarding materials or methods I use for defacing, feel free to shoot me a message.  And if you’re at all interested in me making a companion video to go with the timelapses in order to give a more detailed explanation as to how I did these covers, then let me know!!

(click the images for higher resolution)

Timelapse links:


High Lord and Lady of the Night Court 🌌
Swipey swipe to see the full image. I sold my soul for this. I LOVE this painting. Charlie Bowaters official designs were so fun to paint. And HELLO Rhys and Feyre ❤❤. I love them to bits and pieces.
This painting took a LOT of time and love. So I hope you all enjoy it. And thanks for all the LOVELY comments on the wip shots over the last few days. 😭 They were so sweet

i painted this for Whimsify subscription box. and wanted to share it with you guys but i couldnt :D because i would spoil the box. so here he is, our beloved High lord of Night court by @sjmaas

hope you guys will like it xoxo 

Reaching for a book you want but then remembering you have no money:

i painted this illustration alongside Rhys illustration i posted few days ago, (i painted Az too… which i will post later) for Whimsify subscription box. 

Cassian from a court of thorns and roses series by @sjmaas

hope you guys will like it xoxo