Agents of SHIELD Ladies - Art Nouveau

Here’s my latest work! I’m really excited about it, and proud too. This took a lot of planning and brainstorming (thanks to those of you who helped!) and I’m pleased with the final result. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it too. The men are coming up next!

[Combined] [Simmons] [Daisy] [May]

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yeh, cuz people ignored the writer’s wishes and did awful things like:

• constantly repost the entire fic without credit

• EDITED the fic to make it more shippy even though the writer wished for it to remain ambiguous/platonic

• constantly goaded the author and overall made them regret ever writing the fic

so, like, maybe listen to your content creators and respect their boundaries and appreciate that they make this stuff for free to be enjoyed both by others and themselves, most importantly themselves.


It’s time for the People Choice Awards nominations and it would be awesome if we could nominate Jared for Favorite SCI-FI/Fantasy Actor. He is an amazing actor and a wonderful person and I’m sure it would be so great if we could win a PCA for Jared.

So, please go HERE and vote for Jared so that he gets the nomination. You can vote more than once, actually there is no limit which means you can vote numerous times a day. Voting for the nominees ends Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016 (11:59 PM, ET). Ok, then let’s get the nomination for Jared and then let’s win this for him!