Creative Space

It’s always fun to take a sneak peek into someone else’s creative space. See what inspires them, how they set up their work area, what tools they use. Here is a little look into Brett Bean’s everyday world.

Surrounded by art and some really cool mounted yeti’s among other things! 

A separate drawing table from the computer table helps with creativity and keeps the distraction of email away. 

A Cintiq and a good work calendar are a must. Nice to have a window to look out of and remember that there is a world out there….. The desk is an IKEA Bekant Sit/Stand desk that can raise or lower with the push of a button. Very smooth and helps with the back for those drawing all day - fyi, it’s strong enough to support the heavy Cintiq. 

A combination of childhood toys and new statues and souvenirs from travels are scattered throughout the room. 

A couple other musts for this artist:

Herman Miller Aeron Chair - pricey but totally worth it for those who sit all day

Lots and lots of books 

Pens of every variety

Animation paper, recycled notebooks, journals

To anyone who uses silicone containers as carb caps:

Stop. You are potentially damaging your lungs.

The operating temperature of food grade silicone is up to 500 degrees, and medical grade at around 600 degrees. Meaning that ABOVE these temps may cause melting of the silicone. Most dabs are well above 600, especially since most people have their “low temp” on an enail set at 660 degrees! So think about how hot your torch dabs are. You have no real way of telling how hot your nail is without a pyrometer or laser thermometer. And laser thermometers don’t work on Quartz, and need to be very fine tuned to work on Titanium.

You definitely don’t want that on your nail or in your lungs. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

This has been a dabbing PSA.

the-perks-of-being-indian asked:

Hey wonderful :) I need some advice if you don't mind. I plan on being a filmmaker when I'm older and I want to make sure I make female characters that are strong, independent, ethnic, and identifiable. Do you have any tips or anything I should make sure I do or not do when writing a script? Thank you!! (Love your blog btw)

I think that’s an awesome question but I’m really not a writer! At least not in the fictional, story-telling sense.  I think there are probably lots of people on Tumblr who have some great advice though, so those of you who want to, please contribute.  I found a few resources for you in the meantime:

Writing Women Characters as Human Beings

On Writing Strong (Female) Characters

The Problem with Strong Female Characters™

stop talking about jonnor breaking up in the finale. It took TWO seasons for them to be a couple so do you really that the writers are going to do this to us? I know they’re evil but c’mon

stop saying “summer of jonnor my ass” why are you like this? We all love Jonnor very much but we also know that even if their storyline is important, there are other characters on the show, they have their storyline and they are good too. The show can’t be 35 minutes about Jonnor and you all know it. Stef, Lena, Brandon, Callie, Mariana and AJ are here too and i love their storylines.

stop saying that Jude is being selfish or that he’s acting like an ass. What the actual fuck. You guys know his story, he’s afraid about losing his sister, he wants her to live with him, it’s normal! He’s not shuting anyone out, not the family, not Connor. He was just afraid. At the end he apologized. He’s 13 so what do you expect from him? He’s not gonna be the perfect little boy or boyfriend all the time and i’m totally fine with that. Give him a break. He is still learning to accept that, now, there are people who care about him and love him.


Rant over.

“Maddie hasn’t improved!”

Okay, I see people saying that Maddie hasn’t improved that much or has even regressed this past season, which totally boggles my mind because if you look at any gifs and videos of her in seasons 1-3, it’s pretty clear that over seasons 4-5 she has made the most progress.

What pisses me off is rarely does anyone give any actual technical example of how Maddie has regressed/stopped improving, they simply cite “Mackenzie beat her!” and “She didn’t get first at this thing!”

If you’re basing the whole “Maddie has regressed!” thing off of the fact that Maddie has occasionally not gotten first this season, then that’s total bullhinky. At most dance competitions, placing in the top five overall for your age group still makes you pretty much amazing, and it’s usually less than a point separating each place from each other. Rarely do these less-than-real competitions reveal the actual scores anyway.

Nevertheless, here are things I’ve noticed from clips, gifs and full videos from Maddie over the years — real, true, technical achievements:

  • Higher jumps
  • More flexible jumps
  • Better placed jumps
  • More flexibility in general
  • Far greater turnout (you can really see it on her pitch kicks)
  • Straighter knees
  • Stronger ankles and a higher releve
  • Far better control over her arms
  • Not nearly as much travelling on her fouettes
  • Also doesn’t do the weird bouncy thing with her working leg on her a la secondes anymore
  • Really strong floorwork
  • Her shoulders aren’t creeping up as much anymore.

Now, she still has stuff to work on because every dancer does. She still has a swayback and she still occasionally sickles her feet (Cathy was onto something). But generally to act like Maddie has made no progress over the past two years is so foolish it seems to be almost willingly foolish.

playing Dragon Age: Inquisition with my dad
  • travelling through the Hissing Wastes:*dad hums Lawrence of Arabia theme*
  • travelling through the Emerald Graves:*dad hums Jurassic Park theme*
  • travelling through the Exalted Plains:*dad hums Lord of the Rings theme*
  • travelling through Emprise du Lion:*dad hums 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland*
Kermit and Piggy announce breakup at press conference
After their strong showing at Comic-Con, Kermit and Miss Piggy conquered Beverly Hills for ABC’s summer press tour promoting this fall’s The...

After their strong showing at Comic-Con, Kermit and Miss Piggy conquered Beverly Hills for ABC’s summer press tour promoting this fall’s The Muppets — although there was significantly more tension in the air as the famed frog and pig took the stage to announce their break-up.

It’s an end of an era!



Attack On Titan: Secret Service

Cosplayer: @kimberly__moore


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Cuarto milenio se pasa a Canal Sur