Watching the Presidential Debate and here is Hilary pulling out facts, statistics and talking about how she has actual been in the political sphere for many years and Trump is all “but you haven’t done this in bluh bluh bluh” and I’m just screaming yoU HAVEN’T DONE SHIT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN A PART OF POLITICS YOU DAFT ORANGE FUCKING IDIOT

Okay so!! Me an my friend were talking just now about this ask I got a while back about Kara and Chibi saying they like each other for the first time and I can’t!! Stop thinking about what a disaster that would be!! Because if Kara were the one to say “Hey Chibita I like you!” all I can imagine is Chibita not taking him seriously at all and bein super unsure about it? Jus like “Me?? Are you sure?? Do you know who you’re talking to??” and then probably accusing Karamatsu of pulling some kind of sick joke. I mean,I know he’d KNOW Karamatsu wouldn’t do something like that but still hes a Matsuno and Chibitas probably been asked out as a joke a lot. An I don’t think Chibita being the first one to say he likes Karamatsu would work out that well either? I feeeeeeel like the extent of the conversation would be
“Heeyy..Karaboy..I really like you..yknow..” “Yeah,I know,I like you too!” and then Kara jus keeps fuckin eating n Chibitas just like ok great so this is definitely gonna work out i aint wastin my time here nice to know