a) not enough gender bending

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*~•some über cool snowbaz prompts•~* • snowbaz taking a selfie • snowbaz baking scones (because I need to see Baz with flour on his face) • snowbaz hAIR-SWAP!! (Like Simon with long curly blonde hair and Bazzy with short sleek black hair u feel me) •snowbaz gender bend (bc there aren't enough of these and I like girls lol) • snowbaz at the beach (water wings water wings WATER WINGS) • snowbaz ice skating • FIRST YEAR SNOWBAZ OMG • snowbaz in pyjamas 🙀 I could go on 🍃💞

um wow yeah this is a lot hahh

listen, i might come back to these at some point in time, but FOR NOW pls enjoy a short haired baz

im sorry i keep changing how i draw him oops, still trying to figure out what i think he looks like

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The parks characters as the avengers (gender bending allowed/encouraged)

haha funnily enough, i came across a post where i did this in 2012. i think my answers have changed a lil bit tho.

leslie is obviously captain america; a leader who has a strong pull to do the right thing.

ben is the hulk, because he is a sad nerd who represses his feels. 

tom is iron man, mostly because of the billionaire playboy mogul thing.

april is black widow; mysterious and tough, but vulnerable underneath. 

andy is thor - it’s not perfect, but thor makes me giggle the most and so does andy. if andy were a super hero who took himself completely seriously, he would certainly be thor-like. fine but simple.

ann is maria hill, and ron is clearly nick fury bc they are both grumps. 

i know this leaves chris and hawkeye, but i dont think that works. i also dont think andy as hawkeye or chris as thor works, but idk.