a) i have a really short attention span

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just to talk about my fave character so this is not really meta?idk, but sometimes i get the impression that Viktor has adhd i mean he has a real short attention span, gets bored easily(hell he told yuri he was hungry and wanted to go eat while yuri was being interviewed)and he's rather impulsive he's always doing unexpected things(like taking decisions without thinking twice) or maybe it's just me overanalysing XD i have adhd so it feels like i'm close to this character and i love him even more



I used to have a cute idea that went along with this, but the first two of the set didn’t really turn out like I’d hoped they would so I took the text off and just put up the better two instead.

Essentially, Merida tells Jack she can catch a fish. He doesn’t believe her so they wage a bet in which the loser owes the winner a date. She almost had it, but evidently it didn’t end in her favor so he teases her about it. Of course, Jack wants to be treated special. She’s gotta give him the whole nine yards, y'know? Flowers, romance, the whole shebang.

Basically they’re adorable dorks and I have a really short attention span so we’ll see if i ever finish it.



Let’s Talk about ADHD

Some of you may think that ADHD is just someone getting distracted by squirrels all the time. And while easily distracted is a symptom, it’s more than that. (In all honesty, I got distracted by a video I was watching for 5 minutes up to this point.)

AD(H)D isn’t a brain disorder, per say. It’s a Neurological disorder where messages to the brain are fired faster than normal. This results in divided thinking and short attention spans. Someone with AD(H)D will start a project and leave it unfinished to start a new one. They won’t think to do something until they see it right in front of them. Most of their decisions are made on the fly, not really thinking too ahead.

Now, the H in ADHD means Hyperactivity. That means that…Ohh how do I explain this…Your thoughts are usually displayed through impulsive actions? You act before you think? Something like that. It’s tricky for me to explain.

Now, unmedicated, people with ADHD have a very hard time concentrating on important things like school work or anything that doesn’t really grab their attention. It makes passing school very tough. And the hyperactivity makes it hard for them to make friends who aren’t scared off by their boundless energy.

As someone who had to go through the first grade undiagnosed, it was difficult for me to really fit in. I had a hard time making friends. And when I was finally diagnosed, but when I forgot to take medication, I ended up scaring my friends because they weren’t used to this ricocheting personality I have. I didn’t feel like I had a chance to make many friends. And I ended up getting picked on and bullied (sometimes even physically kicked) until the eighth grade.

To this day, I wish I had the same way of functioning like the other kids. I wish I didn’t have so many thoughts at once all the time. I wish I could control my energy without the use of pills. ADHD sounds like fun, but it isn’t all fun and games.

Now, I hear all sorts of Squirrel jokes all the time because of my disorder. And I’ll usually laugh because it’s true. But this is something that you should keep in mind:


So when Luke had that amazing stubble of his not too long ago, I was itching to draw him and Calum in a fanart where Luke wants to kiss Calum but Calum pretends to not want to kiss him because of his stubble when it was really because he was so turned on by how sexy it made Luke looks. I had to draw it and had the drawing lines for a week or so. I got around to finally finishing it today. Well as finished as I could be bothered to cause I have a short attention span. And guess what, flameretardant123 actually wrote a cute as heck drabble on this stubble topic too! Check out Beard Destiny!

Toodles till my next fanart :)

Winchester brothers-Secrets


Pairings:Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:1033

Request:it was where the reader is adhd but hides it from teh boys. they only find out after she runs out of pills and is acting waaay different (hyper/distracted, always blurting out random facts), and she’s too young to refill her own perscription. thanks wolf, you are a great writer, keep up the AMAZING work. the reason i want this one is i may be adhd myself and i’m really stressed/worried about it.

Having Adhd was hard. Especially having it at such a young age. Sam and Dean always teased you for having a short attention span and zoning out but they didn’t know it was something serious and that really bothered you.

 They didn’t know you had Adhd. At this exact moment you was staring to panic because you were staring to run out of your medication and were to young to refill your own prescription. 

You had started off just pacing the floor, hands shaking as you constantly clicked your fingers together in a annoyingly loud tone. You then stopped and started to drum your hands against your thighs and paced even faster before twirling and circling the table. 

Dean looked up at you through the top of the newspaper as he glanced over towards a confused yet slightly amused Sam. Dean stood up, grasping your elbows as he sat you down in the empty chair that was in between the two of you. 

Dean sighed in relief when he sat back down in his own seat and picked back up the newspaper. 

You started to bounce your knee as you rested you elbow on the table and tapped your fingers against the oak with the other one. 

‘’Did you know that the pyramids used to be transparent and white with diamonds’’You blurted. Sam gave you a nod of approval and dismissed the fact that it was totally random. 

‘’Did you know the smallest robber used to sneak in people’s bags to get their luggage on planes’’You added quickly before standing up so fast the chair knocked over. 

Dean stood up in annoyance as he glared at you making you feel guilty. ‘’Okay, what the hell had you squirming in your pants.’’Dean growled, ‘’You had to much sugar?’’He questioned with narrowed eyes. 

‘’No’’You breathed out as you tried to sit back down to show them you were fine but felt the itch pull at you as you started to clap your hands together as you puffed out your cheeks and looked towards the ceiling. 

‘’(y/n), what’s wrong with you?’’Sam asked as he shut his laptop screen. He turned his chair so he could put his full attention on you. You looked away, bouncing your leg still as you tried to look anywhere but at your brothers. 

Dean know got the concept that you were seriously bothered about something so he stopped his harsh glare which turned to a more softer one as he gently brushed your hair away from your face. 

‘’Did you know that Earthworms have five hearts?’’You blurted before you bit your lip and looked away. 

‘’That great sweetie but that’s not what we needed to know’’Dean chuckled softly. ‘’We need to know what’s wrong with you-hey.. (y/n)’’Dean said as he snapped his fingers in front of your face from the loss of your attention.

Sam frowned, trying to pull together all the facts. He knew he knew what was wrong he just couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of what it was. 

You got up, both brothers looking at you dumbfounded as you headed towards your bathroom. 

‘’Is the conversation over?’’Dean mumbled confused with raised brows. Sam just shrugged over at Dean before they both spotted you coming back. You shyly stood by Sam as you shakily handed him a bottle.

He frowned, brows knitting together as he gently took it out of your hands and turned the bottle over. He flashed you a reassuring smile before looking down at the bottle. 

At first his expression was confused as his brows knitted further together almost fusing into one before they rose in realisation. 

‘’You have Adhd’’Sam breathed out. Dean stood up straighter as he and Sam shared a look of concern.

‘’Babe why didn’t you tell us?’’Dean muttered as he watched your pacing form. 

‘’I just didn’t want you to think I was stupid or that I couldn’t hunt anymore and wouldn’t listen ad-’’You rambled until Sam stood up and braced both hands on either one of your shoulders. 

‘’Darling you’re rambling. It’s okay we understand just don’t hide anything like this from us again’’Sam smiled as he pecked your forehead.

‘’If you have Adhd (y/n)…’’Dean trailed off. ‘’And you’re taking pills why are you all worked up now?’’Dean asked confused. Sam walked back over to the table as he picked up the labelled bottle and through it towards Dean. 

Dean caught it on instinct as he looked at it before glancing towards Sam. ‘’It’s empty’’Dean stated in realisation.  Sam nodded as you gripped his shirt but continued to tap your foot on the floor. 

‘’She’s to young to go get her own refill’’Sam added. Dean nodded, mouth forming a ‘0′ shape as he got up and grabbed his jacket. 

‘’Well lets go get your next prescription’’Dean smiled as he slung his jacket on, Sam following his actions. 

‘’(y/n)?’’Sam called when he noticed you weren’t following. They both shared a look as they turned around to see you scratching your nail varnish off and they both knew they had lost your attention again. 

Dean chuckled as he walked towards you and clicked his fingers in front of your face. 

‘’huh?’’You mumbled as you stopped picking and looked up. He chuckled as he slung his arm over your shoulder and pressed a chaste kiss to your head. 

‘’C’mon’’he grinned. 


You smiled as Sam came back out of the doctors office and greeted you and Dean. ‘’You get them?’’Dean asked as you both got up. Sam pulled a bottle out from his pocket and handed them over to you.

You sighed in relief as you undid the lid and threw back a pill, feeling much better although it probably wasn’t going to kick in yet. 

As soon as you got in you climbed into your bed and waited as your brother both came in and bid you a goodnight. They both leaned down and kissed your forehead before making sure you were tucked in properly and that all the signals were okay. 

‘’Don’t ever hide anything like this from us again (y/n). We love you and would never be ashamed or angry by anything like this’’

Barry Allen Imagine - Don’t Blame Yourself (Last Part)

Author’s Note: Here it is everyone! The end has come. I have reservations about how this last part came out mostly because it was written while I had a fever going on and I have a really short attention span when I become sick. Nevertheless, here it is and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Part One || Part Two || Part Three

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hi so I've run out of drarry fics and I'm wondering if u could rec your very favorite ones??

ahhhhh i dont really have many favorites!! i usually just read short ones because i have the attention span of a chipmunk but ya sure lets go!!!!

Draco Malfoy, It’s Your Lucky Day

okay this one is ridiculously ooc and harry is a flirt and draco is a snarky little ass and theres some ~~mystery~~ oooo but otherwise happy ending c: 

The Ties That Bind Us

this is another faithwood fic and its hilarious and silly and dumb and ya 

Talk to Me

this is the first fic i read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its absolutely adorable and i loved it and it made me fall in love with this pairing

on a clear day 

omg this one is just lovely and isa forced me to read it and i loved it its one of my absolute favorites c:

The Punching Mistletoe

okay im obviously such a dork because i laughed way to hard at this one and its super short and ya im just dumb sorry!!

He Who Must Not Be Normal

okay this one is kinda darker (eh not really but its not as fluffy) and a bit longer than the others and idk???i really fell in love with it??? i think i just loved how they both managed to heal the other and help one another 

Draco’s Boy 

this is the longest fic ive ever read and it was super adorable in the beginning gah its a muggle au and theyre little kids and next door neighbors and its super sweet (but soooooooo ooc omfg)

Storm in a Teacup

yay more cute and dumb and im dumb ya but good fic woo!!!!

The Liplock Jinx

omg i love this fic soooo much!! its also one of the first i read and by the end was just wiggling like a slug ya

okay ya so thats all ive got friend!! sorry for my dumb commentary and i hope you enjoy yay!!!

watching movies with a short attention span

Everyone with ADHD or  a short attention span knows the terror of watching movies or 40 minute episodes. Here are some things that help me focus:

- put your phone on the other side of the room/out of reach. We all check our phones for one quick message and 20 micutes later we’re on instagram, tumblr, … having no idea what happened the past 20 minutes in the movie.

- fidget.

- watch the movie/show in your second language or a language that you don’t know. IDK it just works really well.

- watch in a dark room. I know everyone keeps saying how important it is to sit in bright places but trust me it’s so much easier to focus without other visual stimulation

- know when to stop. If you feel like you can’t focus anymore, stop. Run up and down the stairs a few times, check your social media for a few minutes, get some water. Just continue when you feel like you can focus on the screen again.


Happy Birthday Tim Rice-Oxley 

“I think my influences as a songwriter come from far and wide, but especially from books. I’m quite a slow reader, and I think I really engage with a book emotionally. Often a book will really be a big part of my life for however long it takes me to read it. Sometimes I’ll be dipping into it for weeks and months, reading a few pages at a time, because I have a terribly short attention span. And when I’m not reading it, I’ll find myself thinking about it, and talking to other people about it. I think all that does definitely come out in my songwriting.”

I know everyone is moaning about the update. Thing is, I have a very short attention span so scrolling quickly is my coping mechanism. With the new reblog format, it’s hard to tell where one post starts or if I am still looking at the reblog comments. (Especially mobile) The avatar and font are the same so it tricks my eyes. It really gives me a headache. I am spending less time on the site and have been posting far less this week. I will look for fix programs but I feel for other users that are struggling with the new format. I’ll be back but I wanted to explain my absence his week.

(fic) it's all about language

warnings: really, really dumb boys, and eventual dirty talk

The three of them are looking at each other again, and luckily, Eren doesn’t see any traces of amusement. He thinks he might see some anxiety, but he’s probably just imagining it, because why would any of them be anxious?

Reiner slaps his hand down on the table suddenly, making Eren jump. “You’re right, Eren. You did the right thing, coming to us.”

This is Eren trying to ask Levi out, and he unfortunately decides to go to Jean, Reiner, and Connie for advice. Fin is basically to blame for this. Also I am breaking it up into two parts because I am stupid. There will be actual dirty talk next time, yes.

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Currently Reading: Homecoming by Kass Morgan.

I’m super excited to finally start this book. I really enjoyed the first two books in the series. And once I finish it, I’m hoping to binge watch the show on Netflix! (I have never binge watched anything before, thanks to my super short attention span, but I really want to watch this show already. 😆)

What are YOU reading today, Bookworms???

#kassmorgan #the100 #day21 #homecoming #netflix

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