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I guess there's no use thinking about the goat kid, he's dead. And I mean, it's not like things can come back from the dead to eat your brains or something silly like that

*You mean like zombies or something?
*Yeah, uh, that would be pretty bizarre.
*Considering his body exploded into dust.
*He better not come back as a zombie.

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If You dont mind could you please talk about Shiro's dark humour ? Like in s2e1 keith says that Shiro changed his life to which shiro responds 'yeah if it wasnt for me you wouldnt be in this situation so you're welcome' and later on he responds to Keith being worried about him with 'my wound is getting bigger and bigger' to 'lighten the mood'. I think it says a lot about him but id love to hear your thoughts

Honestly as bad as it sounds I think that it’s a really heartening thing to hear? I really hope we hear more of Shiro’s bleak humor going forwards, I think it’s very important.

Because Shiro’s got kind of a thing where… he’s pretty heavily sidelining his own mental health for the benefit of his team. He wants to be there for everyone but we see things like in s2e5 where he catches Allura coming back to the bridge and urges her to take care of herself and rest- in a feat of flagrant hypocrisy because he basically just sat in the bridge and kept watch the entire time everyone else was taking a break.

It’s at a point where I don’t think Shiro actually realizes how bad he’s doing. He’s just not looking at his own psychological state. And when he does think about it… every single Lion and paladin is integral to the team, except Shiro is firmly of the opinion that he’s the only one who needs to set up a potential replacement. Shiro is the first one to unsubtly suggest he might be less worthy of the Black Lion than Zarkon- and he’s the one who takes Black connecting with Keith to save him as not proof that Black cares about him enough to open her doors to someone other than her bonded paladin if he’s in danger, but proof that Keith is a better candidate than he is.

Shiro even joking about not doing okay is important. It’s because he’s actually acknowledging that he’s not doing okay in the first place. I actually would not be surprised if the positive healing process for Shiro involves him actually seeming less okay, because it’s him dropping his performative image as the consummate Black Paladin, team leader, super reliable guy who has no problems- because it’s a problem for the whole team if Shiro is burying his issues. If he can trust these people to have his back in a life-or-death firefight he can trust them enough to not try and shoulder through his problems alone.

“Alone” is not how Voltron does things. In the simplest form, that’s just now how the combining robot works. 


can we all just agree that this color looks amazing on BamBam? 😩👏🏼

You text your mcm paragraphs about your day on Monday and on Friday two weeks later he come back with a one word reply, your friends ask you how things are going with y'all and you lying out ya face

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Can you do one where y/n and Shawn get in a really big fight and things are said and they yell break up and then he leaves and they both cant sleep or something and Shawn comes back a few hours later just so tore up and crying and apologizing and then they have make up sex PLEASE ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

imma just do this one right here bc i have hella inspiration for it so here goes: 

loud .

Tonight was bad. You haven’t swept up the broken glass yet, nor the shards of your dinner plate that are now scattered across your kitchen floor. Those images of him throwing his water glass against the wall keep playing and playing, like some kind of broken record, and you feel that hole in your chest continue to get bigger and bigger until it isn’t a hole anymore: it’s a chasm. It’s a chasm that you’re tiptoeing around, testing your fate, and not really caring if you fall in because the sound of the front door slamming is on repeat too. 

Your eyes slip closed and a few more tears squeeze out between your lids. The dark is more forgiving than you thought it’d be. It doesn’t replay his words to you (”How could we ever think this would work? We’ll never work because you don’t want us to”), or the way his face crumbled right before he turned his back on you and left the apartment. It’s just black. 

Mercilessly, your body begins to drift off. It’s a miracle you can– it’s so loud in your brain right now. But as soon as you’re almost there, right on the cusp of descending into sleep, the front door opens, and the sound of wet, rain-soaked boots on hardwood jerks your eyes open. 

In the darkness, you see your bedroom door open and a boy of 6′3′’ walk in with his head down, hands crossed in front of him like he’s surrendering. You figure he toed off his boots at the front door because he’s just in socks as he climbs up on the bed and sniffs back tears as he collapses on the mattress, hands covering his eyes. “I’m…” he starts, shaking his head, “I’m so, so sorry.” 

okay here’s the beginning if you guys want more lemme know and i’ll finish it up sometime this week 


Nobody ‘made’ Stone Cold, but damn sure a lot of people helped. Jim [Ross] helped more than most. He’s the reason that so many of my biggest moments had an stronger impact, as he was always the loudest fan in the building. Even when he was working backstage, I’d come to the back and ask what he thought and he never missed a damn thing. Jim’s a real good guy. A real good guy.
- Stone Cold Steve Austin

Steve, to me, is one of the last true cowboys in wrestling. You know, a man’s man who believed in what he was doing, whether it was right or wrong in everybody else’s eyes. When Steve first came in, he knew he was good, and he knew he’d have to work to prove it, but he never complained about having to do so. I respected him from day one, and I still do today. When he and I share a beer at ringside, there’s always a lump in my throat that I have to swallow before I can sip on some suds, because I know Steve respects me, and that feeling is very mutual.
- Jim Ross

am I the only one here who feels like apologizing to my “abuser”? (I can’t even grasp the concept of abuse, it feels so wrong to call him abusive). it’s just that I see a lot of submissions here and you’re all angry and that’s okay don’t get me wrong, but I don’t feel like this at all. I have this weird feeling of trying to make excuses for him, for why he did what he did. I want to apologize to him and I don’t even know what for, I’m just so used to feeling like things are my fault that now I apologize for all my feelings. and as weird as it sounds sometimes I miss it, i miss the “abuse” so much i feel like getting on my knees and hugging his legs until HE forgives me and come back to me


sometimes henry would go to this… place… during what he would call, “lunch break” and come back with something called “ice cream”… and sometimes… i liked to snatch a lick on certain occasions… that’s the only food i’ve ever eaten and it’s… heavenly. 

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I giggled a little when bellamy shut kane down and kane decided ok that kid is mad at me right now on to the next one and went to dad Harper. He loves all his kids so much. And it BROKE my heart when kane just stood there and apologized. It sounded like he was apologizing for everything he's done, bellamys mom, choking him, all the hardship between them. He loves his kids but I think he loves bellamy the most. Bellamy is special to him, both the blakes seem the most important to kane.

Yeah. He loves Bellamy. He made Bellamy come back, not for the mission, but because he LOVES him. Not because it was best for their people. But because he thinks Bellamy is worthy. He convinced Bellamy enough to stay in the rover. That’s a near miracle. 

That whole exchange with Bellamy-Kane-Harper was a heart wrencher. Kane has never forgotten about what he did on the Ark. He’s never forgotten about the culling. He didn’t make excuses for floating Aurora. He feels what Bellamy is feeling. He knows it well.

And he turned to the easier child, who is confronting these things for the first time. 

My heart.

Morning Routines. (Ignis)

Sets an alarm so early, the sun isn’t even fully out yet. Presentation is an important aspect of his role, which is why he takes it seriously. His showers aren’t as long as Noctis’ but he does believe in pampering himself. Lighting a scented candle or two, using bubble bath. He likes to treat himself where he can. Even his toothpaste isn’t very minty, it’s actually quite sweet. He has a habit of brushing his teeth twice. Partly because he finds it a little off putting to have the smell of food coming from his mouth while conducting official business. The other part being that he actually really likes the way it tastes.

At this point, he still hasn’t gotten dressed. Preferring to tidy up a little around the place. That way he doesn’t need to attend to any of it when he comes back. Meaning he can just go straight to sleep if he so wishes. He finds it relieving that he wakes up early because that way he has enough time to be as thorough as possible. He tends to get calls throughout this process, but he’s talented at multitasking so his cleaning speed isn’t held back as such. The calls also tend to be short. It’s all business of course. So there are people double checking details, sharing what tasks need to be done, outlining anything important, catching up on the news. He does find it a little irritating since these people will see him at the Palace so it seems a little pointless to him. That irritation does wear off because all the cleaning just so happens to calm him down. Prompto also tends to send “good morning” texts, which always put a small smile on his face.

Finally getting dressed, he does another once over to see if there’s anything that needs immediate attention. If he has time he’ll look over the newspaper, otherwise he’ll either head to Noctis’ apartment or he’ll run whatever errands he needs to. On days where he heads to Noct’s, he usually feels a little overwhelmed. The hour he spends just waiting for him to finish his shower gives him a type of peace his day usually doesn’t grant him. Plus, if Noctis is still in the middle of his psyche up speech, Ignis won’t need much else to boost his spirits.

yesterday my moms boyfriend asked me about my love life and my friends and I said it was okay and going good. he got mad when I didn’t give him more details, and got a little more pushy with things until I finally said “it’s personal”. because I don’t like talking about those things with others. not to mention he’s very homophobic and I don’t need to give him anymore reason to hate me. but after I told him this he went violent? like slamming his hands on the desktop and getting too close to yell in my face saying “if I’d always act that way towards him?” (lucky he didn’t hit me this time tho) he told me to never come back to him for advice,(which I don’t either way), and then proceed to call me more insults, and made fun of me for not sharing? was I in the wrong? i know this isnt as bad as others have it but i need to know if it’s my fault he got mad. or if I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

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Oh sorry, it was my fault i didn't send it right ๐Ÿ˜‚ i tried to said that if you could continue the little mermaid au but with janstar, bcs janna was a friend of tom maybe she was worried that he didn't' come back and went to the outside

Of course you can have that! Sorry I was so bad at reading, I hope this is what you wanted!!! I’m really bad at reading I  just suck at everything. I hope you enjoy the story and I hope it’s what you wanted!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/158562980977/oh-my-gosh-please-finish-the-little-mermaid-as-im


“Star wait, where did the boys go?” Janna asked. Star stopped kissing her girlfriend and looked over and saw Tom and Marco were gone. Star smiled a bit, hoping there had gone away to get some time alone. Maybe Tom would even get that kiss!

“Nowhere, I’m sure they’re fine.” Star assured, trying to pull Janna down for another kiss. Janna rolled her eyes but kept looking.

“No, they’ve been gone for a while, I’m gonna go check up on them.” Janna didn’t wait for Star to respond, she jumped off the bleachers and went to find her friends. Star bit her lip, she knew Janna meant well but didn’t want her to interfere.

“Janna wait!” Star tried, but Janna was already a ways away, and when Star tried to catch up, her dress got caught in the bleachers. “Ughh! Janna! Hold up!” Star called over.

Janna opened the back door that led out to the football field and looked around, this was the last place she saw her friends go. She smiled a bit thought when she saw Marco, but this faded when she noticed Marco was sitting on the field with somebody who seemed unfamiliar. This made Janna rage. It was clear to her that Tom was in love with Marco, and if that boy ditched him for some other kid Janna was going to kill him!

“Marco Diaz!” Janna hissed, marching up the hill. “You KNOW you promised to come here with Tom and now you’re with… with…” Janna trailed off when she saw Marco sitting next to a demon. Her eyes widened and she gasped. “HOLY HELL!” Janna screamed. She grabbed Marco and pulled him away.

“Janna wait!” Marco begged, pulling away. Janna was shocked.

“I didn’t… I thought all the demons were dead…” Janna backed away. She then at once turned back to anger. “You ditched Tom for a DEMON!?” She yelled.

“Janna no!” Marco assured. “This IS Tom.” He tried. He pulled away and walked over to the demon, holding his hand gently. Janna looked at Marco oddly, trying to wrap her head around this. Her thinking was interrupted by Star darting over to the group.

“MARCO AND TOM HAVE TO KISS!” She screamed, tackling the girl. Marco jumped and Star looked up at the boys. She then got a big smile and jumped up, still standing on Janna, and gawked at the demon. “You did it! You guys got it and you did it!” Star exclaimed. Marco’s eyes popped and he looked at Star curiously.

“You knew?” He asked. Star nodded, still standing on Janna.

“Glosseryk told me everything, but I couldn’t interfere or I would mess it all up! I was trying to push you guys but you both are so stubborn.” She crossed her arms.

“Get off of me!” Janna cried. Star looked down and stepped off of the human girl. She helped Janna up and she looked between the demon and Marco. “You mean to say that Tom was a demon this whole time? I thought all the demons were dead. They were all killed off.” Janna reminded, looking at Tom with awe.

“Not all of us.” Tom finally spoke. “We still live down there. We can never leave though, but I had to when I met Marco.” Tom explained. He then got a look of anxiety. “Please don’t tell anyone about me! If anyone sees me they’ll kill me! Or worse they’ll send me back underground I can’t go back down there I can’t-”

“Tom. Cool it.” Janna told him. Tom shut his mouth and Janna tilted her head. “You’re pretty cool, especially now that you can talk, you can tell me about all your cool demon stuff.” Janna smirked, but continued. “I’m not gonna tell.” She promised. Tom smiled big and looked at Marco, with bright eyes. Marco smiled and pulled the demon down into his arms.

“I told you.” Marco teased. Tom held the human closer and the two laughed a little bit. Star smiled and almost jumped up and down. She then looked up at Janna who was smiling at her girlfriend and blushing a little bit. Star grinned and took Janna’s hand in both of her’s. She smiled and stood on her tiptoes to give her girlfriend a kiss.

“Maybe let’s give them some time to themselves.” Star suggested. Janna laughed.

“Are you saying that because you want them to have time together, or you want US to have time together?” Janna asked. Star blushed and made a scrunched up face. She stole another kiss from Janna and then let her face melt into a smile.

“A little bit of both.” She admitted. Janna giggled and scooped her girlfriend up in her arms, bringing her back off to the party so they could dance together like they always did.