“…I’m doing more than fine.”

I’ve never made a gifset before so excuse the shittiness of it, but man, out of everything he said in that last video, this one spoke to me the most. We’re all doing fine. I could go in depth about how this community has changed me, and how much I love seeing what you guys make, and jesus christ, just how much positivity radiates from our little nook on tumblr, but I think the big thing is that I’m just so proud to associate myself with you guys. 

(i hope you guys don’t mind if I tag you, I just thought I would reach out to some of my favorite jims)
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last week I was sooo productive and this week I hit a wall, uGH ‪✧ how do you guys fight laziness? I think I need some tips

p.s. yesterday I reached 4K followers (!!!) and I just wanted to say thank you; I never thought I’d even reach 1K (so this is mind boggling) ‪♡‬