shoba_narayan Disclaimer: we all love our jobs. #twoshowday

hey pals !!! 

i recently hit 2k (recently aka a few weeks ago but shhhh) but i never did anything to celebrate so i’m doing it now !!!! thank you so much to all my followers, i love each and every one of you. it’s so weird to think that so many people care about this dumb blog, but i’m so thankful to all of you. 

so ! to celebrate, i thought i’d spread some positivity !!!

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thank you once again, y’all are the best. please don’t let this flop


celia_mei: Saturday night on Broadway with #pride. 🌈💫🦄❤ @greatcometbway

nyrator  asked:

I mean, I could request "the most attractive and chiseled-jaw bubsy imaginable, staring longingly into Madotsuki's eyes, offering her a pizza roll with one hand, as her heart goes doki-doki, outside of an IHOP"... ... orrrr I guess "Sometsuki and Madotsuki hanging out with bunnies" works too, your choice.

this is it

this is the entirety of dream diary jam’s chat

this is what you guys missed

(YN B-Day MS Paint ask 6/40.  There’s about 11 other ask in the askbox at the moment, but  you can send in a request too if you don’t mind the wait!)


i was tagged by @roadie-by-the-ocean to post a couple of selfies…

the memo was “to celebrate beauty” but while y'all are out there honestly kicking ass, i went ahead and layered mine with a dozen filters (for the blog aesthetic). oops!

anyways, thanks for tagging me!! :D

i tag: @grumpylikethewolf @pizzazzer @symphony-in-silver @crushed-andpulverised @allegra0 ONLY IF you wish