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A lot of women these days claim to be bisexual. They think it's fashionable, exciting, fun to have people think they're bi. If you were truly Romanian, you'd be Orthodox (or perhaps Catholic) and you'd realise that bisexuality is wrong.

I don’t want to respond to this, especially in a snotty way, but this has offended my a little bit.

For a start, I am not fully Romanian. Only a part. As I’ve said before. I’ve never been there, either. I have been raised my entire life in England, and the only connection I have was through my Bunica. She taught me Romanian and several customs, which also explains why I NEVER told her my feelings about other people. I don’t believe I was ever baptised, but I’ll have to do some research.

You also need to remember this; when she came over to the UK, my Bunica did everything to make herself seem less like an immigrant. When she got married, the first man, (My grandad, my mothers father,) loved her, but tried to hide the fact of who she was, which broke her heart, and therefore didn’t make my Aunt, Mother or Uncle try any Romanian customs.

The only reason she taught me, my sister, my cousins, was because she was lonely. By this point, my mother’s father had died, and my Bunica remarried to another man, who accepted her a little more. But he was always away, ‘Working.’ So, whenever I would stay there, with family, we would learn something about Romania. I remember when my sister was born when I was six years old, and my two year old sister was sitting with me, and I asked for the word Baby and she told me. Yes, I get my Bunica probably dosen’t think my sexuality is right, which is why I don’t tell her. I especially don’t want to tell her now because she had a Stroke in June, and although home, we don’t know if she’ll be around long.


THIS is why I don’t tell people; because the true story of how I know I’m part Romanian is a little messed up. It’s bad enough people judge me for being ill, stupid, and everything else under the sun. Do you really think I want to be judged and called out for this, too?

Forget I said anything.

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Yeah, I absolutely am in The Sheith Hell now AAAAAAAAAH I need more fics, I need more fanarts, I need them to just be cute and precious as always O(≧▽≦)O Oh, would you mind if I drew some of your fanfics' scenes? ((ノ〃ω〃)ノ゙ I would link to your blog and your fics, of course!

I…. I…. I WOULD LOVE YOU TO DO THAT????? YES PLEASE DRAW SCENES FROM MY FANFICS OTL djfhlkdhsfklsjdhflksdhjflksjdhflkajdhflksjdf


My DQIX team is compiled up of two girls and two boys so you can imagine who shares the beds at inns. 

I can see Audrey and Shiloh sleeping super close together. Meanwhile the boys Marco and Akira are like, “Wow look at those girls being all touchy feely. That’s embarrassing.”

But then Audrey and Shiloh wake up to Marco and Akira hugging each other in their sleep.