Revel family party time: Headcannon, Nik'khe and crew, A'iofe and crew, no spoilers

A'iofe settled down into the lounge of the ship with a delighted laugh.  "Nicky we need a party.  Our baby is a Lord.  Baras promoted her when she successfully acquired the girl Jaesa from the Jedi.  She has a Jedi apprentice now.  

Andronikos let out a guffaw and shouted.  "Hey Ashara, our Nik has a Jedi apprentice!“

Ashara looked up from her knitting and shook her head.  "I’m right here Andronikos, and I’m not deaf.  Sounds like trouble to me.”  She grinned and laughed while poking Talos with her knitting needles.

Talos looked up and chortled.  "Party?  I assume I’m organizing it since when Andronikos does it things tend to explode on the ship.“

Andronikos slid an annoyed glance at Talos.  "That was only once.  And it was a small explosion…and no great loss if you’d gotten sucked off the ship anyway” an annoyed tone to his voice while he muttered under his breath.

Ashara shot an irritated look at Andronikos and tossed a ball of yarn at him.

Andronikos dodged it and took another drink of his beer and threw his arm around A'iofe and kissed her.  "We should holo her and tell her to meet us.  And we can meet her Jedi and see Vette too.“

Kissing Andronikos slowly and gently A'iofe looked at him with soft eyes.  "Yes love, do call her and invite her.  You can’t leave the man off the guest list either.  I know you don’t care for him for some reason but her whole crew has to be invited.”

With an annoyed lip curl Andronikos huffed out a breath.  "All right, I’ll tell her all of them are invited, even the Imperial.  But don’t blame me if he falls out an airlock.  I understand Imperials are notoriously clumsy.“