a&g coal

not gonna lie, this year was rough, but all the love and support from you guys helped me make it through. thank you and merry christmas, from me and the nerds!

hope your day is peaceful and full of the happiness you deserve ♡

Dragons I have for sale:

XXY Goldenrod/Cyan Wildclaw (M): 250kt/g
XXY Goldenrod/Aqua Wildclaw/Coatl (F): 150kt/g each
XXY Coal/Cantaloupe Coatl (F): 75kt/g
XXY Coal/Orange Coatl (M): 75kt/g SOLD
Sanguine/Buttercup/Flaxen Coatl (M): 500kt/g
XYY Obsidian/Crimson (Alloy) Skydancer (M): 125kt/g each SOLD
XYY Obsidian/Crimson (Shimmer) Skydancer (M/F): 75kt/g each

My username is Arcani (#180598). Link to my lair will be in the source

Reblogs are always appreciated ♡


Coatls I have for sale

XYY Obsidian/Leaf: 100kt/g, one female left!
Sanguine/Buttercup/Flaxen: 50kt/g, female Sold!
XXY Chocolate/Vermilion: 30kt/g, female
XXY Chocolate/Copper: 60kt/g, male Sold!
XXY Coal/Bronze: 75kt/g, male
XXY Goldenrod/Robin: 250kt/g, male
XXY Obsidian/Robin: 25kt/g, male Sold!
XXX Ice: 50kt/g, female Sold!

My username is Arcani (#180598). I will put a link to my lair in the source

Reblogs are very appreciated ♡