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Could you tag m/f please? I'm pretty overdosed with hetero love all over media and seeing it after mea stings in particular.

I’ll do it in the future, but I don’t want to go back and sift through the some 3,500 posts on the blog. That’s just a lot of work I don’t wanna do, pumpkin.

Might I suggest, in service of self care, unplugging for a bit? Sounds like you’re not doing too good. Sending you hugs!

A-Z Tag

i was tagged by @arosequartz, thank you so much hehe!

a / age: turning 16 on 12th August!

b / biggest fear: being taken for granted/forgotten

c / current time: 7:33 pm

d / drink you had last: white grape fruit drink(?)

e / everyday starts with: my sister pulling my leg to wake me up and my mum’s constant screaming, other than that mark appears in my mind so, great way to start the day hehe

f / favorite song: pretty late here but hide & freak by somo or beautiful by monsta x i guess

g / ghosts are real?: yeah i like to think they are

h / hometown: singapore!

I / in love with: mark lee minhyung aka the loml

j / jealous of: people living in korea because they get to breathe the same air as mark & nct like???

k / killed someone: more like they killed me ;-;

l / last time you cried: last week if im not wrong, stress and i’m a big crybaby so :-(

m / middle name: tbh idk how my name is arranged so i’ll just say my chinese name, Wei Ting aka 玮庭, i dont think there’s any meaning behind it haha

n / number of siblings: two!

o / one wish: to do well for my o’s and continue doing as well for my tertiary education + university

p / person you last called/texted: my dad hehe

q / questions you’re always asked: “Why are you so nice?“

s / song last sang: what do i know-ed sheeran

t / time I woke up: 6am

u / underwear color: 👀👀👀 black

v / vacation destination: canada or korea/japan hehe

w / worst habit: putting too much pressure on myself + not giving myself enough rest

x / xrays you have had: none

y / your favorite food: BANANA MILK HEHE MY BAE,, other than that, i basically eat everything (except chocolate omg) so-

z / zodiac sign: leo!! same as mark (and jaemin) wink wink

i’m gonna tag: @marksbuttertarts @mochamark @iloveyu-ta @donghyuckstudies @nctreacting @freakydeakytaeyonq @jaeminnana @nct-dork @zelo-is-my-life-ruiner @theangelthatcantfly 💜💜

Sometimes it’s hard to explain to people how I simultaneously love girls so freaking much but also have internalized lesbophobia that makes it harder for me to view myself in a loving and committed relationships with a woman because of society’s fetishization of lesbians and wlw to the point where being with a girl just feels like I’m part of some kink to get straight men off