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Electron soars on inaugural test flight, paving way for commercial operations.

Rocket Lab broke through the smallsat launch industry Thursday (May 25) with the first launch of its Electron rocket. Dubbed “It’s a Test” by the U.S.-based company, Electron carried a sensor package in lieu of satellites for this mission, providing engineers with over 25,000 channels of data.

Nine Rutherford engines – made in-house by Rocket Lab – powered the 56-foot rocket off its seaside launch complex on New Zealand’s Mahia peninsula. Launch Complex-1 is the country’s first orbital launch facility. Liftoff occurred at 4:20 UTC, or 12:20am EDT May 25.

Two and a half minutes after liftoff the rocket’s first stage fell away and a single Rutherford engine on the upper stage ignited. The vehicle’s payload fairing jettisoned as the second stage continued its powered climb to orbit.

Although the vehicle did reach space – defined as 62 miles above the Earth’s surface – Rocket Lab indicated after the flight that Electron did not achieve orbital velocity. The company did not go into detail on what the potential issues with the flight were that caused its sensor package to not achieve orbit.

Rocket Lab’s Launch Complex-1, located on Mahia Point, New Zealand. Orbital imagery courtesy Digital Globe.

Electron is one of only a handful of rocket’s designed entirely in the 21st century. As such, it features a plethora of unique technologies that make it stand out against other vehicles in the commercial launch market. Each Rutherford engine is 3D printed and is fed by all-electric pumps, earning the nickname “the battery-powered rocket”. The use of composite materials for the entire rocket’s body has never been done before and gives Electron a sleek black appearance.

Electron is the first rocket in a burgeoning class of small launchers to take flight that will cater to the small satellite market. Vector Space Systems recently completed a subscale, single-engine test launch of their Vector-R vehicle, however, full-scale test flights still need to occur.

Rocket Labs hopes to fly two more test flights in the coming months before Electron is declared operational by the end of 2017.

Click here for our preview story on Electron’s flight.

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I remember a while ago I was talking about a concept with @jeongahn / @jungahns that I thought Seventeen would fit so perfectly!! AND I FEEL LIKE MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE….SO ANYWAY HERE I GO:

The concept I wanted Seventeen to do was one on individuality and unity.

I remember back when Seventeen debuted people thought they had too many members and even though they were charming some people were put off by their large size. Because they are a big group people thought that some members would outshine others but in reality?? EACH member offers so much to the group besides their assigned role as “vocal position,” “main dancer,” etc. Each member brings their own unique energy to Seventeen as well as their own passions and individual talents which is why they are so amazing to us carats. 

Instead of their numbers being their selling point it was their individuality that shone through despite being a large group. To be honest, each member has enough talent and charisma to debut as a solo artist, but instead they combined their talents together in Seventeen. They bring out the best in each other which why I adore them so much. From their pre-debut videos to their “One Fine Day” series, the friendship from these boys have never changed. From individual trainees who wanted a shot to debut, to a unified group all supporting each other’s dreams, I always see Seventeen working hard for themselves, for their group, and for us, and because of that I am so proud to watch Seventeen grow and I am looking forward to their comeback!

I know this was extra but pls let me be emotional about my bois ok I love them so much

italeteller  asked:

Moooooom. Hi. Has there been any updates about your teeth? Are you doing better?

My teeth are, for the moment, in a state of seeming stability. I get the odd random shooting twinge now and then, and cold things and citrus fruits make me want to crawl out my skull, but I just try to avoid certain things and stick with my numbing toothpaste and salt water rinses.

Ever since I had the extraction of that one tooth back in March, my pain has decreased significantly along that side of my jaw, with only occasional twinges from my failed root canal(s) and the extraction site itself. The area was extremely damaged though, so that was to be expected, if not hoped against. 

I still need three more teeth extracted before I can start the corrective oral surgery and braces I need to fix the other issues (like the joint popping/dislocating and the feeling that I can’t swallow cause my face doesn’t always remember how to do the thing) and I still have three amalgam fillings left which I need to have removed, but at present they are not leaking and are only causing minor inflammation, so are not at present an immediate risk to my health.

Unlike the other ones I had removed last year, which Dr Magic Dentist found to be a) leaking, b) extremely high in mercury (illegally so) and c) after further lab assessment, told me they contained the types of bacteria you’d expect to find mixed together in a CDC lab under “possible zombie plague: do not release”. All of them sitting on top of the exposed nerve, not a pulp cap to be found in sight. 

Which haha, I’ll repeat that, I had over ten fillings in my mouth that not only was I allergic to, but they contained highly toxic levels of mercury that were leaking, and so badly constructed they had literal pockets of bacteria thriving inside of them. Which, I mean, shitty dentistry isn’t illegal, but not sanitizing your tools and using mercury is under UK NHS. So imagine my surprise when I told this to my mother (who also has the exact same dental problems I do) that said NHS dentist has vanished off the face of the earth. Imagine that.

And here I thought I was just being a bit of a wuss and crying over sensitive teeth for over a decade. What a time to somehow still be alive.

But coming back to the present, yes I am doing much better. I need to save up for the other stuff, the braces alone sing to the tune of $7000, and the care I need for the extractions themselves is substantial and I can’t just pop down to the student hospital to have them removed on the cheap. But given how slowly I healed from that first extraction (most people heal within about 4-6 weeks, I was 10 before it stopped feeling like mushy open wound) that’s fine. I need to space these out and allow myself to heal in between removals before they fit the braces, which means I will probably be looking at sometime next year, funds willing, before I can go ahead with any more work. 

And I know some people have offered to loan me the money and help however they can, (and thank you for that, a million and one times thank you) but for now I am just taking things at my own pace as my body allows. If I can manage this without help, I’d much rather others more in need got the benefit of your kindness. I am happy for now. I am no longer out my head with pain or high on painkillers that didn’t work and made it hard to think. And that’s good enough for now :)

Drew this while planning cosplays…

I wanna make another life-sized Cortex plush (not as big as my previous life-sized Cortex…about the same size as in this pic) and take it to a Comic-Con while I’m dressed in the lab outfit. c: 

OTP prompt

Person A is extremely sick with a mysterious disease. Person B offers them to Person C, a scientist. Person C decides to try and treat them. They live in Person C’s lab now. Person C is constantly doing tests to find a cure, while Person B takes care of Person A. Person A is so sick now that they need help with eating and cleaning themselves up. After a while Person C cures them, and Person A is very grateful, to both of them.

Oh yes, please excuse me for not being able to stomach such a harmful product.. His stomach is already beginning to churn over once more by just MENTIONING the stupid thing..

Whoever thought that lighter fluid would make a good candy flavor in the first place deserves to get fired. “ And he doesn’t just mean from their job either.