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while cleaning up my desktop, i came across all these pictures from a culmination of 5 quarters of chem lab. i thought they were pretty freaking awesome! so here’s a little tribute to the (roughly) 180+ hours in lab, 22 lab reports, and random moments of fun & failures while performing these experiments. i learned a lot, but then i also forgot a lot. cheers to science (or, at least, my version of it :P)

i might just miss it. might.

Okay but please consider pokemon AUs b/c

- police officers using shuppets and dusknoirs to find crime scenes and criminals
- psychic types & fluffy baby pokemon used for therapy
- seeing-eye pokemon
- nanny pokemon occasionally picks up children from school
- getting kicked out of labs b/c “youR MAGNETON IS RUINING THE EXPERIMENT”, etc. (Meet the supernerds with terrible attendance and who need make-up labs and plastic equipment)
- trainer goes to college, sends their stupidly rare zorua/zoroark to lecures to fill the seat when they feel sick/tired
- deaf trainers with loudreds and explouds and pokemon with soundproof b/c they cant hear it. FOOLPROOF.
- insomniacs feeding noctowls and hoothoots like “theyre the only ones up”, has team of noctornal pokemon.
- A U S T R A L I A. T H I N K A B O U T I T. t e r r i f y i n g
- dumb, wonderful animes that feature worlds wiTHOUT??? POKEMON??? Or protags not having pokemon for some reason? imagine growing up being a fan of those cartoons/ animes and refusing to get a pokemon b/c of that
- an actor plays a suave and attractive person that has a suave and attractive pokemon on screen and demands to show up to previews with their trubbish or their dusclops or something gross/creepy
- sitting in traffic and playing the license plate game with other peoples pokemon instead of liscence plates
- popular vines/ videos with pokemon


This is Ben!! He’s my 4 month old Pit/Lab mix. C: (submitted by cvutiousthoughts)

admin input: i apologize for adding on to your photo, but your submission made me very emotional. your pup has the same face as my pitbull/lab mix! we never got to see a photo of him as a puppy, and we got him when he was almost fully grown. obviously we love him dearly, but we wonder what it would have been like if we would have had him during his puppy-stage, too. i’m pretty sure he would have looked very similar to this, and it just makes me very happy to see this. thank you so much for submitting this!

first imagine: lab partners

Hello darling! Could you please do an imagine where your teacher randomly changes your lab partners and then you both exchange numbers and say you like each other or something like that haha. -loviecleone43

Okay!  First imagine on this blog! So, the user that requested this asked for it to be personal. I’m sorry but I don’t do personal imagines for the sake of it being able to relate to everyone that reads it! However, I’m sorry for the long delay, so here it is.


Chemistry was never your best subject in school. In addition, with your best friend as your lab partner, it did not make it any easier for you to learn in there. With a solid 83 in that class, your parents and teacher were not that happy. However, your friend was not the only distraction. (y/c/n) sat one lab desk up and over from you, so your eyes always wandered over to him. He was fantastic in chemistry and he was at least making an a in there.

“Did you finish last night’s homework?” (y/f/n) asks as you sit down next to them. You pull out your binder and open it, seeing the blank homework sheet that you totally forgot about. They look over and see the blank sheet. “Dang, I was going to copy yours. I fell asleep last night.”

This was not the first time that you both had neglected homework. That was a major part of why your grade kept falling and could never get above an 87. It was not the fact that you did not want to do it; it was the fact that as soon as you got home all thoughts of school left your mind. So if you had any homework it was long forgotten. “Good morning class, please get out your homework so I can collect it,” (t/n) announced as he walked through the door. He laid his papers down on the front desk before making the rounds around the classroom. By the time he reached your table, there was a nice stack of homework in his hand. His eyes landed on the blank homework page in front of both of yourself and your friend and then met your eyes. “(y/n), you didn’t do your homework again?”

Your face burned as the whole classes eyes landed on you. “I- uh, well it’s a funny story act-“

“It’s a funny story how you’re making an 83 in this class and you’re not doing anything to raise the grade. I expect better from you,” He then turned his attention to your friend. “As for you (f/n), this isn’t that much of a shock. Just try to do better.” He walked off to finish collecting papers and then returned to the front of the room. “Okay, today we will be doing experiments. So pull out the paper I passed out yesterday and gather the supplies on the back table.”

Between your friend and yourself, you decided to go and get the beakers, powders, and safety supplies needed. As you are grabbing two pairs of goggles, (c/n) comes up next to you and begins to getting his supplies. “If I would have known you didn’t do your homework, you could have copied mine before class,” You look up to see (c/n) looking at you. Your face flamed as you hurried to get the rest of your materials. “I don’t bite (y/n). But really, if you need help in here, I actually do pretty well.”

You thank him for his offer and rush back to (y/f/n) to begin. Your face must still be flushed and your friend takes quick notice to it. “So what happened to you?” They ask with a smile on their face. You pull on your apron and goggles with your head down, making them laugh. “Did he talk to you? Oh my god, he did! Did you talk back?”

You have had a crush on (c/n) since middle school and you have not spoken more than a sentence to them within the time you developed the crush in sixth grade until now. If you tried, your face would become red and your heart would start hammering in your chest. Your palms would start sweating and the feeling of butterflies in your stomach would erupt so quickly you thought you would be sick. Therefore, you never talked to him for that reason. You wanted to talk to him, absolutely. However, it was as if your body was rejecting that idea before it ever seemed to happen. “Not exactly,” You muttered as you started up the Bunsen burner. “I thanked him for his offer and then ran back to you.”

(y/f/n) scoffed and rolled their eyes. “You’re inevitable, (y/n). You literally give me second hand embarrassment from how shy you are.” You both began on the experiment, (y/f) doing the measurements and you were recording the numbers down on the worksheet. That was how the two of you worked together, you were good with numbers and they were good with physical parts of things. At least they were usually. (y/f/n)’s hand hit the beaker that was resting on the table and caused the contents to spill on the table and then all over you. You jumped back and the liquids that had been in the beaker currently began to spill on the floor.

You quickly stripped of your apron and you ripped your goggles off your face. (f/n) jumped up and grabbed your apron off the floor to use as a rag to wipe up the contents. “I’m so sorry, (y/n). Are you okay?” By now, the whole class had their attention on you as you rushed to clean up with your friend. Luckily, today was not a day that a harmful chemical was being used. It was just a simple hydrogen peroxide and a mix of harmless powders. However, it felt like your face was on fire, and some people started laughing. (t/n) came rushing over to your lab table with the cleaning materials needed.

“(y/n) and (f/n), you are no longer lab partners. It has been shown that you two cannot properly work together or keep a good grade consistently in this class,” His eyes roamed around the classroom, looking for a new suitable partner for you to work with. When his eyes landed on your new partner, he smiled. “(y/n) go work with (c/n) for now on, he’s doing very well in here and can help you get your grades up. (f/n), you’ll get (c/n) usual partner when he comes back from being sick.”

Your heart dropped into your stomach and your throat went dry. You were now (c/n)’s lab partner and you couldn’t believe it. So you gather up your book bag and papers and walk over to his table. He gave you a timid smile, making butterflies shoot through your stomach. “Hey, lab partner,” (c/n) welcomed as you sat down. “If you keep the numbers I can do the actual experiment. Is that alright?”

You nod and he passes you the paper that already had a few numbers scribbled down in his cute, looped handwriting. (t/n) brings you another apron and a new pair of goggles to wear once he finished cleaning up the mess. “Be more careful this time.” He warned as he walked off. You did not have the heart to tell him that it was (f/n) fault. However, you just nod and put on both items. So you and (c/n) work together very well for the rest of the class in silence.

At the end of class, you have finished the paper and the two of you were cleaning up your workstation. “You’re really good at getting numbers, (y/n).” You look up to see him smiling at you, sending your heart into overdrive.

“T-thanks, I guess.” You stutter out as you pour out the water you were cleaning beakers with. “You’re good at, uh- everything else.” Oh god, you were so bad at talking to him. It was embarrassing. Now you felt like you were going to throw up. Why were you so awkward? “I’m so sorry, that came out so awkward.”

He laughed and wiped off his hands. “You’re cute,” He muttered. Then his face turned bright red. “I mean thanks.” He hurried back to the table and gathered up his stuff before the bell rang. You walked over too and gathered up your binder and papers. He just called you cute! You smiled to yourself and waited on the bell in silence. When it went off you stood up and started to the door, but (c/n) stopped you and slipped you a piece of paper before rushing off. Curious, you opened the folded paper and saw numbers. His number. Below his phone number there was something else written.

‘You are pretty good at getting numbers. Call me. –(c/n)



Demo of VR interface prototype from Samsung is an attachment that fits around the hand. Whilst only a demo and certainly not planned as a consumer product, it is interesting from a potential mass-market direction of VR:

‘Rink’ is a Samsung Electronics C-lab development project for Samsung Gear VR, a device that makes hand control possible. This handheld sensor allows you to move, click and drag your way through VR content. Scheduled to be demoed on stage at CES 2016, watch the video to see Rink in action!