I WANT TO POST   SO MANY FUSIONS BUT I  dont want to spam so here go

with @dailyweatherreport @dailyhierophantgreen and @dailypassione !!

sorry these fusions are probably not how they were explained o(-<

Back with a fully finished screen re-CAP! -shot again- Added a background and made some minor tweaks. 

As stated previously, I just fell in love with this picture of Michael and Barb modelling the new RT Lifestyle hats! <3

Also, Happy Birthday to Michael! Sorry I can’t draw your tattoos. X-X

you seemed to be real in this dream // a sheith fanmix // cover edit

Ghost Town - Justin Klump // The Graveyard Near The House - The Airborne Toxic Event // No More Bad Days - The Wild Life // Run Free - The Hearts // Sun Shy (acoustic) - Dresses // Lay Your Head Down - Vinyl Theatre // On Echo - Mree // Flaws - Bastille // Novels - Rusty Clanton ft. Dodie Clark