We are seriously fucked off. We all know that DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) has been misrepresented in the media. We are sick of being written as characters to be scared of, who turn out to be murderers.

We came across a new film, Split, due to be released next year. You can find details on its IMDB page:


(Please be aware the trailer may well be triggering and is just generally a bit jumpy as it’s meant to be a scary movie)

It is about a man with DID with at least 23 alters, and the manifestation of a new one named the “Beast”, who kidnaps teenage girls.

It is fucking offensive that once again we are being presented in the media as monsters. DID, a complex trauma condition, is being portrayed as something to be afraid of.

In reality the vast majority of people with DID have probably done nothing violent in their lives and this movie is adding to the already inaccurate and controversial representation in the media.

It would be so helpful to the DID community and just society as a whole if Hollywood decided to make an accurate and educational movie. DID is so misunderstood already and movies like this make a laughing stock of our trauma and our disorder.

My partner and I are writing to Orlando Studios with our personal comments. If you feel as we do, that this is a disgusting illustration of DID, you can write as well. The only address we’ve managed to find is this one:

National Publicity
Universal Pictures
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 2160/8H
Universal City, CA 91608
(Address For the Attention of the creators of Split, 2017)

If anyone can find a better address to direct it to please feel free to update this post! No pressure if you don’t want to write but I for one am sick of the media’s constant misportrayal of DID.

Please reblog, not only if you have or know someone with DID, to spread awareness that THIS IS NOT AN ACCURATE PORTRAYAL OF DID. We are not to be feared. We are chronic childhood trauma survivors and it is fucking insulting to be portrayed in this light - we struggle enough without people spreading a negative image of us!