Because at some point, every bride panics. :)

Kaoru owned two kimono that were appropriate for a wedding reception. There were four obi that might be worn with those two kimono. Her best undergarments had been laid out and Tae had looked them over with little tutting sounds of disapproval. Kaoru’s mothers jewelry had been retrieved from their little box and laid out, piece by piece, for selection. Kaoru needed new tabi.

The wedding was three days away, and it should be fun. It should be like playing with dolls. It should make her feel petted and fussed over and excited. Today, it just made her feel like vomiting from sheer nervousness. Tae had run home to fetch a particular hairpin that would look nice with the kimono that had the white and yellow flowers. Kaoru stood in the center of her bedroom and practiced calm breathing, trying not to visualize everything she could do that would humiliate herself, embarrass Kenshin, and shame her family.

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Furnal Equinox badge: R.K. Niner

He’s Richard K. Niner, also known just as RK.

The theme of the Furnal Equinox of this year is Rock&Roll, so he decided to get his outfit as Bodi, from this excellent movie which is in theaters “Rock Dog”.

So it is not properly a fanart, it is more a tribute.

Personally I love the movie so much. Definitely I’d watch it again X3