• zack snyder: man i love the dark knight returns, im basing a lot of BvS on it :)
  • me: :/ ok i mean it had a lot of stuff i didnt like, ykno with superman characterization and how that kinda of batman is pretty violent and how the narrative glorifies that..
  • zack snyder: *allows superman to have depth and be more than a government dog while allowing him to listen to criticism and submit himself to the people and at least try to listen to them on their terms, allows both the narrative and multiple characters tell bruce how wrong his views are and show how far he has fallen off the right path then allowing him to find redemption and ykno ~character development~*
  • Me: holy shit
News without context

Something that has pissed me off often both last year, and this year, is when news sites have been taking things out of context, and posting it as fact. This is stuff that has happened on the left, and on the right. News writers are so ready to vilify people using poor examples. One of the biggest targets of this has been Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg, A.K.A. PewDiePie.

Felix has been known to make Hitler jokes in his videos, and those clips have been used against him, trying to write the narrative that he is a Nazi. This is not true. Everybody has made fun of Hitler, because belittling someone so evil allows us to not be afraid of him, that he cannot hurt us from beyond the grave.

Unfortunately, if you have over 50 million subscribers, and are an internet celebrity, making those jokes apparently makes you a bad person. Never mind the millions you’ve given to charity. Never mind that you were able to help people worldwide. If you make a joke about Adolf Hitler, or his views, SHAME ON YOU!

At least, that’s what the media has been saying about PewDiePie.

It has gotten to the point where even in his video calling out the media for taking things out of context and using it against them, that the media in fact takes a joke from that video, out of context, and uses THAT against him. Imagine if someone were to take a quote from you out of context, and use it to label you as racist, homophobic, etc. Is that fair in any way?

The worst, I find, is with the Fiverr incident. Felix wanted to test what would happen if he were to ask outlandish requests from the people at Fiverr. One of which was a joke against Keemstar, who’s notoriously famous for calling his friend Alex the “N” word.


Because he is known for this racial slur, Felix wanted to take it a step further by making it look like Keem endorsed two guys to hold up a sign saying “DEATH TO ALL JEWS.” To even Felix’s surprise, the website did not filter the order out as a troll request, and so the video got made. Nearly costing those people their jobs after the video went up.


It was a prank against Keemstar for his past racism, but news articles don’t report that. They report that he was trying to spread hate against Jews.

Because of these edited articles slamming Felix, accusing him of being anti-semetic, and potentially a fascist, it causes people outside of his circle to believe the lies against him. To the point that J.K. Rowling believed and shared the fake news, even though in her Harry Potter books she created the Queen of Fake News: Rita Skeeter.


By changing the narrative of his videos to portray him as a Jew hating fascist, this has cost Felix his partnership with Maker Studios, as well as his second season of Scare PewDiePie. They’ve also slandered his name, causing potentially millions of people to think badly of him, over a lie. If I had never watched PewDiePie in my life, I would’ve believed these lies.

When people are saying that you can’t trust the media, and that there’s too much “Fake News,” this is one of the biggest contributors. Twisting, and manipulating what people said to cause a stir, and get yourself some clicks. But as the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf goes, the more you lie, the less likely people will believe you when you speak the truth.

Ironically, these same news websites who slander Felix have never reported on YouTubers who’ve faced rape and paedophilia accusations. I’d think that would be more pressing compared to one guy making risque jokes. But I guess if they’re not the #1 most subscribed YouTuber, then those stories probably aren’t worth it.


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“By which means does a virtue come to power? By exactly the same means as a political party: the slandering, inculpation, and undermining of the opposing virtues that are already in power with systematic persecution and mockery.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §311 (edited excerpt).