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If I wanted to make some fanart of a fic, do I need to ask permission first? Only I’m afraid I’m gonna get halfway through and give up and I wouldn’t want to disappoint the author if I can’t finish it.

As long as you’re not using the text of the fic to make the art, I wouldn’t think so?

Anyone else have an opinion on this one?

-Mod Pi

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how to do blurry background?

Hi anon!

I am not sure specifically if you mean post processing or actually shooting a photo with a blurry background, so I included ways to both here. 

Most image editors  (if you need helping finding one I have an article that may help you: Free & Open Source Art Programs  ) have the option of a Gaussian Blur. (there’s others that work too, but Guassian is my personal fave)

Most image editors work similarly and have similar naming conventions for features. If you let me know what program you plan to use and can’t find where the filters are, I can help you out! 

This example in done in Krita, which is free:

Before: photograph, you could do this technique in a digital painting as well! 

Click Filter > Blur > Guassian Blur (or whichever one you want) 


If you wanted, select stuff in the foreground that you want be blurry with the magic wand tool or drawing it with the lasso. 

These are the the tools you want, and probably enable feathering in brush options so it’s not harsh and unnatural looking. 

You can get to the gaussian filter this method as well: 

click that right down arrow next to the [+] looking button and select new filter layer. 

If you want to shoot a blurry background in a photograph, open up your aperture!

I wrote about this in more detail: https://artres.xyz/post/ultimate-guide-to-photography/

Hopefully this helped answer your question!

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They delete the photo that Claire and Jamie are looking to the Camera.

Oh, shoot you’re right, Anon. Weird. I thought the count was wrong but didn’t realize which was missing. IG has been really glitchy though (for me at least lately) so I wonder if the timer got messed up and it just got deleted by accident lol.

Oh well. They’re all expired now. And nothing on the internet is ever truly deleted anyway. *looks directly into the camera* Nothing…

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what is your theory for raquel’s character??

She’s Buffy’s teammate and likely a foil of sorts. She first appears in ep 4 for the tryouts then again in eps 8 and 9 that have games (at least one game, the other may just be a practice). Then she shows up in eps 13/14 (two eps that will likely air together as the mid season finale) both at the amusement park with the whole gang minus Marty and at the school with everyone minus Amber and she spent a day on set with just Cyrus, TJ, and Amber which suggests that Cyrus is meddling and assembles a squad of ex Buffy haters to convince her character to not hate/cause trouble for Buffy anymore, and then again in ep 15 although she only filmed one day and that was for a boy’s basketball practice/game that involved Cyrus and TJ.

 I’m sure she’ll be in several more eps as Buffy’s basketball team will likely play through most of 3b. So far she’s in 6 eps which is ahead of Walker’s 4 and behind TJ’s 8. This fits with her not being a love interest but still being an important recurring character attached to Buffy who is the second lead of the show.

I’ve seen some truly wild theories about her character. She is not some sort of beard for TJ or Cyrus and she won’t fall in love with either of them or whatever other crazy theories are floating around out there. You might as well just theorize that she’s there to fight Buffy for Andi’s love, it’s just as likely to happen as her somehow getting in the way of Tyrus. 

Her scenes with Cyrus and by extension TJ come well after her introduction and well after Tyrus becomes canon. It’s no surprise that Disney would prefer Cyrus and TJ have scenes with girls rather than boys, that way there wouldn’t be even the hint of another gay character existing. That Cyrus seems to be redeeming Raquel in the mid season finale suggests that the main beats in his arc are done so he’s free to be used as a supporting character for the straight main characters again which fits with the funeral ep being the culmination of him accepting his sexuality. 

I also think that the writers may occasionally attach Raquel to Cyrus’ story line because they want to keep her around but also need space in Buffy’s story line to explore other things. As it seems that Garren’s character on GH is only weeks away from being killed off I think we may end up seeing more of Marty in 3b than seemed likely even just a few weeks ago which would obviously take up a fair bit of Buffy’s story line. 

I’m curious to see what sort of foil Raquel ends up being and what goes on with Buffy’s team. There’s a lot of interesting stuff they can do with Buffy learning more about being a leader and a team player and how to deal with losses (there have to be some setbacks for her team) as well as balancing the fallout from Wuffy and letting Marty back into her life and they could even bring in her mom as a mentor. I have no idea if Raquel will be at the wedding in the series finale but given the typical tropes for this kind of sports story I’d imagine the climax of her and Buffy’s arc being them working together to score the game winning goal at the championship game just as the buzzer sounds and then Buffy makes Raquel the new captain for next year. 

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Claire always dreamed of a vase to put her flowers in, and now she has a whole garden. I love it.

Geez, Anon just go head and MAKE ME CRY WHY DONTCHA.  And now she’ll have a permanent home with the man she loves that is all theirs to put those vases and those flowers in! 💜😭💜😭💜

I love it, too! Do you know what else I love? The fact that when they were separated for 20 f’ing long years, Jamie would remember Claire and imagine her doing something she loves, something that is so quintessentially her: gardening. AND NOW! He’ll have a chance to watch her again with his very own eyes in the garden of the house that he builds for their new life together – their second chance. That, boys and girls, is why I love Fraser’s Ridge so much.


It’s quite hard to rest when you can’t stop rolling in your grave. It was almost like I kept hearing someone mention me..

(( howdy everyone! Sorry that I never formally announced anything on this sideblog. I always meant to answer asks when I could, so I never said the blog was dead. But I never got around to answering any between making my webcomic. So yeah, not dead, just kinda on the backburner. But I’ll try to answer some asks more often ^^;; ))

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Happy phannie day 💙

happy phannie day, fletcher!! 💙💙💙 please enjoy some of the gifs that make my soft phannie heart go boom boom:

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I miss when you used to tell embarrassing stories

I don’t lmao. They are embarrassing

Alright, fine but this is the last one. So, my dog has this stuffed racoon that squeaks, right? And she wanted to take it outside, but I don’t let her have toys outside because she never brings them back in and I’m lazy as fuck and I’m not going to go get them. 

Well, it was about 4 am, I was up because fuck a normal sleep schedule. I open the door to let her out and I saw what I thought was a racoon on the porch. It’s pitch black, I have no porch light because it burned out and I’m too lazy to change it. All I saw was the tail, and I fucking screamed. 

My dog jumped, I jumped, and I’m sure somewhere a neighbor jumped after getting woken up. When the racoon didn’t move, I poked it with my foot and jumped for no reason because it still didn’t move. But I was panicked, okay? There was no rational thought process at this time. I never once thought of the toy. 

My dog started sniffing it, and at this point, I’m worried it’s a dead racoon. But when she bit it, I swear my heart stopped. It wasn’t until the fucking thing squeaked that I realized it was the stupid toy. 

Still don’t know how it got out there since I never let her bring it. Of course my dog was sitting there with it in her mouth, little tail wagging and the fucking toy squeaking as she looked up at me.  

At least she was happy. 

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I hope KDS interview on set coming soon.

I hope so too, Anon! It’s sure to be amazing.

KDS will always be the ultimate Outlander journalist. She loves and is really well versed in the show, loves SamCait, and is legitimately a FANGIRL. She respects the fans as well as the cast and crew. This combination seems to be unfortunately rare.

She also just always has the best time with them (and gives the best sock gifts xD). Can’t wait!

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Hey so I just wanted to give a lil piece of advice when I was struggling with being a lesbian I couldn't figure out if I was genuinely attracted to men or not but then I thought about like... What would I do if a man was attracted to me? And the thought of a man coming and talking to me and flirting with me was so disgusting in my brain that I realised that's what makes me a lesbian even if I think video game men r hot

generally my rule of thumb on figuring out whether or not this is genuine attraction or just comp het is to imagine a scenario where the guy in question tries to make a move on me - 100% of the time the gut reaction is complete disgust. it works!

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*busting through the door* dramionarry!!!! Halloween dramionarry! Anything you'd like really ☺

This is not perfect by any means, but I hope you like it! <3

“I still think we should open up the place to be a haunted house,” Hermione called as she wand-lit the sconces in the entryway. “We’d hardly have to do anything at all.”

“That’s not true!” Harry’s voice carried through the open door from the yard. He was enchanting toy bats to fly around the tree - or overgrown shrub, depending on who you asked. Hermione chuckled to herself at Harry’s affronted tone.

After the fidelius charm had been broken on Grimmauld Place, Harry hadn’t tried to conceal its location again. He had wanted to stay there and over the years the house had undergone some improvements. However, the place was still not what Hermione would describe as homey or even comfortable most of the time. No matter how sentimental both her men were about this house though, Number 12 Grimmauld Place still had the right amount of creep factor for Halloween.

Hearing the creak of the iron gate, she barely registered the tall, pale form of Draco coming up the walk before seeing Harry dart out from behind the tree chased by a swarm of bats. His panicked eyes locked with hers for half a second before he dropped to the floor.


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Is Advanced Bravely a BL drama?

I need to ask a question to my followers and this is not me trying to be rude or sarcastic or anything but I would like to know truthfully so that it’s easy for me to answer asks such as this. So here it goes: How does one defines what’s a BL drama? Is it defined by the number of physical acts or intimacies (etc. an obligatory kiss scene) between a couple or an official synopsis or tags by websites such as MyDramaList.com? What is it? Must there be obvious signs such as these for one to admit that a drama is BL?

Anyway, back to the ask, yes, Anon, Advance Bravely is indeed a BL drama. And here’s why:

……and there’s a dozen more points or scenes cause guys, this drama has 30 episodes. So watch it, it’s highly recommended.

In another time or universe, this drama will have a large cult (if not bigger) on Tumblr like Guardian but alas production delays and censorship ruckus made people lost interest over the drama after a while. Fans of LBC who suffered when the initial broadcast channel pulled out from broadcasting the show and was thrown into uncertainty would know how AB’s fans felt. I literally died over time, thinking AB will never be screened so I’m blessed when I finally get the chance to see it.

Listen, this drama do have its set of flaws but just like Guardian, please watch it for Xu Feng and Gong Jun’s amazing chemistry on the set. Yuan Zong and Xiao Yao is such a pleasure to watch and I’ll always love them.

Okay, I’ll stop ranting now.

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